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  1. now I HAVE to ask, what Grail doest thou dream of? Is it the pink busty bot that Octaine pulled up on his monitor that fateful G1 episode? Because that'd be my first guess.
  2. That'll be my next review. I have a G2 Breakdown, it's not all that with out the other 4 stunticons, like the Hartmans have. It's hard to 'judge' the collections based on the glimpses seen in the shows, but I have to be impressed with this guy Pete's ROOM simply because it was a really nice (yet open) set up. The guy in the Collection Intervention show had all his stuff in boxes, and a bunch of stuff cluttered up on shelves. They kept swinging the shots past a shelf of loose robots, probably Godaiken stuff and saying "Transformers". Mind you, he wound up selling the G2 Breakdown for an ungodly high price, which makes me think I should get rid of mine and take advantage of the high stakes selling while I can. Maybe I can track down some of the Holy Grails of my collection finally...
  3. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&album=1493 I posted the shots I took from the show. Would probably do better if I saw it on TV rather than via Youtube, but it shows his pretty good collection. It's not like collecting is a competition or anything to begin with. He's got most of the main toys I can not WAIT to put on display in my semi private office. Well done Pete.
  4. Finally got to watch episode 2 of this new show Toy Hunters. It seems to be a fun show, the host is really into toys from the past and works with the people he buys from pretty well. I am sure the fact checkers will point out some of his errors as he goes along but I won't do that here. I'd rather talk about the star of Episode 2, Bumblejumper aka Bumper. Check out the episode on demand on on Youtube (before it's pulled) and see for your self. Though it's not 100% clear that SOME of the bits are not 'staged', this bit appears to be genuine. He finds a box of TF's in an interesting maze of a home, and is dumbfounded with Bumper. The toy it's self it intact, but not in great shape at all. The arms are loose, as is the head and the autobot symbol is faded. Tires and toy are intact though. He winds up taking it (and a Lucky Draw Energon Gold Chromed Rodimus Prime) to "The KING of TF Collectors" to get them authenticated and the value. Bumper, in it's condition, to ME, should have been valued at $70. This guy, having a vacancy on his G1 collection shelf, bought it for $120 I believe. Now I have 3 of the 5 color variations of Bumper, and the most I paid for a variant from Brazil, in better shape from the other end of the globe, I got for $75 a year ago in Blue. Mind you, I did not have one delivered to my house for free, but I really believe he paid too much for that one. Once, in the summer of 1999 I found one in similar shape at a flea market for $3. I GAVE it to a friend I met on line for letting me crash at her and her husbands place for botcon that same year. The yellow version I have in my collection I bought in 95 at Botcon from Tony Preto for $50, and it was in near perfect condition. What this does on the good side, is get BUMPER his day in the son. I am a STRONG SUPPORTER of getting any and all worthy Pre-Transformer toy into the TF universe. Switchblade, Bumper and Magnum are the 3 toppers of my list and I hope that someday, they are finally adopted into the series. Easy fix to seperate the original from the remake would be to cast them in slightly different colors? Gray Magnum? Black Switchblade? Orange Bumper? What this does on the BAD side, is it over prices these little bumpers our there, making it harder for collectors who don't have this gem in their collections to get. I am VERY lucky I got the other 2 variants last year, now I fear the price may double. As for Pete, the Transformer "KING" of collectors, he had an impressive display room. A couple things jumped out at me, like the Prime Cookie Jar head, the Prime night stand lamp, and an enclosed cabinet with some boxed G1's like Omega and Jetfire. They did not showcase his collection, but I didn't see anything else that screamed "KING" Sorry Pete. I do like the room, the open shelving has me worried that things could get taken down or fall down with ease. Meeting the Toy Hunter at the door with his pride and joy baby boy in his arms, you have to watch out for the future. Little hands on a 30 year old antique could be more than a time out! I do thank you for sharing your collection room with us, I had my wife watch the episode with me and gave us some ideas of what to do with my future office, as we are just about to close on our first house in less than a month.
  5. SCALP THE SCALPERS!!!! I don't even want the free toy this round, Depth charge? BLA! I want Scourge, Magnus and Slipstream. I don't want pay a scalper. Basteds
  6. I just sent them an email. complaining how I have yet to buy one of the new toys from their page with the glitches and bandwidth problems. I would very much like a pre-order status, via form letter, email or web site update. Out of the coming toys, I'm only interested in Scourge and Mamoth Magnus. I also believe that they need to limit the quantity of what can be putchased to 1 per member. If someone wants more than one for that one open / one MIB collection then they need to get a second subscription. I'm tired of seeing scalpers run up Ebay with Quantity 10 of toys I didn't get a chance to snag. The pre-order status would help LOCK IN a fan's request, could even help them figure out how many of each to order! Increase the supply??? The club produced #X of each toy last year and sould out in Y, expand the volume, make more money and make more fan's happy. I'm not happy. Still have to track down G2 Ramjet, and a couple botcon toys but I don't want to pay $$$$ for them. Perhaps if more people feel thia way, emailing might not hurt?
  7. If you think the unicron TOY is hard to explain, try the botcon unicron statue! LOL! She doesn't know about that yet...
  8. Was just in another post, chatting about TF bed sheets and what not. And before it sprang into a "My Wife won't let me..." post there, I figured I'd move that here. About the only thing I can think of that my Wife frowns upon with my collection would probably be the TF sleeping bags. I have a couple, one is the back of the box art with Metroplex on it. She just HATES the idea of having someone elses used sleeping bag. She'd prefer it go bye byes, but I might have some plans for that bag. Throw rug maybe? or drape over the back of the couch? SOMETHING. It's been washed, and in a zipper plastic bag you keep comforters in. I'm not even sure where they are, my stupid locker has been holding all my stuff for too fricken long. I had a Gundam sleeping bag also. Where the heck does one get a Gundam sleeping bag in the US?
  9. I think the 'What my wife won't let me do' is fodder for a different post... to be continued...
  10. YES I was JOKING! I did just see some new show coming to SyFy about toning down collectors homes. That is for real. The house they show in the commercial was a wife kinda complaining that everywhere is star wars, and the guy was like SO? it's a valuable collection. So someone comes in to revamp the display. Totally serious.
  11. It was just announced, this guy is going to appear on the next season of HOARDERS!!!! And a bunch of KIDS are going to surround the house, waiting for scrap transformers to fall off the trucks as they shovel out the contents of this guys house... Hmmm, I wonder what a wall of 100 G1 Optimus Primes stapled to it would look like? Decor Extreme?
  12. I'm up at 4AM, just saying good bye to my wife, leaving on business for Tennessee. And reading a post from FB from my buddy Rik, who just mentioned he got a new I Phone. Made me wonder, what's everybody's wall paper for their phones right now? I get creative with mine. At the moment it's a picture of my Customized 80's Baroness Card backer reproduction with the 25th Anniversary figure in black, with the better 5 pack head sculpt and all. Weapons are the original toy's. I almost bought the typical blue version to round off my meager Joe collection at Comic Con for somewhere around $10, but I didn't want to settle so I MADE the single carded figure I wanted. I might do a custom blend of the blue card with the black art and try again, or get the maker of the backer to do it, but NAW, well enough alone is good enough for me. Maybe she needs a Hall of Hero's case... http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&image=21306 Anyway that's why I posted a Joe Custom Figure on a TF board, because it's my wall paper for awhile. What's yours?
  13. You wouldn't happen to have a close up shot of Diaclone Triplechanger Switchblade's head you could send me, would ya? Mine is in storage somewhere... but not for long...

  14. Right, Shockwave's head is too small. That's the only FOC toy I bought and I posted how dang small and over priced it was. One of the bay-formers with the cyclopse head will do if one were to make a Whirl. But I'm making switchblade! I have to figure out how to make add on wings and a jet nose to make it work... Chopper and bot are set. SMALL FAVOR to ask, anybody have a close up shot of Switchblades head? I have not found my picts of mine, and I could use a little boost. Thanks
  15. TAARON WINS!!!! Thank you for playing! That is exactly what I am going for. Just have to figure out how to add on a couple wings and a jet nose to make it a tripple changer. Retooling the head will be easy, the horns get chopped, the forehead is nearly perfect, just needs a box instead of a grill, and the faceplate needs to be added, detailed with a ridge on either side like Boba Fett. I think I will have to live with the hands being backwards. I think I can add on a jetnose to the chopper, and make or find wings that clip on the sides and maybe can fold out to make the jet. The rotor configuration is just perfect, and though this was a movie toy, it is really nice and fitting for my classics display. The head from tomahawk as it turns out is almost perfect for a BUMPER head, so if I just add the little bumps on the side of his head and paint it yellow, the visor and all will be spot on Bumper's design. SWITCHBLADE and BUMPER SHALL LIVE IN MY COLLECTION!!!!
  16. You Youngins are killin me! I was one of the first to dub this non-transformer diaclone Switchblade, which was also the name of the MASK Hellicopter / jet from that time, same color too. Infact, if you do a Google Image search right now of "Diaclone Switchblade" the first 2 hits are MINE! I have one for sale on my table at The Bigfleamart.com, and the cartoon work in the second link was a drawing I did years ago under my original handle 'The Weeter' Look at these bots side by side, I just can't WAIT to start working on retooling the head, and painting the body blue. Just have to figure out how to add a jet mode. If I were to use Tomahawk as a body for Whirl, I'd snag the head off FOC Shockwave, remove the side head fins and make one an antenna. Whirl was not Diaclone, it was a Pre-Transformer toy from a series called Dorvak, and it was a machine flown by a girl, so does that make Whirl a female?
  17. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&image=21305 I finally found my MOC Tommahawk toy in my locker, and was very happy to find that with some small changes, I could make an unsung hero. Can you guess who?
  18. Backfire

    Size Matters?

    Very soon. As the size (that's not shrinking???) gets smaller and smaller, and the details get better or keep being cool continues.... we will at last get the ULTIMATE GOAL! Transforming Action Masters! I only bought Shockwave because I thought it would fit in the Classics collection, it does not, unless I figure out a way to make it work with a larger classics toy as it's GUN. Smaller toy, less plastic, but BIGGER price tag. $15 for this little guy. I am glad I'm not collecting the rest of these. How big will Grimlock be?
  19. I was talking to this semi famous guy Dave, he's an interesting guy, has a store in the Columbus Flea Market, NJ, and scowers the mart, every single weekend, buying up what ever toys he can get for a good deal. Been a fixture there for 30 years easy. Told his house is full of toys, are are his vehicles... But that's not the story I'm shootin for. He told me about this other guy, collects nothing but TF's. Anything, and everthing Transformers. Buys 3 of everything in the store, from the littlest part to the biggest. Said he visited this guys house, and it was like a dump truck full of TF's just unloaded in the living room. You want to sit on the couch? Dig your self a spot. Gota go to the bathroom? Dig your way in. Wanna go to bed, hope you like sharing your TF bed sheets with a hundred of his favorite TF's. I don't know who he is, but he lives in my general area. I can only imagine the broken bot dreams this guy has around the house, lord primus help him if he has a pet. Can you imagine the dust, grime and dander that lurks beneath the plastic gold? I am glad that I'm over having to buy EVERYTHING TF related. I think Beast Wars broke me of that.
  20. I think the dust bunnies have taken Grand Max, and made it their home under the bed. I remember it wasn't that long ago, when someone here (BaCon) thought I was full of it when I said I had a GRB, which just so happened I had it out of storage in my old room and took picts of it promptly. I find it unlikely that someone bought a Grandmax in a garage sale, more like it was a Brave Max and he got the names mixed up. It's not impossibe. Some people just like to make stuff up, I remember a chat I had back when the internet was young, some dope tried to tell me his Dad worked for Takara and he had a Unicron... And who cares. The old saying goes, He who dies with the most toys, still dies - no fear. This guy is on his way for some serious respiratory issues with all that dust. I'm really close to getting my dream house with my Wife, and in it will be the collection display I have always wanted... air cleaner built into the plan to cut down the dust. Glass doors on the display cases to seal it off, air cleaner on the bottom shelf, and turn it on from time to time, letting it run. I do not, nore have I ever claimed to have a Grand Max. I've had 4 FT Maxes, have 1 now (missing a dang leg cannon and some other bits I don't care about) and a Brave Max. Plus a bunch of KO bits, like Cerebrose and Cog (chromed with red and blue bits that goes with Brave Max rather nicely). Ok, skimmed through the video. No Grand Max here. If a home makeover show would come to this guy's house, they'd have to rent a truck to come take each toy out, wash it and store it until proper display cases could be made. Old Grocery Store displays are a good idea for boxes, but not for displaying collectables. Too much clutter and too much dust-cleaning. I know I had some shelves like that and tossed them. Please remember, plastic is very flamable. Walls covered in plastic treasures could be someone's doom. And pet snakes, need water and make waste, that gets into the air, on your bots and starts eating away at the stickers and paint. Have a snake room, and leave the bots to their own. update #3. Just look at that second picture, 3 or 4 different types of shelving. It just looks like CRAP! If you are that nuts about TF's, get some IKEA shelving units or something, those closet organizers, and do up the whole room with them, properly. It just looks aweful, and i know, I have a storage locker full of bots my self. My wife would shoot me. Look at the wasted space in that second picture, there is about 4 feet from the one side to the ceiling. DO narrower shelves and taller. MAXIMIZE your space man! And the ceiling, hang some posters on the ceiling! Why not? Or have a big Bot or Con symbol painted on it. Everything looks cooler, properly displayed, not cluttered, and behind glass. Go to the dollar store and get some of those cloest lights that stick on to anything. Open the glass door and they come on automatically, or go to Ikea and spend $50 on that wireless light kit idea... $5 for 5 lights or $50 for 4? Shadow boxes for smaller collections, like the minibots in one nice frame, hanging on the wall would ROCK! not just a pile of plastic that fight to be seen? ug.
  21. I bought a KO Alternators Nemesis Prime so as to make a custom Diaclone Magnus aka Powered Convoy, and stupid me didn't notice that it came with the ABT Upgrade gastank set that transforms into his gun. Not only that, but mine came with 2 sets. Yippie! So TFsource has them for $30 a piece, so I just saved $60. I bought the thing months ago and it's been sitting on a shelf at my old home all this time. One of these days I will have to get my real BT Prime and real Nemesis out and they can fight over who gets the extra rifle, because one is for Overload/Nightwatch here. Hmm, probably should make a White version also... Mind you, I had to glue the tank section back together on one of them so far, but $30... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  22. This season for my Xmas present to my self, I bought a few KO toys that I had my eye on for some time. With the recent demise of KOtoys, I figured one last bash incase everything suddenly became scarce. I picked up the Binaltech Smokescreen Red-White and Blue KO toy. Nicely done. Diecast and plastic like a Binaltech, quality is pretty good, detailing is fantastic, just a few minor paint errors or scratches. I had to modify the hole for the hood hatch hinge (say that 3 times fast) so the peg would rest where it belongs. Other than the usual wobblie midsection part common with these KO BT's, it's pretty great. The only thing I will change is the head, needs to be blue, and perhaps slap on a 38 sticker on the hood and doors. Other than that great toy. KO Targetroid set of 4. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with these things. The Megatron is great, very posable and detailed, Optimus is kinda lame, as is screamer and roddie. I think the trigger or handle for the gun mode got lost in translation somewhere along the line. I am interested in how the real megatron-like TR works and might consider getting one. The gun mode for optimus reminds me of gun mode for one of the kronoform watch bots or a blockman. They really should remake that line with more poseable blockbots like Dave B made. I got a KO Seacon set, reason being I don't have a KO Seacon set. I have KO sets of all the other G1 combiners and those colors makes it lookg good to work with the Energon Sharkticon. The main thing I noticed is that I think they made the turtle bot too small. I have yet to examine the toy out of the package but everything looks like it was included from the original series, cept some of the bots were dummed down, meaning that they all used to be interchangable, not some can only be legs and some can only be arms. For a display piece and the cheap price, it should be interesting for the shelf. ANOTHER PE Reflector set. This time I was able to piece together 1 nice set out of the 2 I have, all 3 purple heads and feet, the center bot has a purple chest while the side bots have green. Their arm colors keep the purple and green going, purple shoulders and green arms for the side bots, the opposite for the center bot. I chose the purple lense with green sides, and the green shield to round it off. Unfortunaltey the green shield has some gaps on the front of the camera edge, which is a shame but having a good looking reflector means I will have to live with it, perhaps fix it. Capped it off with the mirrored lense finish. NOW I can have this toy in bot mode on she shelf for display and not have it jump out as UGLY any more. I'll post pictures at another time. Working on a cool Dinogeist custom that I hope to have finished soon.
  23. KOtoys and chimungmung are on the other side of the world and with the shipping customs they must go through we just have to be patient. Back in the day, KO's like this were SO hard to find. I can't describe how hard it once was to come across some radical variants and KO's like these. Weekend after weekend hitting flea markets and hole in the wall stores looking for a new treasure. Take these KO Alternators. I first caught a glimpse of these from Ebay about 5 or 6 years ago. Had bought up all the binaltech and alternator versions and thought that was that and then these KO Variants came along. Had to snag them in an auction and hope if you lost out that another one would appear eventually. Now we have KOtoys and chimungmung that lists them all at reasonable prices, how easy this new generation of TF collectors have it. Both sites are reputable and have lots to offer, just don't expect your box of goodies to show up any time soon. My last box of wonder from KO toys came in about 3 weeks, packaging was very good actually, they lined the inside of a cardboard box with cut sheets of styrofoam and put everything in baggies wrapped in plastic. Nothing broken, all there and all very cool.
  24. Hope you have the Black PM Prime to go along with your Icon. I have one, alas it's not seen the light of day in far too long. Wicked item!

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