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  1. Transformers Cybertron: Deluxe Unicron loose complete Deluxe Crosswise (AKA Smokescreen) loose complete Movieverse: Robovision Optimus Prime loose complete Final Stand Longarm w/Mikaela on driver's seat and Crippled Bumblebee loose complete Voyager Starscream loose complete Blazemaster loose complete Elita-1 loose complete HA Barricade loose complete HA Jazz MIB (2 of them) HA BB MIB (several) Deluxe Ratchet (MIB) Deluxe Lockdown (MIB) PCC: Steamhammer w/ drones MIB (2, one on hold) Grimstone w/ drones MIB RTS Solar Storm Grapple MIB RTS Lugnuts MIB RTS DeepDive MIB Let me know if y'all interested!
  2. Possibly. It doesn't get good 'till the third page, and it's a LOT of photos, and the forum system here makes it hard and annoying. Some posts feature more than 25 photos. And I'm down to the next episode already (past 11 pages).
  3. http://www.tfu.info/2011/Mini-Con/Wa.../robotmode.jpg WANTED. Reward: $5 If you can't sell it without Undertow, then, sure I'll take Undertow.
  4. Lol hahaha here's the rest of that part: "HAI GAIZ! AM I LATE?" said a near naked man who glowed hot. "I'm not too late hah, guys? Shreck? Inque, love?" "Don't touch me, Derek, I could melt" said Inque "Sweetheart, you know it's not you who is too hot for me, but the other way around, b!tch" "Yes Mista Blight, you are quite late, meeting has started, and quite honestly, we thought you were fried" Snapped Shreck "Fried? That what you heard? Silly man, I used to be richer than you. I still am. Let me show you...my bank account" "EEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!!" screamed Shreck "DO YOU SEE ALL THE GREEN NOW?" yelled Blight Ninja Robin intervened, despite his heavy sweating, and checked on Shreck as he dropped on the floor. "He's still alive!" claimed Ninja Robin "Enough of this nonsense, Victor don't you have device that 'negates' radioactivity?" exclaimed Lex "OF COURSE I DOO I EVEN HAVE A CYURE FOR THIS POOAR BASTARD" "YEAHH My powers?! I'm not hot anymore? But I'm still transparent. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" Blight asked "TRADE SECRET. YOU'RE IN THE KLUB, HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT HARM ANY MORE GUESTS IN HERE OR OUTSIDE, OR I MAIGHT HAVE TO CYOOR YOU BUT NOT WITH ICE. I HAVE FAILSAIFS FOR ALL OF YOU, CONSIDER THEES A DEPOWERIZATION CHAYMBER" "Point made, Freeze. Enough of this. We are wasting precious time as it is. On behalf of the Legion of Doom, you are all welcomed." Said Clock King. As the meeting concluded, two very sneaky and familiar characters watched, and listened from a safe position... To Be Continued... http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-funnies/390594-basement-wars.html The rest of the comic can be viewed there. It gets better.
  5. "WHY ARE THEY MAKING US WAIT SO LONG?! WHYYYY!" Said Dramole "Baaaaaa patience baaaa" said Robogoat. Most of the baddies, criminals and resented folks of The Basement were convocated for a meeting at Mr. Freeze's fortress. The invitation was sent through facebook, and most baddies chose to attend. Many of them were simply hopefuls in line to gain some experience from the professionals, while some of them were former Batmen who were dumped for various reasons. But one baddie, one who wanted revenge for a mishap with the Batmen four years ago, was most eager to get inside. "Don't worry folks, we will enter the fortress soon. A big destiny awaits us!" Max Shreck responded in a thick East Coast accent "Lex, business partner, one-man conglomerate. I wish I had seen you sooner. You may be asking yourself what's a poor shmuck like myself doing here" "Maximillian Shreck, is that really you? what's a poor shmuck like yourself referring to someone such as myself as if we had known each other for more than five minutes?" Responded Lex in a higher than thou attitude. "There's no such thing as too much powa, Lex. You're going to need the bills to make war with an army of men in underoos" calmly said Shreck "I thought you had better fish to fry. Or was it better cats to fry? I don't remember, nor do I care. Get out of my sight, I have some business to attend to" said Lex, parting Shreck aside. "I AM our business, Mister Luthor. My experience is bigger than the both of us. This Legion of Doom was co-founded by me since I had my face chewed on sixteen years ago. Maybe you just don't want to be a part of it. Maybe you're just bored, y'know, since there is no Supermen here. Consida this a blessing, Mister Luthor." responded Shreck "By the end of the day, you will be dead, and I will have taken your place, Mr 'Shmuck' or however you say it. Hahaha" whispered Lex into Shreck's ear as the gates opened. "Welcome to The Legion of Doom, gentlemen" announced Shreck. All the baddies poured inside, squeezing one another. The biggest ones got front seats. Lex promptly climbed the podium and stood there as if he were an actual member. But nobody stopped him. His presence was more intimidating than the ugliest of evil space aliens. His nicely pressed shirt, his tie, and his Kryptonite boots made most of the common baddies gasp in awe. "Awghm" "SETTLE DOWN EVERYBODY, SETTLE DOWN. YOU HAVVE BEEN CONVOCAITED TO THIES MEETING AS WE NAOW FAYSE AN EMERGENCY AND A POSSIBLE MASS EXODUS. LET ME INTROUDUCE MYSELF. I AM MISTAH FREEZE, AND DIS IS AWR FORTRESS. I AM CURRENT GOVERNATOR OF THIS LEGIOWN. MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF" "I am The Scarecrow. Founding member. Been here since '92." "What's green, wears sexy spandex and smarter AND holier than all of you? Me of course! Just answer the question Hhhehehahihihheh" Said a strange man wearing sexy green tights. "DEEZE ARE MY ASSOCIATES MISTA BANE AND POISON IVY" "I am Clock King. Make a comment about my lack of hair and I will subtract sixty seconds from your life" "I am Inque. I chose to be a part of this because...I don't know." "PING PONG" Mr Freeze hit a gavel repeatedly. "FIRST ORDER OF BEEZNESS WHY ARE WE HIER? MY ENORMUSS INTELLECT IS NOT ENUF TO ANSWER THESE AND MANY QUESHIONS, BUT I WUULD LIEK TO KNU MORE ABOUT JOO, AND DISCUSS FUTURE PLAANS, STARTING WITH JOO SEXY LOOKIN BOY BAND MEMBERS" "Uh, we're lookin to get into the big time since our careers died once N'SynC took over, and...you can use us as hired guns, sure" I'm Magnus, Formerly Magna. Here and ShadowBorg here have had a tough time dealing with those Batman Beyond thugs. We are starting a small operation and adding members as we go, such as these Splicers" "Baaa Weee are noooot Spliiicers, Weee are Aaaaalienzz, baaa" "My bad, sorry. We are in the process of adding a new, powerful ally to destroy the remaining hmm...what is it fifteen? twenty?" PS 10 pics per post restriction annoys me. Also, the fact that I can't 'double post' and my next post is just added to this one is going to make my posting of this comic impossible, because there are many chapters and most of them are past 10 pictures.
  6. I'm interested in having original molds from all of them. Doesn't matter if it's a repaint or not, but as long as I have individual, unique minicons, all will be fine. Looking for these PCC minicons Or their repaints (which are listed): Backwind Beacon BombBurst Caliburst Chainclaw Chopster Darkray Pinpoint Razorbeam Throttler Waterlog (URGENT! I like this one a lot!) If you have Undertow as well, I'll take it! Armada: Rollout (Or Ultra Magnus' Minicon/Costco exclusive Rollout) Blackout (Or Powerlinx/Energon) Crumplezone (Or Powerlinx/Energon) Over-Run (Or Nemesis Prime's Run-Over or Universe Ultra Magnus' Over-run) Ramjet (Or Energon) Sparkplug (Or Corona) Thunderclash (or Ramjet Repaint) Energon: Grindor Highwire Sureshock Cybertron: Safeguard (Or Galaxy Force) Stripmine (Or Universe Classics...the one that came with Heavyload. But Stripmine is preferred) Classics: K-Mart Minicon Packs (which are repaints) Or The original color molds from the 3 packs. I want the following SPECIFICALLY, or their K-Mart (unless you have the multi-packs, in which case I wouldn't care about mold repeats) repaints (in Parenthesis): Steel Wind (KMart Skyhammer Or Skyshadow) Firebot (KMart Suppressor) Divebomb (KMart Cloudraker Or Crosshairs) Snarl (KMart Snowcat ) Oil Slick (KMart Makeshift) Grindor (KMart Bodyblock) I have for trade the following: Cybertron DLX Unicron TF '07 Voyager Starscream TF '07 Voyager Thundercracker Alternators Tracks HFTD Elita-1 (I thought I could combine all three, but failed miserably) Various Star Wars Saga BobaFett (McQuarrie Concept, Animated Debut and saga Ep 6 costume Boba Fett). The Bobas are Mint in Card, Animated has a golden coin, and the TF's are looe but in good condition. I'm also looking for Mechtech guns. Voyager Megatron, Voyager Optimus Prime, Walmart Deluxe Optimus, Mudflap + Skids, DLX Starscream/Thundercracker, Skyhammer and others. Let me know what you have and we will see. I'm also looking for Recon Ironhide and Grey ROTF Ironhide's weapons. Recon's must be complete: All rifles, knives and crossbow. And don't forget to read my comic, link on sig! (Yes, these toys I need for the NEXT comic)
  7. Alright. I've been working on this, and have been looking for the appropriate place to put it. I hope you guys allow photocomics. Basement Wars is about toys. My toys, and their disagreements with one another on the verge of a move. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it. Bear with me because the first chapter isn't comic-tized, whereas the rest are. Preface: Victory! Three years had passed since the re-colonization of The Basement. The Batmen were finally home, and peace ruled for nearly three years. But then came The Great War. Ra's al Ghul: Diseased maniac, stormed the Bat shelves in a lightning storm. Out of approximately four hundred Batmen and Robins, 92 fell. This was one of the gravest incidents to plague the Batman community. Al Ghul attacked with Batclones, Zords, Borohk, and even made Nocturn enter the fray. In the meantime, the Transformers waged a war of their own in a distant section of The Basement, however the Autobots and the Decepticons reached a ceasefire that was to last while the war between the Batmen and Ra's al Ghul went on. Eventually, Ra's al Ghul's forces were annihilated by an onslaught of vintage vehicles as Ra's al Ghul prepared to detonate the entire Bat shelfs, Transformer shelves, and even the entire dinosaur population to turn The Basement into a barren land for re-colonization and to restore The Basement's natural form. Ra's al Ghul fled on Serpentera, but Bruce Wayne/Batman caught up to him, defeated him and left him to die as Serpentera was destroyed by the Aerial Fleet. "Are you finally prepared to take a life, Detective"? "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you. Good bye, Ra's!" "What?! Detective?! DETECTIVE! YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME HERE LIKE THIS! Oh no..." "FIRE AT WILL!" "At last, the war is over..." However, in the coming weeks, a new threat emerged...
  8. Hi. I'm moving soon, and would like to sell all this stuff. I'm trading or selling the following: RID Spychangers: Wars Crosswise Daytonus Sideburn Ironhide Mirage All have their guns. Mirage and Ironhide have yellow stains on some parts. Dunno what happened. $25 for the whole lot. Stormjet. Has intensive stains all over. Never vac pack white tf's with orange ones. He was never exposed to sun. WTF. $9 Armada Terrorsaur w/ Ironhide minicon. Have the instructions. Dunno where they are. Will look. $15. Also have the sticket. Energon Omnicon Strongarm complete/w instructions $6 Universe Snarl. Missing tail $7 Cybertron Deluxe Unicron $15 Alternators Grimlock w/ instructions $45 Tracks w/instructions $45 Transformers movie 2007 Robovision Optimus Prime complete with box. Dunno if the instructions are included. I might have left them in the box. In fact, I don't know where the box is, but it will turn up eventually. $25 Thundercracker complete $20 Starscream complete $20 Stockade $9 Wreckage $9 Final Stand Longarm w/ crippled Bumblebee. This is the set that has a Mikaela on the drivers seat. $25 FAB Double Missile Brawl $10 ROTF 2009 These are all with instructions Blazemaster $7 Bludgeon $15 Soundwave $10 Don't ask me to lower prices or trade. I don't sell internationally either. Only w/n the us unless you're willing to spend more on shipping. I do not recommend that at all. Shipping is only $5 for all of these, unless you want to buy several. Depends on size. I'm moving, and I wanna get rid of all these. I also have the following Lego Sets on Sale: Dino Attack 7473 7474 7476 complete w/ box and instructions $90 Lego Spiderman 2 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery complete w instructions $70 Lego Studions Spiderman 1374 & 1376 complete. Comes with Mary Jane, Spiderman, Peter Parker, and Green Goblin. SFX CD included.$70 Bionicle: Toa Mata: all 6 100% complete with instructions, posters AND extra masks. Not all of the masks, but there's some gold and silver ones tossed in there. Toa Nuva. same. Makuta. 100% complete w/box and instructions Nocturn 100% complete w box and instructions. I have more, but you'll have to ask. I also have the following Bat-items for sale: BTAS Scarecrow MIB WB EXclusive Legends of Batman The Riddler MIB BAtman & Robin Mr. Freeze MIB Batman TAS D.U.O. Force Mr Freeze MIB Mission Masters 3 Virus Attack Bruce Wayne/Batman Knight Force Ninjas Power Kick Batman Batman Crime Squad Tri-Wing Batman DCU Crisis Series 1 Batman (Blue and Grey costume) Gotham Knights Scarecrow Deathshot and Batman 3 pack The Batman Electronic Batmobile (no missiles but electronics work) Jokermobile (no missile) Hoverbat (missing parts, for pieces only) Ice Hammer (for parts only, missing everything just chasis, box included) My wants are: HTFD Elita-1 for a customization job BM Strika BM Motorcycle Drone HA Jazz ROTF Skystalker HTFD Highbrow Any PCC Minicons I have pictures.
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