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  1. May I use this thread? I don't want to make a new one for such a similar subject... Now that I'm in an apartment I'm comfortable with, I'm going through my TF collection and reorganizing/putting everything on shelves. Back when I first packed it up, I pulled all the missiles out in order to keep the springs from wearing out. Nowadays I don't care so much, so I'm trying to put things back where they belong. I am still ID'ing missiles left and right, using tfu.info to match up the toy with its missile. But I have a problem - a missile that I don't know which toy it goes to! The missile is the 2009 classics Dinobot sword. However, I don't think I ever owned Classics Dinobot, or if I did he's not in any of the bins I can find. So I'm wondering if this sword was released with any other TF's, or if I am just going crazy or something. This is exactly it. And if this has only been released with Dinobot, then.. well.. I'm confused as hell.
  2. A friend of mine just asked me to describe how Leader Megs' sword-blades work. So I decided to show him. But I had something special pop into my mind for the last four images, which i will show you here. keep in mind the whole point of these was to demonstrate, though pictures, how Megs' weapons worked.
  3. Rockford. Which sucks, because the local stores are cracking down on collectors. Namely, they are overstocking with old shelf-warmers and not allowing people to check the backstock.. And the other stores refuse to restock, period. =(
  4. My local one has about 5 that they refuse to mark down, and refuse to restock. I think they are all ratchets. I'm not sure, I'm not into g1 re-issues.
  5. tman: I've never done layaway, how would that work with wal-mart?
  6. ..... The only thing.. ONLY THING stopping me from going out and buying Galvatron at this point is the knowledge that he'll be around for a few more months, so dropping $40 on him without blinking... Wait.. Metroplex is coming down the hatch, isn't he? Damnit.
  7. No, I meant among his weapons/accessories. He does seem to have a bit extra neck articulation, but nothing major.. but I meant in the weaponry and such. =) He's just really grown on me once I got him out of the box
  8. Tman, I just went out and bought Sea Duke and Ninja Armor Snake Eyes. I figure.. if so many Dukes and Snake Eyes are coming in the next year, I might as well go for broke. Luckily, my suspicions were confirmed: NA Snake looks AWESOME on the bike, even if he doesn't have the best mounting points for his weapons... and Sea Ops Duke has a buncha flexability, which is nice, and is different enough from standard Duke to not make me feel bad. I'll put pics up in my gallery tomorrow.
  9. Great news, everyone! The East State street Wal-mart in Rockford. I got my Cybertron Defense Hot Shot there! What's more.. they had 4 of em! They were on an endcap in the middle of the hall, not in the actual action figures isle.. and I bought the only one that was easily viewable.
  10. I'm telling ya, guys: Sigma 6 is gonna help me survive the drought in transformers. =P
  11. That urge will grow, trust me. Trust me. TMan, nice group shot! =) Oh, and I bought the bike... it's no substitute for Cobra Commander, but it's a start. ;)
  12. Amen. =) And I'm striving, barely, to keep from goign to Wal-mart and getting ANOTHER fig... *cries* I even have a justifiable alibi... the Wal-mart is selling a $3 game case for my older Game Boy games... BTW, Tman: Reverse Storm Shadow's hands in that pic you have with both of them staring each other down. If he were to "Iijiatsu" draw from that position, he'd have almost no control of the blade due to the backhanded position. Not a huge deal, just.. yeah, looks weird. ;) Doesn't he have a scabbard for the big katana? .... DAMNIT I'm GONNA GET THIS GUY! *CRY*
  13. Oh, no doubt... I mean, honestly, Snake Eyes could've been a $10... But you gotta admit: As cool as TRat is, his sled is no where as complex as Cobra Commander's shield, at least in engineering and parts.... But yeah. Why are we arguing that these kickass figs should've been $15 instead of $10? ;)
  14. My personal belief is that it deals with the clothing, big equipment, and paint apps. Also, I don't think they ever anticipated selling $10 figs originally....But you will note the $15 figs have MUCH bigger accessories than the $10's... Edit: I also think Cobra Commander was rushed out the door, just a bit. ;) Note his lack of picture on the boxes? Yeah... I honestly think he and up-armored Snake Eyes were not expected this early, but demand was so high...
  15. Yay, Kamakura is a $10, I don't feel so bad about getting--- Powerglide. I still need to get Storm Shadow. *cry* Especially considering I picked up a B.A.T., and was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality on them is as good as the $15 figs.... Edit: My B.A.T. currently has its blades around duke's neck, but duke used his bowie knife to stop 'em... now if only I could make Duke look REALLY pissed. =P
  16. I had a feeling I'd be called on that. ;) I have this perverse idea of Iron-Knife and Soundwave, standing back to back, falcon to lazerbeak. ;) Yeah.... that's what I'm doing. When I can get my hands on both...
  17. Yeah, that's my reasoning. I mean.. it's just BALLSY, given the high-tech of this GI Joe line, to give the guy a working bow to show his projectiles with. He doesn't have the "I'm gonna kick your ass, and I know it" kinda smirk that every other character has, though. But dude. Native American demolitions expert with a crossbow, hatches, and an eagle. Yeah... that's just kickass. Edit: I apologize for hijacking this thread so much.
  18. Yeah, that's been my issue. I just bought that Skids I was talking about (wheeling and dealing to split up the cost amongst cash I had laying around and a credit card that wouldn't mind $10 more on it), but I keep having to pass up Brimstone, which is the last unique Cybertron mold (out now) that I don't own, barring Vector Prime. At least it looks like we won't see a wave 3 of Sigma 6 soon. Question: Do you own Spirit Iron Knife? And if so/not, why?
  19. NO! STOP! You're torturing me! I saw a Scion xB Alternator today... and because of YOU I couldn't buy it on impulse like I was planning on! .... Don't.. Make me.. get.. Cobra.. Commande---- Damn. You just blew next month's paychecks for me. =( Edit: Is it just me, or does he have a serious Captain America vibe going on?
  20. That still rules things out. *grumbles* These things are WAY too kickass. Seriously. I mean, Long Range's gun goes out of frame on the wide shot! So... do you happen to own the bike? It's cheaper than I was expecting, but seems so.. gimmicky? And the unpainted weapons are kinda a turnoff.
  21. I don't know if this forum has rules about cussing. Even if they didn't I'd probably be violating them. I will just, instead, curse you and your photography skills. And proceed to drool over the figs I haven't got yet, including the up-armored Snake Eyes.
  22. You're right. I was just gonna buy Snake Eyes... Then I bought Heavy Duty. And Now I'm about to go out, at 2:14 AM in the fragging morning, to buy more. Curses. but gosh dang if they don't look good with my TF's.
  23. GAH! I'm trying.. TRYING to stop myself from buying Sigma 6 figs... ARGH! Stupid.. Childhood.. Love of GI Joe... Coming.. Back....!
  24. Athenor

    Caption It

    I can only think of 2: 1) Now if someone would shove a damned key up my ass, I'd be able to just drive over these yahoos. 2) uggg... I think I just laid a brick.
  25. Heyo! Just got back from a job intervew, and while I was out I checked out the selection at Target: Greatlands, on State in Rockford. I got there early, so I probably saw the shipments in full. Standouts: 1) 1 entire Alternators case was present. Hound, Dead End, White Meister, and Tracks were all on display. Hound and Dead End were in the old packaging, Meister and Tracks in the new. 2) The gestalts are here! I saw the crane (right arm) and backhoe of the construction guys, and the red A-10 and the black F-22 of Superion. No sign of Bruticus's parts, nor were there any of the central pieces. 3) Beyond that, there was a couple Bulkheads, and the entire Energon collection up to this point. 4) Plenty of Nemesis Prime's were here as well. =) Athenor
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