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  1. I....can't tell any difference between Hasbro's and TakaraTomy's figures once they're out of the box. :tfhuh Though, I do like the dynamic posing in the packaging.
  2. You do know no money is generally wasted on head remolds as they're planned into the figure's production budget, right? That said, I'd rather have new heads, as they're generally new characters, instead of Super fun upgrade Bumblebee with pelvic thrusting action!* Given that many of these combiners wouldn't be planned ahead, they'd likely look pretty crummy. Some kitbashers can pull it off, but only cause they don't have any real financial limits like a company would. (*Figure does not actually pelvic thrust.)
  3. Fun little accessories. Shame that they put so much work into a figure that's made of suck. (at least, the American one is. Thought it was a knock off once I took it out of the box. Felt gypped even if it was only $10 from Ross. :tfsad )
  4. Not much of a action pose, but more of "Did anyone know he could do this?" TFP Cyberverse Commander Starscream
  5. I think they already said that during that 3DCG Voltron show. :tflaugh (and the new one. It's OK, but it certainly isn't the same quality as the original, when it comes to character designs...)
  6. I think that's Prime's minicon, not Laserwave. I agree that they're there for scale; as Yayoi(the girl), is from a BandaiNamco title, Idolm@ster. TakaraTomy wouldn't give them free adverting. :tflaugh As for the Ravage, it's Device Label Jaguar, not a Micron. Given TakaraTomy is using Flash animation, instead of the Prime CG animation, for the Minicons, I sure hope they're going the Rescue Bots, or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic route to the animation, and not making it totally clear it's done in Flash.
  7. Why's it called a custom? :tfhuh Anywho, I think I liked the prototype pics better. Now that it's in color, it looks very... plain. Not something that would command a $90+ price tag.
  8. Does TFormers have something against Toy Arena? :tfhuh That link is directed to TFormers.com, too. :tflaugh When I click, I'm sent to: http://www.TFormers.com/product_info.php/fansproject-city-commander-trailer-set-with-tfx-city-commander-add-set-p-3180
  9. I think TFP Ironhide is also getting a deluxe mold. because their was a few pics at the singapore convention that showed a TFP deluxe Kup that was rumored to be a repaint using the TFP deluxe ironhide toy mold. It isn't a rumor if they show it. :tflaugh While I'm looking forward to these figures, I'm not a fan of the Cyberverse Commander price, so I might just hold out for the Deluxe Ironhide / Kup, and Voyager Dreadwing.
  10. Anyone know why the Toy Arena link goes to TFormers, while the TFSource link doesn't? :tfhuh
  11. I look forward to more pictures of this figure before I decide my feelings. So far, I like it better than Optimus Maximus.
  12. I kind of dig it. Not sure enough to actually buy MP11, but I dig it. (I'd kind of like to see IDW or Prime make use of the design as in universe currency. It'd be neat.) Though, I gotta wonder, all these commemorative coins have the Hasbro copyright on them and not Takara's. What's up with that?
  13. Just to go on the record, I said nothing about Movieverse Megatron. :tflaugh
  14. This isn't really attempting to being disrespectful or anything. You've posted three topics today, that I know of, and the only one that makes any resemblance of sense is your leader class topic. This and the other one are almost impossible to understand. If you spent more time being precise with your topic titles, clear with your posts, and less time on seeing how many you could churn out, everyone'd be fine.
  15. Sorry,I forgot all about 2007 Movie leader sized Brawl. Taaron,DOTM Leader sized sentinel Prime has a extremly hard & complex transformation challenge. DOTM Leader sized Ironhide doesn't have a easy transformation,I transformed it a few times,ironhide has a medium transformation & not super hard like sentinel prime's leader sized toy. DOTM Bumblebee also doesn't have a simplified transfortmation & it's slightly more complicated than dotm leader sized ironhide's transformation. That's your problem if you find it too complex. :tflaugh Either way, Hasbro is still NOT catering them towards adult fans, as I said earlier, Hasbro has stated the leader class figures were simplified for kids. If they were catering them towards fans, they wouldn't of simplified them.
  16. No. Hasbro is not catering towards adults. That's pretty much TakaraTomy's area. Hasbro said they had simplified the leader class figures for DOTM to make them easier with kids to play with, so any forms of catering to adults seems more like a happy coincidence than anything else.
  17. Me too. I was just telling a friend that I was poking around Tumblr and found these neat Samurai takes on Prime and Megaton, a few days ago: I thought "I'd actually buy Samurai versions, too..." and a few days later, sure enough, Hasbro announces Bludgeon into G2 Megatron.
  18. It's times like this I wish Hasbro hadn't given up the mutant head concept from Beast Wars. Then he could have both a head with two eyes, and another with a eyepatch. :thumb
  19. They actually did release a Galvatron smaller than Ultra. Kabaya's Candy Toy (and a Happy Meal toy, come to think of it.). :tflaugh Anyways, your argument still doesn't work, due to the original releases. Hasbro produced the Super class Mega/Galvatron for their markets, while Takara produced the Ultra class Galvatron for Japan. Hasbro wasn't even sure they were doing a domestic release of the Ultra class figure until the 2-pack.
  20. If toys were done in different scales, they wouldn't be using the same mold. That said, Hasbro is kind of already doing this, with Mainline and Cyberverse co-existing.
  21. There's a major hitch in your argument that Unicron was stolen from Galactus. Given Marvel was responsible for quite a bit of production for Transformers, it's pretty hard to steal from oneself's.
  22. Some folks angry over Hasbro canning the FE line end up refusing to buy Prime: RiD figures, so it translates to lost sales. Probably not enough to actually damage the line, but it's still sales lost.
  23. Sure. I like the HA Figures, so if mechsuits give us more HA-types, I'd probably buy 'em. Though, I think I'd wish them to be more like HMs, TMs or possibly updated Pretender-types.
  24. I wish I thought of that analogy. Maybe I wouldn't want it as badly. Unfortunately, I likened it to the old Diaclone toys which increased my want 100%. :tflaugh :redface
  25. Cosign. It's almost as if he is specifically spamming the board with long titled topics just for sake of it. Thirded. I had to shut off New Topic notifications due to how many emails I was getting. As for the topic, I've had... G1: G1 Goldbug G1 Action Master Bumblebee Encore Bumblebee (& minibots) and maybe Keychain 'Bee. Modern: Classics Deluxe Bumblebee Generations Deluxe Bumblebee Legends Gold Bumblebee War for Cybertron Bee. Animated Legends Bumblebee, Activators Bumblebee Deluxe Bumblebee Jetpack Bumblebee Happy Meal Bumblebee Movie: Oh god. So many have been released, I'm not sure if this is a full list of what I own / have owned. 2007 Movie: Legends Bee Deluxe Classic Camaro Bee Deluxe Modern Camaro Bee Trans-Scanning Micro RC Car RoTF: Deluxe Cannon 'Bee HA Bumblebee Battle Blade Bumblebee DOTM: Cyberverse Bumblebee w/ Mobile Bunker Cyberverse Bumblebee w/ Soundwave & Rodimus Deluxe Nitro Bumblebee Deluxe Wal-Mart Exclusive Bee Deluxe Cyberfire 'Bee Prime: First Edition Bumblebee aaaannnd..I think that's about it (for now). Whew. I kind of want to get the "Warriors From Cybertron" Toys R US set, now that I know that Hasbro made it in reference to Bumblebee getting hit by a police car during filming.
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