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  1. Found Windcharger at a dollar store called 5 Below in Kankakee for $5 a couple days back! If you have one close check it out. They also have RTS Legends for $3 each.

    I'm so glad I didn't overpay for him now!


    have you been living in a bomb shelter for the past 3 months? lol.

  2. This might be old news to some of you but I Just picked up TF Prime first editions Starscream and bumblebee. TRU has a 2 of 17.99 on deluxe figures deal going on too. There was 1 starscream and 4 BBs left


    Horsham TRU.


    i assume you mean the willow grove TRU?


    it's a bummer, i picked up bumblebee and starscream from the montgomeryville TRU last week, and arcee from willow grove on friday.


    today i came across three each of junkheap and sky shadow at the willow grove walmart.. though on tfw, someone called and there's only 1 junkheap left.


    Yeah, that's true. I had thought about donating the ROTF toys, but the bin they had set up was emptied out by the time I made it over there. Plus I felt bad for Bumblebee being by his lonesome. At least he's with other TF Primes in the Toys for Tots bin. XD



    well good job either way. i bet it's not every day that a kid gets a brand new transformer.

  4. I survived Black Friday with no anxiety attacks. :D (Just a load of self-guilt for spending, when I said I was just gonna look about.)


    Ran by Target to get a green tea from their cafe and wander about, checking out the crowd. Stopped by toys and spotted Air raid, Dark Steel, and Specialist(? or is it Rescue? it's the Red one) Ratchet.


    Kept to my no-spend statement, and headed over to:


    Toys R Us:

    Saw and picked up, breaking my no-spend statement:

    Generations Sky Shadow

    Generations Junk Heap

    the last TF Prime Bumblebee (and dropped him into the Toys for Tots bin on the way out)- Not sure if I should feel like a dick for grabbing the last one off the peg(or the fact I basically emptied out their TF Prime peg in a matter of days), or not since it went towards Toys for Tots.


    and a small Lego Dinosaur set


    Headed back to Target and...


    Decided to get Air raid, Dark Steel, and Ratchet. As I was reaching for Air raid, I was stopped by a guh-guh-girl! wanting to know the difference between Voyager and Deluxe was, and why I was getting Deluxes over the Voyager. I showed her the Fireburst Prime, and told her it was basically the size, and I was getting the Deluxes as they were newer. She then grabbed Air Raid before I could. :tflaugh :tfsad (She did offer to give me first dibs, but I figured I could find it later, so I let her take it.)


    Finally, I decided to just stick with what I picked up at TRU, and just get the housepants I picked up at Target and put back Dark Steel and Ratchet, going over to look at the Lego sets. As I was leaving the toy section, I noticed the woman had picked up Voyager Fireburst Prime (the last Voyager they had) and was walking away from the toy aisle. Went back to Transformers, to see she put the deluxes she grabbed back. So, I grabbed the trio again, and made my way up to check out, so at Target I picked up:


    Air Raid

    Dark Steel



    Though, while I was checking out and walking home, I couldn't help but wonder if I should of left the deluxes in case the woman changed her mind again? :tfhuh


    Also, when I came home, I had some packages from the mail waiting for me. It was last week's Toys R Us order containing:


    Transformers Rescue Bots Chase & Billy Blastoff

    Transformers Prime Starscream

    Transformers Prime Bumblebee


    So, good hauls all around.


    sounds like a great night!.


    although. instead of getting the prime bumblebee for toys for tots.. you should've picked up a couple buy one get one rotf figures and put them in the toys for tots box, that way someone who's been looking for prime figures could get one and two kids could enjoy your generosity.. but hey. you did good. i'm planning on doing that at some point. being selfless is a great feeling.




  5. jesus.. it's like roadbuster hit everywhere a few weeks ago except for here.. and now they're no where. lame.


    roadbuster and target exclusive leadfoot are the two that my eyes are peeled for .. though i'm sure it'll be a while before i see both.


    i can't wait for sdcc. i'm pumped.

  6. DSCF3918.jpg



    Fuck I'm jealous. If you get bored of those figs I'll take all of em off you. I don't normally like chrome all that much but damn, it looks real nice on that Prime. Plus your 2 model kits (can't remember the name of their series) look kickass! :win


    thank you! yeah. i love them. at first i was just going to pick up prime, but bumblebee started to grow on me so i ordered him on monday and i'm glad i did. my only complaints are with bumblebee. i wish there were a few more pieces to fill out his torso and the top of his chest, but it's understandable with how small he is.


    my other complaint is with his gun. it's way too long and inaccurate. but i've corrected that.




    i do plan on adding some paint to bumblebee. prime doesn't really need it. but bumblebee could greatly benefit from it.

  7. Picked up the Kre-O Bumblebee this afternoon, and I was actually pleased with how it turned out:






    It's not exactly like it shows in the instructions... I used some of the extra included pieces to fill out the robot mode.


    yeah.. that's what i love about these things.. you can change them up and configure them whichever way you want.. i love the way i changed my starscream, i made him a bit taller and changed his missile configuration.

  8. hatchet's robot mode is very cool..




    i wish they had given us a dreads three pack, all of them have the same alt mode, but they have different more movie accurate robot/beast modes.


    i mean.. hell, they could just cut waves 4 and 5 which are all repaints and just give us a dreads three pack. i'd much rather have three figures with the same alt modes and different bot/beast modes than a whole plethora of repaints like we've gotten.


    it seems like there are more repaints in this line than in the first two movies at the same point in time.

  9. 4. DOTM Voyager Megatron

    Meh...the transformation is a bit fiddly, the cloak is frustrating, and the articulation (while great in some areas) is awkward in others. The sculp and paint are nice, though. A solid 3/5



    which part of the transformation is fiddly?


    in my opinion, out of the voyagers and deluxes megatron has the best transformation.



  10. well.. prime is from about a week ago, and i picked up starscream yesterday.


    kreo starscream.. i decided that i didn't like the robot mode as much as the vehicle and switched some things around to make it look a bit better.


    i moved the missiles so that they're on both arms, i changed around the forearms and the weapon on the right forearm. i put the arm wings on his back, similar to TFPrime starscream. i changed the red intake looking things on his chest. and added some stuff to the chest. and lastly i lengthened both his upper and lower legs.






    and now dual model prime. there are no words. he's one of the best transformers figures of all time. period.





  11. Really? I'm in there regularly. Doubt I missed it before. Or have I not been out for a month. I'm so confussed.


    it was there since i picked up my kreo megatron. which in a few days will have been a month. now, they could've restocked, but it would be weird if there was just a single kup left for a second time.

  12. Out of the blue I picked up a Serg Kup from the Montgomeryville TRU on Sunday. One of the Holy Grails.


    It was also a gateway toy that got me to ordered Scourge, Wheeljack & Thundercraker from HTS

    And Grappel, Jazz & Tracks from Ebay.


    Hope everyone had a happpy 4th.


    i'm surprised, that kup has been there for just about a month.

  13. _____________________________________________________________

    My Hybrid Haul For Thurs. 06/16/2011


    Lego City > Impulse Sets:

    x1 #30023 Lighthouse-{Online Store: Toys-R-Us.com}


    Lego City > Police:

    x1 #7235 Police MC-{Online Store: LegoShop.com}


    Lego City > Space:

    x2 #3365 Space Moon Buggy-{Online Store: LegoShop.com}


    Lego Cars 2:

    x1 #8201 Classic Mater-{Online Store: LegoShop.com}


    Lego Architecture:

    x1 #21008 Burj Khalifa-{Online Store: LegoShop.com}


    Lego Harry Potter:

    x1 #4865 Forbidden Forest (2011)-{Online Store: LegoShop.com}


    Transformers Henkei > Replica/Bootlegs > Destron(s):

    x5 Ghost Skywarp & Ghost Thundercracker-{Online Store: AcesToyStore.com}


    Transformers DOTM > Cyberverse Legions Class > Toys-R-Us EXs > Asst. #XXXXX:

    x6 #32098 BB Vs SS 4-Pack-{Online Store: Toys-R-Us.com}







    who in the world needs 6 four legends four packs? lol


    you my friend are the supreme toy collector of TFormers.com.




  14. The exclusives are out.


    Target: no exclusives at the Warminster and Abington stores.


    Walmart: the Willow Grove store has the Bumblebee, Prime, and Sideswipe exclusive deluxe figures. As well as Nitro Bumblebee, Thundercracker, Mudflap, and Laserbeak.


    Toys R Us: the Horsham store has the Ironhide and Sideswipe trans scanning figures, a Starscream and Bumblebee legends trans scanning 4 pack, Mudflap, Nitro Bumblebee, and the kreo building toys.


    Thanks for the tip. I was going to bypass my normal Friday stops. Now I have a Laserbeak, Thundercraker and Topspin.


    The Walmart also had a stand of the megaton and prime cyberuniverse sets. (I.e. prime w/ trailer).


    Tim....anything good at Montgomeryville TRU? Did you meet a guy about 6' tall with a beard?


    yes. that is who i met.


    i picked up the kre-o megatron thanks to him (which they also have at the willow grove TRU)


    i put together the truck mode tonight.. i haven't owned any lego type things since i was a little kid when i had the normal larger block legos. anyways. it was fun putting it together and is pretty cool. tomorrow night i'm going to tackle the robot mode.

  15. lets see.. between 10am and 12pm ..

    willow grove


    walmart didn't have leader sentinel.. only a few bumblebees

    no voyager megatrons left, and all of the wave one deluxes were there.


    toys r us had a couple leader sentinels, i bought one, but when i went back again, they were out. they have a couple voyager primes, no megatron. and they have wave one deluxes.




    target was barren. the pegs are completely empty.. they're in the process of doing their reset, i suspect it'll be full by this evening.


    toys r us had an ass load of leader bumblebees but no sentinels. i assume someone went in and bought several of them (god i hate people like that) they had a bunch of voyager primes.. one shockwave, one skyhammer, i picked up the shockwave. but skyhammer is still there. i'll get him eventually. and as for deluxes.. as usual, they had wave one.


    walmart was barren, like target they're in the middle of a reset.. but i didn't see anyone working in the aisle like they were in target.


    plymouth meeting


    target was empty.. they're also resetting.




    walmart had a few deluxes but that's it..


    so today i picked up sentinel and shockwave.. i plan on getting crankcase later tonight.. and maybe i'll find a megatron after target finishes their reset.


    target hadn't done their reset.. the shelves were ready, just nothing on them


    target had the usual deluxes, only one voyager it was prime, and there were two leader bumblebees

    so today only picked up leader sentinel and shockwave.

    hopefully tomorrow i'll find voyager megatron. i'm probably going to pick up crankcase and roadbuster on thursday or friday. hopefully i'll find another skyhammer and grab that on saturday.

    i seriously cannot wait for leader ironhide. once i get him i'm going to get the human alliance can/am spyder figure.. ironhide looks awesome wielding that guy in gun mode.

  16. Walmart Manteca: Full DOTM assortment, but no HA Cyberverse or playsets


    Target Manteca: Resetting aisles and endcap


    Target W Modesto: Reset for Cars 2, but no DOTM to be found :wtf


    Walmart W Modesto: no reset


    Target N Modesto: Big Cars 2 reset, but not one TF to be found, not even old stock


    Walmart N Modesto: No reset


    Target Riverbank: I see a trend forming here...



    yeah.. that's happening over here is PA too.. toys r us is a good place to find stuff. (at least were i live)


  17. cheese and crackers, does anyone live here anymore?


    and.. are we ever going to see RTS wave 2 in this area? there's only been one or two sightings of them that i've read.


    this is getting absolutely ridiculous. people started finding them in the beginning of january.. we're half way through march and I've personally only seen generations kup and scourge once.. and other than at kohls, the only time i've seen RTS wave 1 was at target.

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