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  1. I'm loving that pink. Just not so much on the shoulders. That is rather unfortunate looking and I might actually paint over that like what was done on Laser Prime so that only the missiles are unpainted. I can live with it on the chest even if it's not ideal for there. But for the actual windshield and weapons though, I love it.
  2. No thanks. I'd rather not get rid of the cab's sword storage just to fill in the backs of the legs. I'm not always going to have the trailer next to Prime in order to store the weapons when I transform him to truck mode. So for me, it's more important to be able to store the sword without needing the trailer than it is to fill in some non intrusive gaps on the backs of the legs. Gap fillers in general are usually a waste to me though. Did the fandom cry about them this much back during original mold G1, G2, Beast Wars, Machine Wars or Beast Machines when the gaps were just as prevalent? I was there but I didn't have the internet at the time to know if any early pages had people complaining about them. I mean, I have figures from back then that have the gaps on the fronts of their arms and legs yet nobody seems to want gap fillers for those figures. I just don't get where all this hate for the gaps is coming from when they've been there since the 80's. Selective memory perhaps like the people who think that Hasbro only does redecos now to steal our money? The gun looks good though. It's just that I never liked the short barrel look of the original. So I'll be looking for a long barreled gun when I go to get one for him. Or I'll just take the ones from Battle Tanker or something. The trailer has a lot of empty space in it though. I'd be interested in a missile launcher and disk launcher that can store in it for base mode.
  3. This mold (Impactor) has three different heads, two different chests and two different cannons and yet they're all for the exact same character in the same color scheme. Road Rage only got a new head and nothing else to make HER different than Tracks (especially when compared to what the MP got or even the CW Victorion gals and PotP Elita) but Impactor can get so many alternate parts for his four different releases in two years with all being just him in the same colors even though one release had no new parts. I preordered a set though. I want three of that damn Fossilizer but I don't want three more Impactors to have to off load two of them like how I'm stuck with two extra Netflix spoiler Megatrons at the moment. Thankfully I skipped the Netflix Impactor. So with this new one I'll have all the remolded parts in all the allegiances it can come in. I imagine that Spindle won't be too difficult to find later. Either people will be selling them off as they hate Fossilizers for some reason or the set won't sell well and will go on clearance (like Netflix Megatron and Skellivore) due to people not wanting a forth Impactor and they still hate Fossilizers for some reason. That's funny, just like Impactor, Siege Megatron had four releases as Megatron in the same color scheme with the fourth coming with a Fossilizer. Siege standard retail, Walmart cell shaded, Netflix with the Battlemasters and the Netflix Spoiler pack. At least that mold also includes G2 Hero Megatron and SG Megatron to get it in different colors. Oh wait no, Megatron has five releases as Megatron in the same color scheme as I forgot about the Takara Premium finish version. So that just means we'll be getting yet another Impactor as Impactor in purple and yellow in the Takara Premium line lol.
  4. Didn't get the set for the Kingdom version and won't be getting these either. DNA is dropping the ball on so many of these kits lately. But it doesn't matter as everyone will keep praising them and buying these mediocre to bad kits since Hasbro is supposedly the worst toy company ever and all that. I would still like to know who asked for Galvatron to be taller to begin with though. If the mold needed the extra height to be better proportioned then it needed thigh extenders as those are the areas on almost every Transformer that need to be extended. They go from being the longest single bones on a human to the shortest areas on a Cybertronian. At least Kingdom Galvatron has longer thighs than AOE Galvatron in any event.
  5. Kinda mad I skipped that one. Oh well. I hope Legacy Bulkhead gets retooled into Beast Hunters Optimus Prime. The rumor is that the Bulkhead mold was always meant to be an Optimus Prime. And looking at how that shield/cover piece works and connects to that back hinge, you can easily replace that with the wing pack from the original BH OP voyager figure. You might even be able to work that cage in and onto the legs as well like the second BH OP Voyager and the Cyberverse commander figure. In any event, at least the Rise of the Beasts Optimus kind of looks like BH OP. So I'll be able to get something that looks like an updated BH OP one way or another.
  6. How do I know any of what exactly? And why would you care about why I would want to own so many redecos? Skywarp, Thundercracker, Sunstorm, Bitstream, Hotlink, Sandstorm, Acid Storm, Nova Storm, Ion Storm, Clamp Down, Deep Cover, Tigertrack, Cordon, Spinout, Burnout, Lift Ticket, Over Air, SG Ratchet, SG Optimus Prime, Twincast, DK-02 Guard, T-Wrecks, Soundblaster, Centurion Guard, Bluestreak, Nemesis Prime, Skellivore, Black Roritchi, Hot House, Night Prowler, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and I didn't even touch on redecos of the same toy into the same character like Kup, Cliffjumper, Optimus Primal, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Rattrap, Cheetor, Terrorsaur and another long list of names. They're all just redecos. Why does anyone need to own redecos? To borrow form you: "How do you know all that?" Where was it ever stated that Generations Selects is for redecos and new head retools? That's just as much speculation as my statements. But I'm fully aware that what I said was speculation and typed it as such. And besides, this is Takara, not Hasbro. They have no such limitation to anything they release for Takara Generations Selects. They're two different lines. Takara designed both Star Convoy and Armada Optimus Prime with absolutely no plans on how they were going to release them and with no involvement from Hasbro. Super Megatron, the Seacons and the additions to Abominus and Volcanicus were also done without Hasbro's involvement. Going back further, Runabout, Override Gregevor, Adventure white Drift, Blackarachnia, Nightbird, Slipstream, Defensor with deluxe Groove, Bruticus with spaceshuttle Blast Off, Computicon, Devastator, Grand Galvatron and how many others are all retools, or new molds outright in Groove and Blast Off's cases, without any involvement from Hasbro. They released them however they wanted. However now they don't seem to be able to do that with the brand unification. So that's where Takara's Generations Selects comes in. It's the place where they can release whatever they want again. Had the brand unification been around back during Combiner Wars or anytime then you best believe that Computron, Devastator, Defensor and Bruticus all would've been released in Takara Generations Selects. But they would also have had to release the standard CW versions at retail like they did the PotP Dinobots and Terrorcons.
  7. I cancelled my preorders for this years ago when I realized that they weren't anywhere close to releasing them and were just trying to fuck with Planet X. Seeing these now, I'm glad I cancelled the preorders. The proportions in robot mode are just awful. The robot mode looks like it's made of parts from figures of different size classes. The arms are just way too bulky and long and the hands are comically large. Seriously, his hands are bigger than his thighs. Glad I kept my preorder for Planet X though as that's how it should be proportioned. Even if this one does the alt mode feet kibble on the arms better. Or so it appears.
  8. There's no way they could've done any of it from Siege UM/GUOP. There's nothing similar as the trailer needs to become the entire super mode from the waist down. It's kind of like Legacy Motormaster in a way. The trailer needs to form quite a bit of the combined mode. Too much for any leader priced trailer to accomplish. Laser Prime's trailer is pretty good compared to Earthrise Prime's trailer but even then that's still not enough plastic to properly pull off Armada Optimus Prime's trailer. And that Earthrise trailer is just garbage and I have four of the damn thing. I hate it lol. Although, they could get a pretty decent RID 2001 OP, UM and Omega Prime from those Siege molds. Siege UM is almost RID 2001 UM as it is and would only need a little more work to complete the look. RID OP coming from GUOP wouldn't be too difficult to do. Omega Prime could just be RID OP base figure with RID UM's armor and a new head/chest which wouldn't be too difficult to pull off. Which would then leave the RID UM base figure to have RID OP's armor to put on. He can even have a new name. Leftovers Prime or something like that lol. Not every Optimus with a super mode needs to be a commander class as proven with GUOP, Star Convoy and even going back to TR PMOP/TL Super Ginrai but Armada Prime just has too much going on to fit into a leader price point. Energon could also work as a leader set too. It could also be a voyager or even leader base figure and four deluxe Weaponizers/Modulators if they wanted to go a different route with it. That would put it in the commander range though. It's just that Energon OP can easily go to either price point and still work out just fine whereas Armada OP would only work as a commander.
  9. Not having that figure and the trailer to combine him with is one of the biggest let downs that has ever happened from the Transformers brand. Unlike Star Convoy, there's no way it could've been any kind of leader class figure as the trailer is too intricate. And yes it is designed to form the super mode as there are hands for it stored in the legs that will become the arms. However they made the commander class sometime after this and it would fit perfectly with that. It can very easily slip right into the Generations Selects line and not mess anything up. There's even two redeco options for the whole setup and at least two more if you count the deluxe mold's redecos. I'd take at least the standard Armada version, a Nemesis version (or two as there's two different decos) and an Ultra Magnus version. Then I'd go after the Powerlinx and Costco versions with the Cybertron and G1ish versions after that. No crystal version for me though. It's just crazy that they went that far with the prototype and then didn't do it when they have the size class and toy line for it read to go. And Legacy wasn't even an idea when this was worked on. Like I said, if it got as far as it did, then they were working on it for quite a while. It looks ready to be made as far as prototypes go. Meaning that they must have started around 2017ish. It's not like they couldn't rush to change a few things to make it work with the War for Cybertron Trilogy to have extra Weaponizer or blast effect ports since Takara rushed to change the PRID figures to have Arms Micron ports and pegs all over them for better or worse.
  10. But it's not an Autobot sigil and it's not purple. It's a Wrecker's sigil and the basic one of those is blue. The blue sigil on the red plastic makes it look purple. It's not a sigil that comes up often and not one that really makes it to official figures either. As an example, the sticker sheet from Generations Thrilling 30 Roadbuster came with a blue Wrecker sticker as well as a red Autobot sticker.
  11. I already have both sets of TR and TL Topspin and Twintwist and I'll gladly get these as well. Parasite is new though. There's rumors of Paralyzer (the Bugbite colored one) coming out in a Buzzworthy four pack that I also hope beyond all hope that will actually be TR Squeezeplay with a new name instead. But seeing Parasite makes me think otherwise. The rumored Paralyzer will indeed be a Kingdom Waspinator redeco if this Parasite redeco is real. I guess they have to make up for Rhinox not having any redecos or retools yet. So Waspinator gets four redecos and one new head retool. Cheetor gets two redecos, one new head retool and one major retool along with a reused design for Tigatron and his new head retool. Primal gets two redecos. Rattrap gets a redeco? Did that or the Primal redeco really count? Megatron gets a redeco and new head retool. Blackarachnia gets a new head retool. Dinobot gets one new head retool and a rumored redeco. Airazor gets a new head retool and major retool and that mold's redeco and we all know there's going to be at least a few more Terrosaur redecos to be done. Inferno better get a retool into Antagony and Tarrantulas should at least get something but maybe he's another one without any reuses. I don't know why they haven't done anything with Rhinox though. There's the Fox Kids deco to be done as well other than the original toy deco. Maybe retool it into Transmetal Rhinox and do his three decos. I want all four Armada Transmetals done and it wouldn't be too difficult with the molds we have now. But besides all that, Rhinox would make the perfect base for Polar Claw. Hasbro knows we're mad he got cut from Kingdom. It could be a reshell like Legacy Knockout is of SS86 Jazz. It wouldn't be perfect but it would be very serviceable. Then we'd get the redecos of Polar Claw too. So that's at least three from the reshell.
  12. If you rotate the backpack you could get some kind of an Arcee from that Wild Rider. It would put the front fenders and wheels up behind the shoulders like Arcee's pylons. IDW Earth mode Arcee or Terminator Arcee. I don't know what to call if as I don't follow the comics, I just know I seen some Arcee designs that a Wild Rider retool could work for. Hell, even Authentics Bravo Arcee looks similar to that too. Dragstrip looks like he could be easily reworked into two different figures. Both GoBots. The obvious one is Crasher. Just put one wheel on each side up front and extend the front scoop. But instead of separating it and turning them sideways, just angle the whole thing back and downward to make Crasher's iconic look. The chest area would work similarly too. The second GoBot is Turbo. The front scoop thing while turned sideways as it is for Dragstrip looks just like Turbo. Again, the chest area would work similarly. Just with a complete roof and windows instead. It would need a more serious reshell but it's doable. Crasher's and Turbo's legs are rather generic looking so nothing would need to change from how Dragstrip's work. With these new Stuticons not having "comboners" like the old CW/PotP figures, they'd be easier to retool and reshell without needing to worry about the combine-ability of the figure. And damn do I want some updated GoBots that don't cost twice what they should.
  13. "New". That Bumblebee came out several years ago already. Mech Planet Hot Soldiers Centurion. ExVee posted about it back in March 2018 (https://tformers.com/hot-soldiers-legends-scale-unofficial-hearts-of-steel-bumblebee-color-photos-plus-new-not-optimus-teaser/33399/news.html). The track and hammer are new though. The original hammer was a solid piece whereas this new one looks like it transforms for some reason. Probably to better peg in underneath in train mode. The original hammer just kinda loosely slotted in by the lower part of the handle. It would sometimes come out if hit by something. This new hammer looks like it has two pegs that flip out and the hammer head rotates so that maybe the hammer head plugs in underneath the train. This way it's secured at both ends and won't fall off anymore. The pickaxe does something similar. They're not going to to act as train car connectors as they're not long enough to. Not unless they changed where they go underneath the train. Centurion (that's that character's actual name in IDW) has a new head. Shame they didn't give him his cowcatcher battle mask that he sports later. Thomas obviously has some very illegal retooled parts on him. Cliffjumper has a new head as well. Both Thomas and Cliffjumper have new weapons. But the Bumblebee exists already for the most part. The colors might be different though but it's difficult to tell with the lighting used for these product shots. It's a good figure loaded with articulation. I love how the hands transformation hinge works so well with the hammer. I think I paid under $30 for him on Ebay but I would imagine it's going to be more like $50 or more now. I also think that this might be a way to help fund the rest of the line. Reissue figures from an old mold or rather one purchased from another company and use that to quickly get some easy money to finish other projects. It could all be the same company though as it's difficult to keep up with their constant name changes for different reasons. Mech Planet, MechFanToys, Mechanic Studios, they all sound like the same company to me.
  14. How and/or why is this the first third party/knockoff Airachnid? I would throw so much money at a few different takes on Airachnid. She's an awesome character that got shafted when it came to their main, mainline figure. I get why most third party companies don't take chances with "lesser known" characters but Airachnid would be easy money. There's no way that she wouldn't sell out if the major third party companies put her in rotation. I can't stand the vast majority of third party figures but I would purchase one of every Airachnid-alike figure made. Give me a "legends scale", an MP, a retro future, a FOC, a Fanstoys, an MMC, a 52 Toys, a whatever TFC is doing lately, a KFC, a cassetticon, a Headmaster head, a Targetmaster weapon, 12 combiners from different companies made from only Airachnids, an IDW, a Dreamwave, a War Within, a Hearts of Steel, an episode one to go with Bumblebee and the Tetrajets, an Animated, oversized knockoffs, undersized knockoffs, a Flame Toys model, a Big Firebird too sexy for my money, a Figma, an SH Figuarts, a Play Arts Kai, a Titanium, an Alternator, a Minicon, a PotP Leader Evolution, a Diaclone reboot, a Gobot, a Megazord, a Gladiator Voltron, a Haslab, a My Little Pony, a Lite Brite, a Monopoly edition, an Easy Bake Oven, a Creepy Crawlers, a MASK, a TMNT, an AEW Elite, a NJPW Bullet Club, an NWO Black and White, an NWO Wolfpac, an NWO 2000, a Hart Foundation, an Owen Hart tribute, a NECA Ultimates, a Marvel Legends, a Pokemon, a G Frame, a Gundam Universe, a Dragon Stars, a McFarlane Toys, a Fansproject Protector armor, a fighting evil by moonlight, a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation Vita, Carebear Stare, a BAN...KAI, these hands of ours are burning red, their loud cry tells us to grasp happiness erupting burning finger Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken version and everything else. Just Give me all the Airachnids...and more G Gundam figures.
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