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  1. Your passion as admirable. Reminds me of how I was during the Animated days...And I'm getting pretty deep into Prime too
  2. Actually, Energon Shockblast kinda sucked. His absurdly large gun arm was basically just a bigass gun stuck to his shoulder. Didn't even have a bending elbow or anything. And his alt mode? No, he just did a yoga pose and had a few solar panels pop out....
  3. TRAINS! I'm still irked that we never got any movieverse TFs of any sort that transform into trains! I wanted to see Astrotrain as an EMD SD70ACE or something! as for characters we DID see in the movies, I'd settle for deluxe Crowbar and Hatchet first off. And a new Devastator that combines with the same number of vehicles used in the CGI model and actually looks MENACING in robot mode. Leader class Blackout. Missed opportunity, Hasbro. Not cool..... Remold of Voyager Demolishor. Now with a more accurate robot mode and better arm articulation. Same goes for Deluxe Rampage. And he's gotta be red. And of course, Overload and Scrapper! Leader Class DOTM Megatron (though the voyager looks nice fighting battle blades OP) And finally, the Wreckers need consistency. Why does Deluxe Roadbuster not have any weapons on his alt mode? Pretty sure he wasn't a plain ol racecar at any point in the movie. Same for HA Leadfoot. And poor Topspin has no HA figure
  4. I dig it. Especially the use of military for the main human characters instead of a whiny little boy and his inked up gf
  5. amen. Just because you fight for another faction shouldnt automatically mean your face will look menacing or normal. i thought both sides believed their cause was just? At first and for many years, I thought they only ruined Starscream. But then after seeing DOTM, I was convinced they messed up the Decepticons entirely. Soundwave has a face and no vocoded/unique voice? Shockwave has a mouth and proves to be fairly weak without his steed? Megatron being a huge pushover that I ended up feeling SORRY for? Did the writers even STUDY the Decepticons at all? As for the Autobots? Bumblebee should've talked successfully as soon as he spoke his first line in the 2007 movie. He had no reason to lose his vocal processors AGAIN in subsequent films at all. Especially that lame-ass excuse the comics made. "oh uh dhurrr he got shot in the vocals again!" and yet none of the other TFs ever took that kind of damage? Bumblebee got it TWICE? Not buying it...not at all The humans....Ok I loved Simmons and all the soldiers. The military had a thrilling part in the whole movie. Shaia....He was even tolerable in some of his scenes. But every time I saw Megan Fox, I felt like puking. Her very appearance made any scene crash. And the love story between her and Shaia in ROTF was nauseating at best. She's airheaded and unattractive. Rosie was an improvement, but seemed out of place in DOTM The toys often fumbled due to attempts at overloading the details. i mean look at the constructicons! Of course a lot of other toys were quite a success at the same time. Take one look at ROTF Leader Optimus Prime. Even today, that toy is amazing. In both modes too! Hell, his alt mode does a great job hiding his robot parts even on the underside! The only downside I can honestly find about that toy is that he's got a bit of a kibble issue on his back. But that's easily looked past anyway. Leader Hellscream is pretty good too, though his jet mode suffers from the same kibble issues that seem to plague every last jetformer out there. Human Alliance deserves a mention too. I'd say that line had many more wins than flops. In fact, I'd say the only true failure in the HA line was Sideswipe. Bad proportions and kibble problems. But the other figures from HA were fantastic! Especially Jazz!
  6. Uh... FOC Onslaught has a much more realistic feel to him and better proportions than his generations counterpart. Hell, the latter looks dull, plain, and blocky. Sure he may have had a good transformation and may have been a fun toy, but i much prefer how the new one looks. Not to mention generations Onslaught had no combination function or even any combatticons to combine with at all. Kinda gave him that "incomplete" feel. Hence why I never bothered getting him or Silverbolt.
  7. Wait...Hasbro sends way too many deluxe OPs to Walmarts everywhere to clog pegs for months and then says the whole line isn't selling well enough?! We were waiting for Soundwave and new figures! Nobody wanted that stupid OP or those nasty repaints! Uh...Neither did Starscream, Soundwave, or Megatron. That's a common instance for the movies. What made Shocky any worse than those 3?
  8. i still think a 4th movie is pushing it. they just released a "definitive collection" on blu ray and now theyre adding more movies. But OTOH, I can actually finally just sit back and be excited about a movie in a normal sense this time around since my only beef with the other 3 just got his head blown up into bits anyway :P
  9. oh and yes, shockwave must and will be mine. he looks fantastic. can anyone confirm or deny bruticus having elbow articulation?
  10. Bruticus could work, but....do his elbows even bend? I can't tell And still no seekers or ironhide? not cool, hasbro....
  11. oh also....knockout is a must-buy. just like everything else from prime that i've seen
  12. I'm gonna guess the arms are mistransformed as well. Still, the cybertronian toys are just so very nice, I'll buy 'em all the same
  13. its fine and all, but not when its buried deep within craptons of human human interaction. All the Megan Fox bits ruined ROTF and dragged it on too long. She shouldve been killed by a decepticon early on so we didnt have to sit through that stupid love story....
  14. doesnt really look like its advertizing a theater run either. i dont think its coming back to the bigscreen just because of 3 oscar nominations (which it probably wont win...remember the 2007 movie? it lost to an anthro polar bear.....)
  15. agreed. i like my FE Arcee, but this one looks much better and her lack of arm kibble likely gives her better poseability
  16. Demand may have been down because of the congestion problems at every Walmart in the country. You know...Pegs stuffed to the breaking point with deluxe OPs and orange Roadbusters....
  17. I stopped going after the energon combiners after I found out 2 of each limb were repaints. I tried to make up a new combiner with mix-n-matched parts, but the damn combatticon limbs NEVER hit my area To this very day I'm STILL after one of those tanks...
  18. i would love that. eliminate that stupid human story arc altogether and stick with good ol robot carnage
  19. MORE! Keep 'em coming, Hasbro. Don't stop with these 8 FOC figures! The fans want our seekers, dinobots, ironhides, and beyond!
  20. he should definitely see a hasbro release...as well as thundercracker and a G1 color starscream
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