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  1. Oh wow! This looks really good! Cetainly getting a couple of these sets for all of the weapons, that the Autobots can use in the War for Cybertron.
  2. This is pretty sweet! She looks great and I like the idea of the bottom "fin" to fold apart for landing (or crashing into a Peruvian mountain range). I also find it funny that both Siege Seeker Skywarp and Earthrise Thrust are teased on the front of the boxart.
  3. Holy crap, finally, pictures of the interior! Pre-Order made! According to the measurements it's 2.92" Wide X 4.65" Tall X 14.32" Long, This actually seems to work with either the Siege Prime or the Earthrise Prime, as it has both an Earth-look to it, but also, the back and sides look Cybertronian enough to be a good weaponized trailer. Particularly due to the style of the interior as well. Although, I would prefer to have a Combat Deck as well, and maybe a Roller, I'm sure that we could either lift those from the Earthrise trailer and the Centurion Drone Weapons pack and 3D Print some kind of adapter for everything to work. Man, APC Toys is knockin' out of the park. BaCon are you going to get one too?
  4. In case you want to update the news post, @BaCon, They updated the pre-order count from 1K and 1,888 units. I have a feeling they're gonna need to add more. BBTS and Kitz Conceptz's sites keep selling out before I get to them. if they just waited one more week to announce it...
  5. Wow! "Events have come full circle..." as Ratchet once said.
  6. As cool as the artwork is, I'm not really feeling the Transformers "Evergreen" designs here. Mostly used in the Transformers "Authentics Bravo" figures. I would be 100% sold if it was Siege, Earthrise, or Kingdom artwork. That makes me wonder, did we ever get a Transformers Calendar with Siege Artwork in 2020 or 2021?
  7. Now this is awesomeness! I haven't gotten any of the Transformers Micro Machines stuff because of their price is much higher than the regular Micro Machines (it's the same company so they're not paying for a license fee... just the same license fee for the real-life vehicles that Micro Machines already has budgeted within their price). However, I am all in for an Optimus prime a trailer, and properly-sized trailer compared to the cab. It looks like there's either a "repair bay" on the upper floor on the left side of the trailer. I mean, I get the "red reveal room" is for seeing the symbols below the cars, but you gotta use your imagination, right?
  8. Oh for sure! These are really great! I also loved the look of Orion Pax's sculpted detail. I wish we had a closer up photo of Alpha Trion's headsculpt but it looks on point as well. If only these two had come out last year, they would have made it into my Stop Motion Animation. I agree a that it's hard to not see Scourge, but I think it's rather unavoidable when it comes to Alpha Trion. Aside from the IDW Comics, he's never been shown to have a legit alternate mode that harkens back to the G1 design. I think a Hovercraft works nicely, as opposed to IDW's "Dark Night Tumbler" vehicle. Just wish there was a lot more maroon to replace the gray/white of his alt mode. That would have helped differentiate both characters of the same mold more.
  9. They also have the Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Ironhide shipping earlier along with these guys as well. Picture attached for them showing up, supposedly, this Wednesday, July 20th.
  10. I think they could have Sludge's tail at least twice the length that it is if it had somehow "combiner wars" folded/accordioned into itself. You know what I mean? Otherwise, really great looking figure. I am so happy for these larger, more cartoon accurate styling of the Dinobots in the mainline. As along as they do not forget about Snarl and I hope they will make Swoop just as tall as the rest of the Dinobots (ignoring the error of the Sunbow Height chart for him).
  11. Now this is a much more reasonable price for what you are getting in these packs.
  12. Well, you know I have to get him now, if only for the artwork and a very good likeness of a his Raptor beast mode. I just don't understand what Beast Wars Dinobot has anything to do with Bumblebee.
  13. Really awesome write up @BaCon I'm so glad you got to attend and were able to get all the juicy details for us, lol! I'm excited at the new Blaster figure. He looks great! I would also like something Cybertronian for him like he had the Marvel and the IDW Comics, but maybe we can "fan-mode" it, right? I find it odd that that Menasor will not be able to "Scramble City" combine as he was one of the highlights of that Episode. Out of all of the Combiners, I've always seen Devastator as the only who couldn't swap limbs, because he was the "Prototype" Gestalt, and Megatron. And then the idea to swap limbs was just an idea that either the combiners game up with themselves, or was something to do with being created directly with Vector Sigma. That said, I bet you the Box Sets will be the Generations 2 Repaints and other Variants of them down the line. I am also so shocked and in awe that one of my favorite Transformers Toylines of Machine Wars was mentioned and is in the know by the current team!!!!! I still, really want an animated series, no matter how nuts it would be, of the Machines Wars story and how it all happened inbetween G1 and Beast Wars or maybe something altogether new with the Multverse aspect. I do hope they don't anything Action Master-like unless it stays in the R.E.D. line because Action Masters, signaled the end of the Transformers brand in the US, and was never a good idea. The characters, however, I would love to see get their Pre-Nucleon forms that do transform though. I bet you @Patriot Prime Reviews is uber excited at the mention from the team about Thunderwing! Two figures that I think need a for sure update are Autobot Nautica (who, originally was slated for the Galactic Odyssey line, Plus Glyph, and Tap-Out from the Cliffjumper mold) a Decepticon Slipstream to have that WFC-style shelf presence. An official Slipstream in the Siege Seeker mold would be awesome and maybe something brand-new/heavy retool for Nautica since she is a speedboat.
  14. Um.... does this mean Energon and Dark Energon drinks are gonna be a thing?
  15. That is very true! Particularly the Fox Kids Waspinator and an unflaked Transmetal Rhinox.
  16. You know, I almost got some of those back in the day, because the Tarantulas and DInobot were ubercool. Unfortunately, by that time, I was only buying versions of figures that I knew for sure, were in the Beast Wars cartoon, itself.
  17. I think I'm going to accept these 3rd Party names as *official* names for the Trainbots, since we never got their Romanized/G1 English Translated versions. Although, several GI Joe Name Trademarks would have worked for them too. For example, "Snowjob" and "Alpine."
  18. Yes, fake indeed. The biggest tip off is that the heads were turned and the use of a Studio Series 1986 figure in Generations Selects. Which has not been done before.
  19. In my newest Review I take a look at the Transformers Matrix Workshop M-30 for WFC Earthrise Wheeljack Weapon Set Upgrade Kit.
  20. This is my entry for the #AgeOfSwagwave Stop-Motion Tournament. I used both WFC: SIege, Generations, and 3rd Party Figures to complete the action shown. Our theme for this animation we were given was "Overcoming Objections." The lesson being that Ultra Magnus, despite being a great soldier, and ultimately a good Autobot Leader for a small time, he has a hard time relying on others to achieve a goal. In order to help others, you can always ask for help to do so. Hooah! Also featuring voice talent such as Nindrago (who does a fantastic Victor Caroli impersonation), Amalthea, Taeka Phoenix, Bobby Skullface, @Kato's Kollection, @Patriot Prime Reviews, and myself. Please sound off in the comments on what you think, whether good, or a critique!
  21. Instagram user and stop-motion animator on Youtube, CrimsonRaptors had a Transformers War For Cybertron Netflix Original Series Spoiler Box Sighting and Purchased it at a Walmart store in Oklahoma. Click the link to the photo on Instagram. This pack comes with a redeco of the Transformers Siege Leader Class Ultra Magnus and a translucent pink *SPOILER* BattleMaster Rung (Translate of Cybertronian Text at the top of the box). Happy hunting while you stay safe and stay healthy! =P
  22. Although it's missing the pink "grid lines," I still, greatly, wish I could get this Megatron. I kind of wish the Marvel Comic Version was the limited and this one was a regular release. Arg, lol. ?
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