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  1. Picked up Blitzwing at my local Target. They also had Springer and Blaster's data discs, but I was low on cash. I'll be back. Just wanted to let everybody know that they're out in the wild. Blitzwing is awesome in case anybody was wondering. His faces are a bit of a bitch to change though. Good hunting!
  2. I live in Springfield, MO and I found him about two weeks ago at my local Toys R Us. But, after that I spotted him at Target as well. He's a pretty decent figure. I'm glad they made that beast armor removable or I would've totally passed. Good luck in finding him!
  3. Normally I wouldn't either but the Stunticons have always been a weakness for me I second that (as I look at my user name). Robimus, the stunticon limb figures are deluxe sized while Motormaster is going to be roughly voyager sized. From what I've seen they look very well made. I wasn't going to make any big TF purchases until Metroplex, but this has definitely changed my mind. They look awesome!!!!
  4. MP Optimus Prime FE Prime Optimus FOC Soundwave + Laserbeak MP Optimus Prime is just awesome. His poseability really impressed me. I wouldn't say he's better than MP1 Optimus, but he ranks right up there with him. FE Optimus Prime always looked great in the promo pics and I was afraid I would never find him (I refuse to pay 2 - 3 times the cost of online dealers), but managed to find him at Toys R Us right before XMas. He's great. Very posable and is the perfect scale with the Prime deluxes. FOC Soundwave really surprised me. Both modes capture his look from Fall of Cybertron perfectly. Laserbeak is just soooo cool. One push of a button and he transforms into a decent robotic bird. Well done! Ravage on the other hand.... :wtf
  5. I'm soooooo tempted to get those. I love the aerialbots and these are a fantastic homage to them. Now, if I can somehow talk my wife into not killing me when I drop $100 a piece on them..... :P
  6. I've never understood why people seem to think toy playing is "immature" (and I thought I would have better understanding here in a community of adults who collect toys). It's a gross misconception that full toy play is nothing more than just "Vrrooomm! Pow Pow pow!" Who EVER plays like that?!? I know I certainly never did when I was a kid. Toy play is an imaginative exercise -- think of Andy when he plays with his toys in Toy Story... you let your imagination run wild. Even during the 1980s I never played with my toys with just mindless action/violence... I always had to construct some element of story in with the fantasy. And that was part of what I really loved about Transformers over other toys, because there was this rich canon attached with the toys. These weren't just random robots that transformed and zoomed around and blew stuff up... they were actual characters, each with their own individual personality traits - desires, hopes, fears, abilities, weaknesses. That's what Michael Bay fails to understand which made his Transformers movies so disappointing (stories need to be character driven). As I grew older, so did the complexity or sophistication of my play pattern. By time I was in high school, I was playing out actual story arcs... miniature sagas, rather than the short self-contained stories that I played out when I was younger. It would take weeks, months -- once or twice even a YEAR to play out an entire story. By time I was in senior high school, I was employing strategies... divide and conquer, the use of intelligence and counter intelligence etc. I would read books like "The Art of War" and try to apply them in toy play campaigns. Why is it acceptable now for adults to play video games, but not play with toys? I find video games to be far less mentally stimulating than toy play, because it doesn't require nearly the amount of CREATIVITY that toy play offers. In a video game, like say Fall of Cybertron, most things are already made for you by someone else. The choices you make are limited by whatever the programmers have put in. The environments you're in, the characters you encounter, available weapons, resources etc etc etc., it's all pre-determined in the game. With toy play, YOU determine what happens... there is NO limitation except for your imagination (well, and what toys you have :P). I have WAY more fun playing with my toys than any video game. Video games honestly bore me after a while. You hear people whinge about wanting more maps or more weapons or certain abilities for characters etc. -- with toys you can just imagine up any environment, weapons or abilities for your Transformers! You want G1 Bumblebee to fly at supersonic speeds in vehicle mode? Make it so! You want G1 Galvatron to wrestle a giant teddy bear? DO IT!! There are no limits! And some Masterpieces can still be played in the same way, provided that they're solid enough. Optimus Prime(s) and Grimlock are the best (albeit pricey). Some of the others not so much because their not solid enough toys. Playing with toys isn't just about making fast action. You construct a plot - one with a complication that needs to connect to a resolution. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein Whatever floats your boat man.
  7. Most people would understand that anything with "masterpiece" in the title would realize that it was designed to be a display piece, not something you roll across the floor while saying "vrrrrooom!!!". Like I said before, if you really have to "play" with them, there's the deluxe class for that kind of thing. How old are you?????
  8. IMHO, Masterpiece Transformers aren't designed for "toy play". They're focused market is adult collectors who display them. Like Fatherdeth mentioned, it's how the figure it designed, not a flaw. There's a Generations Red Alert for "toy play". :thumb
  9. But, it's not Christmas yet......weak!!! I'm just jealous because I know Masterpiece Optimus Prime is sitting under my tree and I can't tear it open until 12/24. It's torture!!! : ) Nice Shockwave custome you got there Devil M. I see some hints of Engergon Shockblast and DOTM Shockwave. The paint job looks excellent. Congrats!
  10. My local Toys R Us managed to the get First Edition voyagers in stock. I grabbed Optimus and due to lack of funds because of Christmas shopping I had to leave Bulkhead behind. Optimus was defnitely worth the wait. He's one of the best Optimus figures ever. Cool transformation, not a bit of excess kibble, and he's super posable. I'm going to buy another one (after Christmas)so he can carry two guns. Highly recommended!!
  11. Those two figures are on the top of my hunting list as well. No luck so far. I haven't read any reports of them showing up @ Toys R Us yet. I assume they should be showing up any day now since the FE deluxes and Entertainment Two-Pack are out. If anybody has seen them at stores, please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Picked up Masterpiece Thundercracker at my local Toys R Us (Springfield, MO). He's officially released. This is my first close look at the newly enhanced seeker mold. Looks great! Happy hunting all!
  13. Thx. I'll check it out tonight when I get home from work. It's an anti-YouTube zone here for some crazy reason. :tfgrin
  14. D. Mazinkaiser- What are your thoughts on Weaponizer Prime? Is he worth buying? He looks great in that pic, but I was curious to whether or not he was as good as I'm hoping. Thanks in advance!
  15. Landmine is such a cool figure. Highly underrated. I was thinking about digging him out of storage and displaying him for a bit (got limited shelf space). Nice custom work too!
  16. I think he looks pretty damn good. The only critique I can give is that his head seems a tad small in proportion to his body. Other than that, I don't see any changes that need to be made. That tempts me to consider buying one of those kits. Did all of the extra parts that you added come with it or where they from other Kre-O sets?
  17. There's a Bumblebee plague here in Missouri, but I did manage to find Voyager class Bulkhead and Starscream at a local Target. Here's the lowdown. Bulkhead: I never saw the FE version in stores, but I really like the PRID version. Both his vehicle mode and robot mode are very solid. Arms and legs are articulated well, but since his legs are so stumpy it makes it a little hard to put him in dramatic poses. His jaw opens and closes as well. Starscream: He's very similar to the FE mold, but with a few tweaks (and bigger obviously). Robot mode is great and very posable. He's more stable than the FE mold. His jet mode isn't bad, but the colors used (mostly the red areas) seem out of place and give the jet a "cartoony" feel. He also only comes with only one missle per wing instead of the cluster of three that the FE had. They both came with their light up weapons, but they're pretty lame. I toss those in a box and forget about them. Overall, both figures are good and worth picking up. If you can find them.....
  18. I want FE Prime Prime sooooo bad. But, knowing my luck, the second I buy him online for an inflated price, Hasbro will decide to release that mold under the Generations line. Patience. Patience....
  19. I really like the "Tag Team" picture, Ebonsaber. Hound and Warpath are two of my favorite classics molds. The designers did a fantastic job recreating them. You even managed to get a good lighting angle so Hound's lightpiping was working. Nice job!
  20. I agree about Voyager Prime's gun. It really is terrible. However, if you ever decide to get Arcee, the massive gun she comes with is a great substitute for it. It looks much better in Optimus's hands since it's literally as tall as her.
  21. Add me to the list of "I did NOT know that!" Thanks for the tip Taaron!
  22. Breaker, I have to respectfully disagree. I'm not getting your reasoning for saying he lacks leg articulation. His knees bend, he has hinged ankles, and the legs can swivel at the hip area. What more do you need? The figure has superior detailing and his arms are some of the more unique designs I've seen in quite a while. He can strike some very cool poses especially if you use the "triple jointed" abilities of his arms. I just think 2.5 out of 5 is exceptionally harsh for this exceptional figure. Just my two cents on Soundwave. I picked up Ratchet earlier this week and he's ok. Could use more paint and I wish they would have used some sort of locking mechanism for big sections that hang off of the lower back of his legs. Also, why did they go with the super soft rubber for his blades? After getting Wheeljack with his stiffer swords I thought the soft rubber was a thing of the past.
  23. I freakin' love the new Wheeljack. What area in the arm are you having posing issues with? Mine has great shoulder, elbow, and wrist movement. Check out the action pose thread. DevilMazinkaiser is showing some great pics of him. It's like if Drift and Wheeljack merged to form Awesome.
  24. Picked up RID Soundwave and Wheeljack today at my local Toys R Us. I'd post pics, but I'm back at work. They also had Bumblebee and Cliffjumper (may get Cliffjumper tomorrow) along with some Legion figures (no Commanders yet) and Bot Shots. No Voyagers yet unfortunately. They're hitting the shelves folks. Good hunting!!
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