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  1. Ok I found his video... figures it wasn't the link he gave me. http://preview.tinyurl.com/6rx888d It appears to be the same game I shipped him... However, there is a bunch of holes in the back of the box, not like that when I shipped it to him, and is apparent in the pic I took. Also he is bitching about the game rattling, has anyone ever had a cartridge game that didn't rattle a little? Plus it only rattled when he shook it a certain way. Also the yellowing is obviously because of his lighting, as the cart is stark grey in my picture. Overall its matches my listings picture and description, if he had a issue with the store labels then he should had NOT bid. Also... I was a bit mistaken and confused this listing for the one for my other game, He waited only like a week to start complaining. :(
  2. He supposedly uploaded a video to youtube. I cant get it to load though... http://preview.tinyurl.com/7bu8qkw Maybe you guys can. XD EDIT: Ok its been at least 30 minutes since he sent it to me... the video has to be fake.
  3. I decided this was the last email Ill send him.... He replied and said that after I send him the pictures he will send me a detailed video showing the problems "by friday when he is less busy with other things". Ive also took the liberty to report him for abusing the buyer protection feature. I know it probably wont amount to a hill of beans... but ehh I can try.
  4. Hah, I informed him that I had 30+ pictures that I took for another bidder and I dont see any stains or damage in the photos.... so he replys by asking me to send him said photo files to him via email, then he will send me some pics of the game with his name by it. XD Does he seriously think I'm that dumb? I give him those photo's and they magically become ones he had taken of one of his "good copys". Besides why does he need my photos to take pictures of the game? Does he not have the game in his possession anymore?
  5. They really should had did without the spring loaded gimmick and done the limbs more like Energon Prime. Case and point Maketoys fallen, he is a PCC and is 100x's more appealing because you can actually do something with him after combination. Luckily 3p's see the potential of PCC and are slowly remedying it.
  6. I believe I did make it signature confirmation, I know I did with the other one I shipped last month.
  7. I did insure the package for up to like 700$. Also I just counted, I have like 30 pictures of various angles of the box, inserts, guidebook "inside guidebook as well", game cart "also pics of the mirror finish on the contacts", and the cardboard frame that holds it in place. All I can say is thank god that one guy requested additional pics. There really is no way he can argue it was in bad shape assuming ebay isn't one sided about it. The big problem is the supposed "smell", I really dunno how you can prove the smell of something. Whats sad is that ebay usually sides with the buyer with the "he said she said" type scenario's. I'm hoping though that since he is saying the box, game, and book is heavily damaged and I have proof it clearly was not when it was in my possession that they will see he is just having buyers remorse.
  8. Called up ebay... wasn't much help, they basically said that all I can do is either just refund him or wait for him to open a case. Should I keep talking to this guy? Or should I just let things lie where they are and wait for him to file a complaint? On one hand it gives him more opportunity's to incriminate himself. On the other, if I just let things lie he might find something more worthwhile to pursue and forget about me.
  9. I''m just wondering if he didn't damage it. Like spilling coffee on the guidebook and is trying to pin it on me. I asked him why he had so many copy's of the same game. He got defensive and more or less said he sold them within a month of obtaining them at a profit. How would eBay handle this? Just from his messages alone he has made himself look guilty. For example in the first message said the game rattled and it stunk of cig smoke. Then in the next started the rattle was actually how it was from the factory but still stated the smoke smell was unbearable. Then in the next message stated the rattle was from "abuse", the guidebook now has mysterious stains, , the game has been played, and the cig smell is worse. I have more then enough pics to prove the book damage and game damage was done after he got it. But how do you prove the smell of something? Also he keeps insisting I mislead him with the "like new" status on the auction, although my listing easily fits into the category.
  10. Humm.. He appears to have alright feedback. No hidden warnings. I guess the guy is just über picky. That or he learned he can't turn a profit with it. Link to profile. http://preview.tinyurl.com/bm2ruse I suppose if he sends it back to me in the exact same condition there isn't a issue.
  11. what's his user name? did he have good feedback? He has about 47 positive feedback to my 250. Neither of us has any negative. "although sellers cannot leave negative feedback"
  12. I recently sold a rare item to someone for ~$600. I was honest with my description and had a accurate photo in the listing. After about a month week after the buyer received the package they have started complaining of a smoke oder, saying the guidebook is "stained", and that the game cartridge has been dropped and now rattles. This person also drops in the info that they have gotten several copys of said game from creigslist. Now I don't smoke and even had this item sealed in a airtight container untill the point I preped it for shipping. The rest of the game was in really good condition and had none of the issues he is stating. I have many many pictures to back this up. The buyer is demanding a full refund of all 600$, but to be honest I no longer have it, it has been a month after all. Plus I am worried this guy will just send me one of his lemon copy's of the game. What should I do?
  13. Im just gonna get the last 4 Hercules members and the 4 infinity warfare sets. Which is like 480$ shipped. I was worried that if I insure it i'll get dinged with a customs tax. I live in the US btw.
  14. I don't understand why they must keep their prices secret until it goes up for sale. Its the ultimate reason I cant order the exclusives every year. Because, surprise, no one knows how much they cost until they hit the store!
  15. I'm surprised no one asked about the arms microns. Has everyone that wanted them just gave up and imported them?
  16. Is that the energon saber from the japanese kicker figure?
  17. Has anyone ever had to pay import fee's to get their stuff from robot kingdom? Because if I have to tack 150$ on top of what I pay them, then I would be better off to just buy the figures from bbts.
  18. Sorry,I didn't mean to upset anyone here. I'm aware of the "No pics" rules in the botcon covention panels. I was just asking for worded descriptions on what people saw at botcon regarding TFP thundertron's toy. I just want to know proportions,colors,size,shapes,spikes,face sculpt,alt modes,weapons,accessories,features,etc... I was also wondering if TFP thundertron appeared at botcon via a projector pic or a test shot/proto type toy. Lastly I was wondering why TFP Thundertron wasn't added to the hasbro TF toys display cases. The TFP Thundertron toy pics,I was asking for in this thread. I wanted the pics to come from the Botcon TF display cases that are located in the dealers room. I figured Thundertron's Test shot toy was arriving in the dealers room TF display cases later on that saturday night. TBH I wish he was this fellow with a new head. In all seriousness he is probably very early on in the development process and they are waiting to unveil anything until the mold is more finalized. Probably will show him at SDCC. Basically they are trying to avoid the debacle that has been the past 3-4 years now. Showing off those TFA, PCC, and DOTM figures to early on has caused some major bad feelings between the fanbase and hasbro. Plus its a incentive to pay them money to attend the convention, which is the ultimate reasoning for the "secrecy". Because tbh if bandai/spinmasters/etc could get away with ripping off their toy and character designs, then they would had already.
  19. This is the character for thundertron. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Thundertron He actually canonically isn't a decepticon OR autobot, hates all cybertronians as a matter of fact. But is part of his own alliance the starseekers. He also notably pilots Tidalwave. Which may or may not be another corpse ship in TF Prime "wont say who the other is ;)". His toy is confirmed to be a voyager class however. Also I imagine he deco is based on this guy in a roundabout way, since hasbro freaking loves it to death. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Wolfang_%28Maximal%29
  20. Who wants to bet we wont even see half of these before this time next year?
  21. Isn't this what sidearm went for originally? I know I donated at least this much to get Blesser, which was a color inverted sidearm.
  22. Well I dont have him in hand just yet, it got shipped out today. :D But I do know how to get the legs in the black lion. Basically you have to fold them in partially "not all the way though" and then use the door to push them on in. Its because it has a gimmick that pushes the legs out automatically when you transform the legs from robot mode to lion mode.
  23. If you havent guessed, I managed to pick up a toynami voltron "plastic ver" on ebay. If anyone wants pics, review, or has any questions. I can answer all :D Also I have the MP vehicle voltron up for preorder and can do likewise with it when I get it in. :tfevil
  24. I always thought it was common knowledge that A/E/C was the seasons to the Unicron Trilogy. Since all the shows are connected by that very thing... Season 1, Armada, basically introduces the world eatter and gives a general background. Season 2, Energon, shows the attempts of alpha q to reclaim his home world by revitalizing unicrons corpse which ends up with unicron's essence getting turned into a sun for alpha q's reborn galaxy. Season 3, Cybertron, the sun that was unicron collapses into itself and forms a black hole and threatens to consume everything and the autobots must find a way to close it using the omegalock and the help of a old prime. They are seasons... Hasbro just named them individually as a marketing tactic to sell more toys.
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