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  1. Ah don't worry. I haven't ever got a BW toy from BBTS. All these come from ebay. EDIT: GHOST RIDER! I voted for you on the Allspark all the time!
  2. :eek Wow... "tonight's main event... Tripedacus' Insecticon army against C717905's 10 Warpaths" :tfgrin <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If this was back in the day, when I had my case of 12 Bantors. Case Fresh, I am almost glad I lost those to the storage company! Would I ever buy a whole case of toys just to get 1 toy? Absolutely! I did it as you see I got 2 of that BM Primal... :redface Now what to do with the blasted thing.
  3. Kiko Chutai Beetras - Beet Gugal RID Nightcruz, Mirage GT, Scavenger Beast Wars TM Airazor (Canada) Beast Wars Powerpinch (Canada) Skullcruncher Legends Grimlock Beast Machines Jetstorm (2001 version) Beast Machines Cheetor Beast Machines Tankorr Beast Machines Optimus Primal (2000 version) Beast Machines Optimus Primal (2001 version) x2 Dinobots T-Wrecks Choro-Q Q-03 Megatron (anime type) Bombshell + Shrapnel (not pictured) = 30 Insecticons
  4. OK thats it. That card is bigger than my biggest card, which is a MTG Arena Grazelands (prize for winning a DCI Arena tournament)... by a lot. Found a Cybertron Scrapmetal!
  5. Paid for me first AFA graded toy. Its Antex Camaro... Can't wait.
  6. New stuff in: Powermaster Optimus Prime box, Groundshaker, Beast Machines Buzzsaw, Kingdam Starscream :redface , Beast Wars Cybershark TM2, Energon Hot Shot, Sideswipe, some dude, Overkill and Slugfest tech spec TFC Smokescreen, Beast Wars Megatron & Optimus Primal empty boxes, FHE Five Faces of Darkness VHS, Twin Twist MIB, Kickback empty box.
  7. Found an unbroken Beast Wars Megatron at a garage sale for 50 cents. Also found some food toys, a couple minicons and a spychanger Optimus Prime. Also Armorhide and Rotor from RID. Also: got me a boxed Diaclone Starscream coming in the mail as well.
  8. New stuff that came in: Robot Masters Gigant Bomb TFC Stepper reissue box + missiles + gun + inserts TF Astrotrain Canadian box Galaxy Force CG-14 Dark Fangwolf Ravage Tech Spec various TRU Reissue instructions incl Ultra Magnus, 2x Red alert, Hoist, etc Mega SCF Victory Leo 4x Kickback 3x Bombshell 3x Shrapnel various St.Louis Blues patches 2x Anaheim Mighty Ducks "home" jersey Oleg Saprykin Moscow Dynamo jersey
  9. Did you get that from m.o.t? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Soon
  10. Beast Machines Buzzsaw Sideswipe FHE Five Faces of Darkness VHS Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Cybershark Twin Twist Kickback's box Groundshaker
  11. I see you got him. Was wondering about that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes I think I even posted in the feedback forum. Which reminds me I should go pick up my mail soon...
  12. Behold, more pictures from my crap camera! New stuff: RID WARS/Crosswise v1, RID Hot Shot/Rev v1, Cybertron Landmine + Dirt Boss, Optimal Optimus (formerly owned by Master Minicon or whatever his name is), Armada Optimus Prime spin pop, Brawl, Deluge or something, Joyride, Streetwise, Cybertron Swerve, RID X-Brawn New stuff: Cybertron Red alert + Dirt Boss :redface , RID Obsidian, Korean Tripredacus model kit (all three guys but in the same box), Cybertron Kobushi + Landslide, Streetwise tech spec, Swindle, SCF clear Raiden, Soundwave, Sixshot and Chromedome, Commemorative Series Astrotrain and Dirge. Oh and Shouki (yes he's real) Display Shelf1: Cybertron Overhaul, Red alert + Dirt Boss, Backstop, Swindle, Brushguard and Ransack, Universe Optimus Prime, Hyper Galaxy Convoy, Armada Starscream, headless Skids, RID Ironhide + Mirage v1, HOC Megatron + Laserbeak. Display Shelf2: Cybertron Recon Team, Sky Lynx + Thunderblast, Shockwave + Tankorr, Razorclaw + Steamhammer, Landmine + Dirt Boss, Runamuck, Blurr, Sideways, Red alert, Scattorshot, Swerve and Kobushi + Landmine, Armada Demolishor, Crumplezone, Galvatron and Hot Shot, Runabout, Beast Machines Buzzsaw, SDCC Cybertron Skywarp. Display Shelf3: Cybertron Override, Hardtop, Clocker and Armorhide, Machine Wars Soundwave, Commemorative Series Thundercracker, RID Ultra Magnus, Jetfire and RID Scourge + X-Brawn. Video rack 3: Scorponok, Armada Unicron and 4x Kickback, random PS2 games, a USB 2.0 card MISB, and a bunch of TF videos that used to be on VideoRack1, also some PC games on the right including 3 copies of Quake (the first one mind you). And the fabled Transformers checklist binder, conveniently opened to "1985 Transformers US Page 1" where all those lines with an "L" on them are ones I have loose. :eek
  13. 3x Korea Tripredacus model set 4x GO SCF Raiden clear 3x GO SCF Sixshot clear 3x GO SCF Chromedome clear GO SCF Soundwave clear Reissue Dirge Reissue Astrotrain Optimal Optimus (battle-damage/hooker version) edit: also got one of the trainbots that form Raiden. I forget the name... it is original Japanese version loose, not bootleg. First ever Japan exclusive TF from G1.
  14. Moscow Dynamo Oleg Saprykin jersey Florida Panthers Pavel Bure "jersey" Dirge reissue old New York Rangers patch Other winnings: Reissue Instruction book lot, Stepper TFC box, Ravage tech spec from Tha Bot Hustla Korean Kabaya Tripredacus model kit 10 clear SCF PVCs still winning on: Markham Waxers #7 jersey blank Anaheim Mighty Ducks jersey (circa 2000 away) I need to figure out what name I am gonna put on that Waxers jersey should I win it.
  15. Drag Strip First Aid x2 Wide Load Crasher Slingshot Fireflight Perceptor Groove Strafe Mark Parrish 05/06 UD Game Used 60 St. Louis Blues cards Alexei Zhamnov game used autographs for Vladimir Malahkov, Jayson More and... some other guy a couple other gobots that I don't know the names of
  16. I think you need to go on a "Brain Quest" and stop collecting Care Bears! wait... I have some Care Bears too... :tfhuh
  17. I ordered reissue Astrotrain from Hasbrotoyshop.com to take advantage of their 25% off sale!
  18. I just won a bunch of stuff from Wheeljackslab including: Perceptor, Strafe, Groove, First Aid x2, Breakdown, Fireflight, Slingshot, Drag Strip and Wide Load. Also got Saterbot MOSC from Italy, RID X-Brawn/Scourge 2 pack, G2 Gobots Gearhead and some other guy MOC, Rodimus Prime, Perceptor (again) and purple Megatron decoy. I think more but I forget already.
  19. No pictures... bleh loose Brawl and Swindle G1... now I have all the original Combaticons... now to get the blasted parts. TF Collected Comics #1... from 1985... it appears to have #1 and 2 in it. and 5 PAL VHS tapes: The Key to Vector Sigma & War Dawn (1986 Video Gems) Desertion of the Dinobots (1986 Video Gems) Carnage in C Minor (1989 Tempo Video) Heave Metal "Wars"/ The Girl Who Loved Powerglide (1990 Tempo Video) "Headmasters" / The Return of Optimus Prime (1989 Tempo Video) I also bought 2 Cybertron Hot Shots... and **gasp** opened one of them.
  20. a boatload of DVDs from Media Play. If they are still open next Friday, I will be getting more. Banner of the Stars Dual (x2) Galaxy Angel Gatekeepers Geneshaft Heat Guy J Vital Remains (CD) The Legend The Legend 2 Dangaioh ("The New Transformers" it says) Gundam Nadia Rah Xephon Robotech Sakura Wars Stratos 4 Metalmania 2004 AMP Video Archive Vandred so.... 19 DVDs and 1 CD for $97.11. can't beat that.
  21. OK you do realise the problem with that picture right? I mean... RID Megatron in an RID Galvatron box????
  22. I thought this was a new topic, then saw the Megas posts...
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