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  1. This certainly is a thing. I have all three. I hate two of them. The third I have only a mild interest in getting as it looks really good. That being Shockwave. Earthrise Megatron is a trash toy. Siege Megatron on the other hand is awesome. Nearly every single redone part sucks. That is quite the accomplishment to pull off. Ditto for Soundwave. Okay, I might hate on it a little more than I should. I do like Siege Soundwave and dislike Netflix Soundwave though. They didn't retool quite enough and well, I hate inanimate object alt modes. I'd rather have the space barge thing. Luckily I already have both versions so I can just use whichever one I want. Shockwave looks good. But do I NEED another Shockwave? No, probably not. At the very least this set proves to me that I was right buying a bunch of upgrades for all my Megatrons recently. Why? Because I don't think they'll be redoing him anytime soon which is sad as again, Earthrise Megatron sucks. Just make a good leader Megatron that turns into a tank. Galvatron and Armada Megatron came out great. Do that but with G1 Megatron now. There's been a rumor that a leader G1 Megatron will come out in Studio Series but I don't recall having seen or heard anything about it since. So it might be one of those that are indeed just a rumor. Oh and I don't want another throne.
  2. ANOTHER Takara Waspinator? Uh...okay? It looks to have the same paint applications. The translucent plastic seems to be a darker shade though and is more purple to the blue of the previous release. It's difficult to make anything else out though. Well I skipped all the Takara releases except for Inferno and Airazor so I won't be triple dipping on Waspinators by picking this up. The only things holding me back are the fact that I don't really love that Waspinator mold and well, I don't go for Ghost Starscreams. I have two but only because they came with other figures being the UW Ghost Starscream that came with Grand Galvatron and the Headmaster Ghost Starscream that came with Blitzwing. I don't actually like that Seeker mold either, All that said though, I do actually kind of want that Starscream though. So while I won't be triple dipping on Waspinator, I will be for Starscream. I'll most likely forget about this though and not get it. Maybe when I notice it on clearance like Tenseg Optimus Prime, Premium Finish Ultra Magnus and Premium Finish Starscream.
  3. Just to keep things off of Prime CLIFFJUMPER more, this actually looks more like Prime WHEELJACK than it does CJ if we're all being honest. The transformation, the parts layout, the feet, the lower legs, the arms even the odd hand movement lol. If they played the retool right, the lightbar can even become the little wings on his back since they're smaller on Prime WJ than they are on G1 WJ. Hell, this could also oddly be a new Sunstreaker too. That same lightbar could be the air intakes instead which goes to the same area on the back. Why do I bring up WJ and SS? When seen head on, the lightbar on the back of the figure looks like the sides of the head of WJ and SS. When lacking depth perception while looking at still photos, the lights look like they're coming out of the sides of the head instead. So it's something that popped into my mind while viewing the pics. I doubt it but it's just as likely as Prime CJ at this point...and we do know there's a listing for a Sunstreaker coming up. Nah, that wouldn't work for a slavishly G1 Sunstreaker as the listing is for a SS86 SS and not a Legacy United SS...or could it? The more I look at it, the more it does look like WJ and SS. It's the shoulders, feet, legs, arms and lower belly that makes it not look like CJ overall. That's a lot of things that DON'T look alike whereas there's nothing but similarities to Lockdown, WJ and SS. Or at the very least, would need less drastic retooling to work. Really it's just the roof and windshield chest (which still isn't accurate as there's no split) and the exhaust ports on the sides of the vehicle that makes people think CJ. I know I might be seeming like a buzzkill but it's not going to be Prime Cliffjumper. There's far more things not alike and can't be retooled enough to work for this mold to work as him. I can even keep going with other options for this to be. Runabout and Runamuck, Tracks, G1 Chase, Searchlight, Freeway, Downshift. So another three to four overall molds if I'm being honest but still, that ends up being quite a few figures once we get to redecos. Bandit Lockdown, Blazing Lockdown, Stealth Lockdown, Botcon Breakdown, Axor, Circuit, Loudpedal, Road Rage, Spinout, Cordon, Slicer/Dark energon Wheeljack, Exhaust/Hyperspeed Wheeljack, Prime Dead End, Prime Wildrider, "Prime" Chromedome, Beast Hunters Wheeljack/Go! Hunter Wheeljack. To anyone who's thinking it won't be Lockdown since Lockdown is meant to be different colors do to the different parts he uses; remember "Cyberverse" Shadow Striker? I mean, she just hit shelves so she should be fresh in our minds. She's meant to have a similar cobbled together design and her new toy doesn't have it. So Lockdown doesn't need it either. I do hope for an OTFCC Roulette and Shadow Striker two pack at some point.
  4. I mean yeah, I can see the similarities. However we know pretty much every single toy coming out next year and Prime universe Cliffjumper is not one of them. However that would most likely be a mainline release to keep the CJ trademark going and to keep the character on shelves. As for now though, this will be Lockdown. Specifically the "evergreen" design. We know we're getting Lockdown next year so it's easy. Yes there are similarities between Axlegrease and Lockdown but they don't need to use that base mold again. It's already on its third use and one of those shouldn't exist as it is. To me it was a dead giveaway when I seen the weapons. The side arm ports as well as that oversized handcuffs thing. It reminded me of Lockdown immediately. Especially when I stopped focusing on that and looked at the figure as a whole. The slots on the hood are also very out of place if something doesn't actually plug into them at some point. I just went though a bit of the video. That transformation is painfully Lockdown. Those legs if retooled every so slightly will give Lockdown his odd legs from his RotF toy. This is a Lockdown toy repurposed for Chase instead of the other way around.
  5. This looks so good. I can't wait to get one. I really hope they do Alpha Trizer and Go Prime too. Maybe even Leo Prime not that he's needed. And looking at this, it really does look more like ThunderHOWL is the main reuse. There's too many things in the design that looks like Thunderhowl for them to just be a coincidence. The shoulder pads and robot mode hands come to mind. The hip armor can be reworked along with the heads. Maybe work a cape in somehow instead of the big hip armor pieces. Hell, I'll be down for some ZOIDS redecos too. Give me some Metalgarurumon decos and a KendoGarurumon as well as all the Voltron lions. I want an army (pride?) of these.
  6. I'll get Novakane at some point. This Optimus though, Hasbro can go fuck themselves with it though. Right after Target fucks themself with it first. I was one of the first to put down a preorder and they cancelled it. Thanks Target. As soon as it was cancelled a few days ago, I put money down on one of those KOs featured yesterday. The BW-TW-1030. I was so mad I didn't really notice that there were other options. It seems I got the right one though as it's not a 1:1 KO and has different shoulders as well as a different leg transformation or something. Like maybe it has the DNA kit already installed on it. And I think it comes with the DotM Trailer that's modified to work with it or something like that. I even told whoever reads the Pulse Facebook messages that I'll be purchasing a knockoff of it since they can't seem to get it to people who actually want it. Well, I guess it was more Target's fault than theirs but you get what I'm saying. I should've known better though with that Target preorder. If I remember correctly, I was in time to preorder it on Pulse but since I already had the Target preorder in, I didn't. Stupid me I guess. Works out though since I'll be getting a better version for at least the same price more or less. And I'll be getting Show Z Store points on top of it.
  7. Which is odd since you'd think they'd hide some of that kibble in the big barrel chests that Rhinox toys have. If they engineered it right, most of it could go there. There's normally quite a bit of kibble on Rhinox's design but you're right in that they perhaps make too much kibble with his toys.
  8. That's maybe a little TOO accurate to the original toy. Something just looks off about it. Why oh why did they keep the beast leg kibble hanging off the arms like that? This isn't supposed to be a Masterpiece figure and it's not based on the original show either. They don't need to be THAT accurate with a Generations figure that isn't also a Studio Series figure. There's no need to have those there like that. Do something with them to hide or mitigate their presence. Fucking TransArt did the same thing with theirs. Change or clean up almost everything else but leave the kibble. I don't care how accurate it is. It's stupid and intrusive, get rid of it. I hope it looks better when we get better photos of it. Not that it looks bad though as the original toy is really good. This just looks a little weird or the light's catching it oddly or something. I hope he's a big boy still despite the wings. You'd think the wings would make the figure itself smaller. He's actually about the same size as Rhinox in the show though. So it would be nice if this is one of the larger voyager figures since the transformation didn't need to be reworked. Just take the original deluxe, remove the wing gimmicks and make them work like both T30 and Legacy Armada Starscream's. Sit on back or come up and over the shoulders. And I mean, that's what it looks like they did. Other than give it thigh and bicep swivels and ankle pivots. No more grabby claw feet though.
  9. For me, I just couldn't care less about MP Beast Wars figures anymore after Kingdom. Other than Airazor. Make her already. The rest I won't be getting anymore. I did want them though but not anymore. I just don't do MP figures unless I have to and I don't have to anymore for BW characters. Sorry Takara. Just make Airazor though and soon.
  10. Damn, those look really good. This is my second attempt at a comment about this. The first draft went on about how there wasn't any forward shoulder movement and how that could've been changed had the base robots had thigh swivels which turned into bicep swivels for robot mode. Think Animated Safeguard made from Jetfire and Jetstorm who totally should've been named Firestorm (but we know they couldn't as G1 Firestorm had her name changed to Novastorm) or at least Stormfire but I digress. It would've made for a roundabout way to have the combined mode arms to move forward and sideways but it worked. But then I keep looking and spotted a picture with the arms moved forward. It looks as though each half of the pelvis is on its own little swivel. Those allow for the forward movement. Well played designers, well played. Still it would be nice if they had thigh swivels but it's fine. It's only slightly limiting and these are cheaper figures that needed to have four modes so something had to be cut. And if it had to be anything to get those much better shoulder joints then thigh swivels was a good thing to cut. I very much look forward to getting these now. And I think that these are the prototypes for the Energon Autobots. A while back in one of the livestreams I remember the Transformers team mention that they are looking into doing Energon/Superlink figures but wanted to keep them as combiners and that, along with people generally not liking that series, was what was holding them up for the most part. With these, it looks like they're putting their research into prototype form and testing the waters for Energon/Superlink toys with these as well as the beautiful Energon Megatron core class figure. So as long as these are well received, and I don't see why they wouldn't as they do really look good, we might finally get some Energon/Superlink characters after Legacy United. I didn't love Energon. In fact, I didn't even watch it. I did have the toy though since Toy R Us put them on a two for one clearance. So of course I went in an cleaned them out. I may have grew up with G1 but want all characters to get updated because I just want some cool toys. Combiners are cool toys. So long as they don't suck. Even then, combiners can still suck and be cool toys. There's just something about combiners. I just wonder if those drone things have alt modes. That one has wings and these two drones really should be swapped with the bigger one going with Bumblebee and the smaller one going with Twitch. But it looks like that can be fixed after the fact. It should also mean that the drones can combine with each other and that Bumblebee and Twitch can combine. I might have to pick up multiple sets as I like those drones and their ability to combine. They'd make for some great troop builders. But that means getting a bunch of Bumblebees and Twitches that I wouldn't want. Well I'd probably keep two of each to combine with themselves but that's it. Seriously though, bring on the Energon boys. I want a double Jetfire combiner. Or rather a Jetfire and Overcast combiner. And please for the love of Primus make Ironhide not suck again. Or Optimus if they do a version of him in that style again. It could also explain why they haven't done the obvious Tow-Line retool from Earthrise Ironhide yet. Other than the name being used for that shitty RID 2001 Junkion Tow-Line currently. I just got one the other day and I fucking hate it. He is never going on my Junkasaurus. Green asshole looks nothing like the character he's meant to be. The Junkions suck too as they can barely even utilize their own gimmick.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO! *Proceeds to shoot lasers from my eyes ala Devastator* But seriously though, they got roasted over this set on Facebook. Nobody wants this. What a waste of plastic. Why bother swapping out the ass skirt if you're not going to do anything better with it? At least make those two hinged pieces flip around to the back of the ass skirt to minimize it as much as possible. What about that shield I was talking about in my last comment? I thought DNA liked to give things shield for no reason? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take that shitty chunk of flaps with molded missile launchers in it and attach it to the gun that has a huge extension on it? That's about the worst looking thing I ever seen. It's far worse than any attempt to turn Motormaster's base tower piece into something resembling a gun. Just fucking replace the pieces outright. Nobody wants to repurpose them into stupid looking shit. They already designed a full replacement for the ass flap so why not just make full replacements for the other parts too? What is going on with that chest? Did they intentionally try to invoke the visage of Omega Prime with that? It's bad looking on its own and its even worse since you put the entire old chest on top of it instead of just the Autobot badge that's on a 5mm peg. And all for what? to slightly cover the hands of the smaller robot mode in truck mode? What a roundabout way to go about doing that. Did they even try to match the gold paint? I've seen 3D printed sets on Ebay try to color match better than this. Do they really think those shoulder flaps look good up there? They accomplish next to nothing in vehicle mode either. At first I thought those would sit in the grooves instead of hovering 1mm over them like that. It's just stupid looking when they're being used in truck mode. Who would even display the figure like that anyway? This trailer is actually useful unlike the Earthrise and G2 trailers. So the trailer stays with the figure at all times as it's needed for the super mode. So there's no need to cover the super mode hands in truck mode as the trailer will always be covering them. Even still, who the fuck cares about the fists being visible? It's such a non issue. Oh and they block the 5mm ports on the shoulders on top of looking like garbage. The door fillers are okay I guess. The front skirt is okay I guess. Other than the bad paint matching. The hands look okay but I hate those tab and slot connections. It's nice they gave two ports but I can almost guarantee that they'll fall out. Those things almost always suck. Just not worth it honestly. Who really uses the finger articulation anyway if we're ALL being honest about it. You do a couple of poses here and there and it is pretty cool but that's it. You don't think of it again once it's on a shelf holding things. The feet things are less than okay. I thought they'd at least have some molded something on the blue parts to turn those pieces in truck mode into missile launchers. But no, they have the same kind of molded detail as the stock parts. So why even bother with more than just fillers for the toes? Nobody was asking for the super mode to be taller. I think it's too tall as it is. It's taller than their already established scaling. Just yet another almost complete failure of a kit from DNA. At least the SS RotB Scourge kit looks good.
  12. There's a whole new leg transformation and you DON'T show it?!?!?! C'mon man. Lame.
  13. Wow. Just wow. Energon Megatron looks perfect. Damn does he look good and I can't wait to get him and Galvatron. I really hope they make a bigger one at some point. I have this whole idea linking the mold to Thunderwing and several other crazy ideas so I'm a bit extra hyped for Energon Megs. Snarl looks good. I don't think it's a retool of Rattrap. I rewatched it and they didn't mention it having been a partial either. I mean it looks like it could be since they normally have a very similar transformation and parts layout but there's one major thing being the beast head feet. That's throwing me off. Even the little things like the thighs look different. Bouldercrash and Magneous aren't really doing it for me though. They're "okay" and that's what I rated them as but it's a both a bit of a let down and better than I was expecting. I'm glad that they're not just rocks for alt modes but the vehicles seem just as out of place. I think just maybe random beast like shapes would've been better. More like the Fossilizers or what the cancelled Energon Monsters were possibly going to be. They even say that they're sparkless and not like Cybertronians in any way and that they're more creatures instead. And I still hate the fact that the Junkions have integrated transformations instead of the full partforming the others had since it limits what can be done with them. The torsos on the Junkions just can't combine with anything anymore and it sucks. I don't even bother with that feature of the Junkions but I made and still make giant crazy things with all my Weaponizers, Fossilizers and Modulators though. So I hope they at least learned from the "failure" of the Junkions and made these Rock Lords more combinable. And not just combinable in a single way like the Junkions and Junkasaurus. I mean it seems that that might be the case though as Bouldercrash is going to turn into a weapon. That tells me there's one fully intended way to combine them all and that maybe they won't work quite like the Weaponizers and so on. I'll get them but I don't think I'll be getting multiples of each. Bumblebee I already typed about previously. It looks good. Too much hate. It's not supposed to be 100% anything but a weird mix of two to three different aesthetics. Which it does. Chase being a new mold is surprising. And well, I think we know what's being turned into Lockdown now. Axlegrease was a red herring it seems. The capture claw on the arm reminded me so much of Ratchet's weapon that Lockdown stole. Windblade looks really good. I have every Windblade toy and this one looks good. She seems like she's very solidly build but isn't full of gimmicks. I just wish they'd make her a bit bigger overall so that they can finally do something about getting rid of or better integrating her nose cone and cockpit area and making it so that she doesn't just have arms on the sides of the jet. I can think of a few ways to "fix" all of that. Thundertron is spectacular. He looks like a straight upgrade to his original toy. I'm so glad that he's not some random partial with Lio Convoy or even Silverbolt. Optimus I've already typed about before. Still looks great. Too much hate again. Tigerhawk looks phenomenal. They managed to pull that off as a leader and that's incredible. I'm just not a fan of the brownish color. I get that they wanted to incorporate some Airazor elements but they look out of place. Oh and I don't see his "helmet" for beast mode. Go away Laser Prime. I wonder when they're doing Magnus. Or a proper SG Magnus. I'll even take a SG Prime based on the second toy of him. Hotshot and Jolt I've already typed about as well. The poster art is confusing me though. There's Magmatron and Tidal Wave. We see Tidal Wave combined with Megatron. So that would mean that Tidal Wave is the commander class right? But that would make Magmatron the titan? What? That can't be right. So is Tidal Wave the titan and Magmatron the commander? Magmatron as the commander makes sense but so does a combinable Tidal Wave. I don't want a titan Tidal Wave. I don't want titans in general honestly. Not as big as they're making them. I'd rather have them be smaller but sturdier and with all their little minions as well as have no cost cutting measures. Huge bots are cool but they're never going to be in scale anyway so might as make them more "playable" instead. Cybertron Metroplex being the exception as he can be completely in scale as well as still be playable. It's just that he didn't come with his Minicon. I'm really hoping that Cybertron Menasor is made as a titan soon as he'd be perfect as he's shorter than Metroplex and doesn't have anything like Sparkdrinker so he could fulfill everything I'd want out of the titan class. Only time will tell.
  14. Indeed. But yeah, they already found things to "complain" about. The shins are sculpted weird. There's six wheels instead of four. The wheels look bad...which is a fair complaint. There's no battle mask and they should've either had two heads or a gimmick to put it on and off. The rear of the truck look weird. The axe is too small...even though it looks pretty accurate to me and it's supposed to be a firefighter's axe and not a fantasy battleaxe like the one with the old voyager figure. The axe doesn't fold out to a double axe. Other than maybe the wheels, none of these really help anything. Complaining about Legacy United Animated Bumblebee's weird shoulder assembly is one thing as that is ugly looking, breaks immersion by breaking the sculpt and limits articulation. The wheels on Optimus do look cheap but overall, it's such a minor thing. The rest of the things though are just trivial. Would the battle mask be cool? Sure would. However it's such a non-issue. The rear of the truck looks weird? Has anyone actually seen that area of a truck? They all look weird. If anything, I think the filled in ones like G1 Optimus are the ones that look weird. The original AoE Galvatron mold had a pretty realistic looking truck mode but everyone seemed to complain about the rear of that truck not being filled in. It's not supposed to be. It's supposed to look like bare frame and axles with a hitch. It's designed for utility, not aesthetics. But yeah, the original toys still exist. Just go get them if you want everything to look exactly like they did. I'm way past the point in my collecting that would limit me to having just one version of each character or mold or whatever. If I want things like the original then I'll get the original. If I like a mold still even though a "better" version came out then I can keep both/all. I just went back to get Henkei Ironhide because I did like the mold for the most part. I got the Henkei so that the paint didn't smear like my Universe version did back in the day. I modded it to make the head less droopy. Now he'll stand there with Botcon Ironhide, CW Ironhide, Siege Ironhide, Kingdom Ironhide and SS86 Ironhide...both of them. I have them all and won't be getting rid of any of them. However there are some cases when I don't want the other versions. The new Beast Wars molds are so good that I'm getting rid of the originals. As much as I like BW Inferno, that's one that I don't feel I need anymore now having the Legacy version with the BWA version preordered. Same for pretty much all the ones we've gotten so far. I'll probably keep Tigerhawk though. I'm keeping Airazor as I love Airazor since that toy got me back into Transformers. But Dinobot can go. Waspinator, Primal, Megatron, Cheetor, Rattrap, Blackarachnia and so on can all go too.
  15. I bet that somehow the people on that other site will still find something to complain about this with this. Bulkhead was too much like Animated and not enough like Prime like it says on the box. Even then it's still not enough like either and might as well not even exist. Prowl's face isn't long and skinny. Neither are his thighs. Arcee...well I'll give people that one. I like it but I see the flaws there as they are a problem. This was overdesigned in some places and underdesigned in others. Bumblebee's feet are now his heels and the pelvis is too narrow even though it's accurate and the head is wrong as it's TOO much like Animated. And also the shoulders are weird...which they are. It seems only the Armada and Cybertron boys managed to escape the scrutiny for the most part so far other than not coming with Minicons. Except for GUOP who's not meant to be Cybertron Optimus outright and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot which seems to have been the test for all of this now. It remains to be seen how well Cybertron Starscream, Hot Shot and Vector Prime go as well as any others I'm forgetting right now. As it is, this looks amazing. It even does the thing with the wheels on the legs. I really like the axe too. So many of the previous Animated Optimus axes didn't look right. But this looks pretty good. It's the right size and comes with the full extended handle. A handle that looks to have multiple grip points which is nice. I hate when they mold only one grip point on handles that long.
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