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  1. Masterpiece are not classics, I have probably 16 variations of the classics seekers (minue doubles of the same character, like I have the first Starscream from the US, but not the second or the Henki, and minus G2TC and G2 RJ).


    If you are on par with Classics Skyfire, then the MP toys are way too big.


    Besides G1, which I have pretty much all the variants and then some, plus making more customs little by little, there is nothing else.


    RobotMasters? Naw they kinda stunk.

    Action Masters. I have em, and I love em, but they are AM's and a world all their own. (custom Warp and Cracker of course, with G2 Cracker and US Screamer).


    WST? Have em all and then some. (the 6 original seekers, G2 set, Acid, Sun, Dead, I think a glow in the darker snuck in there too). Thank you Hero! Way too small for the classics shelf, they need a shadow box all their own.


    Hmm, that reminds me, maybe I need to suggest to Hero that he make a WST jet in G2 TC colors??? Hmmm...


    No I have come to the conclusion that Energon Shockblast/wave is the way to go. And I will custom paint the 6shot variant of ol blast Gray to become Astro Magnum. Will have to live with the horrible gun arms, until I figure out what to do with them...

  2. That's a very tempting idea, but of course, as usual, my ShockBLAST/wave, is somewhere burried in storage.


    I wonder if the clear plate on 6's back can be used on shock's front?


    Then they can both have the red chest.


    But still, another project, painting this bad boy gray to stand among the classics.

  3. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&image=21303


    I saw the FOC Shockwave and ran out to get one, Walmart was sold out, Target had just one. $15??? JEESE!!!!


    I brought it home, took it out of the box, not very impressed with the transform, but the bot is rather cool. I want to chop the wings off and figure out how to make it turn into a GUN! Or something.


    Then I stood it up next to my custom Classics Blue Bluestreak, and he's a shrimp!


    So it's a smaller scale, $5 more, and doesn't transform into a gun. Sigh...


    After thinking about it, and custom painting it like Shackwave/Astro Magnum thoughts, I remembered the Energon Shock.


    Scowered my usual hunting grounds, and found one (along with a UGLY, but AWESOME Combination Robot 17-in-1 in the box, AKA that ugly Voltron/Omega Supreme KO)... Have them both pictured to the link above...


    So, which should be present on the collection shelf for the classics.


    Perhaps there will be a larger, KO version of the FOC Shockwave I can wait for?


    I'm really leaning more towards the Energon one. I already have the purple version in storage, so I picked up the greenish one, I'd SOOOOO rather see in Gray. It's a proper size I think, I'll have to stand it up next to Classics Jetfire.. yes. Next photo.

  4. I heard, they pulled the plug on GiJoe, because they HAVE to re-work the movie because of 3 things.


    1. The script SUCKED, so they want to do it better.

    2. They killed off Duke, because the actor, who is too young for the part of Duke in the first place, went all Magic Mike and could not film, so they arn't killing him now.

    3. They want to re-vamp it in 3D. Which is a stupid idea because 3D is not going over well (John Carter), it cost too damn much and if it's just for 4 minutes of action, it is SOOOOOO not worth it!


    There's MILLIONS of bucks at stake, and MILLIONS already LOST since they started promoting the movie, and the toy line, only to have it put off until next year. The ROCK, has to get paid. You think he and Bruce are going to sit there and not get their money? NO.


    Call me Joe. BARF!


    Point here in this Joe rant, Hasbro re-invents the TF's, just about every year. It's not a bad thing just because they have not quite hit the stride of the original series when it first appeared, and could not be kept on the shelves for a Xmas. Most are way out there, like the bay-formers, and I for one am not a huge fan, own a handfull and I'm GLAD because I'm trying to buy a HOUSE and all that money wasted would have sunk it for me.


    Eventually, they will re-boot the TF movies, and hopefully step BACK to 1984's Search for Energy theme, with classic Transformers we can recognize from the source material. OR, they can hand it over to Stiller, who can turn it into a not funny parody, where Megatron is a hair dryer, and Prime is a beat up old dump truck, searching for his lost load...


    Some of what they do we'll like (Classics and Masterpiece!) most, because it's not G1, or it simply doesn't make sense to a fanboy like us - we won't.


    4AM rant ends.

  5. Hasbro took a huge HIT with the flop of a movie Battleship. They laid off a bunch of people, one semi famous fan boy friend of mine included.


    Retailers may have lost some faith in them as well, so smaller retail space?


    Or is it that we're so used to SOOOOOOO much space on the shelves for 2 or 3 TF lines at a time, that now that the movie line from last year should be fading away by now, we're cut to just 2?


    Part of the FUN of collecting is the HUNT! If it were just up to GETTING everything we want immediately, it's fricking BORING!


    Target sucks for toy stock. They are usually late, or short stocked, and Walmart usually beats them by a couple cents.


    Support your local Toys R Us. Spend a iddy biddy bit more, and keep our only national toy store chain a float. Before all we have is on line, and tar-zay & walmart, or K-mart for that matter.


    3AM rant, concluded.

  6. http://bigfleamart.com/


    My site. Come sell stuff on there for free! No fee's. No BS. Promote your stuff, get noticed, wheel and deal all you want, site gets hits from around the world.


    Reminds me, I REALLY gota take the sold stuff off there and update the thing. I just havn't had the time, trying to find a HOUSE.


    Did I mention there are NO FEE's. Restrictions? Just nothing Illegal. Like you can't sell your little sister because she steals all your mom's attention. No dead parrots here, unless you're a monty python skit.


    Oh and I'm the toy moderator, so worried about selling that Megatron WITH OUT THE ORANGE TIP??? Fa-get-about it! Oh wait, arn't KO's Illegal? As long as nobody is tryin to push a KO as the real thing, post away!


    You control what you post, sell, don't sell, trade, swap, what ever, it's your business and we don't charge ya squat!


    Scammers will be screened out, there are no credit card numbers or anything of value to be hacked from the site. SO you are totally safe to trade here.


    Most asked question I've had so far:

    Is my Skyhammer still for sale? YES! The guy who had it on hold bailed.


    I do trades too.

    I'm currently looking for a decent deal on:

    Botcon G2 Thundercracker

    Club toy G2 Ramjet

    Club toy Over-Run aka Runabout (the black one).

    Botcon Road Rage aka Turbo Tracks


    I have a cool Blockman set for sale


    I SOLD my Omegatron/Black Omega Supreme, so sorry, it's gone.


    And I can't find my extra Fortress X, decided not to sell it anyway, will look good in display, I might even custom paint it a different color and finish the missing bits with custom parts.


    Need my house to do the custom work, but can't buy the house until I sell the customs... ARG!


    Visit my site!


    If you can post a picture on Facebook, you can post something on your 'Table' just as fast and easy!



  7. I was talking to this semi famous guy Dave, he's an interesting guy, has a store in the Columbus Flea Market, NJ, and scowers the mart, every single weekend, buying up what ever toys he can get for a good deal. Been a fixture there for 30 years easy. Told his house is full of toys, are are his vehicles...


    But that's not the story I'm shootin for. He told me about this other guy, collects nothing but TF's. Anything, and everthing Transformers. Buys 3 of everything in the store, from the littlest part to the biggest. Said he visited this guys house, and it was like a dump truck full of TF's just unloaded in the living room.


    You want to sit on the couch? Dig your self a spot. Gota go to the bathroom? Dig your way in. Wanna go to bed, hope you like sharing your TF bed sheets with a hundred of his favorite TF's.


    I don't know who he is, but he lives in my general area. I can only imagine the broken bot dreams this guy has around the house, lord primus help him if he has a pet. Can you imagine the dust, grime and dander that lurks beneath the plastic gold?


    I am glad that I'm over having to buy EVERYTHING TF related. I think Beast Wars broke me of that.

  8. I think the dust bunnies have taken Grand Max, and made it their home under the bed.


    I remember it wasn't that long ago, when someone here (BaCon) thought I was full of it when I said I had a GRB, which just so happened I had it out of storage in my old room and took picts of it promptly.


    I find it unlikely that someone bought a Grandmax in a garage sale, more like it was a Brave Max and he got the names mixed up. It's not impossibe.


    Some people just like to make stuff up, I remember a chat I had back when the internet was young, some dope tried to tell me his Dad worked for Takara and he had a Unicron...


    And who cares. The old saying goes, He who dies with the most toys, still dies - no fear.


    This guy is on his way for some serious respiratory issues with all that dust.


    I'm really close to getting my dream house with my Wife, and in it will be the collection display I have always wanted... air cleaner built into the plan to cut down the dust.


    Glass doors on the display cases to seal it off, air cleaner on the bottom shelf, and turn it on from time to time, letting it run.


    I do not, nore have I ever claimed to have a Grand Max. I've had 4 FT Maxes, have 1 now (missing a dang leg cannon and some other bits I don't care about) and a Brave Max. Plus a bunch of KO bits, like Cerebrose and Cog (chromed with red and blue bits that goes with Brave Max rather nicely).


    Ok, skimmed through the video. No Grand Max here. If a home makeover show would come to this guy's house, they'd have to rent a truck to come take each toy out, wash it and store it until proper display cases could be made. Old Grocery Store displays are a good idea for boxes, but not for displaying collectables. Too much clutter and too much dust-cleaning. I know I had some shelves like that and tossed them.


    Please remember, plastic is very flamable. Walls covered in plastic treasures could be someone's doom.


    And pet snakes, need water and make waste, that gets into the air, on your bots and starts eating away at the stickers and paint. Have a snake room, and leave the bots to their own.


    update #3. Just look at that second picture, 3 or 4 different types of shelving. It just looks like CRAP! If you are that nuts about TF's, get some IKEA shelving units or something, those closet organizers, and do up the whole room with them, properly. It just looks aweful, and i know, I have a storage locker full of bots my self. My wife would shoot me.


    Look at the wasted space in that second picture, there is about 4 feet from the one side to the ceiling. DO narrower shelves and taller. MAXIMIZE your space man! And the ceiling, hang some posters on the ceiling! Why not? Or have a big Bot or Con symbol painted on it.


    Everything looks cooler, properly displayed, not cluttered, and behind glass. Go to the dollar store and get some of those cloest lights that stick on to anything. Open the glass door and they come on automatically, or go to Ikea and spend $50 on that wireless light kit idea... $5 for 5 lights or $50 for 4?


    Shadow boxes for smaller collections, like the minibots in one nice frame, hanging on the wall would ROCK! not just a pile of plastic that fight to be seen?



  9. When I went to Kaybee stores a long time age,before they closed down permanently. I remember seeing Kaybee stores selling a few KO Brave toys in nicely styled boxed. I did see the two brave construction bots that combined bodies sideways.


    During the 1990's & early 2000's,Brave,DBZ,Power rangers & Transformers were extremly popular KO toys. apparently brave KO's were very popular in the middle 1990's. I use to go to these chinese KO wharehouse/distributors stores in manhattan a few blocks away from macy's.




    uuuuoooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I would have LOVED to see a place like that.


    I really want to get a hold of the reverse colored Classics Warpath...



    I tinkered around with a color change for this character, constructicon green, might be too much like the green this bot was supposed to come in. So thinking a nice black custom might be very interesting. NOW I just have to find a cheap parts bot to use...

  10. What's a Furyu? It's the Japanese name for one of the coolest Takara Transforming robots that was never a Transformer.


    In the Gao Gai Gar series, the story goes 2 AI computers are created and placed inside a powerful set of transforming trucks, one blue crane, Hyoryu and one red fire engine, Enryu. These are some kick arese toys that transform into very cool robots and then can combine to form a super robot, Symmetrically like the Jetfire/Skyfire combiner from the TF Animated series.


    Later they made a second set of constuction bots, same trucks, different attachments, these 2 came with a dump truck flat bed, the yellow Rairyu, and his green counterpart with cement mixer Furyu.


    So, back to the front. Some time ago, I bought a loose lot of TF's from the bay, and was delighted to find another one of these cool robots, and it came with it's parts as well to my delight. Only on thing bugged me, it's the wrong color? They didn't make silver/gray ones. Being that it had the combiner parts and even came with the robot head, I imagined someone made a KO of this set and somewhere out there, there is another variant waiting to be found.


    I even made a post on here, with pictures of the thing asking if anyone knew what the other truck looked like.


    Not one response to solve the mystery.


    Today, after explaining how much fun I had tracking down what the RoadBots were, I remembered this little mystery. I just did some new google searches for KO Gao Gai Gar toys and BINGO, someone on Flicker had a set of 4 of these, boxed, under the Galaxy Defenders banner. YES! Finally I know where this came from! Now I will see what the KO makers did to his partner. What cool color did they change it into? Black? Constructicon GREEN???


    I zoom in on the picture to see.... Yellow. The 2 sets are almost identical colors to their originals, except this one Silver bot.


    WHY!!!! WHY!!!!!! WHY!!!!!! Change just the ONE COLOR???? But none of the rest?????


    GaoGaiGar knockoff lineup


    Here's this person's picts. Special thanks to them for solving the mystery for me.


    And DAMN THE KO CO!!! For not following through with the other variant needed here!


    It's gonna KILL ME to hunt down either the blue one or the yellow one, loose, and custom paint that sucker into one of the 2 colors I was hoping to see. I think Constructicon green would be outstanding!

  11. http://screen.yahoo.com/famous-parts-turned-down-by-famous-stars-29876024.html


    I was interested to see a Yahoo News video on what star's turned down what Iconic roles, and in some of the interviews with randowm people on the streets of LA, you can clearly see someone dressed as Movie Bumblebee walking around!!!???!???!?!?!??!


    I took 1 screen grab and posted it to my random photo's folder.




    My wife was waiting to see who turned down the role Julia Roberts got in Pretty Woman, and I kept laughing because Bumblebee was wandering around behind them.



  12. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&album=1485


    Thankfully they posted both these NOT transformers along side a version of Classics Optimus, and both are about the same size, and on par with MP Sideswipe (probably should be a tad bigger actually but hey...)


    SO these are your choices Transfans!


    The NOT Ironhide

    the NOT Ratchet

    or wait a bunch more years for a official MP to come out from Takara?




    How much do each of these cost?

    Which comes with better stuff?

    Which looks better?

    Which is better made?

  13. I figured it out, and I was mostly right with my assumption.


    ROADBOTS! Nifty looking transformer like toys. Trucks and things with interchangable parts. Seems I have parts from 3 different sets, all wound up into this one lot. Head belongs to a different truck, as does the drive section and the crane bit, but all 3 belong to the same toy line.


    Remarkable bots.


    That was FUN tracking the info down, even found a MOC one on Ebay that I just bought.





    check out the review.

  14. WTF?!?!?! SEND THEM CLASSICS REPAINTS OVER HERE!!!! DAMN IT! ah I'm broke anyway.


    I hope this isnt the only way we'll get a Hoist like the only way we got a Trailbreaker. They need Voyager sized figures.

    I agree, after I get Hench/Brawn and the Gears homage from Igear, the only original member of the G1 Ark crew to not have a proper update will be Trailbreaker. Following that then the only missing season 1 Autobots will be the Dinobots.


    Dare we dip into some of the movie line to substitute some of these?

    Hoist and TB can have some representations that arn't horrible.



    Now do G1 Devestator!



    Actually I was thinking someone Autistic, or with a touch of it, ran that Good Will and sorted it by colors.


    I'll take pictures with the cell next time I go there.


    PS the "segregation" bit made me laugh.

  16. I went to a Good Will store not too long ago, and they have the shelves done by COLOR. Doesn't matter what it is, pink is in the pink isle, blue is in the blue isle.


    Was just looking at the collection picts someone posted, very nice btw, and one shot of what I guess is the green devestator omage of the japanese micromaster combiner remakes, blobbed together with some other green thing that I could not make out what the heck it was.


    SO, imagined a whole wall of green devestator variants


    then a whole collection...


    blaster, optimus, sideswipe, inferno, all lined up, red bliss!!!!

  17. I'm just playin. I get angry txts from my friend Tom with spell check banter all the time. It's a good subject and I'd rather chat about that, than who shot who in the what now. (bonus points if you know where that came from.)


    I have a reverse far yet close story. Botcon 95. On the second day, Sunday, after spending time behind the scenes in the art room with the legendary Unicron Prototype... FLAT BROKE, due to a banking error that caused my MAC (or ATM)card NOT to allow me to get any more money from a "Cash Station", I went back in the dealers room with my video camera to take shots of all the remaining things I could not buy.


    WELL, the Japanese dealers finally showed up, just as I turned the cormer. Something happened with them at the air port and they were a day late, and I was several hundred dollars short. They brought out things, NOBODY in the west had ever seen before! It was A FREAKING MAZING... And somewhere in my archives I still have the footage. They had piles and piles of Diaclone and Microchange toys, Powered convoy, Megatron, Black Megatron, Gray Megatron, Diaclone boxed cars like Wheeljack, Jazz, Blue Bluestreak, Prowl... My jaw was on the floor, the camera zoomed in on every nook and cranny (I REALLY gota find that footage), and then I saw it. Just past the Black Megatron, there it was, the mint in box Microchange 44 Magnum. WOW! Who knew Megatron had a big brother? If Dirty Harry and Megatron had a son, it'd be this bot. I picked it up and would not put it down. I stood there with the video camera in one hand, and Magnum in the other, transfan after transfan came up and asked "Hey Man what's THAT? you going to buy that?" I had to wait, but I knew eventually my (now X) GF had to come find me, because I had the car keys and we were a long way home.


    I flanagled the extra $100, yep that's all, $100, for it and beat out all those other fan's.


    I paid the girl back, she in turn stole all my money I made from selling my extra stuff at a couple bot con's down the road, don't have her any more (TG) but I sure do have that boxed 44 Magnum!

  18. If scramble city came out first in Japan, then that doesn't explain why Metroplex didn't transform in the attach on Autobot city-metroplex?


    Was Hubcap even in the episode where they played football with Metrolexes transforming cog, along with Pipes and the rest?


    Yellow Cliffjumper was way cooler than Hubcap, and so was Bumper! Nobody cares about him.


    Best animation errors are in s3 of G1. In the return of timus prime, after Jessica is taken to hospital, Swindle is in the hospital with the protectobots.

    At the end of rebirth part 3, both Bumblebee and Goldbug are standing there cheering


    Swindle was easy to explain, he was selling stolen hospital gadgets he stole from the decepticons, for a reasonable price.

  19. Hey dude... could you please compose your posts in structured paragraphs instead of hitting your Enter key twice after every sentence or second sentence? Cost your current posting style is really disjointed and REALLY hard to read/understand! Thanks.


    Anyway, I once went to collectable toy fair - I arrived 8 minutes late (i.e. 8 min after opening). A dude who had walked in 8 min before me purchased a loose/incomplete G1 Deathsaurus for $80! Sure, it was loose and incomplete, but for $80! :O Daggggnabbbit!


    seemed fine to me. it's posting about getting beatten to the punch for the new tf prime toys I have no interest in getting and I understood


    it just fine. maybe the key board is messed up, or he's a 12 year old kid who got his mom to drive him all over pa in search of that one new toy that would just make his whole week? Perhaps it's done on a cell


    phone that is just a funky format, and full of spelling and spaced out strangely. Or he's just intentionally spacing things out


    to be annoying. Maybe you could copy the text into a word doc, spell check it, reformat it and turn it in to Alpha Trion for the Essay portion of this fan base test and help him get an A? Or wait, could be you already


    ARE Processor Alpha Trion and could grade him on that. C+ because we can relate to the situation, format stunk and subject matter kinda stunk.


    Oooooh wait, I'm the professor. Everybody gets a B for trying! Summer school! Class dismissed!

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