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  1. Bought on site!! Rhinox if my personal favorite in the Beast Wars line and would love to see each and every one from the show revisited. Not Dinobot IMO but classics Cheetor needs a mmmaaaaajor overhaul. Hope that happens soon!
  2. Dinobots!! And I'm so excited to see more Generations coming our way! Hasbro, Shut up and take my money!! :) And GALVATRON, eh? Really interested to see what this guy will come out looking like. Think I'll wait and see he'll look like. Messiah is looking pre-t-ty goood. But I reserve judgement.
  3. Thanks!! I may get the Arcee for my sister! :)
  4. So, I just got a copy of Transformers Prime First Edition Bumblebee and might I say, what an awesome toy indeed! At first I was on the cusp of saying that there was absolutely very little changed when comparing him to the TFP main line figure but after I started playing around with him did I notice how much these changes made the difference! He's such an amazing figure and I'm almost thinking my favorite Deluxe Autobot Carbot to date! Loving how this takes the classical Headlight/Chest panel and tweaked it so that he has actual working pectorals when he moves his arms up and down and the ability to have him fold his arms in robot mode is just awesome! I really wish that Hasbro took this and used it for another figure and the tweaks would have made an awesome Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen depending on how it's modded. I'm really enjoying this guy! Last TFP First edition needed is the illusive Cliffjumper! Where arreee yoouuuu!?! :)
  5. Second. I really would love to see this as Ultra Class. Right now I do think he's waaay too big.
  6. I really may just buy this myself! He looks really good next to Cyclonus and he looks like such an awesome figure! I really just hope the quality will be there.
  7. Ah! I want this thing! Ultra really does need more weapons! :D
  8. HA! That's AWESOME!! These are all bots in "More than Meets the Eye", right? The Autobots of "The Lost Light". Now I really am enjoying this picture! Can't wait for Whirl now! C=
  9. As far as a "dream" list, I'll have to say that to start off with, Prowl is not sounding too bad! I would STILL love to see Constructicons/Devastator as a full team that is as well as Rung and Metalhawk! I'm looking forward to seeing where the IDW designed figures go and am soooo looking forward to Skids! Also, a New Voyager Prime and Megas would be nice!
  10. So I got Generations Bumblebee a few ways ago and aside from being another Bumblebee character on the shelves, he's pretty awesome!! Only things I can think about griping about are I really wish his head came with a ball joint so he could have an up and down pivot...also because I think he should always be looking up to Prime! 2 I really wish the designers could have worked his door wings onto his back and 3 I can see some room to collapse the wheels to the back of his legs to make them look more full but love the Windchargery inspired leg transformation! All in all I'm really loving the toy and if you need a Bumblebee in the collection, this or Classics are your guys! Generations Bumblebee really fits in with the other Classics-Universe-Generations figures and I just love how well he pairs off with GDO Cliffjumper! Quick edit: I really hope that the future isn't going to be Faux hood/chest as I really do like having a more involved piece.
  11. Hope I see this way soon because I'd love to have a great way of selling some of mine! :)
  12. Found and bought Hoist! He's cool! Loving Trailbreaker a bit more and I just wish that there were more differentiating both characters besides the heads. Maybe thinking of buying the 3rd party upgrades for them but I'm glad that I'm finding these guys in retail! Now thinking about Bee and Thundercracker. Have yet to find Megatron but may opt to wait for Dreadwing. :)
  13. Yeah. Wish they'd stop doing that because I'd always want the Photoshopped toy version than the production model. It's always like they are saying "LOOK!! This is how COOL he could have been! " :P
  14. Wound up finding an Orion Pax last night that I would up totally enjoying! He's small and a good size for a deluxe and it's so nice to have the IDW designs in hand again because I totally enjoy their designs come to life! The toy himself is awesome although I wish the arms locked in more properly than they do now and the plastic quality is there but it's not there if you know what I mean but everything else he does is awesome! My only other gripe would be that I wish that he came with another ion cannon for Classics Prime because when I got this guy, I really wanted to give the weapons to Classics Optimus but after trying this I thought that the weapons were a bit too small for such an Iconic character.
  15. Loving what's been done so far but that face... I think Guardian should have a younger or smother looking face and are you guys also thinking of a helmet or an attachable faceplate and visors? What kind of hidden weapons are going to come with this guy? Wouldn't change a thing about the body or wings. He looks as close to perfect as can be imagined!
  16. Got Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus and Grimwing! Both characters are soo awese and since Darksteel I had to get Grimwing! The pair is just amazing still though, that chest cavity not locking in...just annoying. Also ... Generations TRAILCUTTER!! Was sooo surprised to see him just hanging on a peg all by his lonesome. Wasn't going to buy anything today but fate has forced my hands...to take my wallet out and buy the dude! :). Awesome toy but would be nicer as a voyager. After comparing him with Springer, he does kinda look off but he looks great with the original crew. :)
  17. Loving mine but thought it would have been nice to have the stacks. A missed opportunity for a clip on gun that can become stacks in my opinion. Still think he's all kinds of awesome though.
  18. So I haven't posted my hauls in a while but... Springer for the win!! And Sandstorm was so close by and I'm amazed at just how different they both are! Good job, Hasbro!! Although QC issues came about when Springer got 2x the same tailfin! GAAHHH!! But got a duplicate so I'm okay now! Somehow, getting a duplicate MSIB lessened my spite. LOL! :) Also got Blitzwing, Grimlock, Blaster and Soundwave...the Cassette/disk so for me it's a new age of Voyagers!! It's nice to have voyagers again with good quality! I'm not even complaining about Grimloch with all the hollowness. Could have been a thicker plastic but all in all I'm completely satisfied! On the Transformers Prime side I got Skystalker and Darksteel! Love them both but... Darksteel...aaahhhh sooo annoying with the chest cavity that won't stay stationary! Everything else was soo well planned...what happened?? Otherwise they are both solid figures!
  19. :agree Also you have to see that Toys is using bad sales approach. Price gouging their toys doesn't inspire sales and I'd really hope that if they did try this type of endeavor that that practice wouldn't be a part of their marketing plan. I know i've turned down $20 deluxes (and yes, I've seen them here) to travel to a Target or a Walmart to try to find the figure there. I think that ToysRUs is it's own destroyer when it comes to driving their customers to the competitor. I'd hope that it won't be the same way with import toys.
  20. There's a Predicons Rising DVD? Found it! And now my search begins. :D
  21. Ugh. I think that they're estimating that the children of today are as dumb as bricks or that the sensitivities of children's spirits are a lot more sallow and cannot take the more epic storytelling style but with that story, didn't they win a few Emmy's? They've given us something special in Transformers Prime that I don't think can or should be ignored; I really believe with as much story as they've left us to tell they should re-think what they're planning and keep telling the epic tale as they were doing it! HUB, don't change anything except for the Subtitle TRANSFORMERS ......! I still want to know what'll happen with Airachnid after she runs out of Insecticons to eat and Starscream and Shockwaves eventual alliance.
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