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  1. As the title says... MIB (previous owner opened it) eHobby Collector Edition G1 Overcharge, the Blitzwing repaint guy.


    Item was opened, and put back into box. Stickers not used, all parts present and accounted for.


    See images below.


    Asking $100 + shipping for it.







  2. Like many of us, I too need to clear out a chunk of my collection and get some money in asap. It seems sad, how just a few weeks ago everything was fine, and now weeks later, I need to sell off fast and put an end to the buying. I apologize but NO TRADING. Money is priority right now. Unemployed and two kids. I do not need to say any more than that.


    ***Please don't lowball me. Just because I need the money does not mean I'm going to give everything away. So for those of you PMing offering $20 for something I listed at $50, stop wasting my time.***


    This is NOT everything. Items are being added constantly. Images available for everything.


    Lots and lots of stuff for sale. Please look, and please go through the whole list. If you want to negotiate, just send a PM.


    Generation 1

    Autobot Quickswitch - No guns, some yellowing, limbs loose, some dents, scratches, wear, etc... - $10

    Terrorcon Rippersnapper - figure only - $5

    Pretender Monster Bristleback ROBOT - not complete. Has cracks in gold plastic, but was repaired (not by me). DONT TRANSFORM IT! - $20

    Pretender Groundbreaker shell - $10

    Pretender Sub-Marauder - Robot - $5

    Kickback junker - $5 (broken arm)

    Hoist junker - $5 (no head, no accessories)

    Take ALL G1 items for $50 shipped


    Botcon & TFCC Exclusives

    Club Combiner Breakaway sealed in bag - $55

    Club Combiner Landquake sealed in bag - $55

    Club Combiner Heatwave sealed in bag - $55

    buy all three combiners for $150 shipped


    Shattered Glass Drift - $70

    Animated Cheetor - $50

    Timelines Runamuck (bagged) & Over-Run - $150

    Timelines Dion - $30


    Botcon 2005 Dirge bagged - $25 SOLD

    Botcon 2005 Buzzclaw bagged - $25 SOLD

    Botcon 2005 Fallback bagged - $25 SOLD

    Botcon 2005 Ricochet bagged - $25 SOLD

    Botcon 2005 Ironhide bagged - $50 SOLD


    Botcon 2009 Kup (loose and complete) - $50

    Botcon 2009 Leozack bagged SEALED - $75

    Botcon 2009 Razorclaw & Elita-1 bagged set SEALED - $100

    Botcon 2009 Banzai-Tron & Skysquake set SEALED - $125

    Botcon 2009 Wings of Honor COMPLETE SEALED BAGGED SET (Scourge, Kup, Landshark, Thunderclash, Flak) - $250


    Botcon 2010 Rapido & Cindersaur bagged set SEALED - $125

    Botcon 2010 Double Punch, Turbomaster Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage bagged set SEALED - $200

    Botcon 2010 G2 Redux COMPLETE SEALED BAGGED SET (Pyro, Streetstar, Breakdown, Skybyte, & Clench) - $250


    Botcon 2011 Toxitron and Sideswipe bagged set SEALED - $150

    Botcon 2011 Shattered Glass Galvatron & Thundercracker bagged set SEALED - $150

    Botcon 2011 Autotrooper 3-pack bagged set SEALED - $150

    Botcon 2011 Animated Stunticons SEALED BAGGED SET COMPLETE - $250


    Botcon 2012 Spinister & Octopunch bagged set SEALED - $100


    Transformer Comics

    The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron TPB - $15

    Armada Issue # 9 - $3

    TF Movie Sequel Reign of Starscream Issues #1-5 - $20 ($4 each)

    TF Movie Sequel Saga of the Allspark issues #1-4 - $16 ($4 each)



    SDCC Bruticus - $225

    SDCC "Matrix" Edition Optimus Prime - $50

    SDCC Exclusive Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Class Nemesis Prime - $75



    20th Anniversary DVD Edition Optimus Prime - loose complete with box. - $80


    Animated all MISB/MOSC

    Target Exclusive Purple Shockwave w/Activator Bumblebee - $25

    Target Exclusive Sunstorm w/Activator Ratchet - $25


    Alternators - loose and complete

    Sideswipe - $20

    Smokescreen - $20

    Wheeljack - $30


    Various Spychangers all MISB:

    Universe G1 Jazz - $6

    Armada Mirage (Green transparent) - $6

    Armada WARS (Red transparent) - $6


    Beast Machines

    Ultra Class Jetstorm - loose complete, has metallic paint flaking off, see image below - $20



    Steamhammer MOSC (on Universe Cardback) - $10

    Quickstrike MISB (box has some dents on plastic window) - $50

    Omega Sentinel, loose and complete - $100



    Dirt Boss instruction book - $2

    Primus w/Unicron head MISB - $100

    Ransack GTS, loose complete - $10

    Clocker, loose complete - $5

    Swerve, loose complete - $5

    Hardtop, loose complete - $5

    Swindle, loose complete - $5


    Takara TF

    Car Robots Super Mach Alert - loose complete w/weapons & instructions - $10

    Reissue Micromaster Variant Green Build Team Crush Bull & Mixing - open boxes, sealed bags - $20


    Universe / Classics / Universe Classics / Generations all MISB/MOSC unless specified

    Classics Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp - $125

    Classics Optimus Prime vs. Megatron - $30


    Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Class (Red/Blue) Leo Prime - $20

    Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Class (Red/White target exclusive) Leo Prime - $20

    Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Class Blaster - $20

    Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Class Treadbolt - $20

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Stormcloud - $30

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Grey Powerglide - $30

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Red Powerglide - $30

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Onslaught - $30

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Darkwind - $30

    Universe Classics 2.0 Ultra Class Hardhead - $60


    Generations Deluxe Wheeljack - $15

    Generations Deluxe Warpath - $15


    Generations Rage Over Cybertron (Prime/Megatron/Bumblebee set) - $50


    Generations Fall of Cybertron Autobot Optimus Prime - $15

    Generations Fall of Cybertron Autobot Jazz - $15

    Generations Fall of Cybertron Decepticon Shockwave - $15


    Generations GDO Legends Class Hoist - $6


    Hunt for the Decepticons & Reveal the Shield

    RTS Scout Backfire - $6

    RTS Scout Firetrap - $6

    RTS Deluxe Turbo Tracks - $12

    RTS Deluxe G2 Optimus Prime - $12

    HFTD Deluxe Elita-1 - $12

    HFTD Voyager Seaspray - $20


    Transformers Movie MOSC/MISB

    Voyager Decepticon Deep Space Starscream Target Exclusive - $25

    Voyager Decepticon Starscream - $20

    Voyager Autobot Inferno - $20

    Deluxe Autobot Bumblebee Concept Camaro - $12

    Deluxe Decepticon Dropkick - $12

    Deluxe Decepticon Wreckage (loose complete) - $7

    Deluxe Autobot Bumblebee (loose complete) - $7

    Deluxe Autobot Jazz (loose complete) - $7

    Deluxe Decepticon Barricade (loose complete) - $7

    Deluxe Decepticon Brawl (loose complete) - $7


    Allspark Battles Walmart Deluxe Class Exclusives ALL MOSC

    Jolt - $15

    Divebomb - $15

    Big Daddy - $15

    Crankcase - $15

    Grindcore - $20 on hold

    Breakway (Hot Shot repaint) - $20

    Fracture - $Eighty Bazillion Dollars... - $30


    Revenge of the Fallen MISB

    Voyager Target Exclusive Burning Fallen - $30


    Dark of the Moon all MISB/MOSC

    Voyager Decepticon Shockwave - $20

  3. I have the black racing car. Is that mirage?


    Yes, that is Mirage. I have that one already, sorry. Just looking for Prime and Bumblebee now.



    I am interested, please let me know if you have Prime's gun.


    I only need him and the Bumblebee gobots.

    give me a day or 2 to look for the gun



    Sounds good, just keep me posted please.

  4. G1 Figures FOR SALE! Check them out below! With images! Yay!!!!


    My Wants

    G1 Pretender Roadblock, loose complete

    G1 Stunticon Wildrider small gun

    G1 Predacon Divebomb gun x2 & sword

    G1 Predacon Rampage gun x2 & sword

    G1 Predacon Tantrum gun x2 & sword


    G2 Orange Devastator - Looking for complete Bonecrusher and Long Haul or just their accessories




    Micromaster Missile Transport - Item is complete, I don't see much in the way of decals, but it looks crisp and clean. The Micromaster robots look good, although there is some rust wearing on the metal centers of their tires. - $100 shipped





    Combaticon Onslaught - Loose complete w/ Bruticus Combiner parts and instruction booklet - $65 shipped



    Quickswitch - No guns, some yellowing, limbs loose, some dents, scratches, wear, etc... - $20 shipped



    Pretenders LOOK at images - SOLD as SHOWN, Some shells have that plastic spotting


    Pretender Monster Bristleback ROBOT - not complete. Has cracks in gold plastic, but was repaired (not by me). DONT TRANSFORM IT! - $25



    Sky High - Shell & Robot - $10

    Groundbreaker - Shell - $5

    Bomb-Burst - Shell - $5

    Doubleheader - Large Gun $5

    Sub-Marauder - Robot - $5

    Landmine - Shell, belt, robot - SOLD




    Takara Micromaster reissues

    Crush-Bull and Mixing - opened boxes, but sealed in bags. $20



  5. Hello,


    Big want list here!


    Major Want

    G2 Orange Devastator loose and complete


    G1 figures

    Pretender Roadblock loose complete

    Autobot Roadbuster loose complete

    Minibot Bumblejumper loose complete


    G1 Parts

    Terrorcon Blot handgun

    Terrorcon Rippersnapper handgun

    Protectobot Streetwise handgun

    Protectobot First Aid handgun

    Combaticon Brawl Cannons and handgun

    Stunticon Dead End Cannons and handgun

    Stunticon Wildrider Cannons and handgun

    Stunticon Breakdown handgun

    Stunticon Dragstrip handgun

    Predacon Headstrong guns x2

    Predacon Divebomb guns x2 and sword

    Predacon Rampage guns x2 and sword

    Predacon Tantrum guns x2 and sword

    Pretender Doubleheader small gun

    Powermaster DoubleDealer chest plate


    G2 and Japan Sparkers, I prefer loose and complete.


    Hotspark - Transformers Wiki


    Guzzle (Masterforce) - Transformers Wiki


    Javil - Transformers Wiki


    G2 Blaze - Transformers Wiki


    G2 Flamefeather - Transformers Wiki


    G2 Sizzle - Transformers Wiki


    G2 Sparkstalker - Transformers Wiki



    Kiss Players Sundor

    Kiss Players Glit

    Enemy and Wing Thing (Encore Soundblaster cassettes)

    Stripes and Nightstalker (Encore Twincast cassettes)

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