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  1. I do not like Broadside, I think that it was a really stupid idea to have a transformer that changed from the size of an air craft carrier, to a funky jet. An ACC is the size of a small city, and should be up there with Metroplex. I think maybe they should make a current version something smaller like a destroyer, or attack boat, something smaller that gets away from the old school size differential shrinkage trick.


    Friend of mine and I have been discussing a custom Air Craft Carrier TF that's more on par with FT Max or Metroplex. I'm tinkering with some ideas now, Unicron armada toy Sized. Iddy Biddy carrier just doesn't work. Was a lousy toy to boot. I think they passed on making Switchblade into a TF because the jet mode was ugly, Broadside not only makes no sense but is just plain horrible! Carrier is a brick, jet is a brick with wings and a bubble canopy, and robot is a brick with arms.


    Need a bitzwing that's on scale with astrotrain. Larger would be fine later. I have seen some customs that were not bad.


    Animated Blitz is no where near as cool as the original. I find the character to be pretty cool, but it's got no place in the classics collection.


    IF they decide to make one in TF Prime, I'd have to see if it's more Classics than Movie inspired.


    I'm more of a fan of the latest update to the movie Bludgeon little toy to the ATV than I am the large Tank toy, simply because the ATV with the tank turrent and head swap custom upgrade is more on scale with the classics and just plain looks better.


    Sooooo Assaulter is Broadside? $100+ fan made toy of a air craft carrier that can't carry anything? PASS! Sorry FP, I love your stuff but sorry, money is tight and that's just not something I want.


    Springer was never that great a toy either. The Alt modes are too close, funky car, slide the rear back a bit and put on the blades and now it's a funky chopper. Blitzwing first please. While you are at it, make a Switchblade!

  2. Give us Blitzwing and Switchblade! SWITCHBLADE!!!!


    oh, wait, manners...


    Dearest Hasbro;


    Please consider producing some more popular toys/characters for your loyal fan's to buy doubles and tripples of and enjoy in our homes.


    Thank you very much.


    You're friend




    I'm not a fan of the movie line, but when ever someone can take one of the toys and turn it around to become a kick arse classics toy like Bludgeon, I'm all for it.


    I might have to order me one of these and fix up a junker movie bot it goes with.


    Mighty sharp looking! Though, I kinda like the Unicron tank thing as a Bludgeon, wonder if these parts will fit that thing... hmmm...

  4. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! F U Scalpers!!!!! $200+ for a Japan MP TC my crank shaft!!!!


    It wasn't too difficult to find Grim or Rod (oh Jugger Grimrod, I miss that character from Alien Legion), so this should be a SNAP.


    TRU doesn't do much clearance stuff, Sky W was a Walmart thing and that's where it wound up on clearance.


    I wonder if it's the MINI MP Prime, or the re-re-re-re release of the original MP?

  5. Also it seems odd to have both the blue... Convoy and Powered Convoy in the same shot. Hmmm... since there wasn't really a fiction for Diaclone, did the blue robot by itself even have a name? I can't recall if it was even rendered without the armor on, even in the case of Camion Convoy Portauto (Trasformer) version.


    Technically, no the Diaclone Magnus doesn't have an official name, as far as I know.


    It was Powered Convoy in the Diaclone series, fan names borrow from the Micromaster Overload, which I am told even though it was released in Japan in the reversed blue and red colors, was still called Convoy. There is also 'Night Watch' after the blue Movie Prime that came out a few years ago. Could also possibly be the first Sentenal. Personally I like Overload, with the nick name, the Night Watch DX.


    Sanding the head sculpt for roller and then painting tonight. Should post picts soon. Still needs touch up work, but I do like it.


    Oh, before KOLD came out with a Powered Convoy colored prime, I made a custom. I have 2 customs actually, I think... One was made from a black KO, the other from a junker Optimus. Simple paint jobs and parts swaps, wrong shade of blue though. I swapped the KO magnus with blue chest with a black one, and painted the black bits blue. Made a all black and white Prime + armor and gave it to my friend for Xmas last year. The other one is just a Prime painted, but ALL my armor sets have a bot wearing the gear, and one standing with out. I used junkers and KO's to wear the armor, while the original or KO Originals stand at their side.


    I do have the Hasbro Nemesis, Magnus and Prime, with the KOLD PC and Shattered. I am seriouly considering swapping the clear windshield from the real nemesis, with the red windshield from KO PC. But I think there is a slight size difference and that would probably make a even swap impossible. Well enough alone is better than none at all.


    Still waiting for them to make the Shining Magnus, hope they make the armor solid yellow and clear.


    I am not touching the green one, if it's ever made.

  6. I am so glad I posted the idea here, and got some feed back that the set needs Roller/Buggy. The custom I started is coming out GREAT, I can't wait for it to dry so I can pose it and take some pictures to post...


    This of course will make me NUTS because I still have yet to dig out Deep Cover.


    KO Makers like CHMS might want to offer a reproduction of this one!

  7. Yep I have the cheapie KO wal mart DVD's and OTHER versions of the same dang cartoons.


    I will some day go through the freaking 100 VHS tapes I bought/traded with Kabunkle umpteen years ago and find the footage of the Micrman robot I'm thinking of.


    I swear the snip I remember seeing in the clips that this guy used to put on individual tapes and to end a VHS tape showed a 7-2-1 changer iddy biddy and then growing with it's arms up. I'm not confusing this for the diatron 5 flick where they take Battle Buffalo and go inside the smart girl's mind or what ever.


    I'd love toget a hold of the knock off TRON cartoon, full length too.


    I've seen some Diaclone and Beetras comics/manga before. It is a shame they did not produce the lady bug toy. I wonder if prototypes exist.

  8. I'm just not happy. I don't go to stores with a toy section and look any more for the latest releases because I'm not collecting the movie line or Prime. I am an old school collector and I want the old school related toys and characters.


    I don't have $150 extra to spend on a single MP toy that my be couple years before the next MP car of that scale comes out, if it comes out at all. And what are the odds they make it Sunstreaker, or Red Alert?


    Honestly I think maybe they should consider hiring these 3rd party companies or making some kind of deal to have them produce a continuing classics line, and for GOD'S sake stick with one freaking name and scale.


    If hastak came out with a collectors set of 6 seekers in alternative colors, like Sunstorm and others not released prior to now officially, I would buy it.


    I really hope that Hastak makes something like a G1 Predaking or Devestator that puts the 3rd party sets to shame. I can't afford them right now either so all I can do is sit back and wish.


    KO's passed off as the real thing are BAD, in what ever way, shape or form. There is now and never will be any question to that. But KO's do have their uses, such as parts donation, and alternatives to the real thing when the originals are not attainable. Have said it before, there's a bunch of old school bots I have that used KO parts to update and complete. I really wish there were more 3rd party sites like Transrepro used to be.

  9. I just spent a good portion of my Saturday starting or finishing some custom paint jobs on some Classics Transformers into Diaclone colors... And it hit me, HOW does these 3rd party and KO's of retired toy molds hurt Hasbro/Takara?


    3rd party toys, like the new Power Master Prime that just came out, now THAT is impressive, however you still NEED the ORIGINAL TF Classics Prime from hasbro/takara in order for it to work. And the toy has run it's course, it's been released and is no longer being produced by hasbro, so the only way for us to get this is through the secondary market, which has NO bearing on the parent companies. Granted it might make them look bad, I'd rather believe that it raises the bar, hopefully shows them the way to what the true old school fan's want to see.


    Did this help? Apparently not because (Except for the mini MP prime and Sideswipe) there is no more Classics/Generations/Universe line. SO they did not get the message.


    So we also have KO's of other molds that do use the orginal toys from hasbro/takara. Again, anything that comes out now is after the original line has run it's course, and the parent company has stopped using the molds, BUT there is still a desire from the old school fans to have more variations of say the seekers, prime trucks and sideswipe molds that have not been produced or will not be produced in the future (cept maybe for Botcon). In my eyes, these enhance the original collecton of officially bought Takara/Hasbro products and keep the theme going in my home.


    Finally, original 3rd party toys that are based on G1 characters. This is a mixed bag of cats. On one hand, it's fan based entities building what is in their eyes a great update to the original chracters, which hasbro/takara has not provided to the fans. This does not directly take money away from the parent company because they have not produced anything exactly the same. They could be missing out due to likeness of trade marked caracters and mass production issues. I would say again, this would really be a call to the parent companies to produce what the true, old school fans want.


    I spent $20 on materials today for paints and such to custom paint 5 or 6 classics toys (junkers) that I paid for either from the store or on the secondary market. I believe at the core, these 3rd party creators are doing the same, and with costs to pacaging and manufacturing, they probably do not make a lot of money.

  10. A minicon might be too small, but the one I can think of is Armada Starscream's partner.


    I got the perfect bot. One of those keymaster energon dune buggies. Just picked one junker up, and it should be the right size and pose-ability is to my liking. Will have to redo the head completely, and it'd be nice if I could find a way to mount the tires to his knee caps. but I think this will work.


    Good idea, thanks!

  11. SO recently I started thinking outside the box when it came to tracking down some Pre Transformers animated series. Long story short, I snagged the whole Dorvak series, in Spanish, which is where G1 Whirl and Roadbuster came from.


    I believe that this is the closest to what an Animated Diaclone series would have been like. Think, Star Blazers on Earth with robo suits and transforming Hum-V's. Right down to the Gamalon invasion force, ships and troopers.


    The interesting thing is that the alien troopers are blue people in suits that remind me of the Diaclone Alien Drivers.


    So. What else am I missing?


    Was there a Beetras series? Does anyone have that on VHS or DVD? Beetras gave us the Deluxe Insecticons if you did not know.


    I think I recall seeing a snipit of footage from a weird Microman LIKE show where they had the huge combo robot where a Micronaut could fit inside, it's the biggest combiner of takara looking robots that merge into one big robot. Something about it shrinking, I'd have to really dig to find the footage I remember on VHS.


    I'm also looking for better versions of the second Machine Robo BM series. I have it on crappyvision VHS, and would like to watch it on DVD. Maybe someday I will convert ALL of it but for now it's burried on tapes hidden in my locker.


    Does anyone have more info on any Pre Transformers related series and can trade or sell copies?


    The Dorvak series, aka Commando Dolbuck, is dated 1983, pre-dating Transformers by a year.


    More and more interesting.

  12. Did they HAVE to use the Classics Prime? They should have geared this towards the little Masterpiece toy. I have all the fans project armor sets, and going to make one PM Prime colored (KO)


    This would be better fit for the new little MP prime!


    Can't you brains figure out how to make armr for MP Magnus????


    Mind you... Id still get one. Imagine how cool Nemesis PM Prime would look???

  13. I can't find my Classics Deep Cover to complete the trio, but anyone put 1 & 1 & 1 together to make the classics Diaclone DX set yet?


    I have my Powered Convoy

    Kold Dia Commander

    and the KO red mirage

    can't locate my CHM Deep Cover of course.


    2and 1/2 out of 3 ain't too bad...but it's annoying the crap out of me!



    I say 2 and 1/2 because I have a custom dia commander wearing the armor and then the KOLD blue boy standing along side.

  14. I bought a KO Alternators Nemesis Prime so as to make a custom Diaclone Magnus aka Powered Convoy, and stupid me didn't notice that it came with the ABT Upgrade gastank set that transforms into his gun.


    Not only that, but mine came with 2 sets.


    Yippie! So TFsource has them for $30 a piece, so I just saved $60.


    I bought the thing months ago and it's been sitting on a shelf at my old home all this time.


    One of these days I will have to get my real BT Prime and real Nemesis out and they can fight over who gets the extra rifle, because one is for Overload/Nightwatch here.


    Hmm, probably should make a White version also...


    Mind you, I had to glue the tank section back together on one of them so far, but $30... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  15. This season for my Xmas present to my self, I bought a few KO toys that I had my eye on for some time. With the recent demise of KOtoys, I figured one last bash incase everything suddenly became scarce.


    I picked up the Binaltech Smokescreen Red-White and Blue KO toy. Nicely done. Diecast and plastic like a Binaltech, quality is pretty good, detailing is fantastic, just a few minor paint errors or scratches. I had to modify the hole for the hood hatch hinge (say that 3 times fast) so the peg would rest where it belongs. Other than the usual wobblie midsection part common with these KO BT's, it's pretty great. The only thing I will change is the head, needs to be blue, and perhaps slap on a 38 sticker on the hood and doors. Other than that great toy.


    KO Targetroid set of 4. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with these things. The Megatron is great, very posable and detailed, Optimus is kinda lame, as is screamer and roddie. I think the trigger or handle for the gun mode got lost in translation somewhere along the line. I am interested in how the real megatron-like TR works and might consider getting one. The gun mode for optimus reminds me of gun mode for one of the kronoform watch bots or a blockman. They really should remake that line with more poseable blockbots like Dave B made.


    I got a KO Seacon set, reason being I don't have a KO Seacon set. I have KO sets of all the other G1 combiners and those colors makes it lookg good to work with the Energon Sharkticon. The main thing I noticed is that I think they made the turtle bot too small. I have yet to examine the toy out of the package but everything looks like it was included from the original series, cept some of the bots were dummed down, meaning that they all used to be interchangable, not some can only be legs and some can only be arms. For a display piece and the cheap price, it should be interesting for the shelf.


    ANOTHER PE Reflector set. This time I was able to piece together 1 nice set out of the 2 I have, all 3 purple heads and feet, the center bot has a purple chest while the side bots have green. Their arm colors keep the purple and green going, purple shoulders and green arms for the side bots, the opposite for the center bot. I chose the purple lense with green sides, and the green shield to round it off. Unfortunaltey the green shield has some gaps on the front of the camera edge, which is a shame but having a good looking reflector means I will have to live with it, perhaps fix it. Capped it off with the mirrored lense finish. NOW I can have this toy in bot mode on she shelf for display and not have it jump out as UGLY any more.


    I'll post pictures at another time. Working on a cool Dinogeist custom that I hope to have finished soon.

  16. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=6066&do=view_album&album=1403


    I fell in love with the toy mold for Animated Arcee the first time I saw the toy. SO glad that Hasbro FINALLY released a decent version of Arcee after 25+ years!


    KO toys showed up with 2 more variants, the Medic and Chromia, blue and green. I spotted those and definitely had to get these little ladies as well. Prime's Angels! I just wish I knew where I put my original Arcee... DOH!


    KO toys had this great deal, get all 3 variants for 1 good price, so I immediately thought, CUSTOM!


    It's been 27+ years, TIME FOR NIGHT BIRD!!!!


    A little work to take the pink KO Arcee apart, primer gray most of the body. A dash of purple and black with a splash of gold and DAMN she looks GOOD!


    I posted a comment on KO toys forum but I'm outa storage space to upload. Figured I's share here.


    I really like how it turned out, and hope that it inspires the KO makers to try out this color skeme also!

    Maybe a nice black and silver paint application?


    Forgot to put the wings on in car mode, they are black. Have not decided on the racing stripes yet.



  17. KOtoys and chimungmung are on the other side of the world and with the shipping customs they must go through we just have to be patient.


    Back in the day, KO's like this were SO hard to find. I can't describe how hard it once was to come across some radical variants and KO's like these. Weekend after weekend hitting flea markets and hole in the wall stores looking for a new treasure.


    Take these KO Alternators. I first caught a glimpse of these from Ebay about 5 or 6 years ago. Had bought up all the binaltech and alternator versions and thought that was that and then these KO Variants came along. Had to snag them in an auction and hope if you lost out that another one would appear eventually. Now we have KOtoys and chimungmung that lists them all at reasonable prices, how easy this new generation of TF collectors have it.


    Both sites are reputable and have lots to offer, just don't expect your box of goodies to show up any time soon.


    My last box of wonder from KO toys came in about 3 weeks, packaging was very good actually, they lined the inside of a cardboard box with cut sheets of styrofoam and put everything in baggies wrapped in plastic. Nothing broken, all there and all very cool.

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