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  1. No, you see the carbon dioxide you exhale but never the air you inhale. For some it is rumour for others it is fact. For those that need physical proof it will always remain a rumour. For those that use simple logic...a rumour no more. :)
  2. This is the 3P scene there is no proof of anything. Either you believe it or you don't but TFC is Warbotron under a different name. I have also heard that the Warbotron line is by a different designer thus the name change but whatever the reason, they are one in the same. We know that the first fall out was between FP and RK. We know that RK is the official and only distributor for TFC figures. Warbotron not only takes the name Warbot from the FP Warbot line but their first two combiners are the same as FP's first two which is Bruticus and Menasor. They are the same company and they are attacking FP hardcore but FP won't lose. I can see TFC taking a big bath on Predaking and I forsee some success for Bruticus and none for Menasor. That is IF Takara doesn;t trump them with their own MP Bruticus or Menasor. Rumour have been extremely heavy of an MP combiner and once they start you know many fans will just wait for official MP combiners. The final nail to convince many (I won't even say most because some people here need to be hit in the head with a metal beam before they beieve it is hard) is the ridiculasly high price, the lack of engineering in terms of transformation e.i. upscaled deluxes vs a figure having the complexity equal to its size class. And the weak hips, I bet they still don't get it right under the Warbotron name. lol I've never seen the air that I breathe and yet I have been breathing it since birth.
  3. More polish for the turd that is Uranos.
  4. English is obviously their second language so I ask in the name of not misunderstanding. Is Warbotron claiming this entire combiner will be ready for release all at once (Jan)?
  5. Here is the only problem I see with WB02 right now. This is TFC and TFC is in the midst of releasing Ares...well they are headign towards releasing Ares so that should take AT LEAST until June. TFC will then release Bruticus, what is that, another 6 moths if lucky? There is 2014 for you. Menasor will start release come 2015 or MAYBE late 2014. I will finish FP Menasor (who will scale well with Giant, Computron, Collosus and Feral Rex as well as others not mentioned yet). Even if this is the greatest shit since fucking, I can enjoy my Intimidator for well over a year before I get this guy. I know people will try to create a competition for this and the FP version but that is liek creating a competition for the FP Arealbot upgrade set with that piece of crap Uranos, the time difference was to big to bother. Same with this,. I will stick with FP/MMC/MT for my Classicverse combiners and wait for Hastak to give me my MP Combiners...its gonna happen :)
  6. Sorry Transfans, I wanted to post the review here but I am having trouble getting all the pictures in. Here is a link to the review. Thanks Transbot90210 http://www.cybertron.ca/boards/showthread.php?t=50305
  7. Nothing like spending over $500 on a set of upscaled deluxes with poor engineering all because it claims to be self contained. But wait! Self contained means you spent all that money just to get a poor base for a representation of a G1 figure you want. To get the actual likeness of said figure and one that looks half decent at best you must spend even more money and buy another set of pieces that eventually need to be stored in a box (oh and some of them pieces were to come with the actual figures but removed for the sake of this money grab) I can see why TFC decided to hide behind the name of Warbotron. How many times can you fool the people with the same trick. So far 2, but it seems MMC stopped them from acheiving three with a far superior Predaking.
  8. Very unnecessary figures but I must conceed that that is probably the best looking Predaking there is. I really hope Hasbro's simpler Transformers does not mean a great loss in articulation.
  9. I'm not going to lie. You got me hooked. I look forward to these now because there is usually one or two things that you mention that I actually miss. Keep up the great fan service.
  10. I like to think of the Retro line as figures taken from an alternate reality. A reality where the moron that decided to cancel Transformers after Rebirth was never born/hired. This reality had a complete 4th season and actually went on to finish two more seasons after that. There was no G2 in this reality just more glorious G1. The first set that comes to us from this alternate reality is the Glacialbots. If I am to believe the back of their boxes, there should be more sets coming our way. P.S. I heard in this reality Transformers was not directed by Michael Bay (who is actually just a beach bum in this reality) and went on to win a record 17 Oscars and Prime was the first CGI character to win a best actor award.
  11. If we are seeing final pics does that mean Intimidator will be complete soon? I can not wait to finish another Combiner. It will hold me off while I wait for Feral Rex to be complete.
  12. I am extremely excited to finish off this set since owning Fangro for so long. This set is such a fun experience and at only $30 a limb and possibly $50 for Tuskor, it is prices so that most can jump on board. Release the beasts FPCore, the Transbot is hungry for this plastic crack.
  13. Hardshell is from TF PRime. As for G1 insections...I wouldn't mind seeing the other two join Deluxe Kickback in their FOC form.
  14. In regards to the MOVIE line. I really hope the designs remain twisted pieces of metal. I am selling my first two movie toys and never bothered with movie three. I really do not want this to be something that I desire. I fear the Leaders will be the Movie 2 leaders being Prime, Megatron and Jetfire. If not, I am curious about adding a new leader class to my collection of Voyagers and Deluxes. Time will tell. Personally this list looks like a mix of a collector's pipe dream and an attack against 3P groups. 2014 should be a very interesting year. P.S. Voyager Prime Hardshell please. Thanks :)
  15. This guy is just so glorious. I can not wait to add this beast into my collection. I'm ready for Classics Beast Wars BUT they need to return to Cheetor and maybe Dinobot. Great job Hasbro, he even looks dreamy in his plastic prison.
  16. This is something I could get behind. Put out a G1esque RETRO version of both the Trasport dude and the cargo dudes and then follow up with a Classicverse version. There is a great idea for you 3P groups...go for it. Personally I think there is a niche group of collectors (and not small either) that would support a retro G1 release of unmade figures produced in the 80's style. Arcee, Devcon, and so many more. G1 is still not dead...the line ain't complete. :)
  17. So this Daca version of Jetfire which stands at 31cm and includes die cast is up for preorder at TFSource and we have a price. $164.95 http://tfsource.com/dacatoys/kronos/
  18. TFSource has him up for the same price. UT must work like TFC where RK has the lowest price and then other etailers buy at that price and have to add a mark up to it. Oh well, RK for me, with shipping with will still be less than 115
  19. Here is a new image from UT showcasing the 3pack. I don't see a difference in the heads but seeing three of them together sure does look nice.
  20. Awesome. There is a second pic in the link, whats up with that. It is obviously Sixgun but it is definitely not TFC's version. edit* I just discovered that that Sixgun is from a new group "Before and After".
  21. It appears that even though the igear Sharkticons was to be a BBTS/RK exclusive that RK will still be carrying the YT 3pack and for considerably less. $74.90 http://www.robotkingdom.com/just-listed-items/week-43-21st-october-2013/unique-toys-g-02-sharky-set-of-3-preorder-available-in-november-2013.html
  22. $90. http://www.robotkingdom.com/pre-order-by-month/unique-toys-mania-king-preorder-available-in-1st-quarter-2014.html Thanks for that. :)
  23. That could work. I would need to see him next to Classics BB and the later iGear MiniWarriors. As I said, I am still on the fence. lol The issue is they look great, the price is ok but I just don't know where to stick them because these are definitely not MP to me.
  24. UT realy impressed me with their Shary prices. 3 (with three different heads) for $90 vs iGears 3 for $120. I hope this is more because UT enjoys lower prices vs this being a Sharkticon battle. Galvatron has no competition so that won't cause a lowering of his price. :( I hope the price is as nice as Shary's because his size/height is PERFECT!!!!! Although this will break my rule of not replacing Hasbro releases, this Galvatron is so much better than the Hasbro disaster that he diserves to take the spot on my shelf. :)
  25. Someone said it best "This looks like a Classics styled figure with Masterpiece engineering." I love a lot about this figure but with the Cubex version looking way more screen accurate AND the possibility of an official version...... I am still on the fence about the whole 3P MP Huffer thing. Pipes is another thing all together. I had him as a kid and played with it a lot so he has a special place in my heart. Passin on him will prove to be a great challenge.
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