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  1. For our first look at Legacy, the new Generations sub-theme, we have one new mold, a repaint, and a repack from the previous line that was meant as a back-door preview to Legacy. All in all, not an impressive start. On a positive note, Iguanus is a really good figure and more people should be able to find Hot Rod now, I hope. Skywarp is fine, but I'm disappointed by the lack of arm blasters that are a Seeker standard. The combined sword is a thing, but I don't see many people using it. Overall, having seen the rest of Wave 01, I feel that Legacy can only go up from here.
  2. Out of the recent releases for the Bumblebee Movie Brawn is my favorite. The joints are perfect while the transformation is simple, but features a few cool steps. Yes, Brawn is on the small side, but the look fits the character. I really like the slightly modular weapons which add to the play features of the figure. I highly recommend Brawn even if you usually don't collect the Studio Series line.
  3. Perceptor is a fun figure that looks like it just walked off the screen. Transformation is simple but I'm impressed with the effort Hasbro put into making sure everything in the torso locks into place. I also can't overlook that they included the tank mode once again. My one real complaint is that the tube of the microscope isn't adjustable like it was on the original toy. Perceptor is a must for your G1 collection.
  4. Studio Series Wheeljack from the Bumblebee movie is a good Transformer. While there are some fiddly bits, the overall transformation is fun and fairly easy. Stiff joints may lead to some parts detaching, but that might just be on my copy. If you're a fan of the movie, especially the first five minutes Wheeljack is worth the pickup.
  5. Hasbro has done something really cool with these new Studio Series figures from Bumblebee: The Movie, since characters like Ratchet didn't have a vehicle mode shown, or even designed, the Transformers design team have created vehicle modes that compliment the movie designs really well. Ratchet's Cybertronian ambulance mode looks really good, at first it's hard to tell where it comes from, from looking at the robot mode. The Transformation features some cool steps, especially with how the front end comes together. Outside of some tolerance issues in the joints, I had no real issues with this toy.
  6. If you're reading this, thank you, I know that Pops are an acquired taste at best. Tracks was a convention exclusive for 2021 and recently was made available on the Tokyo Toys website. Being a convention exclusive means I can retire when I sell it in a few years, right? Everything looks good with the figure, the one feature that stands out is we get a full look at Tracks' head, something that was usually hidden by its hood in robot mode. If you were interested in Tracks you probably already bought it and have it sealed in some vault somewhere.
  7. Soundwave is the first of Hasbro's attempts to bring the Transformers from the Bumblebee movie home. While Soundwave had a robot mode, Hasbro had to create an alternate mode themselves. The result is the first of its kind Cybertronian Avocado Toast. In all seriousness, Soundwave transforms into a hover tank of sorts while Ravage keeps its screen accurate box mode. These two figures should've been sold as a set since one really needs the other, especially in the case of Ravage. I really dig them and I think you will too.
  8. Terrorsaur is a good figure that's crucial if you want to complete your Beast Wars Predacons season one cast. The retooling from Airrazor is very good and almost makes Terrorsaur feel like a completely new figure. If you're a fan of Beast Wars then this is a must-have.
  9. The introduction of the Core Class to the Studio Series opens up the line to smaller-scale characters from the live-action movies like Wheelie and Brains. Of course, the first figure released is Shockwave. Don't forget, Core Class is also meant to be a cheaper price point to get named characters into people's hands. Shockwave is a cool figure, the transformation is fairly easy but as is the case when dealing with ball joints, the tightness of the joints can be a factor in how enjoyable the transformation is. Overall, Shockwave is a good figure and while I believe we will see a larger version at some point, this Core Class version can hold you over for the time being.
  10. It's really hard to pick one version of the Tigatron mold. Both versions have a simple transformation that is fun to do and results in a figure that looks like it stepped out of the cartoon. I think most fans and collectors are going to go for the animation accurate white Tiger but Tony the Tigatron is just as good. Ultimately there's not much I can say about our two Tigatrons except that THEY'RRRRRREEEEEE GREAT!
  11. Bow down to the, bow down to the King! Motorhead cue aside I think I'd be more into this version if there was more new to the set. The throne is really, really nice, but I think they could've done more to ensure that Starscream could fit properly in it. The big draw of the set is the cape, crown, and shoulder pads to make Starscream look his regal best. They attach well and I have to say, the special shorter Null Rays work better overall than the larger versions that came with the Earthrise version. If the set was $5 or $10 cheaper I'd feel better about recommending it. As it is, if you're not a die-hard fan of King Starscream this is an easy pass.
  12. Slammer is a really good Weaponizer and figure. Most of the joints are surprisingly tight, the waist is the only loose connection, but when the purpose of the toy is to split apart, do you really want the joints to be THAT tight? It's really fun to play around and come up with different combinations, I personally like the double-handed cannon I came up with. If you can find this figure at retail it's a solid purchase.
  13. As the last Core Class figure from Kingdom, Hot Rod ends not only the Class on a high note but the whole of the Kingdom line. Transformation is involved but intuitive, much like Core Class Starscream. I should mention that like most Core sized car Transformers, the ease of Hot Rod's transformation will factor on how tight the ball joints are, as that can make things easier or harder. Overall, Hot Rod is a fine figure and a great addition to your Core Class collection.
  14. With Blaster the Kingdom line is going out on the right foot. Transformation is intuitive and fun with the result being another mini-masterpiece, Blaster looks like he just walked out of the cartoon. Not everything is perfect though as Eject, the included microcassette is almost made entirely of translucent plastic, what's the over/under on how long it lasts? Blaster is a must-have for any collection and I would say the definitive version of the character.
  15. Pipes is the expected repaint/retool of Huffer that's a fun figure and a nice change from Huffer. Puffer and Road Ranger are nice homages to interesting periods in Transformers history. Puffer's deco is based on an international release of the G1 Pipes toy, while Road Ranger is an update to an Ehobby GoBots tribute release from the early 2000s. While all the figures are fun, if you're just looking to experience the molds, the Golden Disk Collection release is a great way to sample the tooling.
  16. It's ReAction Optimus Prime decked out for Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. The Artfire is one of the rarest Transformers from the G1 era. It's a Japanese exclusive repaint of Inferno with an added Targetmaster, Nightstick. While not re-released during the Book-Box days or the Encore line, there have been a few updates to Artfire using more recent Generation and Masterpiece figures. This version of Artfire uses the Kingdom Inferno mold with the addition of the Siege Firebolt mold as Nightstick. While I would've preferred a Targetmaster with a new barrel, something closer to the original, or an entirely new mold, I really can't find any fault with this release. If you're into Transformers history or a fan of the Inferno mold then this figure is worth the pick-up.
  18. Bumbleswoop is a fun figure in combined mode, but the individual robot modes are lacking, not that I was expecting much. Swoop in particular is a little floppy and the spring is on a hair-trigger. I recommend getting Wheelgrim or Slugtron first to experience the combiner gimmick better.
  19. There's really not much to say about King Starscream, ReAction figures are boutique toys that cater to a very niche audience. If you enjoy the 5 POA figures like Retro Star Wars figures and some of the kid-friendly Marvel figures you'll enjoy this, although the price might be a bit restrictive. In the end, the look is nice and Starscream fans will get something out of it.
  20. If you thought you would hit the Jackpot with this figure set, you'd be wrong. While the mold is fine, a repaint of SS86 Jazz with a new head, which is the issue. Somewhere, either in development or in assembly, the head was put together wrong, causing an eyesore when looked at dead on. I cannot in good conscience recommend this figure, hopefully, they'll be a second run that fixes the issue, and then it might be worth the pickup.
  21. The Honda City mold is the BEST Masterpiece figure I've handled in a long, long time. I haven't enjoyed transforming a figure this much since Masterpiece Bumblebee 1.0. If I have to pick one to recommend, Skids is part of the G1 cast so it's a necessity for a Masterpiece shelf. Then again both are very affordable so if you can, both are great additions to any collection.
  22. Dead End is a fine Warrior Class figure, not my favorite but close. Transformation is simple but satisfying, I enjoy seeing a small robot change into a smaller car. The action gimmick is actually not that intrusive and with a little care, Dead End can get into some nice poses. A perfect toy for the holiday season.
  23. At first, I was really excited for this set, having it in hand though has tempered my enthusiasm. Tyrannocon Rex is a straight repaint of BW Megatron with a new head, if you like that figure you'll have no problem with this version. JP93 is where most of my issues lie. As of right now, this is an entirely new figure. As such, I think the QC could've been handled a lot better. Straight out of the box JP93 is just this shy of being a floppy mess and it's only to get worse over time. Transformation is smooth and intuitive which leads me to believe we'll see this mold somewhere down the line. I really can only recommend this set for the die-hard Jurassic Park fans.
  24. There's a lot going on with Hot Rod that's fun, unfortunately, there's quite a bit that's going wrong. Might be my copy, might not. When the entire point of a toy is the gimmick transformation you kinda need to make sure that works, all the time. If you're a fan there might be something here for you but I definitely can't recommend this for younger fans.
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