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  1. Point. Actually I was referring to the retailers not carrying them. I will update the post to say "retailer roadkill" :thumb Thanks, BaCon. That was the point that made me think this was posted to talk down Bay/Bayverse. :thumb I've struck out my comment about it being a sensational story. As for anything Hollywood does being a good thing or bad thing, I think the best thing would just be to wait to see how it plays out in the final product. It's all dependent in execution. For example: Sam Raimi's Spider-man vs James Cameron's Spider-man. Both had organic web shooters. Sam Raimi's was used to 'fwip fwip' and swing around... while James Cameron's was introduced as allusion for an nocturnal emission. If we had James Cameron's Spider-man, organic web shooters would be incredibly awkward, just by the way it's introduced.
  2. This story kind of seems like a sensational piece. What's it have to do with Micheal Bay or Transformers, other than seeming like a chance to do an swipe at the guy/Bayverse? Fine fine, we get it. You don't like it/him. Not forcing a swipe every chance you get would make certain "news" stories more enjoyable to read. Just because Robocop goes between a "Social" and "Combat" modes, it hardly gives him a "Transformers" makeover. If that was the case, might as well consider Gundam Unicorn going from "Unicorn" to "Destroy" mode or someone going from a professional to casual event and back a Transformer. That said, it kind of seems like they're missing the point as a "social" mode would make it seem like Robocop has a life outside of being Robocop. I would think that would be one of the human traits lost in the process that makes him Robocop.
  3. Taaron


    I agree with you about the worth and the rotund issues, he just doesn't look right and he's not a high end brawler, he's a demo expert(at least per G1 standards). As for the X-Brawn mold, not wholly bad but that left arm kibble was just a killer for me. I would rather see Brawn come back as a scout per the RTS line that Windcharger was in, that would be a decent scale for him. But in all honesty, a deluxe version based loosely on something like the Jeep Liberty or Compass would be killer IMO(That is if Hasbro didn't screw it up like they did with the Iron Hide/Ratchet molds). Demo expert, huh? With that in mind, I could see this Brawn, with his added bulk emulating a sort of armored bomb disposal outfit like what was worn in "The Hurt Locker".
  4. Peaugh tweeted that one of the Targets he frequents got rid of Transformers. To hear this Wal-Mart manager saying it, yikes. Not looking good for Transformers. I'm not sure how I feel about it, off hand. Right now, I'm kind of fine with it. I could stand to give collecting Transformers a break, as I've been getting into a (very lazy) mindset of going through my bins, sorting through the Transformers, and thinning out the collection a bit. It wouldn't really give my wallet much of a break, as I have plenty of other things that I'd still collect, though. :tflaugh
  5. Glad you didn't detail through the Autobot symbol, I've seen some other folks that's done that while detailing, and just makes it look kinda sloppy.
  6. Love Tailgate. Hoping Hasbro does a Tailgate redeco for the Deluxe RiD or FE Cliffjumper figure. (Though, I feel bad for Arcee. Both her partners were the same mold. :tfsad )
  7. Taaron


    Oh, geez. I don't really have a wishlist, though I am working on a checklist to inventory my collection. It's a bit of a pain! I think my major "off the cuff" wishlist is: Kabaya Fort Max (on the way from BBTS) Hasbro MP10 Optimus G2 Bruticus (preordered at Amazon) Is MP Soundwave/Sideswipe out this year or next? If they're out this year, they're on the "wobbly" wishlist.
  8. The local Wal-Marts here suck at price matching. There's three Wal-Marts in the area, they won't even price match each other.
  9. My first ex was actually pretty cool with my Transformers interest, she helped get me into Gundam, too. She sent me my first Gundam item(a soundtrack) as a birthday/christmas gift. (can't remember which occasion it was.) Though, I think she was probably cool with it due to it being one of those long-distance sorta things, and not knowing how in over my head these hobbies turned out to be. :tflaugh Now a days, it seems like my significant other frowns upon being social, as I haven't met her yet. :tflaugh .... wait. :tfsad
  10. I love Amazon shipping, especially since I'm signed up to Prime. :thumb The only thing I'm not fond of is my local delivery folks, as there's been a couple of times they've had the brilliant idea to toss packages (some with glass items) onto my balcony, instead of bringing it to my door (or taking it down to the office when I'm unavailable.) Luckily, none of the items have been broken by them doing that, so I guess that's a testament to Amazon's packing.
  11. or worse...he stepped on one! :argh :eek I love that Kre-o is going more to play theme builds than figure building, too. The only thing is, the more I see of the Micro Change Kreons, the less I'm excited about them. I'm not exactly sure why. I'll still buy them, though! Anywho, as for the price: after Target's little snafu in charging $30 for DOTM Nitro Bee, I'm just relieved they're not that much. (Though, I do hate being old enough to remember when $15 got you a really nice chunky hunk of plastic Beast Wars figure.)
  12. After a good dentist visit, walked over to Toys R Us and Target. Picked up: @ Toys R Us: Wiifit cover (clearanced out at $2.) Adventure Time B-MO figure (Not sure why. I've only seen like two episodes of Adventure Time, but the anim gifs on Tumblr made me a fan of the character, I guess.) @Target: Transformers Fall of Cybertron Shockwave Lego Ninjago Samurai X Mech Met with a friend, and headed over to Best Buy. Ended up picking up a Logitech G330 headset, since my Rosetta Stone headset's mic went out. Then went over to Burger King and got to play with their new Coca Cola Freestyle machine. Had Coca Cola Orange, Mello-Yello Peach, and Barq's Vanilla! I want a Freestyle machine for my apartment.
  13. Agreed. I had to drive up there from Dallas for work. Not much around. Lawton or OKC? Have family around Lawton, but it's been a few years since I've been up there. Fine to visit for a day*, but I don't think I could get by living there for any length of time. Though, I did managed to pull in a few good hauls, outside of the easy to find releases, from Lawton: Primus w/ Unicron head, MP Starscream, and Legends Wheelie. :tflaugh (*Only due to aforementioned family.)
  14. It kind of reminds a triple changer was that was passed up for Transformers. Can't remember it exactly, though. It was either a Helicopter into a plane, or Helicopter into a tank? Edit: Found it. Copter to Jet! http://diaclone.net/orid/diatri/d092.html
  15. It's a little soon to say never. ;)
  16. Here's my haul for the day! Toys R Us: Fall of Cybertron Jazz Kre-o Cycle Chase Kre-o Decepticon Ambush Hero Factory Stringer
  17. Taaron

    Size Matters?

    In this case, I think Hasbro is working on two ideals of scale for the Fall Of Cybertron line. 1.)Non-scale, and 2.)to some sort of scale with Bruticus. (Maybe Grimlock, too?) In the case of #1, Hasbro has thrown general sense of scale out of the window, in order to appease the second. How does a single figure look against Bruticus? I ended up coming to this conclusion after watching Peaugh's video review of the SDCC deco Bruticus. Putting FOC Prime against Bruticus, he'd look incredibly insignificant in a fair match.
  18. It's not worth a serious mention, as they didn't. If they did, it'd be common knowledge by now. :tflaugh As for the Super Shoguns, seems kinda neat, but I wonder what makes these different from the Japanese Vinyl statues released during the 90s?
  19. Snipped the stuff I don't quite take issue with. 1.) Cyberverse. I know, I know. You're incredibly biased against toys smaller than Voyager class, but you can at least do some research on what you're ranting about. Cyberverse didn't come onto the scene during DOTM, it's been an evolving idea since 2005/2006's Legends of Cybertron line up. (2000/2003, if you consider the Heroes of Cybertron & WST lines to be a precursor.) It was initially intended to tie into the show and have a proper scale with figures like Leader class Starscream, and the gigantic Metroplex, who made the show cast seem absolutely tiny. Obviously it was popular enough to continue on and evolve into including playsets. They're a great line for fans who want playsets and don't have the display space for the full sized figures. I honestly have no idea how you can call it a 4 & Under/Toddler line, as they're obviously not due to the whole fact that they're not Rescue Bots. Cyberverse is filled with a thing called choking hazards for toddlers. 2.)Rescue Bots. You might not like the show, but for the target audience, it's very well done. Have you tried to actually sit through any of the episodes? As for wanting to get rid of something that actually works as a children TV series, you'd rather replace it with Kre-O (which would work as a Internet Series at best, which it practically is, currently) or Generations, a series that would be mightily complained upon if it wasn't an uber-adult series? We have Prime to fill that 'role', be happy with it. If you don't like Rescue Bots after giving it a try, that's fine. But let the kids have their own Transformers series. (as for the toys, I bought both GoBots, and Rescue Bots. I seriously see no difference in articulation.) 3.)Takara doesn't produce as much 'crap' lines as Hasbro does. Well, sure, but they sure do have their share of quirky lines/items. Disney Label, Nike label, GariGariKun figures, the upcoming baseball caps...That pretty much puts them on par with Hasbro for Marvel and Star Wars crossover figures. As for the paint apps, seen the Arms Micron Prime line? I don't see many paint apps on that line. Not to mention, there's been a number of figures Takara has released that skimped on paint applications, while Hasbro had done more applications on. You can say Takara is better than Hasbro, but in reality after looking at the history of the two companies, they basically even each other out.
  20. Initially I was pretty ho-hum about this guy, then hyped up once we saw a clear look at his face. Now I'm back to simmering, due to how parts formy he looks to be. (front paws end up on shoulders, peg leg paw ends up on his forearm.) I'll probably pick him up, but I'm certainly going to watch a video review first.
  21. I kinda like how Hasbro's releasing the Combaticons as the Wreckers. Don't really care much about the combined mode, but I think the team looks pretty decent. Will be picking up Roadbuster for sure. I also love how BBTS's Dark Energon Wheeljack is basically Slicer in Deco. Kind of disappointed with Grimlock. He looks good for the most part (great in robot mode), but his tail looks incredibly stumpy. Kind of ruins the flow of the t-rex mode, as I'm expecting it to taper off, and then it just stops. Blaster needs to lay off the donuts/data discs. :tflaugh
  22. Small haul for today. Wasn't actually gonna buy any toys, but I was within budget for the shopping trip, so I picked them up. Cyberverse Legions Evac Cyberverse Legions Breakdown
  23. General history with the MPs (Grimlock & Rodimus, at least.) They'll be launched at SDCC, then carried by Toys R Us Online/B&M.
  24. Liger Zero is half lion & half tiger like the Galaxy force liger-jack is,that's why I picked this toy. I didn't pick bw2nd lioconvoy because the beast mode is 100% lion.
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