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  1. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=xtr10006&mode=retail This has my vote for worst third party accessory for TF’s, ever! $30 for this freaking thing? Are they KIDDING??? I think one can go to the Dollar Store and get one of those Rubber Circus animals + cage that grows when you drown it in water, and it's as good as something this lame. If it came with the Ravage toy, sure then maybe, but JEESE! Big Bad should take this off the market and slap who ever decided to put it up there in the first place.
  2. I had to re-read your article twice, too early after election night. SWEET! The lack of copy under the hood puts those parts in a category all its own. Could not be someone swapping parts with a G2 SS or the E-Hobby remake of DC with NO copy in that spot. I made a custom all black SS years ago, it's part of my Police Force so customs are fairly easy EXCEPT for the copy stamps. Never knew about this variant until now, and have no intention on seeking one. I'll leave that to the purist collectors who can swing it. I'll stick with my custom...which for some reason I swapped parts with an original Diaclone red sideswipe and probably should go back nd swap them back. Get that lead painted SS back in shape. Collection is coming out of storage SOON! SO I can do many wonderful things. Thanks MAZ for posting the news HERE. And special thanks (and hello) to Himawari! WEET!
  3. Living in NJ, directly in the path of the hurricane, hoping my faming and friends will be safe, but also my new home and my stuff - still locked up in a storage locker. Invsion the roof blowing off, and my stuff getting at the very least drenched in water. House is insured, stuff is not. How about the rest of you in the Tristate area?
  4. TOY HUNTER??? I can teach that guy a thing or 3 about hunting transformers. Especially about getting a decent hair cut. It took me 10 years to piece together my red Skids diaclone variant, from 2 junk lots. First one gave me the back 1/2 of the car/legs the second 1/2 came from Singapore and gave me the front 1/2. Took 3 seconds to clip the bot together, looks fantastic and only cost me about $20. Snagged a Red Faced G1 Slag at Botcon 99 from a junk lot on the second day of the con while all those deal seekers failed to notice it, for $3. My diaclone yellow Sideswipe. I bought it in a junk lot of about 40 G1 car variants from Italy for $400. Wound up SELLING the other 39 other cars and actually MAKING money off the lot while keeping YSS. Botcon 2000, while SELLING toys at the con, I took a walk around the room and found a $10 G1 Prime trailer that happens to have the metal plates inside instead of just stickers and the gray launcher. And of course there was the Blue Bluestreak junk lot last month. The toy hunter needs to call ME for advice next time he pulls up a variant for advice. The 'King" of transformer collectors, Pete, from episode 2 paid too much for that Bumper aka Bumblejumer. It was in lousy condition, not terrible, and $120 was too much. In a couple months I will have my collection room going, so will be posting picts and things the Toy Hunter and the King of Transformer Collectors would drool over. Mind you, TF Collecting is not a contest, and as MAZ points out in one of his articles on TFsource, there's ALWAYS SOMEBODY with a better collection, a lot of mine are incomplete or junkers I had to parts swap or repair or were just plain missing weapons. Today I snagged about $500 worth of TF's (if they were new and complete + boxed) for $55. I'll take it. I wish my memory was this good at remembering to buy my wife some flowers from time to time. sigh...
  5. I found yet another killer Junk Lot to buy, no where near as cool as a Blue Bluestreak, but dang. I got a Fansproject broken Springer, a Music Label Soundblaster, a Henkei Prime and a bunch of others for $55+s&h. BUT... I GOTA STOP! I have my first mortgage payment coming in November. So what if that's several hundred bucks worth of cool bots for $55... So what if score after score after score brings cool stuff to my house So what if I have to eat canned soup for lunch every day so I can make up some of the money for all these purchases. I gota pay for the place I'm going to put all these things in.
  6. How about using Smokescreen doors? They are blue already. Maybe not exactly the same color tho. I made my custom bbs in smokescreen blue colors,,, just not the same.
  7. UPDATE: it is still cool to have a bbs! added doors from a junker prowl, cooler. should i paint at least the outsides of the doors metallic blue? friend of mine argues it might make people think its all custom. it's original
  8. http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/en_US/shop/details.cfm?R=9CBCF7C0-5056-900B-101D-04E61D6A4BA0:en_US I just stumbled on this today, and bought it direct from Hasbro. It's 4 Classics variants in one shot. You get for $30 + shipping, a BETTER version of the Diaclone colored Powered Convoy aka the blue Optimus Prime as a redeco classics laser Optimus AND the G2 styled Jazz. In addition they give us 2 legends repaints, a Nemesis prime and a Thundercracker. Cost me $41 with taxes and shipping, that is SOOOO Worth it! I paid about that for just the ONE KO CHMS Deep Cover Classics custom to make a G2 Sideswipe. Go check it out, order it quick, I spotted it on line for upwards of $70! Don't get scalped! SO now I'll have the G2 Classics Optimus, Nemesis and Powered, send in Magnus and that little set is complete! As for the G2 repaints, Inferno is a no go, there wasn't enough difference in the colors to warrant a second Inferno in a Classics collection. CHMS made the Deep Cover which is an easy repaint and parts swap to make the G2 Sideswipe. Folks, this is such an NO BRAINER! The asking price for the Jazz repaint in black is around $75. Get the G2 version in this set for $12 now before it's gone.
  9. Backfire

    Classics Dx Set

    DANG IT, I have had all 5 bots from the Classics Diaclone DX set sitting here in a box, and I can't find my camera to take picts and post. Powered convoy, red mirage, deep cover and my custom roller buggy. :( I say 5 because I got the blue optimus and another wearing the armor.
  10. I REALLY want one of those Brawn's that transform like Bumblebee Kits. Have a bunch of bootleg kits from back in the day, SWEET sets! The ultimate was buying a couple of those Classics Hotrod kits. Not every day one can build their own hotrod.
  11. Sacrifices. Depends on how you look at things. Now you can say that the latest economic situation and the raised prices on the current lines are bringing you down, however there are many layers to all of this. I for one have no interest in the TF Prime or WFC FOC lines at all, so even if the economy and price tags have dropped, I'm still not buying. I did buy Shockwave, and actually I might sell it because it's off scale for the rest of the "classics" toys I want. Things are now, the way they are. It'd be like saying oh boo hoo, I should have bought all those G1's off the shelf or $25, as opposed to now for $125. Things are always changing, I my self bough some really good Pre-Transformers back in the day just before the net came around, DIRT CHEAP, a trick that is now not so easy to do. But real sacrifices. Well my X and I sold toys at a couple botcon's, made a ton of money (just before TRU remakes of the G1 series) and she spent 90% of it on shit. SO that was a sacrifice 1/2 willing to make. Would have been nice to have gotten my money back, but somethings are worth paying off to be done with. Last week I ran to TRU to get a MP Thundercracker, and struck out. SO rather than pissing away another $5 in gas and my lunch hour at work, I ordered one on line at just the right time. Sacrifice there, the FUN of the hunt, but my car which is falling apart lives to drive another day. I have had most of my collection in a storage locker for the last 10 years or so. My wife and I just bought a house and it's going to be the LAST thing I work on, building my collection room/office to finaly get my my treasures into the light of day. Sacrifice, you bet. Worth the wait, just wait and see what wonders I post here. Being a home owner now, with a mortgage to pay every month, the funds are not the same by far. SO now it's time to save up for the desireables and pick and choose better what's important and what isn't. My change jar and wish lists for birtdays and the holidays hopefully will get me all the Masterpiece toys I HAVE to HAVE. Something like the newer MP smaller Prime, I have to skip. Besides I already have the larger 3 versions (4 actually with my custom Diaclone Powered Convoy I made) so why spend another $100 or so tracking the smaler one? Sacrifices means you have to give up something to gain something else. If you are unhappy with your choices of sacrifices, you're doing something or looking at something wrong. Your goals may not be realistic, or maybe you need to rethink or evaluate your situation. I waited 10 years to get a house to have a collection room, done up right. And I am still waiting, but all well worth it for sure. I lost a loved one who robbed me blind, well worth dumping her. Went from needing to HAVE EVERYTHING with the TF banner, down to the select many toys that reall mean something to me, it's better for space, $ and time. I can spend my time working on customs, or tracking down the rare pieces I REALLY want, vs the MEH newer pieces that do not speak to me. A toy hunt that does not result in a new piece to add to one's collection should NEVER be a total failure. One needs to make the hunt FUN no matter what. My old hunting routes started in Cherry Hill NJ, drove down 322 towards Hammilton which had the mall - KB Toys, Toys R Us, Walmart and usually LUNCH somewhere new around there. Then down past Storybook Land to the Shore Mall to hit BeachCombers, also a good area for lunch, and finally Ocean City to hit Toyrareium and the Shore Mall. FInally to take a walk on the beach or boardwalk and a smooth ride home. THAT is a HUNT. Just going to TRU to comb the shelves hoping the new toys are there waiting for you is just shopping. Don't shop, HUNT! Don't surf the net looking for this or that, HUNT! DAMN IT!!!! My wife travels on business, she was just in Dallas. Vintage Toy Shop, NOW YOU TELL ME! Back to the front, it's 15+ years or more since my old toy hunting runs to the south NJ shore. (there is a HUGE difference in such a small state between North NJ with this DOPES from that stupid reality show and the South.) Toyrareium is no longer around, KB is long gone, and Beachcombers doesn't have the merchandise it used to, so I don't do that run much any more. Now that I am married and my wife was practically raised in Avalon NJ Beach town, when I go on trips with her, I throw in a aspect of the hunt i with it if possible. There are a couple antique stores that turns up a older TF from time to time. There is a collectable store of more modern toys in Wildwood's boardwalk. Sacrifice. Adaptation reduces harmfull sacrifices and regrets.
  12. that should be switchblade from the diaclone line. gota post my custom shots of mine. energon springer is better.
  13. That's not blaster. That's the original Pre Transformer Microman Boom Box which later became Blaster. BIG DIFFERENCE. See that little black cassette, it's an actual working AM radio. Plug it in his tape deck, which has a headphone jack inside (making it USELESS for any other cassette to be used inside except the AM radio tape) AND the speakers in his legs actually work. The knob on his chest will tune the radio so you can play musc or news radio over his speakers. There's 2 versions of that toy, blue and red. Apparantly someone already noticed and the bid last time I checkedwas $200+. I hope it's the same bidder I beat out for Blue, and they win this one.
  14. Cell Phone picts, sorry. My good camera is at the new house being used to take pictures of the construction we are doing. All my other camera's are in storage. As a Pre-TF collector, the Blue Bluestreak has been the bane of my collecting existance since day 1. WHY is he called BLUE-Streak when he's not blue?!?!?! Typically one in this condition would probably run somewhere between $250 and $350, give or take (perhaps even more in a bidding war). I remember a couple years ago this transfan I know had a stripped down, broken junker he found at a flea market in Canada and he wanted $220 for it. This one has some paint chipping on the rear, but otherwise is in really good shape. The fact that the windshield is intact raises the value... But I'm not after value, I just needed one to complete the pre-TF collection and that was a really good snag. There is ANOTHER semi-rare PRE-TF in a junk lot on the bay right now! Fortunately I already have both versions of it in the box, and am out of funds anyway. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1980S-LOT-OF-G1-TRANSFORMERS-AND-WEAPONS-LOT-GOBOTS-OPTIMUS-PRIME-MEGATRON-/271067479693?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3f1ce17e8d#ht_921wt_646 See if you can spot it, another WHERE'S WALDO search. I'll give you a hint, it's also BLUE.
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