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  1. Honestly I kinda like the idea, but I frown on the fact that it would cost a ton to do. I have a much better idea. And it IS DOABLE. Obviously the audio and sound effects from the original series still exists, so heres an idea: put it to computer animation. By doing that you would already have 3 season done. But here's the kicker (pun intended, lol): since season 2 ended in 1985 and the movie took place in 2005, season 3 in 2006, fill in the years between 1985 and 2005. Thats 20 years of untold stories! DUH! Are you reading this HASBRO??
  2. The dimensional gateway, Kaon the Decepticon capital city, planet Cybertron. I stand in the doorway to greatness. Soundwave was powering up the gateway, Starscream was plotting the destination. "Where are we going, my Lord? Which dimension are we headed?" the Seeker asked with a gleam in his optic. "Thats not your affair, Starscream, only I am to know where we are going." I shoved him out of the way and laid my hand on the console. My fingers fell back, reveling computer interface nodes. I plugged them into the console, programming the destination into the computer. The gateway blared to life in a rainbow of colors. "Starscream, Soundwave, you are to stay behind. When the gateway reopens, you will receive your instructions." I slowly approached the gateway and slid my hand into it. The gateway rippled with every movement of hand within it, even when I drew it back. I stepped into it. With a bright flash of light, I felt every molecule of my being separate and move at the speed of light, and yet stay together. My body surged with energy as I emerged on the other side of the gateway, rippling across me and then reabsorbed by the gateway. My optics flickered and then came online. The only thing I hate about dimension hopping is momentary blindness. As my optics looked around my location, I failed to recognize my location. Appeared to be a high, cloudy location. Blue sky, yellow sun, but yet there was metal under my feet. I was in the sky, on a ship. "The Nemesis! Or....at least this dimension's version of it. And my target....lies within." My forearm opened up, revealing my fusion cannon. As it opened up and became its full size, alarms went off beneath me. Powering up my fusion cannon, I prepared for combat. Decepticlones came marching up onto the roof, laser guns firing and bouncing off me like mosquitos off a windshield. A single sweep of my powered fusion cannon dropped them like flies. Standing triumphant, I felt my target approach. His power pulsated from him as if a thousand energon smelters were in one place. I spotted his red optics peering at me from a nearby doorway. "No sense hiding from me, Megatron. I am here......to claim you."
  3. Yeah I noticed quite a few spelling errors plus it needs some tweaking. Havent done a fanfic in over a year or so. Used to dominate this place with them several years ago. Had some good stuff too, like the battle of the megatrons, lol.
  4. This has also been posted on Transfantics. Depending on reviews, you guys might get the next chapter(s). In the beginning, there was just Megatron. Then the conquest began with the cross-dimensional rift that brought the prince Vegeta. With the union of these two beings, the universe wept. Countless civilizations collapsed under the onslaught of Decepticons and Saiyan warriors and the trample of their feet. Even the Autbots greatest warriors were no match for combined might of these warriors. Even Optimus Prime was captured and tortured countless times. One warrior though, stood up to this menace, Driftimus Prime, and his allies, freed the surviving Autobots and conducted guerilla warfare from the depths of Cybertron. But MegatronVegeta discovered yet another dimensional rift and joined his might with that of the master vampire, Alucard, to become AlutronVegeta. Even with his enemies newfound power, Drifter and his allies still fought on. But even then, AlutronVegeta conquered more and more. Even Unicron fell before his might. But even with all his power, AlutronVegeta suffered great damage from the battle and lies in stasis. Or does he? In the Kaon throneroom, a CR chamber was repairing the damgaes that AlutronVegeta incurred during his battle with Unicron. Soundwave watched over him night and day, constantly vigilant to any that may seek to slay his master during his slumber. A shadow standing in the doorway caught his eye. The Decepticon Starscream emerged from the shadows. "Soundwave, how goes our master's repairs?" Soundwave's melodic voice responded, "His repairs are at an accelerated rate due to his merged natures, Starscream. Soon our master will rise to lead us to total victory." A terrifying scream and a scrapping of metal on metal made their heads spin round towards the CR chamber. "I WON'T LET YOU REVIVE! THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE TO WIN AGAINST YOU!" screamed a diminuitive yellow Transformer. Neither Decepticon moved in that direction, but merely laughed at the Autobot, especially since it was Bumblebee. Bumblebee was never of any threat to any Decepticon, save the cassettes. As Bumblebee drew his weapon to fire on the CR chamber, laughter and a hand emerged from the CR chamber's viewing window. The hand engulfed Bumblebee's head, and slowly but firmly grasped it. "You have survived all these years, Bumblebee. I find it rather amusing that you would try to interrupt my slumber. Even more so that you are still alive." The hand began to squeeze tightly on the miniscule Transfortmer's head. "Well, you WERE alive." Circuitry and mech fluid spranjg towards the ceiling as Bumblebee's head exploded under the squeezing pressure of the hand. As the pulpy mess collapsed to the floor, the door to the CR chamber flew across the room and landed with a THUD! next to Soundwave and Starscream. A dust rose up as it landed, filling the room. A stompng and blazing red optics marched towards them. They trembled and fell to their knees and proclaimed, "MASTER!" as it stopped short of them. "Arise my minions, there is work to be done. Prepare the dimensional gateway!"
  5. this might be sited in Ohio in or around August:
  6. quit posting if you have no pics to share
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