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  1. He reminds me of Jeff Goldblum in the fly at the end when he is begging for death.
  2. That is not true on everything. Some of there stuff like MP's and some 3P (like TFC/Pe and other companies they are rumoured to own) will be less than most, if not all, North american retailers even with shipping. Now I live in canada so it holds true for Canadians but a lot of places offer free shipping to Americans with orders over $150, so that makes a difference. They mentioned that the legs were complicated and they could not transform him into alt mode.
  3. That Pipes is looking so so glorious. I am still very undecided about Huffer and who to buy it from or to wait for Hasbro but that Pipes.
  4. Not much of a first look but I follow 3P and it looks about right. lol I am so in love with the silhouette, it is perfection. I will just take a small risk and say it now. Takara hit another one out of the ballpark.
  5. That is looking tres pretty. Although the joints on Sharkies weren't bad I do hope they improved on them for Galvatron. I do not normally replace official characters with 3P but UT did a stand up job with this guy.9were as Hasbro failed hard making Galvatron a deluxe)
  6. I will take the bat please. I will call it now. The sales on the Soundwave Tank/Microscope will be poor and to make up the money, KFC will release the Bat solo. :)
  7. Love this troll. It explains why they never showed the box when MZ was displayed with the rest of his team.
  8. Rattrap is so bought. I have no clue who Crosscut is and he didn't appear on the show so he is a pass. Tankor, oh Tankor. You are not big enough and you look no more accurate than the basic class Tank Drone for the BM line. I will most likely pick you up but why couldn't you be a voyager???
  9. PICTURES COMING TONIGHT- SORRY FOLKS Transbot90210’s TB3PReeVee – Unique Toys UT-GO2 Sharkies Greetings and salutations fellow Transfans. As more and more holes are filled in our Classics collections they make the remaining holes look so much bigger. For the longest time all we had were faint whispers regarding a Sharkticon figure and old teasers that seemed to never come to fruition. Here we are now at the tail end of 2013 and now begins the BEAST WARS. Well it is more of a Sharkticon war with Unique Toys, iGear and Hasbro/Takara all announcing a Sharkitcon figure release of their own. Unique toys beat them all to the punch with a rather satisfying rendition of a much underrated character. It is with great pleasure that I, Transbot90210, bring you another TB3PReeVee (for those still not in the know that means Transbot90210’s Third Party Review). Today I bring to you the first Sharkticon to be released to the masses; UNIQUE TOYS UT-02 SHARKIES. This is my first experience with a Unique Toys (UT) release so let’s get right to it. The box is a vibrant yellow with a stylized drawing of three Sharkies on the front. The back of the box gives us a biography on the Sharkies as well as photos of the actual figure. The box is much larger than what it is holding inside but it is not too large to pack away easily for those MISB collectors or those like me that keep their 3P boxes. Inside the package we find our three Sharkies packed in a large plastic tray with their gun and tail packed just beneath them. From right to left we see a dark purple Sharky, a light purple Sharky and another dark purple Sharky. Also included in a separate bag are an instruction sheet and a hard plastic spec card. The instructions are a step by step visual representation of this figures transformation from bot mode to alt mode. The transformation is simple yet fun and the instructions do a fine job at illustrating the steps required to go between modes. Because the figures come packaged in bot mode let us begin with the bot mode. Visually I think they fit the bill perfectly. We have three figures and all three are made to look differently due to some minor changes. The easiest difference to spot is that one figure is painted in a lighter purple than the other two. All three figures also sport different facial expressions. This goes a long way in adding slight personalities to a set of figures that are basically clones of one another. The figures have a good deal of articulation and the joints to begin with are nice and tight. However, I did find that the more I transformed the figure the looser it became. This is not to say that the joints became completely loose but they are not as tight as they were and I personally fear that this is something that can lead to loose joints with enough play. I am not too concerned though because loose joints do happen with play and it is nothing that some clear nail polish or Future Floor Polish won’t be able to fix. My biggest issue with the bot mode is the hands. The hands simply pull out from the alt modes foot. This is nothing more than a friction fit and one that does not work so perfectly. I find that I need to put the weapons in hand to get them to stay out all the way. Speaking of weapons, I found that they are loose in hand if the tail/ball and chain is put in the figure’s left hand and gun in the right but they hold much better if you change which hand they are held in. That said, although the tail fits in perfectly in the right hand I find that the gun remains on the looser side in either hand. The gun does hold, just not as tight and securely as the tail does. The only real kibble on these figures are the alt mode arms which just hang off the back of the robot mode. I thought it would be a much greater eye sore than it actually is. The arms may just be there but the figure itself is not hampered by them and they really do not stand out like a sore thumb or anything like that. The figures are also on the lighter side but that is because of how it transformers. The robot legs actually hide away inside the hollow shark body. For this reason I completely forgive the lighter feel of the figure. Speaking of transformations and Alt modes, let us get to the Shark mode. These guys are terrific in alt mode. They are full figures with no kibble or robot parts to be seen. My only real gripe with this mode is the legs. They do not have knee articulation. Due to transformation the joint can bend from side to side but not forward and backwards like a knee should. It is not a make or break thing but something I would have liked to have anyway. I would also suggest being a little careful when handling the Shark mode because this figure has some very sharp points, specifically the two smaller fins on its back. Overall, If you like season 3 characters, troop building or cool transformers in general, I say pick these up. If you have no interest in the character then you can pass on it. The plastic quality is not the best I have felt but it is a long ways away from being cheap plastic as well. The colours are vibrant and those gold chromed lifeless eyes are a nice touch in making these Sharkies look like the dim witted Sharkticons that they represent. I wouldn’t call these must haves but I can also say that when buying these you will not feel disappointed in what you get, and it all comes in a big box. :P Transbot90210 gives this set a rating of “TRY IT!” The review is over Transfans but I would like to invite you all to gather around and hear me as I speak from my soapbox. We find ourselves at a perfect opportunity to send a message to 3P groups and their much too high pricing practices. We have three groups making Sharkticons now, Unique Toys, iGear and Hasbro/Takara. The Unique Toy version is more than enough to fill in a Sharkticon void in your collection with a great size, a great look and decent quality. I would gather that the Hasbro/Takara release will be too small although at a much more affordable price to help troop build. iGear has yet to release their three pack but one has to question why their version is $30+ more that the Unique Toys offering. With a company as well established as iGear one has to question their constantly increasing prices. Can you blame manufacturing? How so? When another company, smaller than iGear, has put out a very similar offering for MUCH less? I think what we are seeing here is another perfect example of a 3P company taking advantage of the fandom and charging what they think the maximum amount is that they can get from us versus fair pricing. I personally ask you all to skip on the iGear offering and jump on the Unique Toys (or Hasbro/Takara) if you are one, like me, that needs the Sharkicon void filled. With their consistent rise in prices with the MiniWarrior line and now a $30+ price hike for their version of the Sharkticons I think now is the perfect opportunity for our voices to be heard. I think now is a time that we can tell iGear that enough is enough and their prices need to become fair again and not just another attempt for a company to dip their hands in our wallets and take what they please. Vote with your wallets Transfans and let us come together in getting 3P prices down to a more reasonable and real level. We are not just life support systems for our wallets so that these companies can come in and grab as much out of them as they want.
  10. Ya I do not think that those cannons hide inside of him in alt mode but IIRC they to attach to him, like on his hood or something. On a very personal and selfish note. I got my RK shipping notice for all three Dutsan MPs this morning. :)
  11. I think this is a great Blaster...what is with all the add on parts? Something to do with IDW?
  12. 539 is doing a great job at making MP styled minibots. I do like the fact that they do have a line planned (Cosmo and Beachcomber were shown on the box) but I hat ethe fact that I do not know the size of MP Bumblebee (the official version). I hope these stick around long enough for me to back track once BB comes out.
  13. No other release as me as confused as this one. I love minibots and I love MP's. X-Transbots is making Huffer and Pipes and I have a childhood connection to Pipes. Visually I am a much bigger fan of the Cubex version. X-Transbots has a cool name (:P) and they have already hinted at Wheelie and now the box is showing much much more. I have no clue how big MP Bumblebee will be and he will dictate the official Takara scale for minibots for me. This would be so much easier if MP Bumblebee was out. First world issues, I know. But it is an issue for me non the less. I hope these stick around for a while for me to see what quality is like and how these guys and what they look like with the other MP's. I am going for toon accuracy here not super detailed.
  14. I only heard of one company making this guy and even I asked them why. They didn't care that Hasbro is putting one out so let us see what happens. If this is the same company, they also have a Trypticon planned and he sounded very cool......that is until Hasbro unveals there own Titan Trypticon. lol
  15. So, both MMC and FP are making a Quickswitch. I have no interest in Quickswitch. I support both companies fully and love their items. Argh, what a first world problem!!!!
  16. Me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Just did a tracking check and it seems liek the labels are made but nothign actually shipped yet.
  17. The box is ready, the release date has been moved up two months ( a first for any 3p? ) and I have the other two figures in that first pic. Send me the Warden, I love watching my Head Master display grow. :) Bravo PE. I am excited to see what you give us next.
  18. From my understanind of things. No. It is another project all together.
  19. So I bought this set but am a little uneasy about the fact that I couldn't use paypal and had to use my credit card. Is aliexpress a reputable site? Thanks. I look forward to getting this set. Although I won't get a CJ head I will be getting some great armaments and vehicle upgrades. This has been a long time coming. I didn;t even know this set existed until the other day. Thanks guys. EDIT- Nevermind. I just checked on the order and it is being done with Uncle Billy through Aliexpress and I know of many who have bought from Uncle Billy. I feel much better now. :) Thanks to Scaleface for taking another chunk out of my wallet. lol
  20. What is the plastic quality like on these things? Do you have a picture of CJ's head?
  21. Would this be considered a KO or a stolen item? They changed the heads, they added a BB upgrade and it is plastic with clips instead of glue. This is obviously something that would not effect FP because this predates FP (same owners different name) and was only made in extremely limited numbers. I think I may actually have to buy this set.
  22. Year of the Horse Optimus Prime is going to stores. It will already have trouble selling because of the Gold (I assume) This KO won't help AT ALL!!!!! Once sales suck on YotH OP Hasbro will just assume no MP will selll and they will just stop bringing things over. In the end WE lose, Hasbro has about 1000+ more products out there to make money from.
  23. Anyone who buys and supports MP KO's are also responsible for aiding in the destruction of this line. The only reason we are seeing so many MPs is because of the stronger than expected sales numbers. When people start turning to KO's (and if this company grows they will make more and more until people learn to just wait for them) sales numbers drop and say good bye to the MP line.
  24. I have no clue who nor any interest in him for said reason but... Warpath is one of the greatest figures in TF history and this is one hell of an imaginitive way to use him. I think the weapon is doing a lot to make him feel like Treadshot. I give this a thumbs up.
  25. $60 for a KO? I will just wait for FP r MT to visit Superion again and buy it then.
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