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  1. Such a succinctly accurate statement, Mike. :agree Dude wouldn't know style if it was in a powder keg he was sitting on with a lit fuse :awsum Based on your review of Shockwave, I will assume that you are insulting me? :schin Anyway, this not a perfect example, but it is the basic idea of what I think Shockwave should look like. I'm okay with Shockwave's alt-mode. I just think it would look better with clean looking panels, etc. The robot mode would benefit from that too.
  2. Smooth surfaces, clean lines, these words mean nothing on Bayverse Cybertron.
  3. Was there ever supposed to be Transformers United Windcharger? No online store that sells Japanese Transformers has a pre-order for one.

    1. Sparkless


      nothing was ever announced abotu Windcharger coming out in Japan

  4. If there was an Encore Devastator or Reflector from Takara Tomy, I wish someone had told me. I don't think that anyone chooses a KO over an official version of the same toy. The KO is usually something that isn't available officially, something that is available officially but of lesser quality, or a partly or wholly original product based on an established brand.
  5. It turns out that there will not be a KO Fortress Maximus. KOToys posted this: The G1 KO Maker basically just lied again this year as he did last year. We at KOToys apologize for the amount of excitement he caused. We will only post in hand news from this Manufacturer from now one as he is not dependable and can be tricky again THERE WILL NOT BE A FORT MAX THIS YEAR, the RELEASES WILL BE ABOMINUS AND COMPUTRON Although WE want a FORT MAX, YOU WANT a FORT MAX - stick with us and u can get the three + in time again we apologize for his lack of understanding and empathy, we will only post in hand news regarding this manufacturer from now on.
  6. Maybe, but the usual thinking behind these KO prices is, "Hey, the original MISB costs a lot more." I doubt that the KO Fort Max will sell out.
  7. From the KOToys.com forum: YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED, WE ASKED, THEY LISTENED ! G1 KO Reissue FORT MAX Update « on: February 09, 2011, 02:43:33 AM » An update regarding G1 KO REissues Since everyone here asked for FORT MAX, we inquired and told them that people are really begging for FORT MAX. Well u ask, you shall receive. FORT MAX HAS BEEN MOVED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. He will be made FIRST Ahead of both ABOMINUS and COMPUTRON (actually i think both abominus and max were in the first stages) So, there will be all 3 versions of FORT MAX, the retail price will be around 300$ US. Both Abominus and Computron will now be delayed until AFTER FORT MAX. Stickers for all 3 have already been made. FORT MAX ETA - 6 months from Today - August, or before August. I will absolutely buy this. Then again, after reading the shipping cost, I might not.
  8. MP Rodimus Prime has arrived.

    1. jeffafa


      Lucky! - if not for this stupid storm I would have mine today also.

    2. Hip-Hoptimus Rime

      Hip-Hoptimus Rime

      If not for my mortgage I would have him too!

    3. Sparkless


      JEALOUS! I want one soooooooo bad!


  9. Thank you Blitz-Wing for locking that stupid WFC/Exodus/Prime thread.

  10. They are in China, where Copyright enforcement isn't that strict on Chinese companies copying non-Chinese products. Anyways, Lego lost a legal case recently protecting their brick design, and technically it doesn't say "Optimus Prime" and it doesn't have an Autobot symbol... so Hasbro can't say much about some red and blue block robot. Still, if Hasbro and Lego got together and released the "real thing" with this design in the US for about $25-30, I bet it would sell. They should do the fair thing and copy the design from Kazi right back! I don't know if official Lego Transformers would be as good as these. Most licensed Lego products seem to have a lot pre-made parts, requiring little assembly.
  11. That Jetfire looks a lot better than the Leader class toy.
  12. MikePrime

    TF Mosaics

    It's a long-winded parody of the Transformers Mosaics.
  13. Like I said in my post, I don't think anyone was going to sing the praises of Bumblemus for posting that schedule. If anyone assumed it was his, then that's their business, but most news posted here comes from somewhere else and I think most of us know that.

  14. I got a G1 Brainstorm today and the hip joints were locked up. The legs almost couldn't move. I sprayed the joint with WD-40 and now they work like new.

    1. robo_rob


      Careful dude, that stuff can damage some plastics... which you would already know by now if it damaged yours... but you know... just case :)

  15. I once had the normal-sized version of the Doubledealer knock-off. It was crap.
  16. These vintage knock-offs are neat. I wish that company in China that makes G1 knock-offs would have the decency to package them in original boxes like the vintage ones had.
  17. Why? These toys are usually between $15-17 each.
  18. This is good news. I wonder if they'll make Astrotrain in G1 toy colors or G1 cartoon colors? They'll probably do both.
  19. Scavenger could be in second place, but Sideswipe is the worst of Armada. Still, Scavenger can be the worst Armada Decepticon while Sideswipe can be the worst Armada Autobot.
  20. What is everyone's hang up with the Armada Sideswipe? I actually thought that compared to some of the figures in the Armada line that he wasn't so bad. Unless I am thinking of the wrong figure? Look at it:
  21. Extreme frugality, that's what they were thinking.
  22. I can see that. I do wish Hasbro's attitude toward the Classics line was the same one they had with the 25th anniversary G.I. Joe toys. What happened with those is what should have happened with Transformers Classics. The Joes were meant as a small line of anniversary toys, but they became very popular and so Hasbro decided to continue the toy line. Still, it is the fault of the first Transformers movie. Even if one likes the first Transformers movie it still stinks, because it was made clear by Hasbro that it was the cause for the poor treatment of Transformers Classics. As for MP Megatron, I'm not as fearful of the toy as most people, but there is one negative that you didn't mention. It's the tarnishing of Megatron's metal frame. I think it's real shame that something like should happen to modern day Transformer, let alone a Masterpiece Transformer.
  23. I'll have to create some sub-categories for my list. Worst Autobots: The cars from RID. They have frickin' doors for arms! I've tried buying some now, but as I look at the pictures I just can't do it. Worst Decepticons: ROTF Constructicons and Devastator. Single Worst Autobot: Armada Sideswipe. Single Worst Decepticon: Beast Machines Megatron. I could have chosen Megabolt Megatron, but at least that one has a decent robot mode. This one is hideous all around. Worst Toyline: Beast Machines. Worst Cartoon: Armada. I want to say Beast Machines, but Armada's stupidity overrides the general awfulness of Beast Machines.
  24. So, does anything extra come with the set or is TFSource just lying to get people to buy their add-on kit?
  25. I tried Roadbots once. They're lousy. I did get them in a similar BBTS clearance sale, so didn't feel bad about throwing them into the recycling can

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