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  1. Given the ages-old layer of dust on all these figures, I could understand why this guy would hide Grand Max. :tflaugh
  2. Not completely. But if you must do a Zoids crossover, it should be Liger Zero with BWII Lio Convoy's transformation. Not Leobreaker's crappy transformation. Save that for a Shield Liger.
  3. I don't mind the alternate universes, but I do wish fans and the companies wouldn't try cramming all the series together to form some sort of overarching story line. It just doesn't work. The only time multiple series works if it done like Universe(2003), Robot Masters or United, where the line did an original story consisting of characters from varying series. As for the Reboots, I don't care for them. Not due to story quality, but just for the fact as much as they want to claim the series is Generation One, they will never be Generation One(to me). It's just another alternate universe, featuring characters that are the (not)same as the Generation One cast. Only way I'd consider it G1 is if it's similar to ReGeneration 1, in which it picks up on story elements left by the 80s comics, or the 80s cartoon. Which leads me into.. continuations. I'd love to see a follow up, by way of CHUG line (Storyline could be told by way of Web Animation/Comics or Packed-in Comics) to: 1.) the 80s cartoon with G1-themed Generations figures. Season 1 or Season 2 could fill in the gaps between the first two seasons, additionally the movie. Later G1 characters could provide closure following "The Rebirth". 2.)Transtech. While FunPub does have a Transtech universe, I'm fairly sure it's nothing like Beast Machines continuation was intended to be. Given there's a bit of interest in the figures, they could be included in a CHUG line, and tell the follow up to Beast Machines. 3.)Cybertron / Galaxy Force. As much as I'd like to see a continuation to this series, Hasbro really tarnished it by forcing it into the Unicron Trilogy. The only way I can see a continuation working is if the story line specifically states it's an Alternate Universe to Armada/Energon, but still dealing with the after effects of the Unicron sun going supernova in Energon, as it affected many alternate universes. Given there's plenty of adventure left open in the series; I could see it working best as a graphic novel, or a written sci-fi novel series. 4.)Animated, if anything just to see what the staff had in mind. Well, I think that wraps up my opinion / wishlist.
  4. He looks spectacular! I'm curious to see if the interior of the tape deck is a springy-back, as in the prototype picture with Laserbeak on his shoulder, the interior doesn't look to be one molded piece. Kind of like you can fit each cassette in, and it'll push back depending on how many is stored away. What're the two accessories that are next to Laserbeak and beneath Megatron's Walther P38 mode? I don't recognize them. Speaking of Megatron, doesn't that look like the one that was included with MP01?
  5. Simply put, your honest opinion was a weak and inflammatory one, which is why it could be seen as Trolling. Let's take Puma's post into example. He finds it a jumbled mess, why? there's 18 different ideas! That's fine. While design sketches can be a jumbled collection of ideas, Puma has backed up his reasoning. I have no confusion. Meanwhile, leaves me with a bunch of confusion as it reads like a backhanded compliment. I'm a fan of design work. I've also studied CAD in college, and some of the technique I see in these sketches is stuff I've seen in my courses, and in professional works. If you'd like to give more reasoning for why you think this, to clear up this confusion, I'd sure appreciate it. Also, think of the designer. Should they ever see this topic, they might go "Well, damn. I draw like a kid in grammar school. Wonder what makes them think that? I'd sure like to know, so I can get better!" By explaining your issues with the work, it may help them later on in the future.
  6. He looks great. With him being priced like that, I'm seriously tempted to forgo waiting for the US release, and just getting the JP release. (Though, if Hasbro wants me to get a US release...they could always do it up as G2 Sideswipe. I'd buy that one, too. :tflaugh )
  7. I can't tell if this is a compliment, or intended as an insult. If a kid did these, they're pretty damn close to a professional. If it was intended as an insult, let's see you sketch up a product idea and see how it compares. Why do you feed the troll? Cant you see that all this shadowpanther wants to do is argue, regardless of how inane or frivolous his side of the argument is. You're right. XD but when someone tries to put down someone talented and creative, I get riled up as a fellow non-creative who wishes for this sort of talent. :tflaugh
  8. Small haul, today. Ran by Toys R Us to find some figures for a friend. Was a no go, but managed to spot & score a Cyberverse Ironhide. :D
  9. I can't tell if this is a compliment, or intended as an insult. If a kid did these, they're pretty damn close to a professional. If it was intended as an insult, let's see you sketch up a product idea and see how it compares.
  10. I don't think he'll join the Rescue Bots cast permanently, unless he's taken out of Prime or they figure out someway to alternate between the two. Jeff Kline, producer of both Rescue Bots and Prime, stated both series take place in the same continuity.
  11. Like Punch/Counterpunch? No, like this Y'know, now I realize you were serious and not talking about a Robots in Disguise Transformer...I gotta say, that alternate mode would actually be a little bit ingenious. Scan it, yank out the original, take it's place and siphon off the energy to create Energon.
  12. I can't say anything to elements changing them if they're put into plastic bins, as I turned the apartment's bedroom into a storage room. (sleep in the living room, kinda of studio-y like)...but I'll tell you, I didn't think I'd be so happy to go from cardboard boxes to plastic bins for storage. After all, it's just moving one thing in a box, into another box, but I was really pleased when I was finished. :tflaugh Now I just need to get things finished and sort them out.
  13. Taaron

    New Resets Done

    Yeah. :tflaugh I posted it to Twitter & here last week. I talked to a guy on the sales floor and he was just as baffled at the price increase, too.
  14. Taaron

    New Resets Done

    I noticed someone mention it on TFW, but I'm curious, is your Target charging $30 for DOTM Deluxes, too? (I know mine is. Lucky thing they only have 3 Nitro Bee.) I was hoping to see some Prime Cyberverse figs at my Target, but it's just DOTM Cyberverse. (At least I managed to find TFP Deluxes Knockout and Hotshot!)
  15. There's really only two times where I felt I was about to get out of collecting Transformers. The first time was during Armada, and it was the execution of Armada itself that tempted me away from Transformers. The toys were a major step backwards in terms of articulation, and there was plenty of designs I adored in the line, but I hated I couldn't pose them how I wanted to, without a grand deal of kitbashing. Additionally, the show was a torture to watch. Minicon hunt episode after episode, Hasbro rushing the production so there was animation errors episode after episode, and nobody paying attention to the dub script, and calling characters by Japanese names or even mixing names up. (Though, I'm stubborn and possibly a bit of a masochist, so I stuck through it. Glad I did, cause the show did have a few moments that blew me away.) The second time, is the most recent. The way Hasbro has been handling the releases (and quality control) of the latest toys (DOTM & Prime) has been leaving me a slightly bit more disappointed or frustrated with a figure, instead of actually having fun with it.
  16. Woohoo. I finally found some new toys. Toys R Us: Rescue Bots Blades & Halo Minimates Series 4: Master Chief & Cortana Target: TFP: Knockout & Hot Shot Lego Minifigures x3.
  17. Hum. Anyone else getting a ad instead? :tfhuh ETA: included a link to the video that's showing up on my computer. :tfhuh
  18. I love that thing. Just don't like the hole in the chest, seems counter productive to having a giant armored suit. Thats why when I get one, I'm going to somehow get Cap's shield over it. It'll look sweet as a chestplate. Not sure how Cap'n America's Shields are done for the toyline, but might they be able to just hook over the edge? I'd love to see how it looks, too. Very tempted to get Cap'n America and Ironman mechs if I see 'em. The shield thing might just push me over the edge. :tflaugh
  19. So, I went to Target and finally found new TFs! After month or so of looking, I found Prime Arcee. :D Also found the biggest WTF I'd even seen at Target. DOTM Deluxes for $30. (They had 3 Nitro Bees, both pegs marked with $30 tag. Price Scanned to confirm, and called over a guy with a price gun to see if he knew what was going on.)
  20. He was released. :thumb (I know there was an iffy period for a while, but he happily hit the market.) Madness! It can't be done! A suggestion of this order obviously shows you have issues. In this case, I would like to inquire within of how to get a subscription? :tflaugh
  21. You really should look up "cel animation". That's not cel animation one bit. As for Tokyo Girls Style: I'm Cat Hansen, why don't you have a cookie. srsly. it's good. catnip, I think. We're gonna need to talk.
  22. A few days ago, I was introduced to this hilarious little car on Tumblr by way of Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIn_ZgHJaE A Reliant Robin. Since watching this video, I think it'd make for a hilarious little TF. He could even use the name Sideways. :tflaugh So, what about ya'll? What unusual alternate forms that Hasbro / Takara has not used before (or frequently enough) would you like to see? (Can be vehicular, beast or item.)
  23. I'm a bit confused by this topic. Is this the same figure that was was posted to Figure Realm 4 years ago, or inspired by?
  24. In no real order: Love: BW Metals X-9 Ravage Alternators X-9 Ravage Device Label Ravage DOTM Legends Ravage Hate: WST Ravage (Easily. Fell apart first time I tried to transform it. Never did find his leg.) Alternators Jaguar Ravage (Only cause I never found the darn thing. Stupid Wal-Mart exclusives.) Classics Ravage that came with Hound. (Mostly due to the headsculpt. Don't like the 'beak'.)
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