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  1. Funny thing is I found two long hauls at my target about two months ago and bought one and I haven't seen another or even grindor anywhere. Not walmart, not toysrus, not even at that same target. If I find another I'm probably gonna buy another to have two just for the heck of it.
  2. Went into Target today to pay my redcard bill, decided since I had about ten minutes before I got my gf that i'de go look at toys since there was only one figure I was looking for, HA Skids. Found only one of him buried underneath 5 other HA Bumblebees.
  3. Went to my local walmart this morning since I got up way to early to go to class. It was a great day to wake up early. I went to the clearance isle just because I had seen some TFormers there the other day. I found two Jetfires, a Animated Leader Megatron, and a animated Starscream (all three which I'de been wanting to get, minus jetfire since I just wanted another one of him and prime so I can have the Jetpower Prime stand next to both my others.) I was estatic and got both leaders for $30, and the voyager Starscream for $13. Happy days, now all I need to get is the ROTF Prime leader and I can have my jetpower prime towering over my other autobots ; )
  4. Actually I've found it better if you have insomnia to go around 4:30 ish. Before the scalpers go and get all the good figures. I got there at 5:45 once and there was one guy over there with two carts full getting all of the Ice cream trucks, jolt, thrust, gears, and blazemaster. He also had the whoe box of grindors and Longhauls that our walmart had just started putting out. I snagged a ice cream truck and almost got the blazemaster because it's a new sculpt (I'm not a fan of repaints). And before I left I told him he should be ashamed to be snagging it all and selling it on ebay and not letting little kids and real collectors buy these. He just told me to f off.
  5. Went out and shopped a bit for our upcoming baby and my GF let me go look at the toys lol. I found Bruticus Maximus and found another HA Sideswipe so I had to buy it. One for car mode and one for robot mode. I'm gonna save up since I have so little to collect now that I have almost everything I've been looking for. I still need HA Skids, Flareup, Legends Devs, and am going to buy another HA Bumblebee to have the car displayed also. The Skids and Mudflap ones I might not do this with since the Deluxes don't look that bad in car mode.
  6. Dude Transfan2, Just wondering but why do you buy so many of the same figure. i mean I understand two or even three but why is it I see like 7 or more of a ton of figures.
  7. Decided to go to target today before class; ended up getting some new RPMs. Skids Vs. Mudflap Bumblebee Ironhide Ratchet Longhaul Now all they need to make is sideswipe, and at least the rest of the constructicons. There making Mixmaster and rampage is already out just need to get him.
  8. Just found Animated Grimlock and Deluxe Movie Jolt. Also Saw ice cream twins and blazemaster and scorponok. Which I still need to get.
  9. Went to Target still looking for Jolt but found something just below him. They had Superion out on sale (since I'm not a big fan of universe(didn't get started till the movie and only bought animated and movie)) and bought him and swoop. Now I need to find Bruticus, jolt, animated Grimlock, HA Skids, and I'll be happy for now. lol
  10. Had a REALLY crappy day; so i decided to see if my suffering would weild results at my local walmart for Jolt to show up. No luck but did get legends sideways just cause I like the legends series now dangit lol. Must... find... JOLT!!!! and HA Skids...
  11. Jw Where do you live that they have HA Skids out? and did you get the EZ Devs from ebay?
  12. Bad Mood today; Decided to buy voyager Prime, Animated Jetfire and jetstorm on clearance, and found Robot heroes jolt and ravage (which I love! lol) until I can get te deluxe Jolt. Gotta get out of this mood before I bankrupt myself. Bad Mood today; Decided to buy voyager Prime, Animated Jetfire and jetstorm on clearance, and found Robot heroes jolt and ravage (which I love! lol) until I can get te deluxe Jolt. Gotta get out of this mood before I bankrupt myself.
  13. Hey transfan, I sent you a pm about maybe buying one of those sets of the ez collection devs. I already sent it but I also have alot of lego star Wars that I could trade if interested. Let me know. On topic: I went to dollar general and decided to buy the prime vs. Megatron pack and the Prime legends. Might go back and get the only soundwave they had since he's cool lol. Damn I can't get into more transformers. lol
  14. But then Nintendo's gimmick would be gone. If that came out, you would only have to buy one game instead of two or three and then you would also not have to connect with people online and find those certain pokemon you need. they make you hunt for them. Stupid mew.
  15. People, People. I've gotten in and out of pokemon so many times now my eyes hurt. and they keep dragging me back in! I hate the new pokemon but they keep making remakes. I'm going to end up buying a ds now and get the new gold and silver remakes that are being made. DAMN you nintendo!
  16. Never really liked the movie figures that were from another line but I might just have to go to target and get me a superion now lol.
  17. Coming from a guy who bought and took back supreme devs, I agree with evilmus. Sami, I think that any true transformers fan (as you definately are) can keep passing on this p.o.s. There is just nothing good with that figure. He isn't even any fun with legends skids and mudflap and they don't look good displayed either. The only Devs I will be getting is the Legends class one. He is a win-win. Now only if they make scrapper, hightower, and overload in voyager or even a class between leader and voyager and then somehow recall that crappy devs and make us a decent one. With the Seven! constructicons and some decent paint apps. I don't mind the no robot mode, but don't make him talk or make noise. He didn't talk in the movie, doesn't need a stupid black hole sucking thing gimmick to make it cool. Give us a $45-55 figure that has seven constructicons with individual vehicle modes with good paint apps and a robot mode for devs that at least looks cool and has the correct fing colors (why do all the toys have a grey head but in the movie his head was Red!!!!) (and how rampage is Red in movie but yellow in toy!!!!). Rant over... Hasbro is getting to me on the constructicons crap their pulling.
  18. I finally found HA Sideswipe. and breaker, he's probably younger. When I was a bit younger I was able to do that to. Now have to limit it to things that are worth the space. Stupid dogs...
  19. You guys kill me! lol. Nah I've already been buying my kid TFormers kid toys now. Got a few Robot heroes. Girlfriend thinks its hilarious.
  20. LMAO! Yeah this is actually the first time that I didn't have to play by myself either she saw it and had to do the part from the movie. And thanks. I'm still kinda freakin out but I've been working alot and mainly been screwing around with my toys and friends lol.
  21. I've been having a hard time with the having a baby thing with my parents freaking a bit so my girl had a bigger check and knew how much i've been wanting to get Supreme Devastator but just haven't wanted to spend the money so she went and bought it for me. Having fun with the legends skids and Mudflap as we watch I love you man lol.
  22. If it wasn't for the fact that I can't collect much else anymore, I would totally get an army of those megabloks halo toys. I didn't like them at first but now I really like them especially since there pretty cheap. Went hunting today at my 2 walmarts, 2 targets, and my toysrus. Nothing new at the walmarts, toysrus or one of the targets but I went into the last one nearest my house determined to leave with something. All I was really looking for was jolt, long haul, or HA Sideswipe but I've been wanting to buy the supreme Devs which I see everywhere so I figured if they didn't have the first three I was just going to finally buy the $100 beast and try my best to paint him better. But when I got in there I looked through the deluxes, nothing past wave 3. HA bumblebees everywhere. Looked through the congested voyagers full of Demolisher and finally saw the grey and green sets. They had two Grindor and Two Long Haul stuffed in the back. I looked up and saw that they were also on sale for $17.99 still. Went up and they tried to tell me that it was actually $21.99. Got it for the $17.99! So Not only did I save myself from Devs but I got a figure I've been hunting for on sale! Good day.
  23. Dang! And I thought I couldn't love sideswipe anymore...
  24. I saw those Robot heroes set and actually thought about getting the one with jet prime and the Fallen for my soon to be born son/Daughter just so I can say that I'm buying toys for my kid and not myself lol. Also anyone who collects halo/marvel minimates/ Star Wars legos and wants figures cheap I have a sale topic where prices are negotiable to be able to pay for stuff for my kid (Not toys lol)
  25. I'de rather have those hauls than the ones around here. Got really bored before work and went to both targets and nothing new except devs and HA Bumblebee. Also Was wide awake after work (Around midnight) and went home and changed and decided to go to the two 24 hour walmarts figuring that they would have stocked by then. Got there and they had but both stores have completely skipped over the Wave with Dead end and Jolt and went straight to Arcee. I'm so ticked but I did find an ejector and Legends mudflap for if I ever buy Supreme Devs. (which I know I will). Also picked up Stalker Scorponok and another Sideswipe to "Return" when I get the HA figure, but will most likely have to take them back now since when I left the last walmart my car started acting funny and don't have much money incase it breaks down. *Knocks on wood* Wish list still: Voy. Long Haul Del. Jolt Sup. Devs Leg. Devs Leg. Skids H.A. Sideswipe
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