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  1. Well said brother! I recently went full time with my casting, and I've had ALLOT of the discouragement bees come buzzing around, but I just keep plugging along, and one by one I'm smashing them.


    I mostly cast super hero, and Joe style stuff, but if anyone here can think of any TF stuff that you think would be good to have casts of hit me up, and we'll see what we can get together.

  2. Just saw this thread for the firs time . I was looking for something like this because I wanted to do something for my boy and wow just wow. I am pretty sure I can do the walls and floors since its just printing it out, but I cannot do that Teletran 1.


    anyone willing to do it for me , Id be happy to pay you for your time and expensense ?


    Id really like to give this to my boy to play with.


    Unfortunately unless your son is older (7, or up) there really isn't any way that it'll hold up to a little kid playing with it. Even if it's built over foam board. So unless you plan on just setting up a display for him to look at I'd hold off on having anyone build this for you.

  3. Money is a little tight right now, but I had to get the new Powerglide. This little guy is a perfect up grade to the original, and I think will fit great going up against the Cl Seekers I have. (though that pic will have to wait 'till I can move back into my house after the renovations. Since my man cave is full of crap from inside the house.)






  4. Oh yeah... that was a fun custom, and Optics offered tons of inspiration in it.


    Here are a few of mine:







    Wow step away for a little while, and come back to find that you guys have become even better customizers. Great job on both of those guys.

  5. WFC Optimus w/ trying out new hardware:




    *transforming noise*




    Looks good, he's OUTTA HERE!





    What is that weapon pack from!?! It looks awesome, and I'd love to have something like that in game on WFC.

  6. Yeah put the little 1.5" 3D Autobot logos right behind the front wheels infront of or beneath the word CAMARO. I put mine inbetween where it says RAM&1500 on my 4 door 4x4 '05 Alternators Optimus Prime.








    You could get a couple of 4" ones for under the word CAMARO like I put on my tailgate.




    Welcome to the Club!


    Thank you but actually I posted the top 3 pics in the "Do you drive a transformer?" thread last fall. I put the 4" logo on the tailgate back in May when it warmed up enough. The adhesive on these is heat activated like most Auto Decals which is why though I got it in January I had to wait until May to put it on.

  7. Yeah put the little 1.5" 3D Autobot logos right behind the front wheels infront of or beneath the word CAMARO. I put mine inbetween where it says RAM&1500 on my 4 door 4x4 '05 Alternators Optimus Prime.








    You could get a couple of 4" ones for under the word CAMARO like I put on my tailgate.



    I picked them up on ebay. the little ones come in a two pack, and I got them from a Hongkong seller named lightspeed for $6.99 w/ free shipping, and The 4" one was from another Hongkong seller for $7.99 w/ free shipping.

  8. Is that the Megazord from the first series, because as far as Im concerned that the only one worth mentioning. That and that badass white dragon thing. And Beetle Borgs. Shutting up now.


    Yeah, the original (US) Megazord. A white dragon doesn't come to mind... ? There was a White Tiger and a Red dragon...


    I'm guessing the white dragon he's talking about was the Titanus carrier zord. If so then it isn't a dragon. It's a brachiosaurus.

  9. i picked up smolder and chopster today, and while they are good figures on their own, i couldnt resist utilizing chopster in the following manner:gallery_17664_1065_75106.jpg


    I've been thinking about getting, and doing that. Glad to see it works very well.

  10. The what? I never played the game, other than 1 MP match off the demo. If you're referring to that big gun on his arm, I got that off of BW Rampage.


    You haven't played the greatest TF game ever?!?! Dude get it, and play it. Oh and I sent you a friend request on PSN. I've been playing it every spare minute for like 2 weeks now. I'm actually playing it right now, and posting in here between matches. It's as addictive as our plastic crack obsession.


    Oh and yes I mean the 3 barreled BFG. On the game it is a fully automatic gun that inflicts tons of damage. The only ones that carry it into battle are the soldiers/ tanks. Though you can pick them up when they are killed. It's odd how they get their guns in the game though. Their lower right arm actually turns into any gun they pick up.

  11. Hey Optics the Scrapmaker looks awesome. It's kind of a shame you have the "claws" in the arm pegs since the rifle he comes w/ is the Neutron Assault Rifle, and what ever you took that from IS the Scrapmaker if you pegged them in they'd look just like on the game.

  12. I like the lego shin guards as feet. The Fallen feet just fall short aesthetics wise. Now you need armor for his arms.


    I have RotF Soundwave's feet on his arms right now. I'll probably be extending them. I can turn them around and it would give him Wolverine claws.


    BTW: OPTICS. BWHHAHAHA!!!!! No matter how much you try, you can't avoid doing something awesome!


    I know right!? I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, got mad because I looked even more awesome than I did Yesterday. Its a crime..... aha ok whatever. Came up with some new feet. Lookin pretty good, might have to bulk it up a bit.



    I think this pose works really well for him.



    The new feet look good, as do the claws. What I was sayin' about the arms was more the length, and bulk of them compared to his legs. He just looks a little frail on top right now. I mean if you had some RiD Prime lower arm plating you could throw on him that would definitely even him out some.

  13. Not really sure about the feet... Its too Power Up Optimus








    I like the lego shin guards as feet. The Fallen feet just fall short aesthetics wise. Now you need armor for his arms.

  14. HA Jazz looks pretty damn kool.





    who is that in the back....he's awesome!!!



    thats superion with fans project snowman kit.


    What upgrade kit is that on Optimus!?! And is that all the bigger MP Grimlock is? He's perfect for the CL figs.

  15. First of all, thanks guys for the positive replies.

    Secondly, sorry for missing the last few posts, for some reason my subscription to this thread doesn't always work and I don't get emails to posts.



    Gret job Rex, it is possiible to do some instructions to assemble, and put a space (border) to glue the pieces to one another.





    Actually, there are instructions on the high-res artwork. :) Simply download it and you'll see. I apologize if they're confusing, but they're the best I could manage.


    I didn't make tabs because there are multiple ways to construct it and assemble it—but although I've only built one full-scale once, I didn't actually need or use any tabs. You'll have a higher quality construction if you don't even use them.


    I constructed it leaving the bottom open for access, and then used tape and hot-glue on the backsides (or inside, I guess), after spray-mounting the artwork onto black card stock and black foam core. I made the two sides from foam core, and the folding parts were all card stock (because the heavy foam-core is good for stability, but the fold parts need to be thinner so you can fold them, obviously). You could use tape to hold it together, but I feel that hot glue works best to hold the seams together. All of this is going to be on the inside, so it won't matter.


    Watch out if using a hot-glue gun though... It can burn fingers, melt the foam core (if it gets on the foam part) and it also melts laser-printer ink, since laser-printers use heat to apply the ink.


    Hope everyone enjoys the Teletraan. I'm still trying to get back around to the Nemesis, but 2009 was a rough year, and I've not had much spare time due to my new job. It's been a long time in the making, but hopefully I can get back around to finishing it up. :)


    Glad to hear you scored a new gig. Hopefully this one works out better. I look forward to making the Nemesis computer once you get it ready.

  16. thanks buddy, i usually keep the rid vipers in it but hada hunch they would fit

    i know its not a toy, but its unicron about to destroy cybertron...i painted it with spraypaint, acrylic paint and sharpie :)

    took me about 5 hours!!!! my eyes hurt! :)

    i hope yall enjoy it :)



    That looks great. It almost looks like a cell from the '86 movie.

  17. Nice Optics! Is that a vintage Megazord? I thought I had heard that they were planning on rereleasing him.


    I think it's the new one or the rerelease. I think it looks more poseable than the one from the 90s.

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