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  1. The timeline is what you make it... there is way to many frayed ends to g1 for there to be a true timeline.
  2. Funny thing is... I have a metric ton of the energon combiners misb and loose because of Walmart clearance and eBay lots. XD Granted a large portion is devastator limbs... Bit I got them none the less. The energon deco does not seem to be as popular as the rotf one though.
  3. I like prime...alot, its the perfect blend of homages, violence, adult humor, and renovation, while keeping it "child safe". I don't even mind that they tied it into WFC, its a interesting twist that helps the show related to the adult audience even more. Plus in a roundabout way it is garnering interest in FOC, since it will presumably finish tying the knot between the two and show just how one ends up being the other. I am hoping the events in the prime comic make their way into FOC. ;) I mean lets be honest here, we all hold g1 as a special place in our hearts. But the show is ultimately really bland and not all that interesting to kids today and tbh one of the main reasons we hold g1 so dear is because of the comics, nostalgia, and fan-fiction that spruces it up and broadens the character personality's. Ultimately... I hate to say it... but the blame should be on us. The toys are lackluster with QC and paint apps because we are so demanding, we expect something supah amazing at a cheap price. Yes figures are getting smaller, but whip out a prime dlx and compare it to one made during A/E/C. Its a freaking masterpiece in terms of sculpting, complexity, and design. Hell I think some of the DOTM leader class figures put MP-01 to shame. I admit they did get a size reduction between ROTF and DOTM, but there is a key differance. Hasbro had to offer some pretty heavy discounts to clear out ROTF toys, where with DOTM a majority of it was cleared up before prime came out. While bumblebee and gimmicks are the bane of our existence... kids freaking eat it up! Whats sad is that it will remain this way until we can get over it and show Hasbro that the adult market IS a viable market. Luckily if everything plays out we will get our chance with the upcoming generations sub-line next year. Also... people use the Economy as a excuse WAY TO MUCH. Obviously there is not a shortage of people buying bb's or else walmart wouldent had sold their DOTM stock. The problem is that nobody wants to pay more than they did 10 years ago for a transformer toy.
  4. I was all up for this until saw the 50$ price tag. XD EDIT: Just realized these guys are the bootleg makers. So perhaps it will include a properly colored WFC megatron to? Again this is just a rumor prices... so take it with a grain of salt. XD
  5. well... you can bet your sweet booty that the last shipment of hercules will be blown out of proportion. After all they already pulled the bait and switch after the first 2 figures. So its only the next feasible operation.
  6. I only wish I had been smart enough to get the starsaber varients put out in the states. There was some cool ones. Anyways, did you ever give your buddy the screws to those starscreams you shipped him? :tflaugh
  7. Well its really varied by character...which isn't really that out of the ordinary. Most of the time they done it to exemplify the other physical features on the figure, such as giving powerizer prime a slightly smaller head to help make his pectorals seem bigger and his shoulders wider. Basically to better sell him as a Primenator. :tflaugh But other than that, everyone seems to be about right. Also I want to note that DOTM DLX leadfoot had a freaking huge melon on his shoulders, guess that's the only way Hasbro could balance out his infamous energon gut. XD
  8. Why is it that they went to the trouble to take such wonderful photos that don't even show off what they are selling? Seriously in every shot he is looking downward to the point that all you can see is the top of his head and his gigantic chin.
  9. From what I have heard he is using the china exclusive hotspot mold with inferno head. The micron is supposed to be the same one that came with PCC leadfoot.
  10. Ummmmm... Well my biggest weakness with duplicates has to be legends class figures. I couldn't begin to tell you how many re-buys I have of those. The most predominate is my army of hounds though at a whopping number of 10 counting the HFTD, classics, and EZ collect redeco's. Mostly dominated by the HFTD deco. Because of a terrible plan to empty out my local store in hopes of them getting the RTS legends in. XD Although I don't really regret the buy now... what with having a mini platoon of micro scale transforming jeeps now. :D
  11. Wow the bubble really hugs that figure... I wonder if this is a preview of Hasbro's new "green" packaging? Also I am in the camp that cant tell a differance between the two. XD
  12. Humm... Hasbro never really took away artists rights to display their art, only to sell it. Now one way to read that post is that yes, hasbro is letting them sell it like they have in the past. But it could also mean that hasbro is simply restating that they never did take away the ability to have a table to DISPLAY artwork, just you cannot sell it. Its a very vague statement IMO. Never the less... the damage has been done here. It will be a uphill battle to regain trust now, especially since quite a few artists were going to take a major financial hit because of this fopah, some of which probably needed the money for living expenses and supply's...
  13. Ok a few things I want to clear up as I have been keeping up with it for a while now... 1. It has NOT been canceled, its just that US retailers cannot sell it. It is a licensed product IN ASIA and yes can be technically imported, but due to Mattel's "policing" of the brand in the US it has made it difficult for US retailers to list it without walking into a legal grey area. 2. If your Preordered from Toyfreakz.com you WILL get the figure when it comes in and you can actually request a preorder if you email the site owner directly. Yes were still getting the Diecast Sword. 3. RobotKingdom, AmiAmi, and some other rather popular Asian based otaku retailers are in contact with the company making this figure and will list preorders soon. "I contacted RobotKingdom myself to verify this" 4. It is still expected to ship in May. Dave "the guy that owns ToyFreakz" also claims that they are just about finished with making the molds and will be sending a sample to him soon. So I imagine he will post another update on Collection DX soon. Another interesting thing to point out is that the same company making vehicle voltron will be doing a Lion Force Voltron. BTW if you think Vehicle Voltron is lame... Then you didnt meet Voltron II, aka Albegas. Although the completest in me hopes they make it as well, mostly because I find its combination intriguing, plus it will complete the Trio. XD
  14. The reason the head is so large is because HR is planning on releasing a update to cerebros down the line. More articulated and the works. All they have teased so far though is a screenshot of it modeled in a CAD program.
  15. I would like to note that CHMS is also the ones behind the Bootlegs of the Amazon Japan Prime battle blades. The most obvious giveaway is that these hooks share the exact same molding imperfection on the side peg as the amazon japan bootlegs. Although at 10$ a pop I wont complain, that a freaking steal compared to what people are asking for the originals on the net. I actually plan on getting some to modify to work with smaller figures. *cough dlx trillogy prime cough* Also @ John 14:6 Someone has made something similar to this on shapeways, its not exactly the same. But its pretty darn close, the main difference is that its modular "the handle can be swapped so its the accurate sword or a regular upright sword." Another differance is that it does not have the side peg that this one does, so you cannot peg it on the side of DOTM Striker prime like you can these. http://www.shapeways.com/model/475691/optimus-prime-swords-leader-class-kit-v1-0.html http://www.shapeways.com/model/491927/optimus-prime-swords-leader-class-kit-standard.html
  16. I like this competition... its almost like the robot rush that was g1 where you had all these company's "most of which dont even make toys today," tossing their stuff on the table hoping to steal some of the thunder from transformers. Another benefit of this of course... competitive pricing. I have a eree feeling that this guy will at least match the hegemon price, if its not cheaper. Hopefully they deliver something better than that other megatron that doesn't even have knees. :tflaugh Hopefully some of this competitiveness bleeds over to the Maketoys and TFC computrons. TFC won the devastator round due to getting their product out earlier and doing a little bit more fan service, but Maketoys stands a real good chance at winning out alot of folks with their computron.
  17. http://www.TFormers.com/product_info.php/fansproject-city-commander-trailer-set-with-tfx-city-commander-add-set-p-3180 Humm... by custom I am inclined to think that it may include pre-applied reprolabels. But I am starting to wonder if its not the KO one thats floating around. EDIT! The bloody link changed to TFormers.com! Toy Arena URL
  18. Ive noticed this to, although they seem to really gouge on the third party stuff as well. Basically they are charging what you would pay if you bought it from robotkingdom by itself with the maximum shipping cost. Meaning if you buy your order in bulk you can save quite a bit. For example! BBTS wants 100 + 12 shipping for 1 of the Hercules members. However using Pile of look "or just bulk ordering" you can save on the shipping since it only goes up by a dollar or two per additional item. Robot kingdom, however, only wants like 80 + 18$ shipping. Basically how their shipping works is its a flat 10.58 + additional based on the weight of the order. So ultimately when you order 4 of the Hercules parts its... $419 shipped for BBTS or $367.33 shipped for RK Thats basically 50$ difference! Keep in mind that this is importing from a retailer as well, so you have to know that bbts could charge considerably less. "matter of fact they did for the first 2 parts of herc." Also don't get me started on the Rage of Hercules set. BBTS is charging a cool 20$ more than everyone else. You can get all of the hercules members + the rage of hercules set from Robotkingdom for less than what BBTS wants just for the hercules set WITHOUT the rage addon before shipping!
  19. Hegemon is far superior here. for 4 reasons 1. he has knee joints. 2. he isnt wearing a diaper 3. his legs are much more streamlined and naturally shaped 4. his gun mode actually looks like a gun. I do admit I like the head sculpt on this guy more though.
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