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  1. So, I've spent my free time the last two nights painting detail apps. :D I think I need to do another coat or two on a couple things, then I have to decide how I'm gonna handle the flame decal for the hood, and then he'll be ready for the gloss-coat. (I tested the brush-paints I used for these detail apps with the ultra-gloss lacquer, it it worked beautifully, so that's good to go! :) ) Here's the rear window(s), all glossy black: And the windshield: Nose and tail (I decided the spaces under the headlights are turn signals, and the space inside the newly-chromed tailpipes will be painted with flat black after the gloss coat): I painted the blue parts of his pelvis and shins to match the rest of him (I happened to have some Testors dark blue brush enamel that exactly matches the spray, which was handy, 'cause I mucked up the rear bumper and had to touch it up. >_>): The shoulder pieces are essentially the same as before, except for the new shades of blue and yellow: And last, but not least, I've always liked the way G1 Tracks's feet resemble spats, so I replicated that:
  2. I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! Didja miss me? :D After many, many months of having no room/resources to 'bash, I finally started a new project (and hope to return to my unfinished ones ASAP)! I finally got my hands on a Reveal The Shield Turbo Tracks (who shall henceforth simply be called "Tracks," 'cause I hate that stupid "Turbo" name :P ), and promptly set out to remove that ugly "tribal flame" thing from his hood. I got some acrylic paint remover, and managed to destroy the finish on his hood (turns out, that stuff doesn't play well with plastic. >_>). So, I headed back to Hobby Lobby and got some Testors all-purpose spray enamel (dark blue), and some ultra-gloss clear-coat lacquer spray. The paint in no way matches the cap, but now that it's dried and cured, it's simply GORGEOUS. :D I tested the paint on a junk BW Rhinox partial rhino head (top of head with ears), and then the lacquer to see how they'd react, 'cause the last time I sprayed gloss clear-coat over gloss spray enamel, they turned matte. Happily, they played well together, and now I have a sexy high-gloss blue partial rhino head. :P SOOOO... this evening, I sat down to start painting details. Those are now drying, and I'm here to treat you all to some pics of just the blue-painted car parts! Enjoy! That's just the dark blue spray enamel. When the detail apps are finished and dried, I plan to go over the actual car shell parts (everything but his feet and the bits that form his robot back and chest) with the ultra-gloss. ...aaaand, now that I think about it, I suppose I should apply some of the various detail paints to my test part (Rhinox scalp) and make sure the lacquer isn't gonna muck them up. :P
  3. I've finished the design for the decals, and will be printing them on the water slide decal paper shortly. When it isn't raining, I'll take it outside to spray with the sealer. Once again, I'd like to apologize whole-heartedly to Hunter Rose for the amount of time it's taken me to do this. I really feel terrible for making him wait so long, and I promise to finish Mach 5 much faster. In the meantime, here's a 'shopped mock-up of the Shooting Star decals:
  4. I had to stop and dremel some bits down (chest wouldn't close 'cause the back of his neck was colliding with the epoxy putty I used to patch a hole from sanding down the Lockdown detail at the top of his chest, and the inside edges of his new shin plates were pressing against the new X), but he's transformed and awaiting some final paint touch-ups (the silver on the header pipes keeps rubbing off) and decals! After getting him into alt mode and comparing it to my Hot Wheels reference cars, I've realized I sub-conciously made the car body a hybrid of the street and race cars. :P Anyway... PICS! :D [(regarding that rear shot, the peg that hold his arms together broke off during customizing, so I need to repair them. I plan to drill a new hole (the peg broke off in the original) and embed a short hinge pin where the peg was.] With the engine guns deployed: And the saw blade: Now I'm off to design and tweak the decals! :)
  5. Engine Gun! hm.. I said close-ups of weapons, but I guess I forgot these pics are just of the hood/nose with the finished headlights. :P I'm thinking about painting the underside piece black.
  6. Per Hunter Rose's request, I've painted Shooting Star's shoulder pads yellow and added some color to his forearms, to break up all the black. I was a little doubtful when he made the suggestion, but I think it works really well this way. :) I finished the headlights! I picked up a card protector (for things like Magic: The Gathering) for 10 cents when we went to the hobby shop in Dover, NH, 'cause it seemed like just what I needed, but I recently ordered an 8-gig microSD card, and decided the plastic packaging it came in was even better, as it was already half-formed into what I wanted to do, so I cut the corners out of the front of it and bent it to shape. I kinda mussed up the glossy plastic while gluing the bubbles in place, and wanted to get some brush-on clear gloss, but couldn't find any, so I ended up using the fingernail top-coat I use for tightening ball-joints. That resulted in a nice, hard, glossy surface, but the top-coat ended up with tiny bubbles. I've been debating whether to pull the bubbles and do 'em again, or just leave them as they are, since the bubbles are only really noticeable if you look close. In the pics with the engine block/gun on his left arm, it's not mounted/attached yet; it's just sitting there. I'm gonna fill the hollow rounded bit on the front of the block with epoxy putty with a hole for the peg on his forearm that the hood piece attaches to. Close-up pics of the weapons in my next post!
  7. Finally! He still needs his decals, and I forgot to finish his headlight bubbles while I was working on the paint apps, but at long last, I present Shooting Star:
  8. Change of plans. I decided the detail paint apps were small enough that I could handle the parts without mucking them up, so I've just spent the last couple hours putting Shooting Star together. I just finished putting on the wheels (which, sadly, no longer really spin much, due to the changes I had to make), and now I'm gonna take a break for food, then finish up the legs and take some pics. Watch this space!!
  9. Small update... I've been working on detail apps for Shooting Star all week and I think I'm about done, so expect pics later today (2/21) While that paint is setting and hardening, I'll work on the decal designs and scaling them to fit the vehicle. I can probably estimate the size pretty well against my Lockdown, but I won't be able to finalize the size of the top decals (hood-to-spoiler) till I can put SS back together, and I don't want to do that till I'm sure I can handle the parts without leaving fingerprints, let alone transform it to vehicle mode without destroying the paint job.
  10. *sigh* Once again, I got busy (Christmas, job hunting, etc.), and have been unable to dig out my painting stuff until today. And now I've got another slight delay: when we were packing my stuff to move here, I tossed all my paint bottles and brushes into a large freezer bag, along with one of my bottles of super-strong plastic glue, which I've just discovered sprung a leak in the bag; I had to throw away a third of my paints 'cause they're old and solidified, and half of what's left are now in frosted-glass bottles because of the glue fumes, and one bottle's cap may now be permanently cemented to the bottle, but I'll find out for sure when I get out my heat gun and pliers to get the caps off all the bottles. At any rate, most of the colors I need for Shooting Star seem to be fine, albeit with stuck caps ATM, so I should be able to get Shooting Star's details painted in, in the next few days, as well as work out the printing scale for his decals and get those made up with my custom decal printing kit. Also, Nancy introduced me to the Maine Mall in Portland this past weekend, and hopefully, I'll be able to find a place over there that sells models and/or model paints. If there's anyone in the Portland, ME, area that can direct me to a decent source of model/hobby supplies, please shoot me a PM and let me know!
  11. Sorry for the lack of updates, folks! The last couple weeks have been mostly spent on my move to Maine, and now I'm getting unpacked and settled in. I brought along most of my kitbash stuff, including projects and tools, but I'm still not sure how intensive my work is gonna be able to be yet. If nothing else, I will finish up Shooting Star's paint apps, then Nancy and I will figure out how I can go about doing stuff like cutting and sanding and spray-painting (it's almost winter in Maine, which means I'm not gonna be able to do it outside, so I may have to figure out some kind of paint-box set up). Just bear with me, everybody. This is a major change in my life, and integrating all my stuff in with hers is a pretty big undertaking. :P
  12. Alrighty! I've finished the major/primary painting on Shooting Star, and I've set it aside to start working on Mach 5, as I want to get the major physical mods done to it and hopefully get the primary spray-painting done before I move in 1.5 - 2 weeks. I've already half-dismantled Hunter's Blurr, and an extra I picked up to create Mach 5-specific pieces (as well as having extra parts in case I screw up. :P), and begun preliminary work. I've mostly roughed out the center point for the hood, as well as removed the rubber vane from his head and verified that I can successfully reverse the foot/heel pieces and their posts, so the rear fender points curve down instead of up. I think I might have to try to bulk up the post for the heel, as it kind of makes a big gap in alt mode now, for being so long. Here's a pic of Blurr with the new centerpiece, along with a photoshop mock-up of where I'm going with it. The split will be filled out with epoxy putty (or I might sand down the insides a bit more so they fit together closer), and the whole thing will be cut down to fit onto the hood/shield. The new point will also act as sort of a "hub" for the saw blade, which I'm thinking about adding a rounder end to, like a real chainsaw blade. The rubber tips on Blurr's fenders will be removed and rebuilt with epoxy putty, so they're not so pointy and so they'll take the paint better later. I'll also be moving the headlights to the front undersides, where they should be for the Mach 5. (the old headlight wells will be filled with putty and the slight angles on all three will be smoothed down somewhat.
  13. Small update, as I'm working on this in the midst of getting ready to move to Maine in a couple weeks. I had a KB-fodder Cybertron Crosswise, who has kindly sacrificed his wheels. I used his front wheels without modification, while I extracted the hubcaps from his rear wheels and am in the process of implanting them into Lockdown's rear wheels. They're just mocked up on the car with some extra hinge pins to hold them up. I'll be spraying them black, while the new hubcaps will be painted (chrome) silver. The bot parts are all painted with Satin Black Krylon Fusion, and I'm hand-painting his arms and hands with the same color, sprayed into a Dixie cup and brushed on. It's easier than trying to mask the parks I want to stay yellow and then spraying them. The engine block was sprayed with Gloss Black Krylon Fusion, and will be getting (chrome) silver highlights. The headlights will be painted silver, while the tail lights will be getting a dip in some clear red Model Master paint. The saw blade will have silver teeth. The driver canopy is just held in place with a piece of Scotch tape, because the bot parts it actually attaches to (to make his back) aren't assembled yet. :P From now till I move, I'm gonna concentrate on the major modding of Blurr into the Mach 5. I'll try to work on Shooting Star's detail paint between remolds of Blurr, but for the time being, I want to get Mach 5 modded/remolded and sprayed before I move, because I can do detail paint apps at my girlfriend's apartment, but I plan to refrain from major bash work once I'm there. Anyway, here's pics!
  14. Heh.. I don't think I noticed before that this toy actually has guns coming out of the engine! :P
  15. Alrighty. I still have to do the robot parts and then work on details, but I thought you'd like to see the car body (mostly) in one piece! :D The engine will eventually be (glossy?) black, with silver header pipes. First pic is with the flash. And without the flash, to show off the glossy shine! :D
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