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  1. I have negative interest in Missing Link Optimus Prime. However I love that Nemesis isn't the first or even second redeco. The other Optimus was technically the first redeco. I hate how no company does anything else other than the basic ones. I'd pick up so many more third party and knock off figures if they just did Magna Convoy, Fire Guts Ginrai, Shining Magnus, Ghostbusters Optimus or some other variant of the Optimus mold's colors like the BAPE colors or Pepsi Convoy more often or at all. But no. We only get Nemesis Prime, Black Convoy, Scourge, all white Magnus, Shatter Glass Optimus and maybe if we're lucky, white Magnus with blue legs!. Sometimes Toxitron slips through as well. Dead Optimus is a thing now too. But really only Dr. Wu is doing most of those. But next time I hear or read someone complaining about the gaps in modern Transformers, I'll refer then to G1 Optimus Prime and his gappy thighs. Missing Link and Legacy deluxe even copy that. Well I mean, of course Missing Link Convoy did as it's as accurate as possible but with articulation but my point still stands.
  2. While I appreciate the nod to Condorman, I think most of these sets are kind of lackluster. Or rather, they missed some opportunities. They should've done some GoBots themed sets. Especially to turn the five pack Trailbreaker into Scratch. The MASK kit is nice too as it goes with the TR Hot Rod set but more GoBots are always good. Some of the other Autobots could also have been made into GoBots. I mean they changed the colors of Wheeljack so much with the stickers as it is they could've turned the extra figures into almost anyone. Also I don't know why the sets are supposed to only work for the 5 pack figures. Those are the figures that the vast majority of collectors are either going to keep as their main version or finally got them in general as Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker were apparently difficult to obtain for some. So these kits should've been made specifically for the older versions that people are going to replace and try to sell off. Jazz in particular should've been for the SS86 version as it's still so readily available. There's nothing stopping anyone from using these kits on other molds but these are designed to work specifically with the 5 pack versions. I guess I just want more full conversion kits in general. Mostly of GoBots but original characters are also welcome. We need a Condorman Marvel Legends figure and a whole world based on Condorman for Kingdom Hearts. As well as a full remake of the movie. It would be epic. And not a redeco of Falcon or anything. A whole new buck with brand new articulation, better proportions (thighs are the LONGEST single bone structure in a bipedal body, not the shortest Hasbro and they need to be thicker as a lot of muscle builds up there) and amazing wings with all kinds of joints for full posing. So like a mega release Marvel Legends. You know what, leave Hasbro out of it. Let Neca or someone else do it. Revoltech maybe if they can tone back the odd looking joints a bit.
  3. It's about the best you can do given the base mold's limitations with parts layout for alt mode. The only thing I didn't like was that the silver is painted on and having to cut the four pieces off the sprues leaves bare black plastic in spots. I would also like to see some new wings for Windsweeper to really set him apart from Needlenose. I mean even though it sucks compared to the original, Crankcase got an extensive retool of Skids. We also seen that Ruckus is also getting an extensive retool of Beachcomber. Yet Windsweeper only got a new head. But at least his tailfin is correct. Which means that it's not correct for Needlenose lol. Hmmm.....We have a new Spinister. We have a new Bludgeon. We have a new Needlenose. We have a new Windsweeper. We're getting a new Ruckus. Those are all the bots that form Thunder Mayhem. So will we be getting a new Thunderwing soon? I have some HUGE ideas for a new Thunderwing but I imagine that it would be a new head retool of Skyquake lol. They really dropped the ball with that mold though. What a wasted opportunity to give it two different robot modes like Universe Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Just put the tip of the nose cone INSIDE the fucking cockpit. I couldn't care less about those stupid opening cockpits that ultimately do nothing or the ones like Earthrise Starscream that are only translucent over shiny paint. Just put the tip inside...to mitigate the kibble. For the Skyquake mold, this would've allowed a better connection point with the stupidly designed pelvis as well as closed the needless gap in the center of the torso and the one behind the head while also giving a spot for the shoulders to clip onto in robot mode. Then they could've designed the arms to work universally front to back. The wings could then be left in jet mode for one robot mode (Prime Skyquake and Dreadwing and Botcon Megaplex) and then swung around to the correct orientation for the other robot mode (G1 Skyquake, MW Starscream and Universe King Atlas). The shoulderpads would also have needed reworking as well to work for the "Prime" robot mode. For the G1 robot mode, the back being sucked into the torso more would create a gap between the back and the wings. The shoulder pads could store in there to make the G1 robot mode more G1. It's a leader class and not a very complicated one and doesn't have extra parts to pad it out. They easily could've worked this all into the budget. Especially when that's at least 3 uses of each robot mode style. And of course, I have another 20 potential retools in mind for this mold if only it had the cockpit on chest robot mode. All of which would've made sense. The peak would've been a coronation Starscream that could transform WITH the shoulder pads attached as it's part of the mold anyway. It could've been that Unicron upgraded Starscream from the original movie script drafts that were found a year or two ago.
  4. Well the red swords make more sense than the blue ones I got from Show Z. Regardless, now that I have this set, I kinda hate it. The color match is only slightly better than the horrible matching seen on the original color images. They make six guns and six swords. However it's only three molds each. Meaning that they only go to three Dinobots each. They should've made six molds each with seven total weapons as Swoop always gets two guns. Not that you couldn't also give each of the other original 4 their secondary gun as well and make one up for Scarr as any weapon for him is made up. It just looks so stupid with this current loadout because the original weapons aren't replaced. They don't match aesthetically or color wise. Speaking of, all the original tail/weapons should've been replaced. Some of the major problems with this set are the tail/weapons. They suck and they look stupid in the process. But you have to keep them all since they weren't replaced. The set is already partsforming so might as well make a brand new articulated head that doesn't store in Slag's tail. That same tail could also look better as the abdomen for Volcanicus. Scarr's tail could've formed an actual heel spur for the other foot not unlike Grimlock's tail. Which also needed to be replaced. The feet are mostly fine. However the center spike is too long and ends up conflicting with Snarl's sword and is why the legs are spread so wide in every one of their pictures as it's the only position you can get without conflicting with the sword or popping the foot off. Another reason why the stock weapons should've been outright replaced. I also think the feet needed to be longer if they weren't making actual heel spurs out of the tails. I feel as though the combined mode can topple backwards if not careful. The most egregious problem with this set is that the arms are different lengths and the elbows are on different areas for each arm. You can see in the photos DNA provides they try to hide this but adjusting the Scarr arm in certain ways to mitigate the problem. The ball socket on the right arm sucks and is a terrible design choice. I ended up getting the extra set of arms from that four armed kit and just swapped the sides the arms are on. It mostly works but the elbows still aren't in the same spot on the arms. At least it's much closer on this set. I wouldn't mind so much if I had the other two arms to do the four armed mode but that required purchasing an entire second kit and I didn't want to do that. So I purchased a third set of arms in hopes of balancing the arms out. The set that now comes with the winged backpack. They're not in yet but I think those arms will not only be the same length but have the elbows in an almost identical spot. There's nothing worse than moving the arms up at the elbows and having the swords be in wildly different positions. It's such a bad look. If only Renderform didn't drag their heels for almost a year with their kit. It was pushed back to January of 2024. But in case you haven't noticed, it's now July of 2024 and it's still not even revealed yet. In fact, they stopped talking about it last December. The longer they wait, the less sales they're going to make on their kits. Their Bludgeon kit is coming soon supposedly which was also pushed back to January 2024. And again it's July 2024 but at least this kit they're still updating people on. Hopefully the Bludgeon kit will be out by next month and they'll finally give some updates for the Dinobots and Volcanicus kits again. Personally, I would've loved if someone made new shoulders for PotP Slash, gave her some weapons and somehow incorporated her into Volcanicus. I have her riding in a little "seat" behind Volcanicus' head made from Slag's legs. However the wings I'm waiting on also go in this same spot. So I'll have to find another way to add her to Volcanicus. But really though, she needs new shoulders. The translucent plastic on them is cracked. On all three of mine too. Last I checked the PotP limbs were still okay as were the GS limbs but who knows how long they'll last. Yes the translucent plastic looked great all painted up but if they only lasted a few years at best, then I'd rather not have had that. Translucent plastic should only be used as inserts. If you don't have the budget to do that they don't make the parts out of translucent plastic. No socket joints. No Mushroom peg joints. No hinges. No feet. No hands. Nothing of the sort. LIttle peg on lights are fine. Maybe some weapons depending on the weapon. Only for windshields if it's an insert with the frame being made out of opaque plastic. I'm tired of needless breakage issues.
  5. I lost some more excitement for these Armorizers. Not only are they even more useless for their actual gimmicks than the Junkions, not only do they seem to not have a combined form but you can't even mix and match between the retools. I just got Nucleous the other day and thought to myself that it would be pretty cool to make multicolor figures form this mold. This goes back to my observation of Carcitron looking like Strongarm. If you actually mixed the parts up between Nucleous and Carcitron you can really get something that looks like Strongarm. Problem is though that nobody has Carcitron yet. However you can use Magneous instead right? Right? Nope. As it turns out, the new parts on Nucleous are shaped different from Magneous/Carcitron. So while they all come apart in the same spots, you can't replace the parts other than the arms as those are exactly the same between all versions. The shins are shaped differently and can't be swapped as they just won't fit without modification. I then tried the side wheels and the 5mm ports are spaced differently. Then went onto the roof...which worked. That was until I tried to swap the weapons since the ones for Nucleous need to be with the roof to store properly since the roof has the cutaway for the weapon's handle to fit in. That and the slots that the weapons tab into are also spaced different on the feet. I'm sure taking the figures apart at the pins and screws will have better results but I don't want to do that. I was hoping to use the gimmick itself to do the swapping. That's the point isn't it? These peaked at the Fossilizers and went downhill ever since. Fossilizers at the top followed by the Weaponizers, Modulators, Junkions and finally the Armorizers. The Fossilizers work best when combining them in multiples or with more of themselves in both robot and alt modes. The Weaponizers next as the majority of them are really good at combining in robot mode and have a bunch of useful pieces. However their alt modes combinations kinda suck for all of them. The Modulators would be better but there's only two molds and well, the don't actually have alt modes which is extremely limiting. Building larger and larger bases are only so cool but their ability to combine in robot mode is incredible. I've made some amazing giants out of them. Outside of Junkasaurus, the Junkions suck. They look good on their own and don't need to partsform to transform which should be a plus. But at that point, they might as well just have been a standard combiner team without the izer gimmick. And finally the Armorizers. They don't actually do much armorizing. Their parts really don't exactly do much for the gimmick and there's even more left over and useless parts than the Junkions had. They look even better than the Junkions on their own and again don't need to partsform to transform. It's just that without that voyager figure to try and make them some sort of combiner, these will continue to be the worst of the gimmick. What's worse is that they have the core class figures that actually can contribute to the gimmick if only just, unlike the Fossilizers, but without the actual combiner, these are now even worse as it's a huge tease at that point. Why make a weapon fit for a combiner out of one but then don't make a combiner out of them to utilize it? I still want more Wingfinger redecos and retools. The fact that the best Fossilizer didn't get reused is a travesty. The same for Slammer who was the best of the Weaponizers. I hope Shard fairs better...even if I don't have one yet. It's just that there's three from the Magneous base mold and two from the Bouldercrash mold but only one from Shard so far. I'd say it was a coincidence that the female molds (from the start) were the ones that didn't get reused but Slammer is a dude...or is he? If anything it would need to be Sixgun as Wingfinger and Shard are also the only fliers of their groups as well. It wouldn't work for the Modulators unless one turned into a floating fortress or something. Axlegrease is female but she's the retool, not the original.
  6. So that's what they were hinting at in one of those fanstreams. The larger Orion Pax was going to be a retool of SS GE WFC Optimus. I guess that makes more sense than a new mold. It looks decent enough in any event. I just thing that mold is super overrated. It's objectively worse than the deluxe from way back when in every way other than shear bulk. And I guess THAT'S the absolute last use of that Siege Megatron base mold. I mean, it has to be right? Takara has their clean Earthrise release and now Hasbro has their gladiator Megatron. At least it's the miner retool which is closer to the Siege base mold as that's so much better than the Earthrise retool Takara used. Still don't know how they messed up a great figure and turned it to shit like they did for the Earthrise retool. That takes some skill to do but they did it again for the Crankcase retool from Skids. Skids is great, Crankcase is horrible. The new parts look good. Pax has some crazy stuff going on in the rear of the vehicle now. That's a lot of new parts. The other new parts look good too. Still a shame it's the voyager WFC mold. Megatron has a new sword and a new hammer top for his pickaxe. Shame there's no spike ball to pretend to be his flail. Then we'd have to give Pax an axe...like maybe the one from the recent deluxe Pax. And like all third party upgrades have shown, trying to turn that GE arm cannon into an actual gun looks goofy as hell. But it's nice they tried. I drilled 5mm holes in the circles in the bottom of the feet of V WFC Prime. Then I gave him the gun from FoC Prime. Two actually and the sword from Magnus as I have a ton of extra of these. The guns look pretty good in vehicle mode. Not as good as they did on FoC Prime but still good. They can still be held by the correct peg for robot mode too as the V WFC Prime's hands aren't too big to fit. I was going to say something about the price but then I seen how much is added to Pax. But then I remembered that that Megatron mold has been used like 1348957283645234 times now and should cost about the same as a core class to use at this point which should've dropped the price a bit instead of it being raised from the price of two voyagers. I also wish Hasbro gave the Transformers brand those discounted price troopbuilder sets instead of releasing them at standard retail. SS Scorponok, SS Sweeps, SS Freezer, SS GE Decepticon Soldier even then -izers, Junkions and Infernacians? and so on. Give people a reason to get multiples right off the bat instead of waiting for them to drop to discount. I mean, without putting them in a four pack like they did with the Buzzworthy troopbuilder set. I didn't want multiples of that particular Seeker but the other three were great to get multiples of. I would rather have seen the Seekers in their own set with three or four different color versions in the box made from all four wing variants. This way the Dirge and Thrust molds can finally get some love as it's Ramjet that gets all the redecos. A discounted Insecticon clone set would be great too. Maybe as Salvo, Shothole and Zaptrap instead of straight reissues of Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell.
  7. That's not Cliffjumper, that's red Bumblebee lol. They made a new head and hood but it's still Bumblebee's design, not Cliffjumper's. Bumblebee's horns are conical and sit lower and wider on the head. Cliffjumper's horns are angular and sit higher and narrower on the head. They also have different head crests. If people are going to give a $10 deluxe figure from 2006 shit for having Bumblebee's head in red for Cliffjumper then I'm going to give a $160 figure in 2024 that same shit.
  8. That Sentinel Prime looks like a cross between Combiner Wars Skydive in robot mode and Fall of Cybertron Blast Off in alt mode.
  9. Yeah if this really was that three pack, that would indeed be pretty disappointing. More so than the pack was to begin with. However, the original three pack said voyagers. I don't know if that was assumed by anyone or not but if it wasn't, there's that. There's also the fact that non-Generations figures don't usually get leaked in such a way. They just kind of appear in stores or leak from images and not often found via computer listings. It has happened before though. What's interesting is that these are the Warrior class figures and not the Deluxe class molds. Which kinda makes sense seeing as to how the Deluxe Cyberverse Shockwave and Starscream molds were reused for Earthspark. So there's no need to use the deluxe figures again. But then there's Soundwave and the fact that his deluxe hasn't been reused in Earthspark...yet. People are thinking that the upcoming deluxe Earthspark Soundwave will be using the Cyberverse mold and to me, this kinda confirms that. I don't think I'll be getting this though. None of them look different enough from their original releases to bother getting. The main thing is translucent vs opaque orange plastic for Starscream's Null Rays. Or they're painted or darker/less translucent or whatever.
  10. And it's kind of a shame that Ferak didn't come with a retool of Legacy Peacemaker so that he too could've had a replacement hand of some sort as Peacemaker can "hand on" with the Kingdom Cyclonus mold as you can leave the 5mm thruster as his hand. Not unlike the Universe Cyclonus mold the original Ferak toy was made from. Oh and also have Tornado in the process lol. As is, Ferak is the only Star Seeker so far that has all of their appendages. Oh and Filch too I guess but she's not normally a Star Seeker so I didn't count her. But I mean, her wings do pop off lol. And I guess if we're being technical, Lockdown has all of his as well but we all know nobody will display him like that and everyone will have the hook hand look.
  11. I don't exactly know what I was expecting for a leader class Thundertron but this was not it. Maybe Tigerhawk redone as an upgraded Thundertron? But wouldn't that have just made it toys colors Tigerhawk? I just want a toy colors Tigerhawk I guess. The white with the actual blue and not the purple. Calcitron is so close to the original concept for that mold. So close but also so far. It's looking like Strongarm now though. Like one of those all blue Hasbro ones in the gimmick lines. I love that it matches Thundertron like Spindle matched Impactor. And as odd as it sounds...I really wanted a Ratbat in these colors. I had gotten two of those Micromaster Generations Selects two packs with the two for Soundwave and the other two for Double Dealer. So after a while I decided to repaint the extra Frenzy into Enemy. I sold the extra Knok and Skar as despite having two Doubledealers I only wanted one set of "Powermasters" to go with them so one could have Knok and the other Skar. So that left me with an extra Wingthing that nobody wanted at the time. So I repainted him into Cybertron Sideways. I got a third to turn into the mass production version of Noisemaze but never got around to it. Meanwhile this is pretty much the colors I was going to use for that custom. It's just that the head is wrong. This is Ratbat's head and the custom only works with Wingthing's head as weird as that sounds. Wingthing's head has a distinct "V" in the middle of it. I was painting that up to be the visor face of the original Cybertron Sideways mold. I linked the characters though the WWI Senator Ratbat release from Universe that also used that mold. So I turned Sideways into another chest minion for Soundwave using Wingthing as a base. The orange helped as I just needed to use some black lol. Okay I used some silver and I even found that green too. The gold as well. But yeah, I wish Nightstrike had Wingthing's head.
  12. Sure would be nice if I can look at an article on this site for longer than 2 minutes before my computer freezes due to all the ads. Well, I guess Bot Shots people are going to be happy. Never really cared for them myself. So are RiD 2015 Minicon people. I wanted to get them all but bailed due to the horrendous late wave distribution. While Overload is one of the better Deployer molds, it's not the best. I'm hoping for another use for Crazybolt. I have one Takara version and two Hasbro versions. Got them for super cheap somehow despite them being late wave figures. I don't think the Hasbro version even made it to physical shelves. I don't know how well it will fit into this movie or anything but it would be nice to see that mold again in some new colors. About as nice as it would've been to see new arms for the Overload mold to have the gun on the correct arm for Megatron lol. I have a BIG feeling that Quintesson figure is going to be very difficult to find. I suggest preordering if possible. I'll be trying to get a few myself for my ever expanding Quintesson army. Given the look of that alt mode, I can see Hasbro using the Takara Prime Arms Micron Unicron mold for a Quintesson of some sort. It wouldn't look out of place. Hasbro finally released the Arms Micron Breakdown mold at current standard voyager prices even though it's said that he's larger than a standard voyager from back then so I could see them doing AM Unicron as a Quintesson retool at the voyager price. It's nice to see a few of those big gimmicky "for children" toys actually looking decent. They have basic articulation and aren't hindered by the gimmicks.
  13. The Sideburn colors really pop on that mold. Is it weird that I still want an update for Timelines Collector's Club Side Burn too? I'll take one from SS86 Hot Rod but I'd rather it be from the Kingdom Rodimus figure without the trailer. I'm pretty sure they can swing just that figure by itself as a leader. The parts count complexity despite the size would put it as a leader class and not a voyager much like the parts count of Hot Rod put it at voyager and not deluxe. I just really like Hot Rod in blue. Is it also weird that I still also want an upgrade to Spy Changer Side Burn too? lol. Yeah, all the Spy Changers as retools of Siege Sideswipe. Give me that Side Burn along with them. Daytonus, Side Swipe, Mirage, Ironhide. Crosswise, Prowl 2 and all the rest. So much redeco potential with the Spy Changers too. G2, RiD 2001, Universe, convention exclusives and more. Just give me all the Side Burns.
  14. Well if they're anything like the Cyber Combiners then they'll be pretty decent and fun. I just hope they're two complete Transformers and not one Transformer and one drone with an obvious alt mode that can't change into that alt mode. Oh Primus no. I just had an awful thought. What if they're like those Hero Mashers instead? Those were swappable. I also hope they're not those Crash Combiners but I think we moved past that with the Cyber Combiners. However I can't help but notice the pairings and the fact that they're very similar to each other if not outright the same. Optimus and Magnus could both be the cab bot. So the same figure twice. Megatron and Shockwave could both be tanks because let's face it, they won't be guns thankfully. I've been over objectformers since Classics Megatron and the G1 Megatron I found for cheap around that time. Bumblebee and Hot Rod. Both cars at the very least. If modern BB then both sports cars. Cheetor and Tigatron. Both big cats. One is supposed to be bigger than the other but it wouldn't be the first time they use the same mold. Starscream and Thundercracker. Do I need to explain this one? Nemesis Prime and Clench. So this could maybe be another use of Prime and Magnus. So four of the same. However I don't think that's what's going to happen. I think Optimus and Nemesis will be the same mold and Magnus and Clench will be the same mold. How cool would it be if it's G2 Magnus and Clench. Both long nose trucks with the front end as shoulders. Except Clench has his pointed forward. But yeah, this is a redeco of Prime and Magnus regardless. Shadow Panther and Ravage. Now this had me thinking that instead of Cheetor and Tigatron being the same mold that it's going to be Cheetor and Shadow Panther being the same mold and Tigatron and Ravage being the same mold. Maybe Transmetal style Ravage and Tigatron? That way they're not just larger versions of Cheetor and Shadow Panther. But then there's Grimlock and Snarl. There's no way they're the same mold lol. As well as a five pack. That throws everything off. If they pair up then why have an odd number in the multipack? This lead me to thinking that they're Hero Masher type things. I really do hope for more Cyber Combiners though. They're really fun. I just got in the second year's warrior class Bumblebee today. The connectors are compatible with the Cyber Combiners. However Bumblebee does not look good on top of Bumblebee. Since the warrior doesn't have longer arms, he looks weird on top. But since the Cyber Combiner Bumblebee has too long of arms, he looks too weird on top of vehicle mode warrior Bumblebee as that's the only way to use him as "pants". As a figure to itself though, warrior Bumblebee is really good. Like almost as good as the deluxe. Ball jointed feet, technically ball jointed shins that can angle outward as part of the transformation (can be useful for posing which is why I bring it up), knee joints, thigh swivels, ball jointed hips. a faux waist joint and ab crunch by utilizing the central joint needed for "combined mode", ball jointed head but mainly just swivel, ball jointed shoulders (can act as a faux butterfly joint), arm hinges for more shoulder movement at where the bicep connects to the front fenders and ball jointed elbows. This guy is packed with articulation. The transformation is surprisingly half unique but does have cues from the deluxe Earthspark, Cyberverse and T30 IDW Bumblebee designs. Alt mode looks good too. Just has an open spot between the legs in the rear and has the connector on top. Otherwise rather sleek. Warrior Twitch still hasn't shipped yet though. I ordered them the same day from Amazon and they immediately went out of stock shortly after. They also haven't' updated until BB did the other day. Was starting to think I wasn't going to be getting either of them but I got BB. Also got Takara's warrior Trash yesterday. They call him deluxe for some reason but it's the warrior class one. It's done up like Hasbro's deluxe Trash color wise though. Actually, the shades used are slightly nicer to the eyes yet also worse in a way. It's difficult to explain. Those colors Takara chose on the plastic type that figure is made of just makes for a weird combo to look at. Almost looks like a brittle plastic as a result. The kind used under the vac chrome on a Beast Wars era figure. I'm sure most of us have had a Beast era figure that lose the chrome. Like a milky white that's opaque but light shines though it making it look somewhat translucent. The teal is darker than the deluxe but not as dark as the Hasbro warrior class. I can't wait to see what Takara does with the actual deluxe Trash. I hope he has yet another color scheme. Two molds with each company making each figure different shades. That would be interesting. Four distinct decos for the same character.
  15. There's so much room there in the robot mode biceps to hide either the wolf paws or the robot arms and yet they designed it to do neither. Just a little extra bit could've completed the look for both modes. I couldn't care less about how accurate it is to the animation model when the rest of the BW figures all had liberties taken with their designs for one reason or another. So why stick to just one being 100% accurate? The one with horrible looking kibble to copy too. Sure it's the only real kibble but it could've been mitigated so easily. Then there's TransArt that's also going 100% accurate too with their version. Why on this one stupid looking bit are both companies keeping it like that but change other things that didn't need changing? Can we get tall/lanky Lockdown? Nope, for sure next time though supposedly. Can we get big bulky Bulkhead? Nope. Can we get lean Animated Prowl? Nope. Can we get gorgeous Knockout? Nope. Can we get Prime Arcee with leg wheels that don't look stupid? Nope. Can we get BW Silverbolt with dangling doggy legs hanging off the robot arms? Sure, why not.
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