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  1. Just in time for Christmas...


    Tracy Walmart - Multiple MP Skywarps, 2x Recon Ironhide, 1xBludgeon, plenty of NEST Deluxes (Dirge, Armorhide, Alliance Bumblebee and Tuner Mudflap)


    lucky bastard. lol.


    i think it's about time i move to california.

  2. came across two legends class wheelies @ Giant in warminster.


    i haven't opened it, but, it looks just as great as the photos that we've seen of it do.


    (i hadn't looked too closely at the figure in pictures, but the hands look great in person.

  3. Masterpiece Skywarp (US Ver) :yay


    I might have thousands of figures in my house but this is my 1st Masterpiece :con


    Oh and YES he's worth the $$$ I can honestly say that even before I've had him in jet mode :eek He's just that badass as a robot !!! Everything from how well it's made to the sa-weet colors make this a Decepticon to own.


    My only complaints are small. Can't get him to stay on the stand on the clear piece, and those damn clear rubberbands are everywhere !!! THAT and I can't decide which mode to dislay him in :roll


    Life's hard...


    And Decepticons RULE :lol


    you need to get thundercracker and starscream.. they all REALLY look great together in both modes.

  4. Toy Sightings for Weds. 11/11/09


    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - 2010 Edition_Toy Sighting(s):


    Asst. #31020 > 4" Articulated Figures:



    #1.) #31301 Red Ranger

    #2.) #31318 Goldar


    Available at:


    1505 Main Street

    Hamilton, OH 45013

    *Store #2441*


    sorry that this isn't a sighting post but..


    wow i used to love might morphin power rangers. are they just releasing jason and goldar?

  5. ROTF: Human Alliance Skids.




    Outstanding car mode. 9 / 10

    Very detailed and well painted.

    Sweet forearm mounted cannon in bot mode.

    Great amount of posability and articulation. Double jointed knees FTW.

    There is a waist, but very limited by back kibble...

    Nice use of a "hook and cover" back kibble, too.


    Hasbo: Thanks for matching his green plastic, this time.

    Yea, it's one shade of green and that's how I like it...





    Decent robot mode. 7 / 10 (extra points for the insane amount of little details)

    Arms are a little long with giant "palms up" hands. WTF?

    I like fists on my battling robots...

    Legs are small, but fine...

    Head is horrible and sits in his chest? Gold tooth and all...

    Very small compared to HA Bumblebee.

    Just a tad taller than the Deluxe for $20 bucks less... Yes, my wallet is crying...


    SCORE: 6 / 10


    Anyfan have a "hand mod" or "head swap" for this figure?


    i like the head. he's supposed to be goofy.. his head's goofy.. it fits.




    i think the size is great, it's one of the things that i really like about it. he's able to keep scale in both modes with bumblebee and sideswipe.. in the movie bumblebee was able to grab skids and mudflap by their scruff and throw them.. any bigger and he wouldn't be in perfect scale.


    and for the extra $20 you are getting a figure that looks worlds better in both modes, has a better transformation, more details, a better weapon, better head, and just overall a better more accurate look.. and you get a human figure and a sweet motorcycle for mikaela (i don't display arcee in robot mode).

  6. 17473724.jpg


    Got DJ Hero for the Xbox 360 and FINAAAAALLLLLYY a TF toy, ROTF Arcee. Skipped HA Skids, is it sad that the only reason I see myself buying that is for Mikaela? I think so....


    hey, human alliance skids is incredible.. and having mikaela riding the bike with sam sitting behind her is very funny.

  7. This is a sightings thread, not a discussion thread. My question to him was sightings related.


    Mind your own business and quit derailing.


    it was just a question.. it wasn't meant to be rude..


    im just wonder what the appeal to recent power rangers is.


    and laying on my couch on my computer isn't exactly going out of my way..


    and my question was sightings related also.


    sorry if i upset you.. i was just curious.

  8. _____________________________________________________________

    My Hybrid Haul For Thurs. 9/10/09


    Transformers ROTF > Legends Class > Wave #4 > Asst. #83971:

    x3 #92900 Tankor {Store: Wal-Mart}


    Transformers ROTF > Scout Class > Wave #4 > Asst. #83974:

    x1 #93055 Ejector {Store: Wal-Mart}


    Transformers - Henkei > Cybertron(s) > Exclusive(s):

    x3 Strafe With Rocketbot {TFW2005 Member: Bodhar2000)


    IDW Publishing - Paperback(s):

    x1 TF Animated - Volume #11 {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}


    Dreamwave Productions > TF Comic(s):

    x1 More Than Meets The Eye - TF Armada/March #01 {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}

    x1 More Than Meets The Eye - TF Armada/April #02 {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}


    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger:

    x2 Candy Toy Ika-Daikaioh {Online Store: CstoysJapan.com}

    x1 SH07 Super Shinkenger Red {Online Store: CstoysJapan.com}


    Bonus Stuff:

    x1 Kamen Rider Decade - Fold Out Poster {Online Store: CstoysJapan.com}


    Star Wars > Remote Control Droids/Target Exclusives > Asst. #87849:

    x1 #89048 Remote Control R2-D2 {Store: Target}


    Beanie Babies > Spongebob Squarepants:

    x1 Gary The Snail {Store: Books-A-Million}



    x1 Power Rangers RPM: Race For Cornith (Volume #2) {Store: Target}


    Yu-Gi-Oh GX Manga:

    x1 Yu-Gi-Oh GX Manga - Volume #3 + YG03-EN001 Winged Kuriboh LV9 (Ultra Rare) {Store: Books-A-Million}


    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's TCG:

    x1 RGBT-EN Pack(s) {Store: Wal-Mart}

    x2 ANPR-EN Pack(s) {Store: Target}




    why buy three tankors? and three sideways?

  9. the walmart on trooper road has TONS of dead end, jolt, ice cream twins, & blazemaster.


    the target in plymouth meeting still has a human alliance sideswipe.

  10. found thrust walmart in norristown.


    i wasn't going to pick him up.. but i figured i just got paid.. i might as well.



    you should definitely get chromia and arcee.. they look really great together.. i'm going to be really pissed if we don't end up getting flare up. anyways.. they look really great standing with premium ironhide (with the rotf ironhide weapons)

  11. found a couple of ejectors at walmart in willow grove.


    they changed their aisles around.. it took my like 5 minutes to find them. they're right next to the bikes now.


    anyways.. i don't usually get scout figures, but i have scalpel and now ejector and i have to say ejector is a really really great little figure. interesting transformation, a good amount of joints.. and the toaster mode is actually silver.


    after seeing how cool and solid ejector and scalpel are.. i think they REALLY should have made wheelie as a scout class figure. the deluxe is FAR to tall, way too wobbly, and just isn't really that great. i think it would have turned out way better as scout figure.

  12. Every time I see Devistator, I don't feel a twinge of the "man I want it" urge, and looking at the price tag only makes it easier to walk away.


    Coming from a guy who bought and took back supreme devs, I agree with evilmus. Sami, I think that any true transformers fan (as you definately are) can keep passing on this p.o.s. There is just nothing good with that figure. He isn't even any fun with legends skids and mudflap and they don't look good displayed either.


    The only Devs I will be getting is the Legends class one. He is a win-win. Now only if they make scrapper, hightower, and overload in voyager or even a class between leader and voyager and then somehow recall that crappy devs and make us a decent one.

    With the Seven! constructicons and some decent paint apps. I don't mind the no robot mode, but don't make him talk or make noise. He didn't talk in the movie, doesn't need a stupid black hole sucking thing gimmick to make it cool. Give us a $45-55 figure that has seven constructicons with individual vehicle modes with good paint apps and a robot mode for devs that at least looks cool and has the correct fing colors (why do all the toys have a grey head but in the movie his head was Red!!!!) (and how rampage is Red in movie but yellow in toy!!!!).


    Rant over... Hasbro is getting to me on the constructicons crap their pulling.


    you might want to get a couple fact straight before you rant.. there were 8 vehicles that formed devastator in the movie. his head was silver in all of the concept artwork.. the concepts and toys come first.. then the movie. it's not really hasbros fault that it was changed somewhere during the process.


    there were two different rampage type characters. one was red, and one was the color that the figure is.. not to mention (again) the concept art of rampage was yellow.. like the figure. (but then again the rampage figure has a completely different alt mode than the movie) i highly doubt hasbro would realistically be able to make a figure that has more paint applications and the proper number of components for $50.. you must be out of your mind.. have you not realized that all figures ultra class and up have lights an sounds.. that's just the way it is. and again there were Eight vehicles that made devastator in the move.. long haul, scrapper, high tower, rampage, mixmaster, scavenger, overload, and.. the left hand of devastator, the one that connects to high tower.. a character that no one mentions.


    i have devastator. i personally like it for what it is. i really enjoyed painting all of the little details on it. and i really liked transforming each of the components, the transformations were easy.. but i liked them. the head gimmick i thought was pretty cool.


    i do wish it had more paint, more components, was a bit bigger, and had a more complex transformation allowing it to look a bit more accurate in the torso.. but i still like what we got, it's not great and it's not terrible.. and it was free, so i can't really complain.

  13. pretty much everywhere has chromia and starscream.


    i'll keep an eye out for jolt and arcee for you.


    they are both really great figures. arcee looks awesome with chromia.. hopefully we get the third bike. and jolt is especially awesome when you position his back pieces the way they were in the movie.


    and human alliance sideswipe is very cool.. sure he has a fairly large back pack.. but that doesn't bother me very much at all. the alt mode is incredible and he looks great with bumblebee, i cannot wait til skids, mudflap, & barricade come out, hopefully the make a few more.. we still need lennox and leo.

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