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  1. I think he's a great representation of G1 Grimlock. The Pretenders one. :tfevil That said, I kind of understand why Hasbro gave us that particular Grimlock for Classics, given that he was followed up with the Animated, and the Masterpiece, Grimlocks which followed the G1 transformation schemes much more closely.
  2. I agree with Blitzwing. Let G1 go. You claim Hasbro is trying to re-invent the wheel with Movieverse, Animated, and Prime, which is not true, they're evolving the brand. If they were trying to re-invent the wheel, all we'd be seeing is G1 over and over again. It'd get stagnant and drive people away. (After all, look at G2.) Also, I honestly fail to see your logic about Rescue Bots. Sure, there's only 4 bots in the show, but there's also the human partners, and the playsets for sale. A quick glance at TF Wiki, and you'd know that means there's 14 figures(8 partners, 4 robots), two playsets and two big electronic toys to advertise. The show does a pretty good job of it, too. Since it's set in the Prime Universe, just as RH has a guest appearance from Prime and Bumblebee(in the toyline, at least.) I sure hope Hasbro decides to bring the RH characters into the Prime toyline. ETA: (snip) Other toy companies do just fine in sales/rattings with creating newer cartoons with accompying toys designed as true 1980's homages. Examples: He-man,Voltron,Thundercats,Smurfs,Barbie,TMNT,various super heroes,etc... They didn't release a lion voltron that looked radically different than the 1980's version. by making it have real fur,real bones,techno-organic,different size. (snip) While the TMNT turtles toys sculpts have gone thru various changes. the creators always tried to capture the original 1980's designs in the Newer TMNT toys. like the colors,the turtle species,the classics outfits. the weight & height proportions. the body/facial designs elements. (snip) These are hardly fine examples. Mattel can only get He-Man to sell in Toys R Us by packing them with DC figures. The 2002 line tanked cause Mattel kept the 80s He-Man mindset going. The new Voltron Force Voltron looks nothing like the original, outside of the lion colors. Thundercats is also greatly changed from the 80s series and toyline, and for the better. TMNT is poor example, as well, as it took them over 25 years to figure out how to properly articulate them for a modern audience (and even then...they seem pretty off n on.)
  3. At first, I thought they were separate Arms Micron, but now I'm not sure; I always heard the four were supposed be Gachapon kits, but since you're buying a case of 10, and we've been shown 10 single packs, it's a good question! :tfhuh Might still preorder the single packs, cause you can't go wrong with too many weapons, right? :tflaugh Edit: After looking at BBTS's listing, they have listings for 12 stand-alone Arms Microns. That's making me think the case of 10 with the four figures might be a separate set.
  4. Just got an email from BBTS. Not sure how I feel about it, as it means you only get one complete kit + two spare/random boxes.
  5. We're already getting a Battle Beasts update in the US, by Diamond. Anyways, it seems like Takara Tomy is going towards a new story line for Beast Saga, no longer tying them into Transformers. Shame TakaraTomy and Diamond can't combine their forces. Diamond's BB 'Gator Minimate looked pretty decent, but their latest offering (what was it..a ram?) is very ho-hum looking. These look great, but could go much further with some articulation (either an original set up, or blending with Minimates.)
  6. Yes. and by trapped, it's code for conjugal visits. If the ship's a-rocking..you should probably come knocking. It seems they really need help with the concept of safe words.
  7. 'Fraid not. I thought Reprolabels had done a Gen Lee repro set? (might of been for the minicon.) Though, while I was searching Google for a label set, I did find a General Lee AT-AT. http://www.redbubble.com/people/sevenhundred/works/6669368
  8. Would you accept a Minicon? I think Cliffjumper would work well as any of these guys: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Oil_Slick_%28Classics%29 http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Makeshift_%28Universe%29 http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Iron_Claw
  9. Cerebros would, since he's the third robot with Powerglide and Windcharger. (Part of me wishes they went full on Fort Max, and included Gasket and Grommet in place of Powerglide & Windcharger.) Though, Cerebros's head most likely wouldn't detach and transform due to it being extremely tiny.
  10. Pants legs need some actual detailing. As they are, they look like they're wearing skin-tight tights. Outside of that, I like that someone is actually churning out some HA-type figures of the G1 humans. Just wish it could of been Hasbro, or Takara.
  11. Seriously? I really fail to see how this merits a topic. They're not ruining Transformers comics. As you've said, it's Marvel G1, and IDW G1. What IDW does for their story has no impact on Marvel's story. If you don't like it, don't read IDW's comics, or give their storyline discussions any attention. Easy as that.
  12. Completely licensed. Kabaya has been doing Transformers candy/gum toys since the 80s.
  13. For the main waves, it's 3 for a complete set. The combiner waves, I believe there's 5 to a set, but I still have my combiner case sealed up, so I'm not 100%. I believe the case break down is 8 figures for the main (2 full sets + 1 partial set), 10 figures for the combiner cases. Why would there be? Each Kabaya case is dedicated to the current line up, so if Kabaya's case is dedicated to the Fort Max lineup, that's all there is. BBTS has put the case up for preorder. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=KAB10026&mode=retail
  14. Snakas been reporting on Japanese Transformers for a few good years now, covering the Japanese toy festivals and recently, they're the one who provided the new TFP catalog scans & broke news of the DX Kabaya Fort Max. Good source for JP TF news (in Japanese.)
  15. Prime Soundwave sure keeps finding ways to endear himself to me. :tflaugh When I first bought him a while back, he quickly made friends: and kept those smaller from harm: (I suspect Soundwave will kill me in my sleep for this photo.) and then, after this struggle with Prime: (which proves he's not much a rock n roll fella,but he gets the picture done. Such a good sport.) Soundwave proves, he was made to rock.
  16. BBTS has also sold the previous Kabaya sets, too. I've picked up most of mine from them, but I think this time I'll preorder through HLJ. BBTS seems doesn't ship kits out until a few weeks after JP release.
  17. :agree a BAF Exo-Suit would be nice, too.
  18. Taaron

    Kabaya DX Fort Max

    Well, it looks like rumors of Fort Max coming out again was true, if in a little bit of a bite sized candy Gum figure. Rakutan has posted a preorder for a Fort Max candy Gum kit bundle, in which he's broken up into three models that come with a smaller Transformer kit + a portion of Fort Max. It appears the price will be 525 yen (roughly $6.45 USD.) per individual model, or 2625 yen (roughly 32.29) for a box, with duplicate models. USD Prices not set in stone, can and will change depending on the Currency Rate. Additional source: Snakas's Blog A build a figure build a figure. Whodathunkit? :tflaugh Edit: Struck out the Candy and changed it to Gum. Just remembered the previous Kabaya kits came with a piece of gum, instead of a Ramune tablet candy.
  19. You do realize, CMS pays no licensing fees to Hasbro, correct? Please quit making stuff up like that. If you're not, at least provide a source, that isn't speculation from another user. As CMS is releasing the product in Japan, and intended for Japan only, CMS's licensing fees goes to who holds the license, which would be TakaraTomy. Not Hasbro.
  20. Let's see... my duplicate TF purchases: Animated Snarl: At last count, I think I had 12 of this figure. Picked up a bunch of them on clearance for kitbashing projects I've long since forgot about. :redface ROTF Sideways & Breakaway: I want to say I probably 6 of these figures. 1 of the original release, and the rest being the JP deco running change. Thought the JP deco version was still rare, thinking I hit the mother load of 'em, I grabbed multiples with intentions of putting them on eBay. Later came to realize it was a running change, and all figures released after a certain point had the JP deco. Never did make it onto eBay. :tflaugh DOTM Deluxe Starscream. 3 Starscreams(two w/tattoos, 1 with the tattoo stripped off), 1 Thundercracker and 1 DOTMJP Skywarp. Those are the only ones I can think of off hand. Probably have a few more dupes kicking around here somewhere.
  21. Nothing about the Arms Microns with the figures, but there is a set of Gachapon Microns slated for release, too. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TAK11414&mode=retail&picture=out
  22. I'm glad Hasbro reversed their decision on the Fan Art. It seems somewhat unfair to charge extra for an artist's table + convention entrance fees. At least, by being able to sell prints / sketch commissions, they can make the table fees back. I'm fine with Hasbro keeping a ban on 3rd Party stuff, given they have no interaction with other Transformers fans on the forums, or even at the conventions. Their only interaction is by way of a retailer, and not a personal presence. At least with the Artists Alley, we know they interact with the community in an open way. This ban was punishing fans for being fans and doing things fans do.
  23. For the sake of show accuracy, a straight repaint would be fine. (Unless Skyquake pops back up with a new noggin.) I liked the character design on the show, so I was glad they were doing a figure of Skyquake...but I think Dreadwing is a better selling point, as he's a reoccurring character. If they do release Skyquake, I hope it's as a Cyberverse Commander redeco. I'm having hesitations on dropping $20+ on a Hi and Die character. (Maybe I'm just trying to offset money for wanting Minicon Arms Terrorcon Cliffjumper? :tflaugh ) The picture makes it seem like his sword won't stow away in the Powerizer weapon. Kind of hope it does, since it seems to be able to do that in the show.
  24. Same. Though, damn. Gotta feel bad for the guy behind the exclusive. Having to sell off his entire personal collection to refund the preorders. :tfsad
  25. What was wrong with Grappel? Admitedly, the crane hanging off his arm was a bit odd, bit over all, I liked him. (And Inferno!) That being said, while I've seen some other stuff on Shapeways which is tempting me, and I may check them out one of these days, this particular accesory set seems unnecessary to me. There's nothing wrong with the design. I'm actually quite fond of that aspect. But, like I said, when I unboxed it, I thought I had bought a knock off. It was incredibly loose and floppy. Not the quality of something I'd expect from Hasbro.
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