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  1. i bought a Papo Velociraptor. he looks great, i was going to pick up the T-Rex, but i didn't feel like shelling out $22 for it, but i'm sure i will eventually. but i'll definitely getting the revoltech JP T-Rex. that thing looks awesome
  2. marvel select borders exclusive iron man 2 war machine. i can't wait for the walmart exclusive figure to come out, that looks to be the best mass retail figure yet. sort of a mini hot toys version. my only problem with the marvel select war machine is that is arc and his repulsers are blue, but his eyes are red. i guess it won't be too difficult to paint his chest red. but other than that he looks pretty great. now all i need to do is find the new iron man version.
  3. the rest has a little too much "action" for this action pose thread lol.
  4. what in the hell did you do to bumblebees chest? that just looks unnatural.
  5. i was too, but i found someone on ebay selling the set for like $13 (includes shipping) so that made me happy.. i am just REALLY pissed that i didn't pick up legends bumblebee beachcomber & brawn. and hey! i told you where arcee & ratchet are! is that toys r us too far away? 1000 EASTON ROAD CHELTENHAM AVE + EASTON WYNCOTE, PA 19095 (that's the address) i only go there once every like 6 months. but they usually get stuff stocked wway early. which is strange.. (this is going to sound racist, but it's not) because the areas that are mostly populated by african americans rarely get new stuff out sooner.. (not because of work ethic) it just seems like the nerdy fat white dude area stores get more transformers business. (i'm glad i don't look like a nerdy fat white dude)
  6. the walmart in norristown has 4 legends devastators & a human alliance barricade. the walmart in willow grove has 2 legends devastators. Oh, and there were also a couple Leader class Starscreams. .. oh wait.. that happened in my dreams, not reality. my bad. targets in montgomeryville & plymouth meeting have mindwipe.
  7. this isn't tf related.. but. i finally opened the movie version of war machine.. and man this figure is INCREDIBLE. excellent detail, excellent paint. he just seriously look beautiful. the movie comic version doesn't even hold a candle to the straight up movie version. today i picked up the iron man mark 4 figure. haven't opened it yet, but he still looks pretty cool. i know his weapon is going to suck.. but that doesn't bother me. i plan on picking up two more figures from this line. the iron monger, who also look great, and whiplash. i may pick up another.. but from what i've seen so far, those are the only other two i'll be picking up.
  8. the willow grove walmart now has a place for the legends devastator. .. but no devastator still. but they have a bunch of iron man 2 figures. i picked up the movie version war machine.. these figures are seriously awesome.
  9. man, it's nice to have more PA people posting in here. i mean, what would america be without it's keystone & birth place. PA pride!!
  10. yeah, every night before i go to sleep, i have a drink or two, play some guitar, eat, then sleep. so i was cleaning my favorite glass ( my Philadelphia Flyers 1974 1975 stanley cup champions glass) and i had the sponge in the bottom of the glass, i was spinning it, then a giant triangular piece of glass broke off and my hand pushed into the glass. so i got a ton of paper towels and wrapped it with an ace bandage. i called my mom to ask her to let me know if i was going to need stitches (this was 3 or 3:30 in the morning. so i went to my moms house, figuring she'd go with me to the hospital. but when i got there she was barely awake and her eyes were half closed lol. so i had to drive myself.. there was so much blood that it was still seeping through all of the paper towels and the ace bandage. oh.. and i have a tattoo on that forearm with a bloodied evil looking doctor holding a bloody scalpel. so i had to deal with every nurse and doctor in the hospital tell me how funny it was. great experience lol.
  11. i found the exclusives today too. 4 arcees & 4 ratchets. i only picked up arcee for now, but i'll definitely be getting ratchet at some point. i found them at the toys r us on off of the easton road 309 south exist. i don't know the address or the area. but if you take 309 south, get off at the easton road exit (the ramp is on the left) then you take a right off the ramp and there is a shopping center on the left with a toys r us & a walmart. i forgot to check the walmart for devastator. but.. yeah they have the exclusives. they also have a TON of the new scouts. no new deluxes. they had a leader shadow megatron. they also have series one and two of the new iron man 2 figures. there was only one war machine.. so i had to pick it up. i'll probably go back and pick up iron monger.. but man these figures look incredible. especially the paint. one that stands out in my mind is the comic series mark I, it really looks great in person. I have the 6" mark III and iron monger from the previous movie.. but these figures look MUCH better, & i definitely like the 3.75" size rather than the 6".
  12. i love the winter olympics, the US is kicking some major ass. especially in skiing, they used to always suck at skiing events, now they're winning. curling is awesome, and the commentators do a really great job at explaining it. it's a lot more interesting now that i know what's going on. and it amazes me how much canadians love curling. I love the US, but (sports-wise) i think i'm a canadian at heart. today the womens hockey team got their asses whooped. 2-0 to canada.. sure that doesn't sound big, but they were terribly out-played. then again, it's difficult for me to watch womens ice hockey, they look like squirts or bantams (that's like 10-13 year olds) i really can't wait for the mens US team to play on friday, then hopefully whoop canada in the gold medal game. i feel like i'm always in willow grove, every few days i have to go to the cvs pharmacy on moreland to buy a couple pills. so i always hit that walmart and that target. for a while that target was a major bust, but they're the first place in the area to fully stock the new deluxes. for some reason i like the older toys r us better, when i started going there it seemed like they always had newer stuff stocked sooner. i hope they stock the animated deluxes soon. i'm also really on the look out for skystalker. mindwipes alt mode is incredibly and i can't wait to have those two together. although.. with my hand being like this.. transformations are a little more tedious. lol.
  13. i absolutely LOVE lockdown. initially i wasn't going to pick him up. he wasn't in either movies, and he's a deluxe car which are quickly becoming scarce in my movie display due to the greatness of the human alliance figures. anyways. his alt mode looks incredible. it looks mean, nasty.. everything that the decepticons stand for. but the robot mode is the true gem. i love his leg articulation, and the "mech-alive" pieces. i'm so glad that the bottom of his feet have the ability to stay flush to the surface he's standing on. at first the asymmetry of the arms bugged me. but now that i have him in person, i love them. his left hand looks great, and the giant hook rules, especially with that piston in his arm. the chest is awesome with the spikes and the decepticon symbol. and lastly his head. is head is PERFECT. i look at his face and can immediately imagine what his voice and personality would be like. i imagine a more gurgled movie soundwave type voice. the articulation in his head is probably the coolest i've ever seen. it reminds me of a cockroach. the whole neck swivels, then the next part is on a ball joint so it can spin and look up & down, then his actual head piece is on a ball joint and can move up, move down, look up & down, & rotate 360 degrees.. you literally cannot get any better than that. this figure is WAY better than the animated version. he's definitely my favorite deluxe figure of the line. it's a shame he wasn't in the movie. ugh.. and i bought ratchet. i got him for $5.. he's barely even worth it. there is practically no painted details. . the hip kibble really kills it for me. his limbs are all pretty nice, and his chest is decent. but he just looks very blah to me. his gun doesn't lock onto his arm (on mine) which isn't a big deal, i just cut that piece of and gave the gun to lockdown. get him if you want him. i'll probably end up getting deluxe ironhide to partner up with him. but he really isn't anything special. he's just another one of those figures that excites you cause it's something new on the shelf, but in a few weeks or a month, he'll end up being just another deluxe wheelie.
  14. sorry to disappoint, but i wasn't able to get to TRU today. however, i did go to the target in plymouth meeting. i've been watching a ton of the olympics lately, especially hockey (i am a HUGE hockey fan, if no one's noticed by now) but anyways, they keep showing mcdonalds commercials for their nuggets and their new sweet chili sauce. so i remembered for christmas i got a bunch of mcdonalds gift cards, so i figured i'd grab one. well, i left them in a tin can, & when i went to look for them i came across two $20 target gift cards that i haven't used yet. so.. i went to the target in plymouth meeting... they had one human alliance barricade (whom i already have), a bunch of the new deluxes, a few defender primes, and one voyager mindwipe. so i picked up the mindwipe. must've been my lucky day. but yeah, i'll definitely try to pick up arcee and ratchet if i find them. But if i see them at one of the TRU's that you can go to, i'll just hide them for you so you won't have to pay shipping.
  15. i'm going to hit a couple toys r us's that i never go to, hopefully i'll stumble across the animated exclusives.
  16. @ target in montgomeryville i found 1 voayger defender prime @ target in plymouth meeting i found 3 voyager defender primes. but seriously.. who really wants that garbage.
  17. still, you like that figure over bludgeon? bludgeon fits in great with the rotf figures & the classics/universe figures. but hey, that's your opinion.
  18. you like universe devastator over rotf bludgeon? you're joking right? bludgeon.. liking his character or not, is an awesome figure. his face isn't that great, but both modes are very solid and the weapons are awesome.
  19. why were there people camped out?
  20. like many other people, i came across one of the hasbrotoyshop.com exclusives @ marshalls in montgomeryville. they had three drag strips (which is the only one out of the 4 that i wanted) so i picked it up. $9.99 plus tax.
  21. love the storage of your weaponry lol. real gun or air pistol?
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