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    TF Mosaics

    I RPed Punch/Counterpunch a similar way as well. The basic idea I had for him is that Punch wanted to do deep-cover spy work, but he just couldn't bring himself to do the dirty work that he'd have to do behind enemy lines. So he had himself retrofitted with a second 'bot mode, this one a Decepticon persona who was unrestrained by Punch's conscience. The problem was that as Punch attributed more and more of the dark aspects of his personality to Counterpunch, the more the alias took on a life of its own. This Mosaic was a great look at P/CP's internal conflict.
  2. To me, the asymmetrical design is the best part. He's supposed to seem like he's put together with spare parts, and the kibble looks as like parts found at random that just happen to form a coherent motorcycle mode. I thought that was a great design choice.
  3. Sounds like he's doing his Green Goblin voice from Spectacular Spider-Man, only less musical and with fewer high notes. By "musical" I mean that as the Green Goblin, Blum had a tendency to raise and lower the pitch of his voice in a sing-song fashion to sound deranged and unstable. It sounds like his Starscream voice will be set permanently on the "low, menacing" setting to make Starscream sound calculated. Very good choice. His Strascream will no doubt be very interesting to listen to.
  4. Helicopter alt modes have been seen on Cybertron in the "War Within" comics. And the game itself shows that Cybertron does have an atmosphere. It's kind of hard to have explosions and rain without an atmosphere of some kind. As for whether the planet would have the kind of atmosphere that would support helicopters ... eh, just go with it. It's no sillier than a lot of the other things about Transformers lore that we're asked to swallow. I'm all for helicopters and motorcycles. I wouldn't mind seeing Blades and Groove (or Afterburner) on the Autobots' side and Vortex and ... some Decepticon motorcycle. Sideways? Trenchmouth?
  5. "A booby-trap that catches actual boobies!" - Optimus Prime, Generation 1 cartoon.
  6. If you're referring to the pencil-and-paper variety, I've homebrewed a system for it. You can check out info on it (and a storyline I've been running with my friends) here.
  7. Author's Notes I came up with a story for my own version of a Transformers movie, one that's perhaps a bit closer to Generation 1 than the Michael Bay movie (although I did name the main human character "Sam Witwicky" instead of "Spike" because that made for a better first name). Enjoy! TRANSFORMERS fan-made trailer FADE IN Frantic camera footage of a jet performing a bombing run on a military base. It's hard to tell, but it's firing something besides bullets and missiles. SOLDIER'S DISTRESS CALL (v.o.) Taking fire! Taking fire! Send in reinforce-- The soldier's words are lost in an explosion. FADE TO BLACK INSERT STUDIO LOGOS -- Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, Hasbro, etc. FADE IN On two teenagers making out in a car. The boy is SAM WITWICKY. The girl is CARLY BURKE. Explosions from the nearby military base interrupt them. SAM Whoa -- did you see that? CUT TO Sam and Carly are standing by Carly's car on the side of the road. Headlights from another vehicle illuminate them; Sam is seen wearing a t-shirt with the word "SPIKE" printed on it. CARLY ...Hello? A yellow VW Beetle approaches them. It looks badly damaged, and it's leaving a trail of fuel behind it -- but not Earth fuel. VW BEETLE (weakly) Help ... me... The holographic driver in the VW flickers and dissolves. Off Sam and Carly's astonished reaction. FADE TO BLACK. SAM (v.o.) Is this thing ... alive? FADE IN On Sam and Carly standing next to Sam's father MR. WITWICKY, a mechanic. All three are standing in Mr. Witwicky's garage, amazed at what they're seeing. MR. WITWICKY What ... did you bring into my garage? The car splits apart, folds in on itself, raises itself upright... ...and transforms into the mechanoid lifeform BUMBLEBEE. CLOSEUP as Bumblebee crouches close to Sam, its 'face' transforming to look more human. FADE TO BLACK OPTIMUS PRIME (v.o.) We have been at war for millions of your years... FADE IN On a view of Earth from space. The NEMESIS, a massive spaceship, careens toward the planet, lit up by atmospheric entry. OPTIMUS PRIME (v.o.) ...spreading out from our own planet and into others... DISSOLVE TO Tight closeup of the Autobot symbol on a white-and-red ambulance parked on the side of the street in a residential neighborhood. DISSOLVE TO Tight closeup of the Decepticon symbol on a dark blue cassette player in the Witwicky Garage. OPTIMUS (v.o.) ...infiltrating other societies... DISSOLVE TO A group of road construction vehicles part at night. A scanning laser washes over a bulldozer. DISSOLVE TO The side of a highway. Another scanning laser washes over a parked highway patrol car. OPTIMUS (v.o.) ...in order to further combat each other. CUT TO Sam's father, badly injured, being carefully loaded into RATCHET, the Autobot ambulance. BUMBLEBEE (v.o.) You have to understand, it wasn't supposed to be this way. DISSOLVE TO A distant sector of space. Several starships and flying Transformers -- Autobot and Decepticon alike -- are engaged in a heated battle. The NEMESIS takes a massive blow. BUMBLEBEE (v.o.) What started out as a conflict between two factions... DISSOLVE BACK TO Ratchet on Earth. Inside the ambulance, Carly sees a giant bulldozer (SCRAPPER) in the rearview mirror, following them onto the highway. BUMBLEBEE (v.o.) ...escalated into something ... we couldn't have foreseen. FADE TO BLACK We hear the roar of a jet engine. FADE IN STARSCREAM, the F-22 Raptor jet from the beginning of the trailer, transforms to robot mode in mid-flight. SAM (v.o.) Don't you care? CUT TO The military base, pre-attack. A scanning laser washes over a tank. SAM (v.o.) All this destruction... DISSOLVE TO A similar tank outside a power plant. It transforms into none other than the Decepticon's leader MEGATRON. SAM (v.o.) Doesn't it even bother you what it's doing to our planet? Megatron raises his heavy arm-mounted cannon and fires it off-camera. CUT TO Sam stands in front of a red mack truck, which transforms into the Autobots' leader OPTIMUS PRIME. OPTIMUS (v.o.) We are Autobots. Tight closeup of Optimus' face. OPTIMUS PRIME We care more than you can imagine. CUT TO The five primary Autobots in this movie line up in vehicle mode: besides Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ratchet, we see a white-and-black police car and a blue-and-white Formula-1 racecar with the words "MIRAGE RACING". OPTIMUS (v.o.) And we will protect you and your world from the Decepticons ... no matter the cost. CUT TO The Witwicky Garage. The tape deck ejects a black cassette, which enlarges and transforms in midair into RAVAGE -- a panther-shaped 'bot the size of a motorcycle -- and pounces on Sam's father. Sam and Carly react in the background. SAM Dad! The Decepticon tape deck enlarges and transforms as well -- into Megatron's communications officer, SOUNDWAVE. CUT TO The blue-and-white Formula-1 racecar, MIRAGE, takes off like a rocket, tires squealing. MIRAGE (v.o.) These humans get into so much trouble, don't they? CUT TO The police car, PROWL, arrives at the Witwicky Garage. His holo-driver vanishes as he transforms into his robot form. CUT TO Mirage roaring onto the highway to catch up with Scrapper, Ratchet, and Ratchet's human cargo. RATCHET (v.o.) Don't worry, he's one of ours. CUT TO Carly, in Ratchet's passenger seat, watches in mounting panic as Mirage weaves through traffic. CARLY Could somebody tell him he's not blending? CUT TO The bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The Decepticons descend upon the Nemesis starship, scanning it and shining spotlights on the vessel's damaged exterior. RATCHET (v.o.) The Decepticons on that ship are in stasis lock. CUT TO The flooded interior of the Nemesis. Stasis-locked Decepticons float in the dark water. Starscream shines a spotlight on one robot in particular ... and on its Autobot symbol. RATCHET (v.o.) When the ship was lost, it was carrying a prisoner. One of our scientists. CUT TO Now that the Nemesis has been drained and its auxilliary power has been restored, we have a better look at the Autobot scientist, still in stasis but hooked up to more wiring than a television studio. He is PERCEPTOR, a red-and-black Transformer with a telescope-like apparatus mounted on his shoulder. RATCHET (v.o.) There's no limit to the amount of information they could pry from him... Scrapper examines the dormant form of one of his Constructicon teammates. RATCHET (v.o.) ...and once the rest of them are revived... CUT TO A closeup of Ratchet at the Autobot's hideout. RATCHET ...your planet will be in even MORE trouble. Sam and Carly react to this with dread. SAM How many Decepticons are we talking about, here? CUT TO Starscream leading a squadron of similar jets -- his SEEKERS team -- on a bombing run. DISSOLVE TO Soundwave, with Ravage at his side, opens his chestplate to eject three more Decepticon cassettes, which transform into two robot-shaped agents RUMBLE and FRENZY, and the condor-shaped LASERBEAK. DISSOLVE TO Scrapper and five other Constructicons in the process of forming what looks like a combined robot. FADE TO BLACK. FADE BACK TO Bumblebee answers Sam's question so Ratchet won't have to. BUMBLEBEE Way too many. CUT TO Several action shots from throughout the movie: - Mirage and Scrapper's fight on the freeway causes a six-car pileup. - Starscream in an aerial dogfight with three US Air Force jets. - Ratchet parked in ambulance mode, revealing an energy gun turrent that slides out from the side of his chassis. - Bumblebee scrambling to avoid being stepped on by Devastator; a battle-weathered Optimus Prime approaching Megatron. OPTIMUS PRIME One shall stand... DISSOLVE TO Optimus lying down, barely active. His chestplate opens to reveal a circular device which would be recognizable to old-school Transformers fans: the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. OPTIMUS PRIME (v.o.) ...one shall fall. CUT BACK TO Optimus and Megatron charging toward each other. The two leaders clash, resulting on a metal-on-metal collision that echoes long after the screen FADES TO BLACK. INSERT TRANSFORMERS MOVIE LOGO CUT TO The Witwicky Garage. Sam's father is lying on a gurney underneath Bumblebee, trying to work on the Autobot's undercarriage -- which is noticeably different from that of a typical VW Beetle. BUMBLEBEE Hey, hey--! Watch the hands! MR. WITWICKY Oh, uh ... sorry. INSERT RELEASE DATE
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