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  1. After this character popped up in Rage of The Dinobots #1 I've been wondering if she would show up in plastic form, and I'm happy that even Hasbro photography doesn't her look bad, lookin quite good actually! Sidenote: it's been confirmed that ALL of the Predacons will be dragons, which IMO is kinda crappy.
  2. :facepalm: Ok, places like TFsource are BUSINESSES, their objective is to make MONEY. That being said, let's look at Artfire, a japanese limited run credit card exclusive. You paid $64, I'm guessing you have a friend, or personally have the ability to qualify for said exclusive, so you paid the basic cost of the figure to those that qualify. TFSource also pays that same cost per unit, being that this is not a retail store item and there is no vendor to go to. Naturally to make money (which again is the objective of any business) they have to mark up the cost to cover losses (cost of the figure, shipping, replacements for damaged/defective figures, etc.) It requires a high mark-up, 100% seems high, however that means TFSource has to sell 50% of their stock just to break even, with 0 defective/damaged toys. This is what you can expect from places that offer the services that TFScource does, if your Artfire arrives damaged where will you send it to be repaired/replaced? Also take a look at your everyday household items, if you knew how much it cost the retailer to get it on the shelf, your head would explode, not to mention retailers can mark most items down past 70% and still make a profit. That being said I still only paid $57 for mine, due mostly to the fake Artfire preorder that was listed months back, as well as a constant dialogue with their customer service department. That, and I spend a crap-ton of money with them, mostly because it's nice to support those who really only want to make obtaining these great japanese, and 3rd party figures as easy and convenient as possible.
  3. To you maybe, I got mine off TFSource heavily discounted :-P
  4. Steel Core ranks as one of my most wanted figures, I've held off on him mainly because of the MASSIVE influx of great third party items, and because I'm just not sure where he fits in the collection, mine is pure Neo-G1, and I just can't figure out whether Steel Core should be a "new" character to the G1 armada I've built up, or a stand-in/substitution for an existing character.
  5. It's almost as if HasTak just completely relinquished that part of the franchise to 3rd parties..... Not gonna complain about that too much, especially since the outsiders are playing the game better than the home team.
  6. Motorbreath is nothing new, Hasbro hasn't owned the trademark on Motormaster in toys since the G1 days.
  7. I REALLY dislike the coloring on Chromedomes head, but I'm super happy that he's approximately deluxe scale since that means the Headmaster from my custom should fit him, and when I'm done Chromedome will have a Nebulos mode and Earth mode Transtector
  8. Ughh! Effin Hasbro photography, I own the FOC Combaticons so I know they look better than those images, but still these are supposed to make you want the toys, yet the photo's are soooo bad it just makes them look terrible.
  9. We all wanted more classics, I'm at the very least gonna hope to get a full team of Dinobots out of it though.
  10. Looks like Hasbro lost the trademark on Wildrider, and picked Brake-neck over Decepticon Wildrider to save money on print.
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but this is the Voyager one right? And you found him on a store? Yes I did, and in Michigan of all places. All the local retailers did a major restock on all TF's currently there are a few stores in my area that are flooded with Prid Rumble and Kup's, also some Soundwaves and Airachnids, I went to a few after work, only saw one RID Vehicon though for all the Prime figures that just made it onto shelves, but one store in particular had just put out a fresh case of FOC Voyagers, I passed on Soundwave simply because he won't be as pain in the ass to find later (3 to a case of 4). My Tru only had GDO Voyager Megatron and RID Voyager Megatron, though they did have the FOC data disc two-packs which I passed on since they're in my next shipment from TFsource.
  12. With 2013 on the way, and the possibility getting bombarded by the final new Generations figures looms overhead, keep in mind this is probably far from an accurate list, it is unknown how the Legends assortments are counted into the 40, so I'm counting them by how they're released, either in two-packs, or as a partner to a larger figure. Also this does not factor in GDO's, as the 40 figure announcement was made before Hasbro had secured the GDO assortments for US distribution. 1.Optimus Prime 2. Jazz 3.Shockwave 4.Onslaught 5.Swindle 6.Blast-off 7.Vortex 8.Brawl 9.Ultra Magnus 10.Air Raid 11.Starscream 12.Kickback 13.Sideswipe 14.Soundwave with Laserbeak 15.Soundblaster with Buzzsaw 16.Blaster with Steeljaw 17.Grimlock 18.Rumble with Ravage 19.Frenzy with Ratbat 20.Eject with Sundor 21.Rewind with Ramhorn 22.Impactor 23.Topspin 24.Twintwist 25.Whirl 26.Roadbuster The above if not yet released, have been confirmed, here's a list of hopefuls as well to make it into the Hasbro line: 27.Skywarp 28.Thundercracker 29.Sharpshot 30.Hardshell 31.Venom (probably the least likely, lol) 32.Snarl 33.Slug 34.Swoop 35.Sludge 36.Perceptor 37.Quake 38.Zeta Prime 39.Jetfire 40.Metroplex (ok, this one is actually the least likely, lol) Well here's hoping we get a few more announcements soon to confirm the last few waves of the FOC Generations series, and really hope for Dinobots and Insecticons!
  13. Hellscream85


    Ofcourse, ebay and Takara Arms Microns figures will impact future sales of figures later on, the influx of Vehicons is due to fan demand for more, however Hasbro was WAYYYYY too late to the game on this one. A vast majority of those that wanted Vehicons (myself included) got theirs off ebay, or imported them MONTHS ago. It's not ironic, it's a failed attempt to appease demand, which has virtually disappeared due to outside sources, which by definition is unfortunate.
  14. Just picked up FOC Soundblaster, while not perfect, and full of aesthetic issues, it's not a bad mold, I will be picking Soundwave, and probably 2 Blasters so I can repaint one of them into Twincast. I think my number one complaint is that the design of the chest makes it appear that he has a deceptively long torso, however Blaster's retooled chest addresses that little nitpick of mine quite nicely. Loving the minions, just great little additions that really adds to the entire FOC collection, gonna have to do a checklist to see how many more figures are still to come from the quoted 40 Generations figs in 2012/13.
  15. Just watched Emgo's video review of Laserback, doesn't look nearly as bad as the photo's make him look, mold actually is pretty decent, colors are just plain awful though, with some moderate retooling it could make a decent CHUG style Cindersaur.
  16. RID and GDO use different molds, the issues seem to be on the FE mold, not the RID mold
  17. As much as I reallly do want these guys, I'll have to pass, I already own the hasbro retail versions of each, I dislike that Skywarp and Starscream don't have full G1 deco, but there's too much other good stuff coming out this year to re-up on figures I already have.
  18. Yeah, this thing could have been a win, just so many unnecessary features whose only purpose it seems is to drive up the cost on this guy. Sorry Px, ordinarily I'd have zero issue jumping on any high-end 3rd party product, but this just doesn't seem very worth it, especially with Platinum Omega coming out soon. Now if this project had been Trypticon, Metroplex, Fortress Maximus, Scorponok, Grand Maximus, Black Zarak, or hell even Majin Zarak I'd easily have it pre-ordered already.
  19. I'm sure you can dye it (after cleaning off pevious paint apps) I've had an extra Jazz lying around for the express purpose of doing a custom classics Shockwave clone
  20. I never had any issues with Sideswipe, what were people finding wrong with him?
  21. Still gonna get the Takara version of this guy, the coloring is just so much more vivid on Takara's FOC collection.
  22. Just received my Masterpiece Red Alert, just a heads up to take a look at Red Alerts legs for an assembly error, on mine the fold out panels that help lock the figures lower legs, and fill in the insides were swapped. They're riveted together, so I have no idea how to fix it, making the panels themselves completely useless. Don't know how widespread this issue is, but if anyone has a fix it would be much appreciated.
  23. Actually this was a new body for SG Shockwave, last years custom class figure also known as SG Longarm.
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