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  1. I'm no wuss,please try to debate in ways that don't insult others. I refuse to debate further as you've ruined the mood via a insult. Dear god, I wasnt saying it to you directly. I wasn't trying to insult you. I was trying to say in a non-offensive way to people in general (without medical conditions) who complain about common dust to man up. But your last comment just shows me that you really are a wuss. So man up. And your statement is ironic because you claim to not be a wuss, but you came off as a really defensive wuss. Calling people insult names & flame baiting here is a direct violation of the rules here. rather than reply to you. I reported this entire reply to the staff of moderators/admins.
  2. imho below: I'm glad i'm not interested in the three first wave FOC figures. as this saves me time,money & frustration not having to hunt these toys down in stores. Had FOC Shockwave been voyager or ultra size,then it would have been a must buy. I never liked the FOC deluxe optimus toy design. it reminds me of the marvels cross-overs hulk toy that transformed into a tank. while I love the FOC deluxe jazz toy mold. their is only so many homage molds based off the same character that I can justify adding in my collection. I don't need nor want 12+homage toys based off the same character.
  3. I'm no wuss,please try to debate in ways that don't insult others. I refuse to debate further as you've ruined the mood via a insult. :wtf irony How is my reply irony? I have never used any curse words on this site. nor have I ever used any mocking/insulting words against any members here.
  4. here's hoping tru.com does a pre-order or has this listing on their site in decent volume.
  5. imho below: I love the newer head sculpt,it looks dark & evil,even though he's a good buy. the colors look decent on this mold. it's a great recolor with a awesome new head sculpt. Sadly I already own two color variations/persona's/head sculpts based off this mold. which are inferno & grapple. I just can't justify owning a 3rd color variation of this mold. I'm not a fan of buying combiner team members with the combiner tech not their.
  6. imho below: I agree with this reply. $60 is a lot easier for some to afford than the curent secondary market price for The Takara version.
  7. IMHO Below: Everything is on a flucuation size scale. due to each new mold being unique. for the creative process to work TF toys need to flucuate in their size clasess. it's called creative freedom for the designers. nothing has dipped below the flucuation,so their is no shrinkage. basics/commanders flucuate from 3 to 4.5 inches. deluxes flucuate from 5 to 6 inches. Voyagers flucuate from 5.5 to 7.5 inches. leaders flucuate from 8 to 11.5 inches. Some want examples of smaller TF toys in their sizes from the past years/lines. 2006 Classics 1.0 rodimus was small. Armada deluxe Demolisher had a short robot mode. armada thrust had a short robot mode. Energon basic size arcee was tiny in both modes. animated had a few small TF toys in their size levels like voyager & leader size bulkhead. voyager size lugnutz. deluxe size swoop. deluxe size snarl. voyager size combined robot mode safe guard. Generations/RTS Thunderwing/Skyshadow was a tiny/short deluxe. generations/rts darkmount & hailstrom were short deluxe robots. armada smokecreen from head to toe minus his crane in robot mode was a short deluxe. Energon towline was a short robot deluxe even combined to his back vechicle part in super robot mode. Energon combiner robot leader optimus was shorter in height compared to armada combiner leader size optimus in super robot mode. cybertron deluxe defense hotshot & deluxe thunderblast was small robot modes for their size classes. DOTM $29.99 HA Topspin Target store exclusive was a short robot mode.
  8. imho below: Hasbro has a poor/bad track record for aiming the TF supreme sized Toys at kids under the age of 4. by simplifying the transforming. toddler frindly colors. super heavy/strong play school tonka plastic. lower/less sculpt on the molds. thus far we have received 12 supreme/ultimate sized TF toys & only two look like they were meant for teenagers/adults which are unicron & primus. I want a leader sized FOC Generations metroplex toy. because hasbro aims the leader sized toys for a older age group like teenagers & adults. the transformations are more complex. higher sculpt & older kids colors. Supreme & Leader sized TF toys both come with electronics lights & sounds. Since the Generations toys come in the smaller size classes of basics & deluxes. by default a leader sized FOC Metroplex will be huge & gigantic in toy scale next to deluxes,basics & legends generations toys.
  9. I'm no wuss,please try to debate in ways that don't insult others. I refuse to debate further as you've ruined the mood via a insult.
  10. I Agree with others in this thread. I welcome the newer improved MP seeker mold being used for Hasbro TRU MP Thundercracker. Honestly it's a retool. it's not a brand new mold. 90% of the original mold is still their. who cares it their's some newer parts. most of those newer parts look decent & don't ruin the toy's look. As long I can buy this for under $70 then that's all I care about. I'm not about to get upset about the re-tooled parts & spend quadruple+shipping fees for the takara MP Thundercracker version. If I had over $300 to spend on MP Thundercracker. then I'd rather buy four hasbro versions verses only being able to buy one takara version.
  11. IMHO Below: I want a 3rd party G-1 styled galvatron that is the same size scale as his rival faction leader MP-09 Rodimus & MP-10 Convoy. these 3rd party TF toys claim to be on par with MP TF toys. so wanting Xtransbot G-1 Galvatron to be in size scale with MP-09 rodimus makes sense & doesn't make xtransbot galvatron over sized. Giant is the accurate size scale. hercules is over sized in all it's modes. I don't want nor need my TF combiners to be the same exact supreme toy size scale as AEC Unicron & Primus. Hedgemon was clearly made under sized. to want other 3rd party TF toys to be under sized just seems wrong/awful/un-fair. for what it's worth when unicron rebuilt megatron into galvatron. the galvatron body was more powerful,bigger & had more energy. so it makes sense for a new mold G-1 galvatron to be a toy size bigger than a new g-1 megatron toy. Having a 3rd party G-1 Galvatron being leader sized is by no means Over sized. as it's in perfect scale with AEC Leader sized toys & MP Leader sized toys.
  12. imho below: I blame the poor distribution problems on takara & hasbro releasing the TFP toys at the same exact time world wide. the manufactoring factories over seas can only handle so many orders. in the past their was a lag time where the usa got stuff 3 months before/first then takara got newer stuff 3 months afterwards or vice versa. to make matters worse the UK,Canada,austrailia & the china region are all getting newer TF prime toys the same exact time america & japan is. so their is bound to be over loads at the factories over seas causing delays in product world wide. Second,I blame the various theathre movies this spring/summer for the reason for TF Prime toy dealays in america. Hasbro has the movie toy rights to avengers,battle ship,G.I joe & other movie toy lines. Hasbro is infamous for putting non-movie lines on hold & making movie toy lines the top priority. the delays for TF Prime toys in this situation are most likely either manufactoring delays. or trucks running thru the states being over loaded with movie toy lines. while the TFP toys sit in a wharehouse somewhere waiting for their turn when the movie toys hype dies down enough for the TF Prime toys to now get loaded on to the trucks from the wharehouse where the TFP toys have been sitting all this time. I'm seriously wondering if the delay in newer TFP toys. was done on purpose to cash in on the christmas season holiday months in america. as stores order more newer product & order less older product. Maybe,only TRU was interested in these MP TF toys,asian exclusives & other exclusives. for all we know hasbro might have tried to ask walmart,target & kmart to carry MP TF toys,asian exclusives & so forth but they all said no. yeah I agree that TRU is the worse store to have TF exclusives. but sometimes something is better than nothing. The FE TF toy line barely started a few months ago in march. don't you think it's a bit early to say this particular toy will never,ever get released by hasbro in america.
  13. You don't have the G2 colors by default.... You get the code for the G2 skin for Bruticus when you pre-order the Fall Of Cybertron game from Amazon.com I realize what code skins are. Those who have the code G-2 Skins,have G-2 Bruticus now in game colors. which makes their Amazon/bbts FOC G-2 Bruticus toys now in video game colors.
  14. I'm thinking this started off as a custom. then someone gave the custom toy or pics to a 3rd party company. similar in fashion to what happened to the fan custom cone head MP seekers that some fan gave pics/toy to igear & now we've got 3rd party MP conhead seekers.
  15. IMHO below: This looks like easy pass. based off the designs pics.
  16. I agree there, And he will be a perfect addition to ClassicVerse and I can throw out my hasbro one. Might still be prototype, and for me I really do not care about the alt-mode, just the robot mode I agree there, And he will be a perfect addition to ClassicVerse and I can throw out my hasbro one. Ditto and ditto...if ! Otherwise... IMHO below: No thanks,I don't want this to be a tiny voyager 7.3 inch size like Hedgemon. I need this 3rd party XTransbot Galvatron to be 9+inch size in robot mode from head to toe. so it's in AEC,Movie-verse & current MP leader toy size. I don't care about spending more & around $150 to $200 for a 9 inch robot mode 3RD Party galvatron toy. Dude Hegemon is a full head taller than Voyager Classics Optimus Prime, I wouldn't call that "tiny" IMHO Below: classics 1.0 Voyager optimus was a small sized voyager. the TF toy voyager size scale ranges from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches. Classics 1.0 nerf gun Megatron was 7.3 inches tall from head to toe. 3RD Party hedgemon was voyager size not $27 usa ultra size. because Hedgemon falls into the voyager size scale of 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches tall in robot mode from head to toe. I just don't get internet TF fans. they want over sized/tripple sized 3rd party hercules constructicons. then they want a under sized 3rd party Xtransbot G-1 Galvatron. why exactly don't some want a regular sized Xtransbot G-1 styled galvatron??? that is 9.5 inches tall in robot mode from head to toe. wouldn't this make the most sense as it'll be in AEC & Movie verse leader size scale. it also makes sense because this will be in MP Rodimus prime & MP-10 convoy size scale. Do some want a under sized Xtransbot G-1 Galvatron. because they figure it'll cost half the price of a full/normal sized version? we've been waiting 26 years for something this awesome,what's a extra $50 or $100 dollars considering the 26 year wait on this. clearly some had no problems paying $600 to complete TFC Hercules. doesn't G-1 galvatron deserve the same respect as hercules as far as getting a regular big toy? NO,If we get a voyager sized under 7.5 inch xtransbot G-1 galvatron it won't be MP TF size. as the other faction leaders in the MP TF scale are around 9.5 to 12 inches tall in robot mode from head to toe. G-1 Galvatron is a faction leader. he deserves a 3rd party MP styled robot mode/toy that is bigger than other low ranking TF MP toys like Grimlock,seekers & soundwave.
  17. imho below: Having the G-2 colors in the game by dafault makes the G-2 FOC Bruticus toy sorta the FOC Video game colors.
  18. I agree there, And he will be a perfect addition to ClassicVerse and I can throw out my hasbro one. Might still be prototype, and for me I really do not care about the alt-mode, just the robot mode I agree there, And he will be a perfect addition to ClassicVerse and I can throw out my hasbro one. Ditto and ditto...if ! Otherwise... IMHO below: No thanks,I don't want this to be a tiny voyager 7.3 inch size like Hedgemon. I need this 3rd party XTransbot Galvatron to be 9+inch size in robot mode from head to toe. so it's in AEC,Movie-verse & current MP leader toy size. I don't care about spending more & around $150 to $200 for a 9 inch robot mode 3RD Party galvatron toy.
  19. imho below: FOC Metroplex looks awesome. I'd love to buy a leader sized toy of this.
  20. I am willing to bet you are right. Except for the "magically" part, this screw up will be an example of their standard operating procedures for recent distribution. imho below: The main reasons why TRU MP rodimus & TRU MP Grimlock were super hard to find. was due to hasbro or entertainment earth selling thousands of them at the SDCC 2010 & 2011 conventions. the price at TRU was also cheap & the box was small. so these were also the perfect items for scalpers to scalp on ebay. their were also rumors that canada wanted to sell MP Rodimus & MP Grimlock early,so they borrowed volume units from hasbro usa's TRU MP stock. 2012 MP TRU Optimus,stands a decent chance of it being available in decent suppy. due to no volume units be sold early at SDCC 2012. Nor any volume units be given to TRU canada. this toy is going to have a big box & cost over $100. this won't be easy for scalpers to try to scalp on ebay for profits. most ebay buyers don't like to pay high shipping fees. the recent rumor is this might be a wide mass retail release. but I'll believe this when I see it. as this seems far fetched from the start.
  21. imho below: I'd like to know the size scale & price of this. I'm not sure how I feel about the design in either mode.
  22. imho below: OMG,This is set to come out in October 2012. I'm gonna be buying one of this. If I really like it after I have it in my hands,then i'll buy another one. I thought this toy was cancelled. their were other confusion reports that this was never a 3rd party toy & it was someone's home made custom. I agree,the clasics 2.0 deluxe Galvatron is pure awful. the energon galvatron is decent but needed more articulated joints in key areas. Looking at the 3rd party design,I also agree. this is a G-1 1986 galvatron as it's gonna get. clearly hasbro & takara have zero desire to create something as G-1 like this.
  23. The "Postive" things we can praise hasbro for in 2012 thru 2013. IMHO Below: Lately some of us have been un-happy with hasbro. whether it be distribution problems. making toys smaller in their size classes. bumblebee's being over packed in assortment waves. cancelling toys. repaints being convention or other country exclusives and the list goes on & on. I created this thread. to see if some of us can find some postive comments to praise hasbro for doing certain things right with the TF toy line. my positive praise comments below: 1- Hasbro got rid of the universal line gimmick for the main TF toy line that's supported by a media cartoon/movie. The TF Prime toy line appears to have a gimmick for each toy size rather one gimmick that gets forced on all toy sizes like the 2005 cybertron cyber key gimmick. The TF Prime toy sizes all have their own gimmick. the cyberverse don't have any gimmick,they just interact really well with the cyber verse play sets & the two maximus toys. the deluxes have zero gimmicks. the voyagers/powerizers have the mech tech transforming/light up weapons. the ultra's/weaponizers have the energon style hyper mode activated weapons. 1a- Mech tech while some hate this. at the very least this is a external gimmick instead of a internal gimmick. a external gimmick doesn't ruin the design of the bigger toy. 2- the TF Prime toys seems like a perfect fusion of the adult themed nightmarish realistic movie-verse toys designs mixed with the 2008 animated toys younger simplistic designs. 3- at the very least the TF Prime toys have decent poseabilty. their doesn't appear to be missing articulation nor restricted range of movement in the joints. 4- The TF Prime cartoon series is aimed at teenagers & adults. this is the serious & adult themed TF cartoon some fans have been wanting forever. decent fleshed out 3-d persona's. adult themed stories/plots/arcs. adult them spoken dialogue. non-annoying kids. the comedy taken down a whole bunch of notches. interesting relationships between all the characters. 5- From all reveals the 2012 Thru 2013 Generations/FOC toys seems to be what some fans have been wanting for a while. 6- the return of the voyagers for generations/FOC. The return of the $27 usa ultra's for TFP now named Weaponizers & with a $2 raise. 7- While some don't like FOC Bruticus. this seems to be the return of combiners toys. some are hoping we get more combiners like this in TFP's toy line & Generations/FOC toy line. 8- were getting decent exclusives for 2012. like TRU MP Thundercracker,TRU MP Optimus. Those asian exclusives that will now be sold at TRU stores in america. 9- creating a FOC Video game with a accompanying FOC toy line. seems like a new venture that might get further expanded as more video games are made. 10- with TF Prime getting more seasons. this might give us upgraded newer molds. Examples: TFP Megatron getting a tank alt mode with a robot body that looks better. TFP Starscream getting a F-14 jet mode. soundwave getting a radio alt mode. arcee getting a sports car alt mode,etc... 11- Were getting more newer mold Voyagers for TF Prime. compared to only 6 new mold voyagers for the DOTM toy line.
  24. IMHO Below: If TF toys are shrinking in size in their toy sizes. it's barely 1/4 of a inch or at most 1/2 of a inch. does anyone even realize how small a 1/4 of a inch or a 1/2 of a inch is.
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