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  1. Count me in with the UM fans...


    I've always loved the concept that he is both the truck AND trailer after watching the '86 movie, making him one huge war machine... And since I never followed the comics or had the original fig I've never considered his "white prime" persona...


    That being said, Titanium G1 UM was my next best fave fig since it utilized the cab+trailer transforming until Kabaya made this...



  2. Add me to the minicon lovers posse...

    In terms of number of figures, minicons hold the largest contingent in my collection...

    I missed out on micromasters when I was a kid so when minicons came out I went nuts over them. I have a preference for smaller figures, being easier to amass and store...


    Nevermind the fact that I later had the opportunity to add micromasters to my collection (Reissue Micromaster combiners Sixliner, Sixbuilder and Sixturbo)


    I also cleaned out my cabinet a bit a couple of weeks back, and decided to lay out my minicon army, sans one I got last week(Armada Zapmaster)... BTW, one of them isn't technically a minicon... :P



  3. Duplicates:


    2 Minicon Nightbeat


    2 Battle Ravage

    2 Command Ravage

    2 Divebomb

    2 Doomlock

    2 Insecticon


    4 Galaxy Force Micron Booster Bug Drone(Armada Minicon Dead End Mold)

    - Revenge Of The Fallen

    2 Insecticon




    The most multiples I have are:

    5 - Armada Dead End Mold (A - Dead End, 4x Bug Drone)

    4 - Armada Sideswipe Mold(A-Sideswipe, U-Treadshot, U-Oilslick, C-Runamuck)

    4 - Cybertron Leobreaker Mold(Leobreaker, Nemesis Breaker, Leo Prime - white, Leo Prime - Red)

    4 - Armada Nightbeat Mold(3 nightbeat, 1 Search and Destroy Robot... I bought a second nightbeat for Runamuck, since I never got Micron Booster Guage)

    4 - Energon Battle Ravage Mold (2 E-Battle Ravage, 2 E- Command Ravage)

    3 - Galaxy Force Ramble (Red, Blue, Yellow)

  4. Let's see...

    I started being a collector with TF's, then moved to Microman after Kicker(Superlink), then to GI Joe again after Kicker(Energon), then to Halo(I have Cortana, Halo 3 Master Chief, also a couple of ODST's i think, got them loose at a local convention, all black figures, then to 1:18 scale compatible appliances and accessories(AKA Sylvanian Family et al, then Marvel Universe, other 1:18 scale figs(Star Wars, Star Trek, WWE Build and Brawl, etc.), then SD Gundams, and finally revoltech Queen's Blade...


    In fact, more than the actual designs of the figure, what bothered me more was some of the silly places they put those unlocking weapon features. Poorly thought out in every practical sense. Especially the hip launcher on Scavenger...worst ever!



    It's not that bad... Unlike Cybertron, Crosswise's slot makes him look like he's getting his prostrate checked everytime he jams his force chip in...


    EDIT -Counter Argument- : Forgot about Hot Shot's powerlink's port... Jam a minicon up his port and his HUGE cannon pops up...

  6. Hmmm...


    Bendy Prime


    Powerlinx Hotshot(I have the japanese version though, the light up hand moved it a couple notches up)


    Hoist(Except for the shovel arm, very nicely articulated figure)


    Im a big fan of minicons myself, and my favorites are the Emergency Team and the Street Speed Team.


    My only guess why takara did a MP-12 Lambor/sideswipe. is because it's got excellent repaint/remold potential. they can literally repaint this guy a dozen times over & even call it different TF toy persona's like as follows: (1) lambor/sideswipe, (2)sunstreaker with a new head sculpt,maybe new ground effects,maybe the boosters on the trunk. (3)repaint the toy in black G-2 sidesipe colors. (4)repaint the toy in g-1 beakdown colors with a new headsculpt. (5)repaint the toy in G-2 breakdown colors. (6) redalert with remolded police sirens on the car roof.

    (7) the ultimate recolor/remold. 1987 punch/counterpunch,new heads & weapons & whatever else.


    I agree on this, it can be a very economical mold. You can also throw in Clampdown, Deep Cover and Shattered Glass Sideswipe as possible options, so it is a win for HasTakTomy if they go for this...

  8. Yes. If you flip up the straps on the regular Super Mode backpack you can put the Sonic Wing one on top of it and still secure the chestplate.

    And this one is supposed to be what you told me.. without removing arms and with some additional firepower..



    Awesome! I decided to try it out myself with both Leo Primes...


    I think I'll call it "Apesh!t" Mode because of the gorilla-like arms...

  9. Lovin' the color on United Warpath, though I'm a little surprised there's already some degradation on the mold. The right ankle doesn't lock to the lower leg section, so I can pose him standing on his left foot, but trying the other one makes him fall forward immediately...

  10. If one wanted a perfect ball TF Hasbro already did it, the Star Wars TF Death Star. Would remolding it work as a TF Prime Unicron?



    The Cybertron Unicron doesn't have the Ultimate destroyer feel to it. So he serves as a drone of Unicron for me.


    Yeah, to me Cybertron Unicron gives me a vibe like the Lavos Spawn from Chrono Trigger, and I've always wanted to army build that thing...

  11. By accident?


    G1 Powerglide's right arm at the shoulder(Rivet broke but plastic was intact)

    G1 Pipes uh... pipes(his arms)

    2 Armada Superbase Primes arms(While connecting Overload, replaced it with Micron Legend Convoy)

    2 Energon Skorponok's gold front shoulder panels(While attempting Jet Mode, still haven't found a replacement)

    Energon Signal Flare's ball joint shoulder(just dropped it, now replaced with Superlink Signal Flare)

    Classics Grimlock's tiny peg at the T-rex's lower Jaw

    Legends Class Universe Jazz's peg on lower legs

    2 Legends Class TFTM Skorponok's Tail Stinger (broke the second while removing it from the package... Grrrr)


    I also broke a friend's BWN tf, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's the one that becomes a stegosaurus.(A peg on one of the panels that form the back) and another friend's ROTF LC Optimus Prime(Turned the head and broke the wires to the light up eyes, but he does not know it... yet)

  12. I collected doubles of the Energon terrorcons, as they were depicted as multiples in the cartoon, though I missed out on Cruellock. It also pains me to no end that I was only able to get one set of Galaxy Force Rambles. I also occasionally get a second copy of a fig if I break or need to mod one (I used my second TF:U 2.0 Sunstreaker's gun and engine on TF:G Red Alert, and got a second Sideswipe after failing to fix the loose joints on my first).

  13. The Korean Galaxy Force figs are actually made by Moccom, not Sonokong. The box does have the Taktomy logo on it so it's definitely legit. I currently have in my collection Nitrocon(Nitro Convoy)and Ultra Jet(Sonic Bomber). They are faithful to the Taktomy versions, for example Ultra Jet has the paint apps, chrome chestplate and swords, as well as the misaligned nose guard mold issue. But since I got it to replace my broken Cybertron Wingsaber, a little headswap and it's perfect. I am a little disappointed with the tech spec card that came with the toys as instead of the cgi model on the front like Taktomy, it shows pictures of the different modes when you tilt the card. Quality-wise? I'm pretty sure it'll take someone familiar with the both japanese and korean versions to be able to tell the difference.

  14. A sickness, but one helluva insidious one...


    When I started being a TF collector, I've never imagined that I'd expand to 1:18 scale figures and vehicles (Microman, GI Joe, Star Wars, etc), SD Gundams, Revoltech (VF-1S, Queen's Blade), Lego...

  15. I went through that back in 2009 when typhoon Ketsana hit our country hard, I was lucky all of my TF's are stored in an upstairs living room, as floodwaters reached chest deep at my place(I'm 5'8"). What was nearly ruined were a a good coupla dozen of my GI Joes, as I had left them downstairs as I left for work that day(They were used in a local mall display and were just returned to me the day before). Spent a couple of days, 2 rolls of paper towels and an entire pack of 100 cotton buds carefully cleaning the mud off. Since then no toy gets left downstairs. :redface

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