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  1. Yeah....no. Other then both of them of being animated female womens (:tflaugh)in semi-form fitting clothing, not much similarity.
  2. First off, I want to say...ShadowPanther, pay attention to how Lord Onslaught replied. That's how you reply instead of shoving everything you're replying to at the bottom of the post. It provides a natural flow of information instead of having to going up and down to understand the post. As for repainting into Metroplex, I don't quite see it. Metroplex had more steps to his transformation outside of "sit down". Another thing that won't really work: it seems like you're wanting this to be a repaint in the same line. Hasbro's history of larger scale / higher price repaints is pretty small. There's only 3 larger price point repaints I can think of in recent history, with 1 getting a release during the same line. 1.) Beast Wars Optimal Optimus into Beast Machines' extremely limited Primal Prime. 2.)Armada Unicron, he managed to get three repaints, but it was spread out over two lines(Armada, Energon), then after a six year period (2010), as an exclusive to Amazon. 3.)Energon Omega Supreme managed to get a redeco into Omega Sentinel, which might of been a wide release, but I only recall seeing it at Toys R Us. So, given that, odds of Optimus Maximus getting repainted into Metroplex, during this year's line up seems pretty slim...but you could surprise us. Nothing stopping you from making a custom Metroplex from Optimus Maximus to show us how workable it might be.
  3. I think eHobby Twincast was the most expensive I've paid for a Transformer, at $90..I think? I bought him not expecting to be able to get SDCC Blaster, (and figuring SDCC Blaster'd be about that much on the secondary market after the con.) Plus I really wanted Flipsides, but I can't say I paid $90 for just a cassette right? :tfhuh I ended up getting SDCC Blaster as soon as it went on HTS. :tflaugh :redface
  4. I'm liking this as a Roadbuster, mainly on account that we've seen Prime Ironhide, and he's not a redeco of Ratchet.
  5. I'm kind of disappointed Hasbro isn't using 'Bee w/Micron for the base of their Hotshot redeco/remold. It makes perfect sense! (which is most likely why Hasbro isn't doing it. :tfevil )
  6. I like them. My biggest issue is the R/P/S dial. Since it's manually set, I think it'd been better if they had used a four sided dial, with the fourth side being used with some deco to fill in the torso for display/general play purposes, instead of game purposes. They could of even wrote into the game that whoever uses 'robot chest' automatically loses, to keep from people attempting it in games.
  7. Taaron

    HA Soundwave

    Movie Trilogy line was cancelled, too. Only figure the US is getting from that is Dlx Prime + Trailer.
  8. Taaron

    Tiny Prime

    Seriously? You're getting this mad at something meant for children? Soundwave transforms into a drone. He doesn't need that many paint apps. Do you want him to look like G2 Hooligan?(Yes please! I'll buy that repaint!) He's also a bundle of awesome. Don't regret paying the $15 for him one bit. As for getting mad at Hasbro for the $14.99 pricetag? Let's be fair to Hasbro there. That's all TRU's doing, as they have the earliest stock. Once other shops start getting the line in, the price will (hopefully) come down.
  9. Thinking about it. After I liked the Starscream mold enough to import Skywarp. :tflaugh Only thing is, BBTS is sold out. :redface
  10. Funny enough, the pictures on Full Metal Hero came from TFormers. :tflaugh Here's the Wonfest Story: http://TFormers.com/transformers-revoltech-transformers-movie-3-bumblebee/17192/news.html According to the article, Chromedome is one of those Wonfest exclusive garage kits.
  11. Never too early! Besides, ToyFair is this weekend, so we'll be seeing plenty more figures to idea with. :thumb Anywho, thought of some more repaint potential for Soundwave, that wouldn't even require a new head. One of the G2 Cyberjets. :D
  12. Okay, since we know it's inevitable for repaints/remolds to show up in the Transformers Prime line up as we've been seeing them in the line, by way of "Hot Shot" and Terrorcon Cliffjumper, so it must be asked: what repaints would you like to see in the line up? So far, I can think of three repaints I'd like to see (with head changes!). Transformers Prime Soundwave would work great for either Beast Machines Jetstorm, or Cyclonus, deco. The other would be either Legion, or First Edition / Prime: RiD, Cliffjumper into the Minicon Oilslick or any of his redecos. Finally, this might not work seeing as Vehicon is already a near-shade of purple, but I think the deluxe Vehicon mold would make a great Shockwave, especially with the gun redone in orange. (Suppose we could see it an Astro Magnum / DOTM themed grey + purple deco.) Now it's ya'll's turn. What redecos would you want to see? (note: This is to actually discuss the want of repaints, and not a place to complain about the concept/existence of repaints.)
  13. Beverly Hills 90210, ST:TNG and Buffy are sitcoms? :tfhuh (I guess I could kind of see it with Buffy...kind of.) That said, I've been watching Dan Vs. on The Hub, and think "My Name is Earl" would be great paired up with it. an hour of lists, one redeeming a man, and the other getting revenge on eveeeeeeeerything/one. That said, I think The Hub wants to be seen as family channel, hence airing of all the older (and tamer) titles. I think Beetlejuice is probably the "edgiest" thing I've seen them air. :tflaugh
  14. My haul! Finally new Transformers in stores! Toys R Us: Deluxe / Revealers: Wheeljack Soundwave Cyberverse Legion: Arcee Cliffjumper Vehicon Botshots: Optimus Prime Starscream
  15. It looks like your electric outlet might need a shave. It's certainly getting it's beard on. :tflaugh How's the BotShots?
  16. Yes, at some point, with an extra member for a funky new version. Two extra members! A F22-ish VTOL and a Drill tank. The rest of the team is included in the Gaia Guardian set: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=KAB10025&mode=retail
  17. Man, this was disappointing to read about. Given the delay, I was hoping for a better project, but from this review: what was the point of the delay? Wanted to get the set, since I had watched the fansubs, but with this shoddy work, I'm not sure I want to support it.
  18. I'd have to say I started with Transformers, as I never really stopped getting them as a kid. During the line shut down in the early 90s, I bought Action Masters from a close out shop up until G2 started, and continued on into each following line.
  19. Taaron

    HA Soundwave

    I don't see missing out on HA Soundwave as getting shafted by Hasbro. :tflaugh Hasbro gave us more of a shaft by cancelling the remaining First Editon Prime toys. :grr
  20. I collect too much, I think. :tflaugh Most of my collection outside of Transformers, is still robots, or build-able. There's a couple of anime lines, too. It'd be easier to attribute to the companies that produces them, instead of the lines. Lego: What got me back into Lego (and almost out of it) was their Bionicle line up. I basically stopped purchasing the line in 2008/2009, due to Lego dropping the QC on the line, as you could put them together...and they'd break when you'd take them apart to make something else. Luckily, Lego had a few other Technic and System lines that kept me interested in the brand. Right now, Minifigures, Hero Factory and Architecture has my primary interest. Bandai: Gundam Gundam Gundam. Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) (though, KRRG has been discontinued leaving quite a few holes in my collection. >_< ) Modern Machine Robo (Mugenbine onwards), and still surprisingly, Super Sentai. I was never a big fan of Power Rangers as a kid, but as an adult, I totally dig the Japanese source material. I generally keep to the smaller "Candy kits" and not the full sized toys. Kotobukiya: I was introduced to this company through their Hoihoi-san line of model kits(marketed in the US as One Shot Bug Killer!! Interceptor Doll). Followed them to their Megaman line of kits, and their Phantasy Star Online line of RAcaseal model kits. I think that's the major companies I follow. For specific lines that cross over companies or characters, the lines would be: Minimates: I truthfully don't follow American comics that well, so a good majority of the collection I have no idea who they are, unless they've been in a cartoon/movie. I just like the figure format. Sonic The Hedgehog: I've wanted Sonic action figures since I was a kid, so I buy no matter how bad Jazwares is. :redface Hedgehogs: Funnily, Sonic isn't completely responsible for collecting hedgehog nicknacks. When I was a baby, a relative gave me a plush puppet named Herbert the Hedgehog, though I had no idea what it was supposed to be until well after getting interested in Sonic the Hedgehog. So, I've been purchasing little normal hedgehog items to keep Herbert company. (Plus I totally support the hilarious idea of using Hedgehogs for valentine's Day goods.) K-On!: Figma, soundtracks, random trading kits. Purchased the merchandise to make up for watching the anime fansubbed, when I decided I wouldn't drop $80 on the individual Japanese Blurays. (Bought the American ones and manga when licensed.) Might of been cheaper in the long run to just of bought the BluRays. :tflaugh Puella Magi Madoka Magica: is my current anime collection obsession. Mostly trading kits now, but I have the American BluRays on preorder and am planning on going after the mass release Figma figures. Whew. So, that's where most of my non-bill/non-food money is diverted .... Is this my introduction to collecting anonymous?
  21. Support has pretty much dropped on SOPA and PIPA, to the point they've been put on the back burner for the time being. That said, now we need to worry about ACTA.
  22. I saw the First Editions over the December holidays at Toys R Us. Though, I didn't see any when I stopped in over the weekend. and it turns out there's alot of differences between 1st Editions and PRID now that they're hitting the UK market. :tflaugh :redface
  23. I've seen them called holographic, but I think the better word would be lenticular.
  24. Love their design, but I'm not too thrilled about the addition of die-cast. :tfsad Was really wanting it, but I'm gonna wait to see a review first, I guess.
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