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  1. Nope nothing in houston, thought you can find Animated Swindle, Blurr and Chainsaw lockdown pretty much everywhere along with Classics Universe Cyclonus, Cheetor, Dinobot, and hound pretty much everywhere. Also I have seen the new wave of Marvel Crossovers Warmaching, thor, capt America and Carnage at a couple of places and are starting to show up more and more. The Target on South main had two of the repaints of Lugnuts, Roadbuster Ultra Magnus and Shadow Blade Megs. Picked up Wreck Gar the other day at the same target but it was the only one left. The Roadbusters and Shadow Blade MEgatron are at most targets now. The TRU over there has still not restocked any transformers or much of anything for that matter, but per the sign they did have Wii's in stock as of lunch today.
  2. Which figs are you referring to as the new universe deluxes? Is it Smokescreen and Ratchet? No the line with Cheetor, Hound, Cyclonus, & Starscream. Target on I-10 across from he Heights had the new deluxes mentioned above alont with one Animated Shock Wave and one Jetfire Jetstorm Safeguard. Bought a Cheetor and the Safeguard. But they did have two of the 25th anniversary Primes is anyone is looking for that.
  3. Target on South Main had the new universe deluxes also they have the exclusive Animated Rescue Ratchet and Stealth Lockdown at 30% off. Third Planet comics has one Universe Bruticus Maximus and Animated Jetstorm Jetfire Safeguard. Both are still there. Everything else is bare with the exception of a few animated figures here and there.
  4. Target at Memorial City had all the new Animated Activators. Picked up Megs. Still had Grim and Lockdown repaint.
  5. Target on South Main had 1 Animated Deluxe Swoop - Nothing else new at this location TRU on Kirby by the Astrodome 3 Universe Classics Unicrons 1 Animated Blitzwing - Nothing else new Target on I-10 near downtown had 2 Crossover Human Torchs 2 Crossover Grey Hulks - Nothing else new. Last friday at Third Planet Comics Found Universe Classics Sideswipe Universe Classics Silverstreak - bought them both. They did have a few Animated Ultra Magnus's for anyone interested.
  6. Yesterday. TRU on South Main had 2 Galvatrons 2 Powerglides 2 Onslaughts 1 Silverbolt TRU on Westheimer had All Classics sizes besides deluxe were restocked Lots of Animated, but nothing new 1 Titanium TRU WW Prowl - Bought it.
  7. Got Classics Legends G2 Megatron at Walmart on Dunvale. They did have one powerglide, and onslaught but no Silverbolts.
  8. Walmart on Kirkwood had Animated Deluxe Prowl Snarl Rachet Blackaracnia TRU on Westheimer had 1 powerglide 1 onslaught 1 silverbolt - Bought it and the new repaint classics were there as well.
  9. TRU on Kirby had Animated Leader Megs Leader Bulkhead Supreme Prime Voyager Prime Voyager Bulkhead Voyager Megatron Voyager Starscream Voyager Grimlock Voyager Lugnutz Deluxe Prowl Deluxe Lockdown Deluxe Optimus Prime Deluxe Blackaracnia Deluxe Ratchet Two Pack Prime & Megs Cyber Speed Bumblebee Activators Bulkhead Activators BB Activators Starscream Bumpers BB Classics Sunstreaker Tankor Prowl Movie Ratchet Repaint of mudflap Repaint of Jetfire repaint cybertron wingsaber Stealth BB Premium Barricade Premium BB Dreadwing original and repaint Swindle original and repaint Scorpinok battle pack lots of legends two packs Starwars Deathstar Millenium falcon Marvel Ironman Venom Hulk Spiderman Sorry, not alot else to report on so thought I might help anyone that is looking for pretty much anything transformers related. Happy Hunting Houstonians.
  10. Target on 45 south just outside of friendswood had Classics Powerglide and Onslaught. Bought Onslaught, and passed on Powerglide. Houston they are getting closer, keep looking.
  11. Target on I-10 across from the Heights had Animated Deluxe Wave 2 3 x Jazz 3 x Soundwave 1 x Oil slick 3 x Slag Wave one of the Animated Activators Universe 2.0 Streaker Prowl Tankor Movie Premium Megs Leader Class A few of the target scouts and a few random deluxes
  12. TRU On I-10 near Memorial City Mall had A few left over movie toys Wave 1 of animated deluxe Wave 2 of animated deluxe saw 1 soundwave and 1 jazz Animated activators wave one Universe streaker prowl and tankor all had about 3 each on the shelves this morning. Bought one octancor.
  13. TRU on Westheimer near the Galleria had Animated Wave one Deluxe Wave one Voyager Wave one Activators Wave one Bumpers things Classics Prowl x2 (1 left) Sunstreaker x2 (1 left) Wave one of Robot Heroes Wave one of Heroes of Cyberton Marvel Cross Overs Hulk Iron Man Spiderman Venom
  14. Target on 290 had Animated Blackaracnia Cybertron Prime Rachet Lockdown Grimlock x2 Lugnutz x2 Megatron x2 Two pack x2 and some movie stuff.
  15. Target on 290 near Pinemont had 2 Deluxe Animated Soundwaves and 4 boxes of unopened voyagers still to be put out. 1 Animated Prowl 2 Animated Lockdown And they were just restocking the Target Movie exclusive deluxe line including bumblebee.
  16. Target on Soutmain had 1 Voyager Animated Prime - Bought it 2 Starscreams 4 Megatrons 3 Two Packs 2 Lockdowns TRU on Southmain Bulkheads Starscream Megatron 2 pack Bumblebee Prowl Lockdown Blackaraknia
  17. Target outside the beltway on Westheimer had Animated Bulkhead Grimlock and Movie Deep Space Starscream x6
  18. TRU on South Main in Houston in the same shopping center as one of the last remaining ORIGINAL Antoines Sandwhich shops, oh and its by the dome and shot too. Had the first wave of Transformers Animated Bumblebee Cybertron Prime Prowl Lockdown Bulkhead Cybertron Megs Starscream and the Prime & Megs two pack. Also they have lots and I do mean lots of Cybertron Jetfire and Starsaber Repaints from the movie line. All the new Robot Heroes Movie figs, alot of older deluxes, and some incinerators. And over on the Star Wars line they have one Millenium Falcon transformer and three death stars.
  19. Thanks Dufftrix :D I just ran by the Dunvale Walmart and grabbed on each of everything !!! And they had plenty left when I left. Thanks Snape, Its been a while since there has been anything worth picking up. I am kicking myself for not picking up the Cybertron prime, but I did find Lugnutz and Grimlock.
  20. Walmart at Kirkwood had all the new animated toys, but no grim or the blue plane. Walmart at Dunvale had everything from the animated line, but the displays are broken up into two parts, so you have to kinda search for the ]voyager class figures. Both are on endcaps.
  21. TRU on South Main near the Astrodome had Movie repaints of Jetfire and Starsaber along with alot of the other transformers movie toys, no premiums though. Also they had a few of the milenium falcons and deathstar transformers as well.
  22. That is so true. My GF tells me how nice the ones in Waco are compared to Houston, and they are indeed nicer, cleaner, and better organized, but its like being the smartest kid with down syndrome. Anyway, Walmart on Kirkwood had 4 Deluxe stealth BB's a couple of premium ironhides (bought one but there were a couple left) one premium blackout A bunch of incinerators Some G1 Primes and all the current deluxes.
  23. Havent had much to report in Houston lately, but here is atleast something. TRU on South main had one Movie Jetfire Repaint (Bought it) Target on 290 had premium Ironhide and Blackout Walmart on Dunlavy had repaints of the plane drone, and bonecrusher.
  24. Picked up Nightwatch Prime yesterday from the Target in the meyerland shopping center. Nothing else new. Still havent seen the new Target exclusives.
  25. Target on I-10 across from the heights had Movie Deluxe Arcee Towline Barricade (both versions) Brawl Dropkick scorpinok Movie Voyagers 1 evac (bought it) 1 Blue Ironhide 2 G1 Primes 1 Megatron 1 Starscream Movie Supreme Megs Brawl Movie Battles 1 Towline & 1/2 of bumblebee pack
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