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  1. Maybe you should start smoking your self, then you won't notice the smell?


    Perhaps they got the items from someone who did smoke, and have terrible sense of smell like me, who doesn't smoke like me, so they could claim it's a smoke free home but originally it came from a smoker's home?


    I wonder if a febreeze bath would reduce or eliminate the smell?


    Maybe you should start smoking your self, then you won't notice the smell?


    Perhaps they got the items from someone who did smoke, and have terrible sense of smell like me, who doesn't smoke like me, so they could claim it's a smoke free home but originally it came from a smoker's home?


    Oooh, maybe someone at the post office is a heavy smoker and it picked up the smell from there?


    I wonder if a febreeze bath would reduce or eliminate the smell?

  2. I like it. Very cool, grabs some from Grim and Mag. Power Master bot looks very cool indeed.


    If I had a lot of money, I'd get this. But there are a lot of other things coming out that I'd rather get my hands on first.


    Love Fansproject's work, and hope to get one some day... how's it look in Black? A Nemesis Prime deco?


    But I'm buying a house, budget time for the grown ups.


    MP TC and OP coming to TRU later this year

    MP SW and SS + RA ooming out in japan

    THEN there is the classics VW Bug upgrade to BB


    I'm spent for the rest of the year right there.

  3. I tried to take things one step further. There is a side by side of the not Ironhide with the classics Ironhide. SO to get the scale of the cassettes that are made for MP Soundwave I attempted to take a classics hound, and match it up with the classics ironhide, standing next to the classics ravage, which is scale with the original cassettes...




    It's very hard to tell, but they might be a tad bigger than the original tapes.


    Unclearly, the ravage shown in the display may be a scale size bigger than the original.

  4. I just borrowed your pict and did a side by side with the new sideswipe and sw released photo's.


    Thanks for the shots with the classics toys, that definitely helps.


    Back to the point, these Not Ironhides look to be the same size as Sideswipe. SO the question I just posed in the toy discussion board... go see. Chat about that over there with the pict I just posted.


    or combine em, what ever. Point being, Sideswipe doesn't have to be alone on the MP shelf!

  5. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&image=21186


    Ok boys and girls, now we have a side by side with the newly released MP smaller prime, along with the Soundwave and Sideswipe prototypes.


    In addition to that, someone just posted picts of the same smaller MP Prime and the new MP Ironhide fan product. Which I was not going toget at all since it did not fit in the classics toy line, but it's looking totally on par with the samesize as sideswipe here!


    Buy the fan made products to keep SideSwipe companynow, or wait a couple years for Takara to release them???


    Who is up for robbing a bank so we can buy all these freaking toys?

  6. They could re-tool/use molds... and make wheeljack out of sunstreaker. BUT I would prefer they get the clearance to use 30 year old dead car designs and make ALL the old school G1 car's as they were.


    WE have the classics line to reuse and cleaverly slightly reverse the toys to get different characters.


    This is probably THE LAST shot at the PERFECT Transformers collection. I highly doubt they will ever make a better version of the original Sideswipe.


    No movie influences

    no cheap short cuts, the repaints they can get out of each mold is enough already

    no substitutions of different car models

    No dumming down the pose-ability

    no skipping the details

    and don't skimp on the extras, like a tow line and speakers for jazz, rocket pack for side swipe, things like that!


    As for the use of die-cast parts. I don't care. I have a TON of the Binaltech/Alternators toys, and it really does not make any difference to me what they are made of. If it keeps the cost down, plastic all the way! (Besides it's a Lambor, they are fiberglass bodies anyway)


    I REALLY was not going to even consider getting Sideswipe, or Soundwave, but after seeing them with the new MP prime, and the fact that Prime is coming out in the US, I'm looking forward to seeing these in person.


    And one last thing. One word. One important word. A word that I want to see for the next MP mold to come around, besides MP Blaster...




    Not a nison, honda, subaru, accura or anything in the likes.


    Datsun Fairlady Z!


    And dare I even ask for a Blue one????

  7. They can already get all 5 variations of this mold, Sun could give us 3 or 4. I think they can make enough money off us with these 5 to warrant another mold for sun.



    Red Alert

    Clamp Down

    G2 Sideswipe

    Tiger Tracks


    Sun would grant us


    Red Sun

    Police Sun

    Black Sun


    In the classics universe line, I have all the Sideswipe variants listed, still working on the red sunstreaker, you'd think it would be easy, but where do I get a decent sideswipe and the head to swap??? I have 4 junker Sun's and only 1 has a head. SOB!!!!

  8. This picture is a mystery and a mennance!


    New Starscream, I am NOT buying that. We JUST get TC coming out in the states and they make another SS?


    So the fan Soundwave they show is on par with the older Starscream, so this new one is about the same as the new SS and Oppy.


    And the cassettes are looking good, I'm still not sure on what scale they are, but they could be all new sized.


    I wonder if the KO oversized tapes will match them in scale?


    If the MP Soundwave does come out with all 3 or 4 tapes, pushing the $200 mark, right now I would get that.


    There may still be hope to see the fan made product to be produced, or they could change gears and get blaster out, at least a year before Takara.


    DID the fan products prompt Takara to step it up with the MP line for us???


    Right now, I think having Sideswipe, and Mimi MP Prime would be the start of the ultimate collectors grade collection.

  9. I am borrowing this pict from http://www.collecticon.org/


    Its of this third party soundwave and laserbeak side by side with takara's soundwave and laserbeak.


    "acoustic wave"


    There is also a blaster out there, on par with acoustic wave. So these could be available long before Takara's official MP.


    I can't even decide which I like better, the fan made or the official laserbeak. Both look pretty good.


    I think the fan made version is more geared to the original toys, while the Takara one hits the charcters from the show.


    just go to google images search and type in masterpiece soundwave or blaster and there's tons of pictures.


    I can't wait to see more picts of the other cassettes.


    Really wish we knew the size of the takara tapes. BOTH the fan company and takara see to be coming out with versions of the original 3 molds Takara's pict shows a gray rumble with guns, while the fan product shows blacked out versions of the bot tapes with the pile drivers on.


    Until I know more, my oversized KO G1 soundwave works for me.

  10. I pulled picts of both and did a side by side yesterday. I have to say it's a tough call which to buy over the other.


    NEW pictures of the Takara official release show Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak, so it has a HUGE edge over the 3rd Party...


    HOWEVER, the 3rd party has shown the scale, and DOES work with the original cassettes, and we already haanve a new Ravage that works well with that, thank you hastak. So we don't know what size the new Takara version will be.


    I'm also not sure about the price tags, pre-purchase for Takara's is upwards of $170!!! OUCH! If that comes with at least all 3 cassettes then OK, but sold seperately for say, $50 a piece I'll have to sell a kidney or get into a 5 year payment plan!


    Fan Made toy also has a Blaster coming out, same scale. And its coming SOON, as opposed to at least a year from now for Takara, IF at all.


    Comparrison wise, in the side by side, IF the scale of the Takara toy is on par with the MP seekers, as the 3rd party is, or bigger (could those cassettes be normal cassette sized???) I have to say the Takara toy is a better toy.


    Why? Looking at the tape deck mode, the detail is better, the shoulders look better, the pin stripes coming off the tape door and flowing into the speakers look better. Hiding the leg kibble in robot mode looks better. It looks to be just as pose-able as the 3rd party toy. Now the joints for the legs might be more flimzy, but this is TAKARA dang it! The material HAS to be better than the fan made stuff! As long as he can pivot at the mid section and point with the finger, it should be better than the fan made toy.


    Still really tough. Price tag might be 1/2 what the official toy is running for (through import stores with another mark up).


    Are there 3rd party tapes coming out?

  11. I remember the time my buddy and I got kicked out of woolworth's because we were too loud, screaming about the CRAZY prices... years later they made a Staples commercial out of it?!?!?!


    WOW!! THAT'S A LOW PRICE!!!!???!!!???


    Yea that was us in like Jr High!

  12. Just been studying my Shattered Glass Hotrod (KO) wearing the protector armor and thinking, MAN this would be a cool King X Kaizer custom if they changed or made a substitute lion's head chest.


    I actually had a similar idea.


    I even created a thread here on TFormers discussing this idea about 2+ months ago.



    I even Wanted Takara to recolor the MP King exkaiser toy red & orange. add autobot sumbols & call it MP TF Rodimus Prime.


    odds are that the general design for the king was left over TF plans for roddie in the first place...

  13. do some G-1 TF toys need re-designs for newer homage toys?


    to sell better for todays kids/time era.


    No not drastic redesigns. just slight tweaks but trying to keep the essence of the robot & alt mode designs.


    Examples below:


    1- How about a leader sized MP/Generations tripple changer G-1 styled galvatron toy.




    2- How about a leader sized MP/Generations G-1 styled season 1 & 2 Megatron robot mode that transforms into a realitic white+black tank. then transforms into a gun mode that looks similar to 1987 sixshot's gun mode or 1986 Galvatron's toy gun mode.



    3- How about giving fort max,a actual vechicle alt mode. instead of the city mode turned backward & called a space ship alt mode like takara's headmasters called it.

    Sounds cool. Anything is better than the Energon Metroplex.


    4- How about giving 1986 Tripple changer broadside a battleship alt mode instead of a aircraft carrier alt mode

    NO. Battle Ship is still HUGE, and there are NO battleships any more, it's a dead line. Something the size of a air craft carrier needs to change into something as big, and besides a building what else is there?


    5- How about giving 1986 Metroplex a water baser aircarft carrier alt mode. or a huge navy Battleship alt mode.

    What is with you and the same idea, different character. NO!


    6- 1986 hotrod sports car that attaches to a trailer. the trailer can form armor pieces/suit of armor to turn the hotrod robot into a Leader sized super robot called Rodimus Prime.

    Its been done. MP and Classics/Protector Hotrod. Buy one, it's awesome!



    7- Release 4 deluxe sized G-1 dinobots & one voyager sized grimlock. That can combine to form a gestalt combiner.

    See NOW you are talking!


    8- Masterforce overlord. One Voyager sized tank that transforms into a lion.

    Had me up to the Lion part. What does Overload have to do with a Lion mode? Why not a Lion mode for Hotrod, go buy a King XKaizer and paint it red! NO NO NO! Stealth jet and tank = overlord!


    9- PMOP,instead of optimus folding up into a rubiks cube to fit into a suit of armor/trailer for the super robot mode. how about a stand up MP-10 Convoy.

    Didn't they just come out with a fan made PM Prime trailer for the classics prime??? GO buy that.


    10- 1985 Omega supreme becomming a supreme or leader sized tripple changer. where he transform into a rocket,a tank & a robot mode. instead of the puzzle put together/take apart parts that was the 1985 omega supreme toy.




    11- How about making all duo-cons as tripple changers.

    Because then they would not be duo's any more they'd be tri-cons...


    12- how about doing a leader sized trypticon toy with a added robot mode. it would transfotm from a mechanical T-rex,then into a robot mode.

    Um, no. That'd be grimlock.

  14. Just look at some of my photo galleries to see what kind of collection I have.


    My goal is to have or MAKE classics G1 Autobots and diaclone variants to complete my collection.

  15. I can not wait to get all 4 of my Omega Variants together on display again. I just sold my extra 2/3 Mechabot 1 to a guy through the bigfleamart.com


    I often thought of making a green camo Omega custom. Maybe some day.


    Dare I suggest a TRUE classics version of Omega?

  16. The way I see it is that galvatron is the upgraded form of the two pack deluxe megatron that was also a tank


    I can see that. I don't like it much either, and it's WEIRD that it was used in an advertisment for the next classics line at one point...


    I think Energon Galvatron, the smaller one that came in that weird 2 pack with the more pose-able, less fat Energon optimus, is the way to go for Classics Galv. I think that might be on scale with roddie and prime.

  17. Broadside's always been a silly toy concept -- he's always either gonna be a puny aircraft carrier, or a massively oversized jet! :P Unless you suspend disbelief and pretend that he mass shifts between those moulds. ;) But either way, he's an iconic G1 character and deserves a toy IMHO.


    Iconic? Springer, blitzwing and Astrotrain I would say could be rather iconic, one of my favorite movie lines of all time was Springers from the movie "I got better things to do tonight than DIE"


    But Broadside was in maybe 2 episodes of the show, and both had him with different heads. I don't remember anything special about the character at all.


    The toy embodies the horrible 'brick-former' badly constructed transformers of the later G1 series. I think Soundwave makes a better tripple changer than Broadside with the cybertronian street light mode.


    The charcters initials is BS, and that's exactly what the toy was, BS. A brick with wings, arms and a ships tower and it's a transformers?


    I'm not paying $100 for a custom made brick with wings.


    I would pay for a cooler version of say 6 shot, with ball-n-socket joints and stream lined modes.

    Or Sandstorm, which might be the eath mode of springer if they decided to swap heads and repaint.


    Dinogeist would be awesome, I'm actually working on a custom that's coming out pretty good AND is classics standard sized, but that's the wrong series.


    Switchblade would be a dream come true. I love that diaclone, despide the ugly jet mode, the thing is just cool. A modern version would ROCK! It's almost as good as the blitzwing idea, tank vs jet for assault power. Make the chopper blades come off and become double swords, missile launchers for chopper mode reconnect to his arms like classics seekers for his guns. Keep the kick arse face plate.


    I agree, astro train in more retro train mode would be cool.


    Did FP ask Hasbro for permission to make another tripple changer and they shot everything else out, leaving only BS?


    I'd rather keep Tidalwave, alt mode as the super space ship is just plain cool. Now that is multi changer.

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