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  1. Well at least we know why the balancing staff and sword of destruction are not in g1. :tflaugh
  2. Reluttr

    Prime Vehicon

    Humm using vehicon as noisemaze/sideways is actually a pretty darn good idea.
  3. Reluttr

    Case Assortment

    I have started to see wave 3 pop up in my area, ill keep a eye out for ya. :D
  4. I see nothing wrong with getting your stuff signed, especially if the person is a role model of some sort. I'm sure you will remember the experience forever, and when you look back on it you will think "wow, I met Michael Golden and I got this signed comic as proof".
  5. Well the g4 channel is still clinging to life and all it shows now is Cops reruns with a g4tv shown maybe once a day. Besides Discovery kids has been kicking around for years, I honestly think since becoming the HUB it has became all the more popular. Don't see a reason for it to collapse now.
  6. Honestly... I am all for this. I wish Hasbro had priced Rodimoose $40 more and gave him a proper trailer as well, may had been enough to make me get him.
  7. I've bought this exact Thread discussion to the other top 5 TF sites that have forums. Some of those members claim the hub network's tiers payment plans varies by state,by cable provider & if you have cable/dish or satelite. Some members claim hasbro doesn't set the cable newtork tiers nor payment plans,this is the sole responsibilty of the cable providers/dish/satelite & they decide the fate/prices of the tiers/payment packages. some members claim the hub network is on tier one & others claim it's on tier 2,while others say it's on tier 3 or 4. My idea was for hasbro to syndicate their newer cartoons & newer live shows to other network like Fox & nick does. sure doing this will make the hub lose viewers. but if hasbro is creating the hub network for the sole purpose of creating shows to air their toys to rake in toy profits at stores,then syndicattion will achieve this goal for hasbro. hasbro can always chose to have a week/month exclusive rights to newer aired episodes then give them to other network like fox does with family guy. a family guy newer episode airs on fox a week before it airs on the cartoon network. Well they basically do that with the hub web site. The Thursday after a new show airs they place it on the hub site. But as you said, the main goal of the prime show is the sell toys, so you would had thought they would had made the HUB tv channel more accessible somehow. I see no reason they could not pair up with hulu plus or netflix or some other online streaming service that could air the episode the night, or day after, it airs on tv. I would say I could just buy the season pass on itunes, but Hasbro has not made season 2 available this way, besides its so absurdly priced given what you get, you would be better off just waiting and watching it on the hub website. If they video's were not so laced with DRM it would be alright, since you essentially end up with the season set, but you can only really watch it on your apple devices without major hackery. Anyways, I just do not see the HUB going away any time soon. If it was going anywhere it would had already left by now...
  8. Well it certainly would help if you didn't have to have the highest priced dish network plan to watch the hub. Personally I think the Hub should expand their digital options for watching their shows.
  9. There is alot of really neat bootlegs out there. For example, the g1 overlord with starsaber head and shoulders, or the rainbow scorponok, or the robocop fort max bootleg. I love quarky bootlegs like this, because they would never be made officially. Not to mention the multitude of chogokin bootlegs on ebay like lionbot, gotbot, godtron. Are they as good as the originals? No, but they are a way for someone to get a hold of the mold and play with it... yes play with it. If it breaks then, ehh, just a bootleg. Am I right? Basically the only thing bootlegs do, especially if the mold is out of production, is give a swift kick to the nuts of the scalpers on ebay who got a figure graded and suddenly thought it was made out diamond encrusted gold or something. As far as the CHMS bootlegs, I honestly don't see a issue with them. First of all they are made of out-of-production molds, and most of them are deco's hasbro has expressly stated they wont do. Cough Sunstorm Cough. As far as the bootlegs of the club exclusives... these don't come with box's like the club makes. So just don't buy any cheap club exclusives without box's, or at least ask the seller to send you a pic of the copyright stamp before bidding. Remember kids, if its not mentioned in the listing pictures or description, then feel free to contact the seller BEFORE the listing ends. I mean, there is nothing wrong with wanting to buy originals, but scalpers really abuse the popularity of transformers to score a profit. That's just insane that a g1 overlord with heavy yellowing went for over $1000.
  10. I kinda doubt calling the support would do much help, unless of course I manage to get one of the higher ups in Utah. The rest of the support is basically a living breathing version of the automated help on the ebay website.... I think my best bet at the time would be to get the game back, resell it, and use that to pay off paypal, at least most of it... I know one thing, if this guy does not ship me back the exact same game, in the exact same condition, I will probably seek legal advice. Of course I could always luck out and they side with me on the matter, this guy did kinda shoot himself in the foot several times. First time when he said he had "several other copys of the game in bad condition", second time when he said he "felt he paid to much for this item and should had paid $300 less". EDIT: What I don't understand, if this guy was going to be so nitpicky, why did he not contact me before the listing ended with additional questions? I would had happily answered them to the best of my knowledge. Instead he opted to "try it before he buys it" and is going to cost me the additional shipping, ebay fee's, paypal fee's, paypal overdraft fee's, and lost opportunity. Because no one is going to pay what they originally bid on this game. I think the largest I was offered was $500, meaning I will have to shovel $166 of my own cash into this if he wins. EDIT: Ebays 72 hour window to make a decision is almost up. What will happen if they do no issue a verdict by then?
  11. Well its been a couple of hours and ebay is still deciding what to do. I guess this could be a good thing, since alot of time when ebay sides with the buyer its within a hour or two.
  12. The guy filed a case. I put in my side of the story, reasonings for not wanting to take a refund, and mentioned everything this guy has said. I then escalated it.
  13. Ok I put my foot down, I explained that I don't see what his issues are and do not see how I deceived him, given he has told me in his messages that all his issues are "non-issues", and simply told him I cant take a refund.... Being as polite as possible of course. I guess all there is to do now is wait and see.
  14. Lets see... Worst Toyline -Mother F***ing crossovers. No contest the biggest waste of plastic ever dreamed up by Hasbro. They are a mess of soft and brittle plastics that cant even hold together in robot mode, let alone get a realistic pose. The few shining examples of the line suffered from the supposedly "done with" Gold/Brown Plastic Syndrome which is just disheartening. Every version of darthvader has a weird looking animed style that somehow never looks robotic, I mean seriously hasbro you have been making toys of vader for years, why is it so hard to make a crossover that looks alright! The only one that was halfway decent was the original tie fighter one and it has a giraffe neck! Seriously, every time I decide to give this line a try I am greeted with disappointment, does not help the stupid things are priced much higher than regular TF's who are worlds superior! Worst Show -RID Its not really the plot that bugs me about this.... its the voice actors. As bad as armada was, at least I didn't feel like the voices were done by the same guys that did the victory dub. Worst toy -DOTM Ironhide "voyager" I know armada sideswipe was bad, but it was part of the armada toy line so I never had high hopes for it anyways. But DOTM ironhide... When I first saw images of it I was excited because it was not disproportionate as the dlx toy, was sized about right, and was a entirely new mold from the first movie ironhide. But when I bought him, its the most disappointed I have been with a transformer in a while. He literally has no shoulders, he is worse than armada hotshot here people! Whats sad is that you can kinda see a failed mechanism design that would had originally placed the arms on the rotating wheel Assembly, guess hasbro decided it would be easier to just bolt the freaking arms on the inside of the hood than to try to fix it and make the toy have halfway decent poseability.
  15. I watched the video. The box is just what you had pictured in your auction. Why the hell did the game rattle only once but not any of the other times he shook the cartridge? He needs to learn how to white balance his camera. The cart looks like the standard gray color to me. The use of the gloves just makes him look like a creep. See that's my problem, I just don't understand what the issue is with it. Now the guy keeps sending me messages wanting me to verify I got the video link and what my decision is. Should I reply to him and basically restate what I have from the start? That I just don't see whats wrong with it or how my listing was misleading. Also when deciding on a case ebay does look at the messages exchanged between the two members right? If so then I don't possibly see how they could side with this guy because he keeps changing his story. Plus he has basically said that all his "problems" are actually either not really a problem, a nitpick of his and not really my fault, or was caused by himself or the climate. Either this guy has buyers remorse "because the 10$ clearance sticker on the corner of the box" or he is trying to scam me somehow. Because he keeps insisting I give him a refund THEN he will ship it back, which I know is a load of BS because ebay requires all returns to be in the sellers hand before issuing a refund. Doing otherwise will be on the seller and if they dont get back the item then its tough muffins. Also... we should start a ebay buyer blacklist on here. Basically it be like a regular forum but have the newer posts first, that way we get a roughly up-to-date list of what accounts scammers are using currently. Although it would not had done me much good since this was a video game. But still something like this would be handy.
  16. Link to auction, http://preview.tinyurl.com/883d8vv Link to buyer profile, http://preview.tinyurl.com/7h7uk7e Also @Tfboy, NYC
  17. April 26th I am afraid. Its funny though. The guy I sold the beat up version of this game to was apparently very happy with it. I never heard anything about it smelling, rattling, or being discolored. Both games were stored the same way, just ones box had a small tear on the side flap when I bought it years ago. It sold for roughly 60$ less than the one this guy has.
  18. humm... according to paypal it was on the 26th.
  19. I think, he thinks, that makes him look to be "extra super careful" and a "smart collector". Because, you know, in movies and on tv they always wear black gloves when moving something valuable...or trying to steal something valuable without leaving fingerprints. UPDATE: The buyer just sent me this. "Hello. I sent you the video a couple of days ago and I was wondering what did you decide to do?" lol I guess he lost the memo that "couple" means 2. He sent me the video link at 10:58 on the 8th. It has not even been 48 hours since he sent it. XD
  20. You are wanting the Cm's corp gaogaigar! I recently got the gaofighgar version. Its pretty decent as a display piece, got really tight joints and alright build quality. Its kinda fragile though, especially around the head swivel area. Also when taking it apart, be sure to push the smaller robots legs out through the feet or you might destroy the knee Assembly.
  21. Humm another thing... check this guys youtube channel. He has like 3 videos similar to the one for earthbound for other games. Doesn't ebay look at how many times they have filed cases when deciding also?
  22. Well even if he files a case I can use his own messaging against him. his complaints were. -store stickers on box -yellowing of box and cart -smoke smell -rattle of the cart So lets recap... -Store stickers were in listing image and pointed out in description -Buyer said yellowing was due to "humidity" or "from being played". I have pics of the game contacts to prove its never been pushed into a system, it had to be the humidity. -Buyer stated Smoke smell was due to again, "humidity" -Buyer stated rattle was from factory not tightening the screws fully and not really my fault. How is it my fault that the humidity in his area caused the box to yellow some? Or that the factory did not tighten the screws to his satisfaction. Or the fact that he did not properly read my listing or look at the listing image. If he was going to be ever so particular about the game when didn't he inquire it before the listing ended? Needless to say, his claim that the game "should had sold for 300 less" is a wad of Bologna, a game that had a huge chunk ripped off the front sold for only ~80 less than mine.
  23. Ok he sent me another message all his own. Now he is saying the smoke smell was probably caused by atmospheric humidity and that the yellowing on the "game chip" was from "poor storage conditions". So... basically he is saying I should have to take a refund because its really humid where he lives, which reacted with the 15 year old game and made the box suddenly get a smokey smell and yellow slightly. Also he keeps saying the game board yellowed "now because the humidity", its nintendo brown, how does brown yellow? Besides there is teh fact I took pictures of the game contact area with and without flash to prove the contacts were pristine. Can I be held liable to acts of god due to the area where the buyer lives?
  24. Yeah I just cut off communication with him after the youtube link was given.... What will happen if he files a case, wins, but then paypal deny's the refund due to insufficient funds?
  25. Did anyone else notice how the cart was grey... until he went to point out the yellowing? Then the lighting started to really mess up and it started going in and out of focus. Also given what he has shown, don't you think it still fits into the category of "like new"? The spots in the book are obviously age spots, the game is over a decade old here and the cards are regular card stock treated with a scented coating. As far as the store labels go... I noted them in the description and they are visible in the listing picture. If he didn't see them then its kinda his own fault. Edit: Ha, he disable comments and ratings for the video. Guess Tfboy touched a nerve.
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