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  1. Ah some after Christmas shopping... Alternators Decepticharge ($13 at Media Play) Robotech v6 DVD Capcom Classics Collection (PS2) Rah Xephon vol 2 DVD Morrowing Game of the Year edition (PC) 100ml bottle of Drakkar Noir <--- damn thing cost $60!
  2. Yes. I have 3 shelves for toys. Except for the larger ones like Gobots Command Center, Armada Unicron and Car-Bot Brave Maximus, they go right from the mail box into storage. My 3 shelves, I should take a picture of them. They hold my Cybertron/Galaxy Force toys or characters. I also have my 18 Insecticons sitting on various things throughout my bedroom. Once I get my raise in a couple months, I want to find a place that has room for display.
  3. I have returned with pictures!!!! Headstrong, 2 in 1 Robot Fight (Topspin ko), Spay-C, some Korean thing that I don't want anymore :tdown , GI Joe Tissues 3 pack, Fox Kids Rhinox, G2 Cyberjets Air Raid (thanks Jaguatron!), GI Joe 4 Ninja Darts, Smallfoot, Giant KO Air Raid... Gobots Board Game, Drench, Snaptrap, Autobots vs Decepticons, GI Joe the Movie, G2 Desertion of the Dinobots, G2 Dinobot Island, Beast Wars Feature Length, Ultimate Doom, War of the Dinobots, Machine Wars Hoist, BW Code of Hero (KB), BW Bad Spark (KB), Blockbuster Dinobots Exclusive, Optimus Prime napkins, Fire on the Mountain empty case, Roll For it... G2 Starscream Cup (Walmart), G2 Optimus Prime cup (Walmart), Mirage tin, Dirt Boss tin, ???, Zod, 2x McDonald's Energon Red alert, Armada McDonalds Demolishor, Armada Hot Shot, blue G2 car (forgot the name), part of Armada Jetfire, Kup!!!!!!, part of Armada Buzzsaw, Energon Rodimus, IDW#0 4 regular covers, GI Joe Snowcat + Missiles Updated shot of TF, Gobots, Macross and Starwars VHS and DVDs. Missing the Chinese TF Movie which is on the coffee table.... :redface
  4. Today I got in: Generation 2 Air Raid mOC (thanks Jaguartron!) GI Joe 4 Ninja Darts MOC GoBots Game (board game) some weird Korean toy MIB Headstrong (metal) Fox Kids Rhinox MOC 3 pack of GI Joe tissues Spay-C Smalfoot
  5. Today got: Transfomers Fight or Flee/The Big Broadcast of 2006 PAL VHS Generation 2 PAL VHS (Megatron cover) Transformers PS2 Prima Guide Cybertron Recon Team, Hardtop and Clocker Cybertron vol 1 DVD Energon DVD (forgot which one) Armada DVD (Prime on it) Icepick backer card giant bootleg Aerialbot
  6. Heh that is just the video.... I will take pictures of the rest of my videos, and then my CDs and you'll get to see them too... TOO MANY!
  7. Stuff from last week. G2 Gobots with tech spec, bootleg Condor tape case insert, Buggyman, some other gobot guy, Flamefeather Autobot's Lightning Strike hardcover, and GI Joe Vehicle gear Accessory pack #1 Getter Robo Machine Jaguar and ... the other one... model kits TFTM DVD from China/HK and Rhino collection #6 Plague of Insecticons/Insecticon Syndrome VHS And a shot of my TF videos. FHE vol 5-7, See and Read Satellite of Doom, Rhino Ultimate Doom, Rhino TF blockbuster exsluvise (MTMTE +2), Rhino collection #1 More: Rhino collection #2-9, 11, BM The Reformatting/Master of the House KB exclusive, Sparkwar Part 1 KB, UK PAL VHS (don't know whats on it), Malofilm (Canadian uncensored) TFTM, G2 Megatron's Master Plan, Rebirth, Beast Wars Attack from Space, Beasties something..., Rebirth DVD, Season 1 box set, TFTM from China (see above), TF PS2, Energon Return of Megatron DVD, a bootleg copy of the Blockbuster exclusive Dinobots VHS, Beast Wars episodes taped off the TV back in its day. I also have Rhino's TFTM Collector's Edition VHS in the trunk of my car.
  8. Stuff from ebay that I am waiting on: Aerialbot - Large Knock Off - BootLeg - Copy TRANSFORMERS - GENERATION 2 - 5 EPISODES - VHS TRANSFORMERS - GENERATION 2 - 5 EPISODES - VHS Vintage G1 Transformers Icepick Card Back G.I. Joe Cool Ninja Darts Sealed 4 pack plus bonus Transformers Lot Arcee Decker Microman Import Sideway Transformer GOBOTS 1985 SMALL FOOT GO BOTS Transformer GOBOTS 1983 SPAY-C Space Shuttle GO BOTS TRANSFORMERS Beast Wars RHINOX Figure MOC 1999 Maximal 1985 GOBOTS MIGHTY ROBOTS VEHICLES BOARD GAME GO BOTS
  9. Went to K-Mart today. Got 2 storage bins for $5 a peice. Just the deal I was looking for. Sacrificed getting an extra Cybertron toy in my budget for them. Also got: Universe Skydive, both the comic and cd-rom package versions. Also Cybertron Ransack and Overhaul, as well as Energon Powerlinx Towline. Maybe I'll check my mail drop later this week to see what I got there.
  10. Robotech: Zor Prime HOC Jazz and Wheeljack Super Naturals Scary Cat G2 Silverbolt 2 Optimus Prime junkers I used to fix my regular one. Canadian Air Raid tech spec no pictures
  11. Really? First Aid as your last? I have like 3 of him. Blades is hardest to find for me.
  12. No pictures this week, Dad took his camera with him on his business trip. Here is what I got anyways: Shopping Universe: Hightower, Quickmix, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Buckethead and Scavenger all MOC. Cybertron Jetfire (BK) in bag VHS: Predator 2 DVD: Alien, G Gundam Round 1, Macross Plus Movie Edition, Rumble in the Bronx, Transformers: Rebirth Ebay HOC: Powermaster Gigatron (aka Overlord) MOC G2 Space Case MOC US reissue Thundercracker (from Bluavenger) another Shrapnel (first one with the yellow legs) Targetmaster Slugslinger Headmaster Squeezeplay Garage Sale finds Pretender Snarler's shell Gobots: Loco Rock Lord: Stoneheart Visonaries: Lexor Super Naturals: Skull, Snakebite GI Joe: Stilleto
  13. Stuff from BBTS and ebay: First Aid (1986 FSRL C-75 giftset fill in), Powerlinx Downshift, Powerlinx Barricade, Powerlinx Sharkticon, Armada Space Minicon Team, Micron Legend MM-03 Land Military Microns, MM-04 Destruction Microns, MM-05 Race Microns, MM-06 Street Speed Microns, MM-13 Space Microns, Armada Smokescreen + Liftor, Armada Unicron Battles Hoist + Refute, Built to Rule Smokescreen and Demolishor, Big Adventures Aerobot, Hyper Galaxy (Kabaya) Galaxy Convoy and Galaxy Convoy Super Mode, Shrapnel, Bombshell, Gobots volume 1 and 3 VHS.
  14. Finally more pictures! Bootleg Energon Omega Supreme, bootleg Dorvack set, Robotech Bioroid Invid Fighter, Bio Combat Transmetals Spittor with VHS, Bio Combat Snapper/Snap, Armada Galvatron, Prowl (1984), Smokescreen (can't tell if it is reissue or not, but I think it is), Robotech Master, HOC Megatron (with Laserbeak), Ratchet and Omega Supreme. Closeup on the robot head... I still think it looks like its from Sixliner... train... wing... whatever. Also comes with a giant Gundam Beam Cannon (think 0083) and a headmaster? Don't know where that gun in this pic is from... Closeup of the headmaster guy. I never owned Energon Omega Supreme so I don't know if he comes with that or what. Also notice the clear parts on the leg... the back says it lights up. Closeup of the front of the Dorvack KO set. Ovelon Gazette is like a small version of Whirl. The guy in the middle is called Mucen Calibur, and we all know Roadbuster was Mugen Calibur. I don't know where that toy in the middle is from, but none of the Dorvack toys look like that... I am guessing it is a Mospeda KO. Tulcas is a mini Tulcas from Dorvack. The back of the box Card damage of the Spittor toy. Notice the bubble came off the card. The pic of Snapper didn't come out right so I deleted it. I just got word that my shipment from BBTS came in. Hopefully have pictures of that up on Sunday when I go and pick it up. Some other stuff too!
  15. Yea but it is just the "air unit" which is that blue jet car thing.
  16. Identified some more stuff Skystalker (air unit) Scowl (robot) Icepick (robot) Roughtstuff (robot) Powertrain Cindersaur Afterburner G2 Cop-Bot I also got a bunch of stuff in but I will take pictures when I get home.
  17. You know, it would happen that when I buy a junker Jetfire on ebay (it has mispelled titles and the seller didn't know what it was) to fix mine, it would turn out to be a different version. I now have the Bandai name and logo versions. Except I originally had the logo one, but that peice was broken. I was glad to see the new one I got didn't have that part broken, and i used it to fix mine. So now I have an undamaged Bandai name version, and a Bandai logo one in a bunch of peices. I also noticed the arm was not how it was supposed to be. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out I had to tighten the screw INSIDE of his arm to make it fit snug. Now he looks great... urine colored, but great. Also got another complete Bombshell, this time with a tech spec. This puts me at 6 Bombshells, 5 Kickbacks and 4 Shrapnels, for a total of 15 Insecticons, with at least 2 more on the way. Someone must have noticed I was buying up all the Insecticons on ebay and now I am getting emails from sellers for them! I also got a VHS called "Arrival From Cybertron" that is 66 minutes long. It doesn't really say what is on it. Any ideas? I can't watch it because it's PAL. :redface And finally, got a CD, Macross Zero Original Soundtrack II. I get IMs from my sister (who lives at my shipping address) that I got more stuff in... Just wait until my BBTS order comes in! No pictures this time... its too hot for me to want to move around much... Also found 2 more toys, Reissue Rodimus Major and 1985 Grapple. I forgot I got the Gobots Command Center in the mail too :clap
  18. TFTM Standard Rhino VHS Armada Comics #8-12 War Within Comics 2-4 HOC Megatron + Laserbeak HOC Ratchet HOC Omega Supreme Robotech Bioroid Fight + Master G1 Optimus Prime loose Another loose Prime 2 Gobots Movies G1 Prowl Also put in a big order at BBTS... Minicon: Space Team Standard Grade Supercon - Armada Smokescreen Standard Grade Armada Regular Supercon: Hoist Standard Grade Kabaya Galaxy Convoy 01 - Mini Figure Kabaya Galaxy Convoy Super Mode 02 - Mini Figure Energon Powerlinx Battles Deluxe: Downshift MM-03 Land Military Team Standard Grade MM-04 Destruction Team Standard Grade MM-05 Race Team Standard Grade MM-06 Street Speed Team Standard Grade MM-13 Space Minicon Standard Grade Playskool: Aerobot Sub-Standard Grade Built To Rule: Demolisher Sub-Standard Grade Built To Rule: Smokescreen Standard Grade :eek
  19. Bombshell Arrival on Cybertron VHS PAL First Aid Another Bombshell Shrapnel Jetfire Gobots Command Center G2 Silverbolt Biocombat Snapper/Snap Biocombat Spittor + PAL VHS Bootleg Energon Omega Supreme G1 Windcharger Armada Galvatron Squeezeplay
  20. More new stuff: G1 Ultra Magnus (blue on face, metal feet, left fist), Kickback + gun, 2 TF comics i didn't have yet (got 4 other ones i did have but didn't take a picture of them), 2 Gobots Power Suits, and SDCC Skywarp. Updated shot of my G1 Ultra Magnus. The trailer is not my original one I had. The fist, gun, chest peice, head and belt are from my original one. As are the missiles. They are not the version for the trailer or the cab, they do not fit well at all. Updated shot of same toy but as a car carrier. Did I tell you I was a boxed collector? :tflaugh
  21. Family Dollar on South Park/Tifft Universe Spychanger Prowl, Optimus Prime, Wheeljack Target in Orchard Park Energon Insecticon, Energon Strongarm, Offshoot all in Powerlinx packaging. Megatron's Sword, Optimus Prime blaster. Alternators Windcharger. TRU in Hamburg Energon: Jetfire, Ironhide, Star Saber, Divebomb, Arcee, Galvatron (powerlinx), Optimus Prime Alternators: Sideswipe, Smokescreen, Silverstreak, Hound, Grimlock, Battle Ravage Cybertron: Scattorshot, Vector Prime, Starscream, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and all the other guys who I don't know their name. Universe: Tiny tins Overdrive, Mirage and Dirt Boss Commemorative Series: Thundercracker, Dirge, Ricochet, Smokescreen, Silverstreak, Grapple Armada: Star Saber, Dark Saber
  22. Universe Tiny Tins Mirage, Universe Optimus Prime, Prowl and Wheeljack, Energon Offshoot, Insecticon, E Strongarm, Cybertron Scattorshot, reissue Smokescreen, Alternators Sideswipe, Smokescreen (LHD) and Robotech Battlecry on PS2.
  23. After finding all this stuff, I did find extras, which I put into my end cap thread if you want to check it out.
  24. Found more TFs... I am seeing a disappointing trend here. Last count in Feb 2002 showed 425 TFs, boxed or otherwise, not including doubles... Where the hell did they go? I have some other places to look. Anyways, updated the loose listing
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