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  1. Every so often Hasbro will go deep and pull out a character that really hasn't had representation in toy form, in Legacy there giving this treatment to Jhiaxus. Created during the G2 comic era, Jhiaxus has seen representation in toy form, but those were repaints/retools of other characters. This Voyager Class release is the best representation of Jhiaxus from the comics we've seen. Transformation is very intuitive with a few interesting bits, I was quite pleased to see that the figure didn't have a fake cockpit. If you're a fan of the G2 era then Jhiaxus is a must-purchase.
  2. I've been anticipating getting Shockwave since the figure was first announced. If you're familiar with the Siege version of Shockwave then its vehicle mode will be familiar. I do like the included landing strut that helps keep the ship balanced and can be folded down at a 90-degree angle from the main fuselage to form a handle for proper swooshing. Transformation is fun with the dropping hips resulting in a staggered looking ship mode. Shockwave is a fun little figure and a great addition to the Core Class line.
  3. Authentics Arcee is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's a neat figure that transforms without being a shell former, and it has some good articulation. On the other hand, due to the nature of Authentics, there are some tolerance issues with the legs and arms coming together, while the articulation could be a bit more functional. In general, the plastic doesn't feel as good as it could be. If you're looking for a simple Arcee then the Authentics version might be worth the look.
  4. Ironhide is a great repaint with a new head of Bumblebee The Movie Ratchet. Transformation is the same, and the joints felt very similar on my copy. While I would've preferred some new bits to differentiate the vehicle modes, I can understand why that wasn't done. If you were waiting on Ironhide to choose which version of the mold you'd like to try, I can recommend Ironhide more since you won't have to worry about spontaneously yellowing white plastic.
  5. Hasbro has done it again! Just working off a CGI robot design, the designers at Hasbro were about to make a fantastic transforming Arcee figure that is the best deluxe class Arcee I have ever handled. Transformation is easy and smooth, outside of the front wheels everything pegs together securely for a cool, futuristic three-wheeled cycle mode. I cannot recommend this figure more.
  6. It's funny to think that it's taken this long to get a Grimlock in the Rescue Bots line that transforms from robot to Dinosaur, I guess the T-Rex mode is just that iconic. It might just be my copy of the mold but the transformation is just a touch stiff and not as smooth as the other Rescue Bots I've handled. While this toy is designed for younger hands, Grimlock makes for a fun desk and fiddle toy.
  7. While the Studio Series 86 line is doing great G1-style versions of the G1 Dinobots, leave it to Rescue Bots to take things in a cuter direction. I think these were supposed to be out for a while, but the G1 decorated versions of these figures have been hard to find for one reason or another. Thankfully, I found them on Amazon for an excellent price. Of the four, Swoop and Sludge are my favorites, their action gimmicks are fun. Snarl and Slug are really good too, completing the set nicely. While made for smaller hands, these Dinobots would make for some fun and enjoyable desk toys.
  8. Laser Prime has a special place in the heart of many Transformer fans. For some, this was their first Prime, for many it's their favorite version of the character. Let me say right upfront, if you can get a version of the original Laser Prime do so, it's a fantastic and fun toy. The Legacy version keeps the spirit of the toy alive while throwing in a few fun new bits. This figure is definitely worth a purchase.
  9. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the toy aisle, Cybershark has returned to shelves at Walmart! While never owning the original toy, I have a repaint of a remold of Cybershark, that counts right? Transformation is effortless, but the toy is a ton of fun. The feature I enjoy the most is the head/chest missile launcher, although the spring has been weakened from the vintage release, due to modern safety standards. If you're a fan of Beast Wars or Sharks in general, this is worth a purchase.
  10. Wolfang is a great example of what I LIKED about Beast Wars, simple figures that feature total accessory storage. On top of that, Wolfang has a cool-looking beast mode and a fun robot mode. While my version of the toy has some tolerance issues with a few joints, it's still an enjoyable figure.
  11. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this version of Spike, is the transforming Exo Suit something that was MEANT to be realized in toy form? The small version we got with Core Class Bumblebee was good enough but wow, this figure really takes the cake. First, the head looks A LOT better in person, it's just something that doesn't translate to pictures. Articulation was a nice surprise, sure the arms are limited, but they're not as bad as you would think. The included blast effects are a nice touch, just make sure to check behind the tray the figure is attached to. Overall, this is a great addition to your Studio Series 86 collection.
  12. It's nice to see Beast Wars being represented in Rescue Bots with Optimus Primal being a part of the Classic Heroes line, kinda hard to swallow that a character that debuted in the 90s is now considered classic. Transformation is what you would expect and the styling is of that soft, younger style, I love the grin on the gorilla head. Optimus Primal is perfect for smaller hands, or as a desk toy for older Beast Wars fans.
  13. For those of us who might have passed on Kingdom Galvatron due to the paint deco or the poor QC on the shoulders; Legacy Galvatron was a pleasant surprise featuring a clean paint job and properly assembled shoulders. Transformation is really fun and intuitive, I really like how the arms accordion down into place and the lower legs and feet form a rear stabilizer for cannon mode. The term mini-masterpiece fits this figure quite well, almost too well as I'm afraid to see what Takara/Tomy might do in the Masterpiece line. While I can't recommend double-dipping if you already have Kingdom Galvatron, if Legacy is your first chance to get the figure then it's worth the purchase.
  14. Kickback is the style of Insecticon that we've been waiting for since the 30th-anniversary release of Shrapnell. While transformation is simple, it does the job of giving us that classic techno Grasshopper look. One complaint I have is that the Insecticons will be broken up over lines and not waves, meaning that it'll take at least three years to complete the team. With that said I can't find any reason to not recommend Kickback, a really solid figure.
  15. Every wave has at least one figure that isn't the best, unfortunately, Arcee is that figure for Wave 01 of Legacy. Arcee isn't a bad figure, but there are a few nagging issues, especially with parts falling off, that can make enjoying the toy difficult. Transformation is clever, with the limbs swapping places in motorcycle mode and robot mode is fun, just make sure to snap the torso in place. While not a first-round pickup, if you're a fan of the Prime cartoon Arcee is worth a place in your collection.
  16. On the cusp of the fourth release of the Generations Wheeljack mold, it was nice to be able to experience the Authentics release that in my opinion does some things better than the mass retail release. While the plastic is thinner and lighter there is no clear plastic to worry about breaking. The included weapon is better detailed than its Generations counterpart, and personally, I like the look of the head more. Overall, this version of Wheeljack could be the best Authentics figure to date.
  17. It's nice to see Hasbro can have fun with its history. Silverstreak is based on the original design of the toy that was supposed to be released as G1 Bluestreak. For whatever reason, that design changed but here it is now. I really like how the blue, white, and silver come together for a really bold and colorful look. As with other uses of the Earthrise mold, care should be taken when transforming and handing the figure due to the use of clear plastic. With all that said I really like the figure and as of right now, it's the easiest and cheapest way to experience the mold.
  18. When Dragstrip was announced fans began to speculate about a new Menasor. Well, we know it's coming, and like with the Combiner Wars line Dragstrip is leading the way for the Stunticons. Dragstrip is a solid figure with a design that's closer to both the G1 toy and cartoon aesthetics. Transformation is relatively simple but robot mode does have a little wobble at the waist, probably due to the fact that the car splits for combined mode. Overall, Dragstrip is a solid figure on its own and worth the purchase.
  19. If there is a forgotten character from G1 it's Skids. Having made only two brief speaking roles in the OG cartoon, Skids did not leave much of a mark on fans. Over the years the character has been fleshed out a bit in the comics but still, there are not many members of the Skids fan club. The Legacy version of the character steers very close to the G1 design, probably due to the City being a beloved car in Japan and just celebrated a big anniversary late last year. Transformation is fun and not that complex, although tolerances of some tabs may affect the ability of pannels to hold together in car mode. Overall, this is a great start to the Legacy line.
  20. Legacy Bulkhead is a fantastic figure that I hope all of you get the chance and give the toy a chance to experience. Transformation is fun and I'm really happy with how tightly vehicle mode pegs together. I can't stress enough how cool Bulkhead is and really should be bought on sight.
  21. Guard is a wonderful homage to the DiaKron toy from the very early 80s, a toy that I had, or maybe it was a KO, have never been sure. Vehicle mode is where Guard shines since the all-black deco blends better with the shoulder bits that stuck out on Earthrise Ironhide. Robot mode is very nice as well, but I feel Ironhide breaks up the color monotony a bit better. Guard is going to appeal to a very small audience but if that includes you, you'll be very happy with the figure.
  22. The Buzzworthy Bumblebee version of B-127 is a repaint with a "New" head. The head is new to that version of the body but is actually the head from the Off-Road Bumblebee mold, the original tooling of this figure. If you have the previously released Studio Series version of B-127 there isn't a lot here to entice another purchase, but if it's your first time you might enjoy this figure.
  23. For our first look at Legacy, the new Generations sub-theme, we have one new mold, a repaint, and a repack from the previous line that was meant as a back-door preview to Legacy. All in all, not an impressive start. On a positive note, Iguanus is a really good figure and more people should be able to find Hot Rod now, I hope. Skywarp is fine, but I'm disappointed by the lack of arm blasters that are a Seeker standard. The combined sword is a thing, but I don't see many people using it. Overall, having seen the rest of Wave 01, I feel that Legacy can only go up from here.
  24. Out of the recent releases for the Bumblebee Movie Brawn is my favorite. The joints are perfect while the transformation is simple, but features a few cool steps. Yes, Brawn is on the small side, but the look fits the character. I really like the slightly modular weapons which add to the play features of the figure. I highly recommend Brawn even if you usually don't collect the Studio Series line.
  25. Perceptor is a fun figure that looks like it just walked off the screen. Transformation is simple but I'm impressed with the effort Hasbro put into making sure everything in the torso locks into place. I also can't overlook that they included the tank mode once again. My one real complaint is that the tube of the microscope isn't adjustable like it was on the original toy. Perceptor is a must for your G1 collection.
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