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  1. Why are there no good Transformers G1 games in the App Store?
  2. Could the G1 cartoon gone to a full season 4 and 5 with Headmasters and Targetmasters? Is Japanese G1 any good?
  3. Is Galvatron Megatron, or is he a new being created from the remains of Megatron? Did Shockwave create Megatron?
  4. Is Transformers Legends ending? I wanted to start to get back into it.
  5. G1 is the best because it was the original, the first. Everything was derived from it. It literally gave us everything. The creativity of the combiners/gestalts has never been matched by any future iterations.
  6. OMEGA SUPREME ALWAYS PREPARED. Is Omega Supreme the Incredible Hulk of the Transformers universe?
  7. Can Frank Welker do G1 Megatron at all anymore? Has he tried during the panels at Botcon? Or is that iconic G1 Megatron voice gone forever?
  8. I maxed out robot and space gun Shockwave but I can't get them to appear in the transcan options.
  9. I miss Megatron. I didn't like the reformat into Galvatron. G1 Megatron had the best voice and head sculpt, as well as overall design. He's equal to Optimus Prime in my book.
  10. My favorite is G1 Omega Supreme. Is that legit?
  11. How are Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge and The Sweeps able to defeat the entire staff of the Decepticons, as well as the elite group of Autobots with Rodimus Prime and Utramagnus?
  12. Can Omega Supreme defeat Predaking? How about Computron?
  13. dura_grip

    G1 cartoon

    How come the G1 cartoon is so much better than anything that has come after?
  14. I like G1 Megatron in the cartoon better. It's just I'm starting to fall in love with Galvatron? What should I do?
  15. Where did the concept of transmetal come from, and what is it?
  16. How can there be a Beast Wars 2 Galvatron when Galvatron is G1?
  17. Sadly, no Transformers media today can deliver this kind of content: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzNsOGt3bHk
  18. dura_grip

    G1 Transformers

    I want a Shockwave and Computron. I'm considering the knockoffs being sold online. However, just knowing that they are not official releases would bring them down in my mind. Are knockoffs collectible?
  19. Do I have to buy Cybercash in order to keep Transformers Legends supported and in the App Store?
  20. All the data from Megatron was downloaded into Galvatron, that's why Galvatron knows everything that Megatron knows. He has all his experiences. Data died in the last Star Trek Next Generation movie. He downloaded all his datum into another body and brain. That does not mean the new robot is still him.
  21. Where's my G1 Omega Supreme card?
  22. G1 Megatron was smart; he engineered and constructed the Stunticons. Galvatron seems unintelligent and simple-minded, to put it kindly. How can they be the same guy. I did not see Transformers: The Animated Movie in the 80's. I just went straight to watching season 3 episode here and there. I only watched it once in a while because I was turned off by the drastic change. I missed the episode or scene where Astrotrain referenced what happened in the movie. All I knew was that Optimus Prime died and that's why he was not there. I asked my friends at school what happened to Megatron because I did not make the connection when I saw Galvatron in the season 3 cartoon that he was Megatron. I was wondering where he came from. I asked my friends at school if Megatron died and they said yes; they did not tell me that Galvatron came from Megatron. I did not ask about Galvatron because I was not really interested in him. I only later on watched the animated movie to find out how Optimus Prime and Megatron died, and where Rodimus Prime and Galvatron came from. Well I guess you can imagine my surprise to find out Galvatron originated from Megatron. The point is I was was watching season 3 objectively, without knowledge of the animated movie, and I did not make the connection between Galvatron being Megatron. And I think if you present those two characters to someone with no knowledge of Transformers they would assume they were different characters. Didn't Teletraan One reformat all the Autobots and Deceptions after they crash-landed on earth? Yet they kept all their same names and identities. I don't like when fans say Megatron was just reformatted. What Teletraan 1 did was reformat. According to the Teletraan 2 files, "Megatron was reformed into a new robot named Galvatron." Fans just say reformat because it sounds cooler and more techy.
  23. How is this IOS game still going, and still supported with new content, while the He-man IOS game was pulled from the App Store and is no longer supported? Isn't He-man and She-ra better than Transformers?
  24. Galvatron is no more Megatron than Optimus Prime is Orion Pax.
  25. Predaking got beat by Skylinks in the g1 cartoon, who is the same size as Astrotrain in shuttle mode. Omega grabbed Astrotrain and threw him into space like he was nothing. In the g1 Marvel comic Megatron defeated Predaking. Omega almost killed Megatron.
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