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  1. Looks like they learned some lessons from their Orthia combined sword when designing this one. It looks pretty good. Orthia's sword isn't bad though either it's just that the spear/arrow piece warps easily due to the nature of the printed plastic. It's too long and I'm scared to try to do anything to it as I don't want it to break. I wish they used better quality filament if they're going around selling these as they do. But I can only imagine the prices they'd try to charge then. These 3D printed upgrades are usually overpriced as it is and they're made with some of the cheapest filament possible in some kits. Just maybe use better quality plastic for swords, combining pieces and long cannons and then use the cheaper stuff for fillers and smaller guns or something. I'd buy more kits if they weren't so overpriced. Or more to the effect of if they actually did more than just gap fillers. I couldn't care less about gap fillers. My Transformers have had gaps in them since the 80's. It's not a new thing, get over it. And it's not nearly as bad as it was during the Beast Era. Seriously though, pick some of them up, the gaps for some are on the front of the robot mode parts, not the backs or inner sides. And where's my Transmetal Rampage gap filler kit!!!
  2. I was trying to see if there was any clues in the crowd. There aren't any really just some interesting stuff. The RID Decepticons are using their "G1" forms and not their UW forms. Chromia, Arcee and Nightbird are using their Legends/T30 forms and not their newer WFC forms. Parasite is also there but nobody else from his boxset. Yes Parasite and not Skywasp as that's the original name and most importantly, that's the Parasite head on it. Gravedigger aka United EX Buildmaster is also there in between Devastator's legs with Parasite. So there's eight Constructicons total when you also count Road Hauler. Road Pig is there which is nice to see. The Stunticons are there but no Breakdown, not that Takara was going to reveal him here. There's a really nice bit of continuity shown here in that the Titans Return Chaos on Velocitron set is here despite Takara not releasing it. Nautica, Quickswitch, Laser Prime using his Legacy form instead of his TR form and even Fastlane using his deco from that set instead of his Takara Legends deco. I love that Cybertron Metroplex's foot and ankle is just there. Just one. It doesn't even look possible to have the other leg anywhere either. You'd see the foot if it were on the other side of Motormaster and it can't go the other way either as it would be on the barricade or the racetrack at that point. I have since found Cosmos and Clampdown. I picked up two Clampdown actually so that I could swap the white hinges onto Red Alert as I said I was going to. I hate working with that mold though, there's no easy/good way to get to the other side of the pin for the shoulders like there was on the Siege version. So you have to leave the miscolored inner shoulder joint by popping them off at the shoulder swivel where it connected to the transformation hinge. I managed to get one of Sideswipe's inner shoulder pins out when I tried but couldn't get the other so I had to do the other way. I couldn't get any from Red Alert or Clampdown to move so again, I went the other way. I just really hate pins that can't be extracted once they're inserted. Reflector has a couple of those as well. I now know after messing with him from looking at that "custom" that was shown a while back about using one as a replacement for Cybertron Drillbit for Metroplex. I had a Reflector 3 pack that had some issues and BBTS made me destroy them before sending me a replacement. So I still had the destroyed figures lying around and decided to see what I could do with them to make my own version of Drillbit. While taking them apart to fix them I found out that the two pins in the torso can't be taken out without breaking some pieces internally. It's not like the figure doesn't hold together without those pins so I went and broke all the insides of the torsos taking them apart. Now I have them ready to paint if I ever get around to it. I think I fixed them enough to get two good figures out of the three. There's one that I broke in such a way that can't be fixed with just some glue. Oh well, they're free figures anyway.
  3. Oh boy BaCon, I am...I am ever...I am ever so "wet" now. I am just soaking wet from all...of...these...Transformers...leaks... I'm not quite sure that's how these kinds of things go though lol. I'm very interested in the WFC listings provided they're the video game versions as most of us think. Generations WFC Optimus and Megatron were two of the best deluxe molds not only of their time but ever. It would be nice to see those designs as voyagers. I'd be less interested though if they did the FoC deluxe Optimus Prime design instead. I don't like that design quite as much. RED is just so odd though. From the overall design of the figures in how the articulation works to the materials used. I get that each toyline within Hasbro has their own teams to work on them but how is it that none of the 6in action figure lines reuse concepts and designs from the others. They should be able to share notes at least if not "borrow" people from one line to work on another. I also think the RED team should maybe take some design elements from Gundam Universe. Bandai of America sucks at most of their lines but that's one of the best out there. Hasbro could use the same joints between the majority of the figures and then just reshell them into the different characters around the joints just as the mobile suits do. You can even reuse the same parts between differently sized figures with no problem. And for the love of Primus, use better plastic. I swear they're going to melt. Not that I have many. I only have two right now, Arcee and Knockout. Between RED and Super 7's Ultimates lines, I find the choices to be boring. I get whey they have to do who they do but if at least Hasbro marketed RED as a supplementary line to Generations then it would be for the better. If they used RED to make figures of non-transforming characters instead of non-transforming versions of characters that are supposed to be able to transform they might get more sales. Or at least, get more fans to support them. There's plenty of characters that can be used in this fashion. Pretenders, Lithonians, Quintessons, different guards throughout the series, comic only characters like Hook, Line and Sinker and so on. That all being said though, Soundblaster does not interest me one bit. Just couldn't care less.
  4. Indeed that tends to happen. The bots almost always outnumber the cons. To be fair though, they always did. It is however one of the reasons why I don't mind a million seeker redecos. They're nice to have to even things out. I've also taken to purchasing multiples of certain 'cons as well. I have multiples of some of Unicron's minions. And I have three of every color Reflector bot. Three retail, three Netflix and three 3-packs. Not to mention the Sharkticons, Quintessons, Allicons and Baliffs. Gotta make up those numbers somehow. I ended up with so many 'cons, I've started to keep them as their sub factions instead of all being 'cons. So all the Quint related 'cons are all just Quints. All the Unicron Spawn/Minions/Heralds/whatever are all separate to the standard 'cons. I just want them all though. But I came back in during Classics so I'm a more enthused by the non-G1 main cast stuff. I owned them all in the 80's, owned them all in the mid 00's and owned them all again and again ever since. So for me, it's nice to see the other iterations get some love. There's a dozen or three of some original G1 characters but only one or two options for some of these other characters they've been doing.
  5. Okay so Detritus isn't one of the "Deluxe Junkions"? Or maybe he was and his name took over the placeholder name? It's just that if he isn't one of the deluxe Junkions then who is? Are they more Weaponizer type characters? Are they going to be dropped like the Energon Monsters? Just as with the Energon Monsters, I hope these are Weaponizer type characters if they still get made. I love those things. Otherwise, I'd like to see female Junkions like Nancy. Strongarm? RID 2015 Strongarm? If so, I hope they do GoBots Smallfoot from her too. Deluxe Devcon. I wonder if he'll get his own mold to be later retooled into someone else or be a retool of someone. If so, who? You'd think Scourge but that's a voyager. Maybe they go the way of one of his cancelled figures and he's a retool of Mirage based on the Vehicon Mirage redeco. Or maybe the other cancelled figure and be a retool of TR Slugslinger. Dammit, I hope it's not Blurr. I hate that mold. It's definitely going to be a reuse of IDW Blurr, just look at that alt mold, especially the front end. They're both even supposed to have the rear thrusters that Blurr doesn't have but people are making 3D printed kits for. Scraphook? It doesn't even have a size class listed for it. What could this be? Not a single Transformer or GoBot has ever had that name. Oh wait, maybe a new name for Wrecker Hook? Like they can't secure the US name of Tow-Line and are using his Japanese name which they can't secure either. Or maybe they're finally using Earthrise Ironhide as Energon Tow-Line and they don't want both of them with the same name? So if Wrecker Hook, maybe have him based on Hoist? Otherwise I have nothing on what this could be. Maybe a Constructicon but no. So there's an actual listing for Shadow Striker now and not just a misinterpreted listing? There's still no universe designation though but it's a deluxe so it's not going to be a black and red Wheelie redeco lol. So we still don't know if it's Cyberverse Shadow Striker or OTFCC Shadow Striker. I'm okay with both but I'd rather OTFCC SS so that we can get her sister as well as lead into the RID 2001 Autobot brothers with Side Burn. But only for those reasons. Character wise, Cyberverse SS wins. The rest are what they are I guess. Not really much to talk about there. I would be interested in Seaspray though if only to see how they make him. I just finally found a Cosmos the other day and I've been comparing him with Warpath as the original leaks said they were retools. They're obviously not but they very easily could've been. While messing with them to see how easily it would've worked, I noticed that Seaspray could also be made from either. All three should be retools of each other moving forward to save on budget since there's not many reuse options for them otherwise, Seaspray especially. This way we wouldn't have to ever worry again about not getting one due to that reason as all three would use some basic pieces and transformation and just need to be reshelled. Saving on the budget with these three would make Powerglide easier too since he's the most unique of the minibots and only maybe kinda sorta has two potential reuses in Bad Boy and Viper. One's a GoBot that isn't guaranteed to get made due to "reasons" and the other is a GIJoe crossover that was made for the Combiner Wars toyline. But seriously though, the three of them sit down with their feet becoming the front of the vehicles with their torsos becoming obvious parts of the vehicle mode with their arms as the sides of the vehicles. Seaspray is a little different in that his torso doesn't stick up from the vehicle but instead becomes the rear of the vehicle but that's fine as it's just a simple retool to do.
  6. Well I guess that's why Crasher isn't using the Dragstrip mold. But at least I was right that it would look good as Crasher. I guess I know what I'll be doing when I get these. Head swap and some repainting. But I was almost right about what the supposed "Shadow Striker" was going to be. I jokingly said that it was going to be based on RotF Shadow Striker which was just a black with red Universe legends class Wheelie. Well damn, I might be doing this one too. So that's three Shadowstrip and two Crasher I might be picking up. It all depends on if I have the money for that many extras I guess as this will also need an extra Wrecker Leadfoot too but I want more Masterdominus anyway though. I might have to cut that Shadow Striker though as it's the least accurate and there's a perfectly mediocre Wheelie out now to use. Who am I kidding though, I never get around to doing any customs anymore anyway unless they're just parts swaps. I have three easy ones to do which only require the heads to be repainted to make the new characters and I haven't even done that yet. I think I'm just mad that almost all the customs I did in Siege have since been done officially. Tigertrack, Clamp Down, Deep Cover, Delta Magnus, black Ironhide...twice. From Shadowstrip: Shadowstrip, Crasher, Shadow Striker. From Crasher: Crasher, Slicks. From Leadfoot: Leadfoot, Slapdash, Slicks.
  7. Under eleven inches? Not what I'm looking for. I would very much like an Omega Supreme that's roughly in scale with CW/UW/PotP combiners, Legacy Menasor or most importantly, the undersized KO of CW Devastator. And I just want the titans at smaller, easier to handle sizes. I like them, especially the newer titans but you can't really just pick them up and mess around with them as easily as commander class figures and under. Even the old supreme class is easier to mess with than titans even if they're the same weight just because they're smaller.
  8. I hope they don't forget the Tensig Base Optimus Prime. Although, I don't really like these sets anymore. I don't like the hammer or ax as they're too small due to being designed to fit inside of GUOP's water cannons. I don't use them on any of my figures now. As for the leg extensions, I really only like them for GUOP but use them with both versions of UM as well. I use them in conjunction with some 3D printed thigh extenders as well. I modded my Siege UM and GUOP so that they still transform normally even with them. I cut out the plastic behind the hips so that they now shift back to the bumper (kind of like Titans Return Optimus Prime/Octane) to fill in that gap behind the front wheels. This allows the thigh extenders to fill that spot instead of the wheels from the DNA kits. There's the perfect amount of room to allow for two different kinds of 3D printed thighs (they're all made the same size) to fit in that spot while leaving the rest of the legs in the normal spots for transformation. Meaning that the trailer still connects to the cab of the trucks like normal instead of pushing it back. The mod can't be used with Kingdom Ultra Magnus though as his front bumper sits differently on the truck cab and doesn't allow for the mod to work right. It's a moot point though as the trailer for Kingdom UM's trailer doesn't connect to the truck cab anyway. So it sticks out further back to look more like how a normal trailer would sit. The height extension granted by the 3D printed thighs and by the DNA kit is the same. So it doesn't matter which one I use unless I want double height like I do with my GUOP to make him very leggy like the original mold. Regardless, at least this is one of their better kits and was actually decently priced. I still think it's a shame that the Magnus kits never came with fillers for the shoulder pylons. I mean it cost the same as the GUOP kit and that one came with the pieces for the water cannons to fill them and store the weapons.
  9. Well this makes sense since one of them also leaked a potential leader Prime Skyquake. I just hope we get the trifecta with a new Machine Wars Megaplex based on the Botcon figure too. I'll also take a Machine Wars Megatron as well. Maybe Megaplex and Megatron can each come with the standard Skyquake/Dreadwing head as well as their Megatron heads. Multiple heads should be standard for certain figures moving forward. However, budgets are tight as it is with Transformers so it might not ever happen. I hope this means we'll get some more leaks soon. There were a few from that big listing I somewhat jokingly thought was fake that I'd like to see what Hasbro does for their redecos/partials. Tarn, ?Universe? Hot Shot and Needlenose don't all have obvious reuses. Hot Shot might but it all depends on which version it is. Leo Prime would be interesting as well if they don't just plan on making some of his recolors that are mainly just himself still. Crasher still sucks though and should've been a partial off of Dragstrip. I will never let that one go. Slicks from Mirage and Crasher from Dragstrip. That makes the most sense overall.
  10. It's worse than that if the rumors are true. Bludgeon and Metalhawk are supposedly going to be voyagers. So that makes three different sizes for the Pretenders. I hope some decent KO company that's still around will upsize them all to voyager so they can all match or at least make the core class Pretenders the same size as Skullgrin. I watched about half of that video before turning it off as I was reminded why I don't watch Chefatron's videos anymore. He understands so little about the design process and the reasoning behind the plastics being used. Yet he complains all the time making him look like a fool. Tonton was even worse though and Prime vs Prime is only slightly better. It's such a shame that these three are the ones that are willing to pay extra to get the figures early. Actar got one early once and his review was so much better. I miss his Digimon reviews. If only he was more into getting the figures early to make videos or just make more videos in general. Overall though, I still stand by my saying that Generations Skullgrin is the better figure still even though it has those huge backpack shell pieces and the wrong weapons. That won't stop me from getting this new one though. I have more than enough room for both. I don't have the need for only one figure of each character or to sell the old ones as soon as the new ones come out. If I didn't like the older ones though, I'll sell them like I did with almost all the old CHUG figures. Some of them suck so bad and always did like the Classics Seekers, 2.0 Lambor bros, 2.0 Datsuns, 2.0 Ironhid/Ratchet, RTS Tracks and Generations Wheeljack and so on. And while 2.0 Galvatron sucks too, I can't bring myself to sell him. I think I have every non-translucent version of him now too.
  11. Looks like I'm going to have to look out for the Cosmos and Clampdown preorders. I wonder if Takara will import them directly like they have been doing or maybe try to "fix" Scourge when they release them. Maybe even release a figure for Dia. She's right there driving the Burnout mech. Wait, probably not. Technically Dia has already been released as the wiki is claiming that she's the Nightstick that came with United Artfire. I just still can't believe that Hasbro thought it was a good idea to short pack Cosmos. What were they thinking? If any of them should've been one a case it should've been Blurr. Nobody seems to really like that mold despite it being pretty decent. I don't like it either and much prefer my LG Blurr and Targetmaster. SS86 Blurr is/was clogging shelves because of it and now there's another one on shelves. Just like what happened with Kup. Clampdown selling out was a surprise though. Maybe it sold out because it's the last of the Lambors to get a figure and people just wanted to finish off the set. Or they wanted him for the white hinges so they could put them on Red Alert. Either way, Road Rocket or Burnout should've been the other to be one a case though. I went to a Walmart with three cases opened so that the scalpers could take the Cosmos and Clampdowns and all of the Road Rockets and Burnouts were still there. Someone took a Blurr though. This was quite a few days after they should've first been put on shelves so none of them were moving. Neither were the Beast Wars reissues or the Kingdom exclusives. This was a Walmart that I don't normally go to.
  12. There was supposed to be one more Scramble City style combiner that never got made. It was based on dinosaurs. It had a T-Rex for the body, a pterodactyl and dimetrodon as arms with an ankylosaurus and styracosaurs as legs The retro G1 Fansproject combiner was kind of very loosely based on it. Or at least just the concept of one more combiner in that style and the ankylosaurus. There were also other combiners that didn't get made as well but that was the only Scramble City style. So Hasbro could go back to some of those unused original ideas and make a new combiner out of them. They're described at the bottom of this page: https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Combiner The Autobot counterpart to Devastator is technically Omega Supreme. However that kind of sucks as it means they have to be roughly in scale with each other like I said in my comment. I think Raiden was truly meant to be the rival to Devastator in Diaclone. They were made at the same time and are very similar with both being six member teams that use a lot of kibble. They're rivals in The Headmasters too. Trains vs construction vehicles make a lot of sense. For Predaking his rival is officially Sky Lynx but again, that sucks for the same reasons it sucks for Devastator and Omega Supreme. I know people hate the idea for whatever reason but this is where a Dinobot combiner should be used. They're a team with no rival and there's five of them. Devastator was kind of their rival but not really. So make them combine and they can take on Predaking. Weren't they rivals in the Prime Wars Trilogy? I never watched the shows but I think the bios had them as rivals. And reissuing a character has never stopped Hasbro or Takara from remaking them. Making them has never stopped Hasbro or Takara from remaking them. Ironhide is a very good example of that right now. What about Impactor too? Dude got four figures all from the same base mold in the same base colors. That was entirely uncalled for. G1 Arcee is another one. Platinum edition T30 Arcee wasn't that long ago then we got Earthrise/Kingdom Arcee and now SS86 Arcee. As for anything not appealing to an audience, that's not really the problem. Hasbro still insists that the fans are a small part of the sales. So all Hasbro would need to do is just to market them correctly. If they go back and use an "obscure" combiner then make sure to put it in some current media that they're trying to push. Be it the comics or one of the new shows. As it is, all combiners for the most part are "obscure" as they're not really pushed or featured heavily. People are currently loving Cybertron Metroplex so "obscure" is in right now. Hasbro is officially going "obscure" with Legacy for the future too. So now's as good a time as any.
  13. How was Devastator not on the list? Well. I guess it's because then you'd also have to remake Omega Supreme to be smaller as well to scale with him. Whereas Predaking is too tall to scale with Sky Lynx. Or is Sky Lynx too small to scale With Predaking? I would've loved it if each piece of Sky Lynx were their own commander class toy if they didn't want to use the titan class for the year on him. Commander really should be twice a year anyway. But I guess in the current market too many people would complain. So I might just have to change my vote from "other" to something else now. I could always go for another Computron but I think it should probably be Predaking so that again, he scales better with the rest. Devastator can stay as a titan if only for Omega Supreme but to me it never made any sense for Predaking at all. Sure the original toys were larger but the animation model wasn't any bigger than the rest. If size of the original toys were the reason then Devastator should've been the smallest combiner. Shame there wasn't ever an undersized Predaking like there was with Devastator. Although, I'd much rather see Rail Racer, Landfill, Magnaboss, Tripredacus, Road Caesar, Landcross, Monstructor/Dinoking, Puzzler, Monstrous or even Magmatron instead. Liokaiser at least had something in CW and Raiden has the "MP" currently.
  14. Well well. Crankcase has his shoulder cannons. That was a nice surprise. Hopefully Megatron is mistransformed as well. They haven't shown him off yet.
  15. Crankcase is hilarious. It's so awful and awesome at the same time. The entire front of the vehicle comes off, turns sideways, has a little piece flip around and becomes a gun. Ever since we first seen pictures of him I was wondering what they were doing with the front of his vehicle/chest. I never would've expected that though. It sure is a different design choice that's for sure. I can't wait for the upgrade kit to give him his shoulder cannons. I wonder how those will be implemented. I hope at least better than SS86 Jazz's shoulder cannon. Dead End is what it is still. Nothing to really talk about. I still don't like how Hasbro makes the lower legs longer than the upper legs for Transformers constantly though. Many of their designs would work better with longer upper legs like Dead End. Pointblank looks good. I understand the hate some have but I don't have that same hate. I just hate the Targetmaster still. We just had better ones that they're still using. Did it really cost that much to add one in at this point? Sure it's double the parts count and isn't gangmolded but still, it's not like Pointblank himself is all that complicated to begin with and the Battlemasters have long since made their money back with using those molds. They could've moved him into a wave with reissues or slight retools to eat some of the cost for that wave too instead of having it a wave with major retools and new molds entirely. Again, I can't wait to see the upgrade kit to give him that engine block spoiler gun thing to finish off the center rear of the vehicle mode. Hopefully they'll remember to put a 5mm port in the middle of it for a Targetmaster. Yeah Peacemaker already fills that spot but we all know that someone is going to make that piece to fit there. Skullgrin looks good but I don't like it as Skullgrin. I still think the original Generations Skullgrin is better overall. I do like all the weapons on this new one though. I'm just a little confused about what the vehicle mode is really supposed to be. It has treads in the back but nothing in the front. Is it a tank? Is it a half-track? Is it a hover tank? What is it? That head is awesome though and beats the older head by quite a bit. Transmetal II Megatron. Transmetal II Megatron. Wow. I just hope that the dragon neck/upper chest area is mistransformed. Or that something can be done. That was very much a bad choice if that's indeed all it can be. I can't wait to have to tighten up all those ball joints to get everything just like I want. Cryotek is the obvious redeco but I want one more other than him. I seen a digibash of him as RiD 2001 Megatron/Gigatron and while it looks good, I don't want that. I'd much rather have this redone as Beast Wars II Galvatron. It's not like the drill tank was all that much better than TMII Megatron's dragster so it's easy to leave out. Once you take out the drill tank, the dragons don't look too dissimilar to each other at that point. Yeah Galvatron didn't have a dragon arm but I'll take what I can get when it comes to a new toy for him.
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