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  1. Shame I had to lead to that topic's closing...But I must defend Starscream...even if it makes bringing down the whole topic....

  2. You said they were the same, which is completely opposite of different. So this whole time you have been agreeing with me? Because I said they were different and they are different. Doesn't have to be 100% Atmo. There is enough there for them to be completely different from each other. You said htey were the same, meaning identical. Where did I say they were totally the same? I said they were designed from the same base inspiration
  3. i never said they werent different. i said they're not 100% different. note how i always capitalized the term "completely" to emphasize that term. not just say theyre similar. of course they arent the exact same. you seriously thought i meant they were identical???
  4. i'm not saying he's EXACTLY alike, but to say he's 100% different is a lie as well. he's a radically different take on a familiar design. A complete difference can't have any homages at all...otherwise it would be only 95% different or so, depending on the number of homages
  5. I already fucking told you Prime Starscream was a redesign...just one that was actually done correctly. You know, modelled after his personality! So yes, the appearance DOES fit! What he officially is means nothing to me. I will never ever EVER call him "Starscream"! And OP's helmet is not "completely" different. If that were the case it would have zero homages. ZERO HOMAGES to any previous OP. Meaning it would not be blue, he would not have a face plate or even a silver face, he would not have fins on the sides, NOTHING! Classics Bumblebee IS G1 Bumblebee! He's just a modernized version of that same design!
  6. i'll agree to that. IH had such a basic transformation and leaned too heavily on electronics. sure he looks good in both modes, but yeah he could've been even better
  7. same guys who did that powermaster trailer eh? I'm really growing to like this company....
  8. both primes clearly wear blue helmets with fins on the sides. One quick glance will tell you that. "completely" different? Are you blind? The smirk and his persona go hand in hand. Just like they have done so and continue to do so throughout the whole transformers continuum. It tells you that he's plotting something or that he's having a blast. because hellscream tried to talk happy in DOTM, but his angry face made that whole scene fail hard on itself. go ahead, try to tell me otherwise. Just know that I would sooner die than ever call that thing "Starscream" and nothing you will ever say or do will convince me.
  9. Should catch up on the Prime episodes I missed....

  10. You're not forbidden, you're allowed to hate characters, but your reasoning for Movie Starscream is some thing I'm allowed to say something about. Now as for Optimus, how is it that Movie Prime is mostly blue, completely different chest or completely different body design transformers from a Kenworth 900 Semi truck while G1 Optimus Prime is mostly red transforms into a Freightliner from the 70's. The only thing these two have in common is the name and Peter Cullen, other than that there is nothing else The smirk for Starscream is only iconic to you Atmo. I could careless about it. Movie Starscream acts just like G1 Starscream. Strong when he thinks he can't be beat. cowardly when he knows he is going to lose, pretends to obey Megatron. But will always try to replace him. I'll go with #3 because I haven't been doing #1 or #2, Look at his head for god sake! IT'S THE SAME THING!!! You're doing #2 yet again. The smirk is indeed iconic. Sad that you cannot see it...But since you also can't see the obvious similarities between movie and G1 optimus prime, I suppose I can't expect you to be able to... His persona is not enough for me to call him Starscream. The appearance has to be right. And it damn sure isn't. You can say something about my opinion if you want, but stop being an asshole about it
  11. Iunno, man...LC Ironhide is a fun toy too.. I do love my Elite guard figures. Even Sentinel. I just wish he was a Voyager
  12. Those heads are clearly meant to both be the same. Colors, windshield chests, everything. They took the G1 profile and movie-ized it And the smirk is extremely iconic. I'm terribly sorry if I find it stupid seeing a character gloat and laugh with a pissed off facial expression. The way SS acts really does require a face that can make a broad range of emotions. And how absurdly misproportioned he is doesn't help either. You want a proper reimagination of Starscream? I refer you to Transformers: Prime. Even the pic of him smirking on TFwiki is captioned as "one look sells him as starscream". What???? But the smirk means nothing! You said it and since you seem to think you're God or something, that must mean everyone who disagrees is wrong! But I'm sorry if I'm forbidden to hate a character for my own reasons as stated clearly by Onslaught law in Onslaught world.
  13. L_O and I have a slight history in that he says stuff that moreso is meant to claw into me rather than actually maging legit argument points. He hates me for whatever reason and I'm more than sick of it
  14. So your problem is Bay himself, and you just just proved me right about another thing withte lambasting of the films and how people dedicated to it. Most were just jumping on the band wagon So you never saw the movies huh? Cause you described G1 Prime, but not Movie Prime. :tflaugh Evidently YOU havent...Since movie prime has all those features as well.... Don't make me make a whole pic about it. You know I will Really Atmo? When did G1 Prime have flames, and hoe was mostly Blue with a little bit of red, an entirely new truck mode armor faceplate, Movie Prime's look was a complete redesign, just like Starscreams (smirk and all :tflaugh) Wait, so the flames make him all new? Look at the model again. The head is totally tradition-inspired. Everything from the blue helmet to the silver face. The windows on his chest. All G1. The head was NOT new. They took the G1 model and movie-ized it. Watch the movies again. It's obvious! And no...Not once in that movie did Hellscream ever smirk..Nor is he Starscream. I don't give a flying fuck as to what the official canon names him as, I will NEVER call him Starscream You know...Even once I would just love to be able to make a valid point without you bullying me and deliberately talking shit just to make it more difficult for me to describe my opinion...Seriously dude...why do you feel the need to hate on me? I don't seem to recall ever doing anything to you
  15. So you never saw the movies huh? Cause you described G1 Prime, but not Movie Prime. :tflaugh Evidently YOU havent...Since movie prime has all those features as well.... Don't make me make a whole pic about it. You know I will
  16. ...Optimus got an all-new look? Yeah the red and blue truck that turns into a robot with a red upper torso, blue legs, blue head with side "fins" and a grey face with a mouthplate, windshields on his chest, and Peter Cullen's voice was DEFINITELY never ever done before..... I have to agree with the human issue as well. I'd actually have been ok with it if it focused mostly on the military, but not the whiny teenage boy and his relationship with a nasty looking chick that's downright excruciating to sit through (Carly was ok, but Mikaela made me want to shove my face into a vat of industrial strength degreaser...). noteable examples include movie 1's interrogation room scene with glenn and maggie. Can someone please tell me how this advances the plot at all? but the worst scene ever would probably be that stupid "frat party" scene that not only featured a downright terrible remix of "burnin down the house", but also established a character who....also had no place in the plot other than to be a decepticon that attacks sam and dies.... But then again ROTF's storyline was a trainwreck of CSX caliber...
  17. Blitzwing was so great in animated. He's still my 2nd favorite toy in that line after Shockwave
  18. I'm gonna wait and see more pics before I decide. I'm also kinda hoping we get a new MP Megatron I can just import Though I read somewhere US gun laws prohibit importing any such toy. i dont want customs to swipe it and then be $150+ in the hole....
  19. More Cybertron toys fit that description than animated Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Shockwave figure to play with and enjoy Your right animated better fits a 3 point transformation sequence, don't break your shockwave you know how that soft plastic breaks easily, Please enlighten me. Which animated toy has a 3 point transformation? I just went through all of mine and found no such toy. Starscream comes close due to his automorph, but that's all I could find. The only 3 point transformation Shocky has is going from tank to crane mode. His plastic is sturdy and has never broken in the 4 years I have owned him. In fact....None of my animated toys have broken....
  20. yeah i can't defend cybertron soundwave. his arm kibble was just awful and his poseability suffered from it More Cybertron toys fit that description than animated Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Shockwave figure to play with and enjoy
  21. I loved and still love animated, including the toys. Cybertron's toyline all had mediocre and basic transformations too. While Cybertron was the cartoon that propelled Starscream to be my #1 favorite transformer, the toyline fails in comparison to animated IMO
  22. lol Drew Pickles' old voice before Microsoft Sam took over....
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