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  1. Old pics appear here: Also contains other things I own (don't get scared!)
  2. It's not the regular toy. It's some plastic non-transforming toy. I can't find the box for it. I got it off ebay a long time ago. The stuff in the quotes is what it says on his foot. Pictures are not likely to be coming (see other thread) but only of new acquisitions. I don't have room to display the toys and so they sit in Rubbermaids. I will see what I can do tho.
  3. I got G1 Galvatron in the mail. I remember the picture was pretty crappy, but I bid on it anyways. The stickers are all in great shape, so is the toy. Only the gun barrel was missing, and it only cost me $2 with $6 shipping!
  4. I just won a G1 Galvatron on ebay for like $2 WTCHOP?!
  5. G1 Bombshell Abominus Bootleg (all toys missing some parts, likely part of the Dinosaur Monsters of Combination set, with a blue Rippersnapper) Afterburner (Technobot) bootleg Long Haul x2 (green) Mixmaster (green) Mixmaster bootleg (green) Bonecrusher (green) Bonecrusher bootleg (green) BW Buzzclaw MOC TF Stamp Fun Energon Kite First Aid (Protectobot) Strafe (Technobot) that is all I can think of right now.
  6. I got some more TFs today. Topspin Twin Twist WST Convoy (blue version) with trailer.
  7. OMG my TRU had new Alternators! Like Ravage, Windcharger and Shockblast. But then again... they had these, which I bought: Alpha Quintesson Wing Saber and these from various stores in Jamestown: Blight Armada Optimus Prime Flashlight Keychain Armada coloring books featuring the Star Saber guys on the cover. GI Joe Special Missions #5 Gi Joe (Image) #18 Death's Head II #1 of 4
  8. That's the head of the Power Rangers Astro Megazord. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Neet.
  9. I won this on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 and I opened it up and I can't figure out how that little space shuttle thing is. I am pretty sure it isn't a TF but it does transform into a head. Any ideas?
  10. I will soon be doing inventory and figure out just how many toys I actually have. I am going to see if I can get shelves put up in the basement, since that is the only place you can put them. The ground isn't very level tho. The best part of me doing inventory will be that I will finally have some items for trade soon!
  11. West Seneca KMart Powerlinx Energon: -SWAT Prowl and Checkpoint x6 for $13 on clearance -Command Ravage -Energon Starscream -Roadblock -Barricade -Downshift -Towline Alternators: -Hound -Silverstreak -Sideswipe Universe: -Autobot Ratchet -Dinobot Triceradon -Skydive -Skywarp -King Atlas -Tankor and Obsidian
  12. Tripredacus

    Caption It

    The Rodimus line can stay the same but... Sharkticon: "I thought I was getting a Dell...."
  13. D00d! I have that(minus the M16, though :wtf) and a police robot from the same series. Got 'em at KB a looong time ago. Well he was holding the M16 because before I got Unicron, he was the only guy who could fit it in his hands! I have misplaced it at the moment, but I will look for it to take another picture. I also have modified my Megatron and Galvatron from RID and have to take pictures of those, plus the new toys I got. Maybe later! Oh and I still have a box full or more TF stuff in the basement... :stone
  14. Here are some pictures of other TF related things (and other stuff) ToyFares with TF on them. Toy Fare Beast Machines pack in guide. Transformers US #1- 10. Transformers US #11-29 Transformers US #30-49 (the Aerialbots one I forgot to put in the last pic) Transformers US #50-59, 72, 78, All Fall Down HC (Autographed by Simon Furman), End of the Road HC, Primal Scream HC. Armada, and G1 (couldn't find the variant covers....) G1, G2, Headmasters, TFTM TFU, War Within, What If Death's Head, Wizard with TF on them, Wolverine #80 (has a TF cameo in it), X-Men Alpha and Omega. Akira vol 1, Alley Cat vs Lady Pendragon, Battle Beasts #1, Cybertronian vol 1, 2, whatever that other vol is..., Death's Head issues, GI Joe #21, GI Joe issues with the G2 crossover, Secret Wars II #3 (with Circuit Breaker cameo) GI Joe and the Transformers, some Incomplete Death's Head from Marvel UK. I still have more stuff to take pictures of too. :tfevil
  15. taking this out of INH and putting it in here: Well I suppose it is a good a time as any to inventory my stuff.... Diaclone -New Countach LP500S Police Car -Truck Crane (deluxe) Transformers -Bluestreak -Frenzy -Brawn -Cliffjumper (yellow) -Sky Dasher -Hound -Skywarp -Soundwave -Starscream -Huffer -Thundercracker -Ironhide -Mirage -Optimus Prime -Overdrive -Camshaft -Prowl -Sideswipe -Sunstreaker -Trailbreaker -Wheeljack -Beachcomber -Blaster -Grapple -Grimlock -Inferno -Jetfire -Omega Supreme -Perceptor -Powerglide -Red alert -Roadbuster -Seaspray -Skids -Slag -Smokescreen -Snarl -Swoop -Topspin -Tracks -Twin Twist -Warpath -Astrotrain -Barrage -Blitzwing -Bombshell -Bonecrusher -Chop Shop -Dirge -Hook -Kickback -Long Haul -Mix Master -Ramjet -Ransack -Scavenger -Scrapper -Shockwave -Shrapnel -Thrust -Air Raid -Slingshot -Silverbolt -Blast Off -Vortex -Onslaught -First Aid -Hot Spot -Rewind -Eject -Metroplex -Breakdown -Motormaster -Ratbat -Blurr -Broadside -Hot Rod -Pipes -Runabout -Runamuck -Scourge -Tailgate -Ultra Magus -Wheelie -Wreck Gar -Lightspeed -Rippersnapper -Sinnertwin -Hunn-Gurr -Battletrap -Flywheels -Chase -Freeway -Rollbar -Searchlight -Wideload -Repugnus -Snapdragon -Hardhead + Gort -Highbrow -Cloudraker -Fastlane -Pointblank -Scorponok + Lord Zarak + Fasttrack -Overkill -Sparkstalker -Backstreet -Crankcase -Windsweeper -Nautilator -Overbite -Seawing -Skalor -Landfill -Siren -Dreadwind -Double Dealer + Knok + Skar -Bomb-Burst -Submarauder -Chainclaw -Icepick -Wildfly -Powermaster Optimus Prime -Overload -Erector -Rescue Patrol Stakeout + Fixit -Race Car Patrol Freewheeler + Roadhandler + Swindler -Flattop -Roughstuff -Skystalker -Nightflight + Tailwind -Roller Force + Barricade + Ground Hog + Motorhead -Decepticon Constructor Squad -Purple Devestator Decoy Generation 2 -Inferno -Jazz -Sideswipe -Ramjet -Starscream -Optimus Prime -Scavenger (yellow) -Bonecrusher (orange) -Mix Master (orange) -Scavenger (orange) -Scrapper (orange) -Slag (red) -Snarl (red) -Beachcomber -Bumblebee -Seaspray -Turbofire -Windbreaker -Eagle Eye -Windrazor -Manta Ray -Swindle -Dreadwing -Sky Jack -Space Case -Megatron gobot Beast Wars US -Cheetor -Iguanus -Waspinator -Rattrap -Armordillo -Beetle -Wolf -Rhino -Rhinox -Polar Claw -Megatron (basic) -Manta Ray -Megatron -Tigatron -Snapper -Tarantulus -Bonecrusher -Grimlock -Powerpinch -Magnaboss -Tripredacus -Retrax -Snarl -Spittor -Airazor -Airhammer -Buzzclaw -Bantor -Injector -TM Cheetor -TM Megatron -Noctorro -Quickstrike -Optimal Optimus -Rampage -TM Optimus Primal -Scavenger -TM Rattrap (red) -Skyshadow -TM Tarantulus -Silverbolt -Terragator -TM Terrorsaur -Torca -TM2 Dinobot -TM2 Iguanus -TM2 Cybershark -TM2 Megatron -Jawbreaker -Scarem -Scourge -Optimus Minor -Prowl (black) -TM2 Spittor -Ramulus -Sonar -Stinkbomb -Tigerhawk -Soundwave -Tripredacus Agent Machine Wars -Optimus Prime -Mirage -Sandstorm -Starscream -Soundwave -Skywarp Beast Wars Japan -Black Widow -Shadow Panther -Mantis -Powerhug -D14 Dirge -D15 Thrust -Galvatron (non Takara) Beast Machines -Blackarachnia -Blastcharge -Buzzsaw -Jetstorm -Che (yellow) -Supreme Cheetor -Dillo (red) -Megatron -Mirage -Obsidian -Scavenger -Longhorn -Thrust -Night Viper -Optimus Primal -Quickstrike -Rav (blue) -Rattrap -Skydive -Motorcyle drone x2 -Hammerhead -Spystreak -Savage Noble -Night Slash Cheetor -Strika -Terranotron -Saberback Car Robots -Brave Maximus -Artfire -Eagle Killer -X Car RID -Wars -Crosswise -Hot Shot -REV -Ironhide -Mirage -Sideburn (spychanger) -Daytonus -Prowl (spychanger) -Sideswipe -Prowl -Sideburn -X-Brawn -Super X-Brawn -X-Brawn (spychanger) -Bruticus -Windsheer -Towline -Grimlock -Hightower -Heavy Load -Wedge -Mega Octane -Armorhide -Rotor -Rollbar -Movor -Dark Scream + Gas Skunk + Slapper -Midnight Express -Megatron -Galvatron -Optimus Prime -Optimus Prime (spychanger) -Ultra Magnus -Ultra Magnus (spychanger) -Cryotek (MIB) -Obsidian -Scourge -Scourge (spychanger) Armada -Air Defense Team -Street Action Team -Destruction Team -Race Team -Cyclonus + Crumplezone -Starscream + Swindle -Unicron + dead End -Adventure Team -Wheeljack + Wind Sheer Universe -Rollbar (proto) -Ultra Magnus (black) -Ironhide (black) -Nemesis Prime Energon -Divebomb -Strong Arm -Cruellock -Arcee -Perceptor -Signal Flare -treadshot -Duststorm -SWAT -Sharkticon -Stormjet -Energon Kicker -Slugslinger Alternators -Smokescreen -Silverstreak SCF Japan -clear Ironhide -clear Megatron -pewter Dai Atlas -clear Grimlock -Minerva -Raiden -Chromedome Japan reissues -Starscream US reissues -Rodimus Major MIB items Aero-Bot (2004 TRU Go-Bots) Arcee (Energon) Battle Unicorn Destruction Team MOSC in Race Team pkg (Armada) Dirge (D-15) Divebomb (Energon) Grapple (US Reissue) Kickback (Powerlinx) Megatron (RID) Megatron (Special 16) Predacon Trio (RID) Rachel Lion Rav (blue) Razorclaw (Xevoz) Rodimus Convoy (Choro-Q Metallic) Scarem Scourge (TM2) Sea Minicon Team (Armada) Silverstreak (Alternators) Stampy Tracks (US Reissue) Tripredacus Agent Visser Three (ultra) missing MIB Ironhide + Mirage (RID) Optimal Optimus Optimus Primal (TM Canada) Cybershark (TM Canada) Megatron (TM Canada)
  16. TRU Hamburg they moved the TF section, which scared me because I went there and it was all JLU and Batman toys. But I found it later. Energon Powerlinx battles Command Ravage Kickback Offshoot Energon Strongarm Omega Supreme Galvatron Megatron Optimus Prime Omega Sentinel .... C2 whatever his name is. Energon Insecticon Divebomb Arcee Alternators Silverstreak Sideswipe Hound Smokescreen And they had the golden SD Gundam 2 pack for $3... Reissues Tracks Trailbreaker Stepper aka Richochet Rodimus Prime Smokescreen Grapple Dirge Skywarp or Thundercracker (i get them confused)
  17. Big Lots in West Seneca NY Ultra Space Warriors Transmetals Rattrap Heinlad Lio Convoy Optimus Primal basic Space Warriors Rattrap Stinkbomb/Gas Skunk Armordillo translucent Lazorbeak/Terrorsaur Quick Change Bonecrusher/Long Haul (yellow) First Aid/Groove
  18. I was all prepared to make a list today but I forgot my pen! SO I am going off memory Walmart Hamburg NY various combinations of Energon deluxe 2 packs featuring blue cards of: Demolishor Rodimus Hot Shot Prowl Red card basics: Cruellock Insecticon Energon Strongarm Red card deluxes: Wheeljack (whatever his real name is) Slugslinger Sharkticon red box: Galvatron Omega Supreme Optimus Prime blue box: Scorpy mega 2 packs blue box: (price not marked, in clearance isle) Scorponok .... that one truck guy ... ultra 2 packs blue box: (price not marked, in clearance isle) Optimus Prime Megatron Jetfire Alternators @ $15 Side Swipe Silverstreak Some Walmart Energon comic by DW for $4.99 with a poster Target Orchard Park NY Energon basics red: Energon Strongarm Insecticon A1 A2 C1 C2 Energon deluxe red: Tow line Barricade Kicker Energon ultra red: Galvatron Universe Ultra: Tankor and Obsidian Depth Charge King Atlas Universe Deluxe: Sky Dive That is all I can remember....
  19. Target Hamburg, NY Energon: Kicker/Highwire Stormjet Steamhammer Omega Supreme Unicron Optimus Prime Universe: Nemesis Prime Cyberjet 2 pack TRU Hamburg, NY Alternators: Hound Silverstreak Side Swipe Energon: Insecticon Command Ravage Omega Supreme Optimus Prime Universe: Tiny Tins for the Skyboom team Reissues: Prowl $14.99 Tracks Grapple Smokescreen Thundercracker Stepper Skywarp Dirge I can't remember everything they have...
  20. Who the white Robot is in from of the GI Joe box.
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