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  1. BTW its being speculated that this is a amazon exclusive. Which would make sense given that amazon's preorder bonus is a ingame g2 bruticus.
  2. The thing i love about Walmart TF store exclusives. is they more than often go on sale & get clearanced. Its usually because of bad timing. My walmart did not get the giftset until a week or two before christmas. :S With a few minor paint apps you could have a rather nice scourge. ;)
  3. Oh goodie goodie its a walmart exclusive again. If no one remembers, hasbro did a series of "ultimate giftsets" last year for walmart. If I remember correctly there was a marvel one, beyblade one, star wars one, and the transformers one. All of them was set at a 30$ pricepoint with the idea they was a all around good selection of toys from a toyline and would be a easy way for uninformed relatives to get a kid something they would like for a reasonable amount of cash. I guess the concept was somewhat a success and they have decided to do it again this year. As far as the off pairing of size classes, my only guess is that hasbro figures last years set would had been more popular if relatives thought there was more "value" to the set by including two big figures and two smaller figures instead of last years mix of 2 cyberverse commanders and 3 cyberverse legion figures. If they can manage to pull the 30$ pricepoint last years set was then count me in for 2. :tflaugh
  4. daaaaaaaamn, my only guess is that the guy had a chip on his shoulder to begin with. Like, I don't think he wanted the toy, but wanted to harass some "nerd" about buying toys. Little did he know playground bullying does not work in the real world. If he did want the toy and was willing to get physically violent over it...that's some hardcore insanity at work. I feel sorry for any small children that gets in his way. The closest thing I have had to this happen was in a target about the time HA jazz first came out. There is this certain fellow that frequents the stores that I am fairly certain is a scalper, he cleaned out TRU of all the Animated Arcee's, and was in target buying several HA jazz's "this was actually just after the cigarette fiasco, and was probably stocking up for a recall". Anyways I was irritated at first, cause it appeared he had cleaned the shelves, but I got even, because on the next aisle was a HA skids marked down to $10. He saw the clearance sticker and started to say something, puffed up, huffed, and headed towards the front. XD Whats funny is that later I stumbled upon a display packed with jazz's. So I ended up getting the better deal :D.
  5. Humm... still no tracking number. How long should I wait before I start squawking at ebay?
  6. I'm curious of something... ebay has stated he has to ship it back with a tracking number before they give him the money... Yet I have not yet seen a tracking number at all. Is it possible for him to submit a tracking number and I not see it?
  7. Well... ebay sided with him. But he has to ship it back to me before he gets a penny. Here is hoping I don't get a box of rocks. -_-
  8. Its the true Don Figueroa Optimus design. The only reason I see to get this is because its more in scale with hegemon. I am really hoping they put out galvatron next...
  9. So... I have decided to get off my butt and make a roadbuster for my collection. But I am a bit confused on what I should use as the figures base... Should I go the general route and use the Calloway conversion kit with the Crossover captain america/ironman mold. Or should I use the new Prime bulkhead figure?
  10. I don't think they paid Hasbro a dime. If they had acquired the rights then KOToys would still be alive and kicking. But yeah reading between the lines, it does not hurt Hasbro, especially if its a long retired mold. But they still dont like it because there is always the possibility they might do something like it later on, ultra mammoth is a good example.
  11. I'm gonna laugh if its actually tigertracks and shockwave.
  12. Here is some more pictures showing the figure partially assembled. The main highlights is that they show that the guns have a light up LED gimmick, they show ginrai himself, and they show how classics prime fits into the body. While not shown Xovergen commented and has said that the light piping in the head will also light up via LED. The rest are here...
  13. PlanetIacon and ToyWorld have put up new pictures of Hegemon that are apparently of the production run figure. As you can see the figure appears to be sporting a black cap on the gun tip, my only assumption is that it will be Orange on import figures. Will it be removable and non-essential for the silencer? Only time will tell...
  14. I got one for the jailbreak iphone app "Reveal". :tflaugh
  15. Just shot Daniel a email with some pics. I sent the pics of the warped shovel and then another of the figure with the part I need circled. :D ... I forgot to include the order number though. :S Hopefully Daniel will recognize me since I worked with him to place the order. XD Also... I had a older Brave figure break like that on one of the swivel joints. i mean sure you can glue it back together, but it looks weird. :( Im glad Daniel is sending you a replacement! :D Daniel will probably use the same figure for parts for both of us. :tflaugh
  16. Ok guys, I broke down and built them. XD I actually like them alot, like they hardly feel like model kits at all. Whats probably the best thing about them is that their joints are all ratcheted, so when you move their arms and legs you get a nice solid clicky feeling.
  17. So I recently bought the rest of Hercules from RobotKingdom, but the shovel on "neckbreaker" looks like he rammed into a steel beam or something as it has this bent up part on the inner part of his left foot. http://campl.us/jDyR How exactly does robotkingdom handle things like this? Like will they want me to return the entire figure or would they do like bbts and simply ship out the affected part? The look of it does not bother me entirely, as he could had got it by ramming into autobot scum ;)... its just that the stupid shovel has issues enough holding together without one side being bent up and completely unable to peg together. :(
  18. I ended up getting the last 4 parts of hercules I needed, the 4 infinity warfare sets, United G2 Prime, and 2010 Predaking. Which ended up being like $604 XD The shipping was like... 89ish I think. Sad thing is, I added it all up and I still ended up saving like $80 AFTER shipping with RK when compared to BBTS before shipping. Whats even sadder is that the shipping times were about the same. :S But yeah I was just gonna get the hercules parts and the infinity warfare sets... But going off what the shadow microns are going for, I was better off to just go ahead and get Laser Prime and Predaking. Because I wanted to get both anyways later on, but this way I ended up getting like 200$ of product for free by just getting them now. On the plus side, since I used bill me later, I got another 10$ off and have 6 months to pay it off without any interest. :D
  19. Can someone get a full scan of the arms micron page? I am curious what knockouts micron is! Also the silhouette looks like the Lambdor mold, tigertracks perhaps?
  20. I agree, for the size of this guy he is very reasonably priced. Its actually not that far off from hasbro pricing given that it is supreme class and all. As far as getting him... I might later on, because steamboat-formers are awesome. XD
  21. So by a freak chance of luck, I have managed to get a hold of a full set of shadow microns thanks to Robotkingdoms promotion. Should I build them or put them away as is as a "investment"? I'm kinda curious what shadow Bulo looks like with Hercules. XD
  22. I am talking about the grey prototype setting next to henkei prime. The entire front end of the truck has been retooled to have the spring loaded powermaster slot. They also retooled the door wings some, so I am thinking they may sit more flush in robot mode.
  23. I just found these pics posted on the Planet Iacon facebook page. Not only is Xovergen releasing a kit to make your classics/henkei prime compatible with their powermaster upgrade set, but they are planning on releasing a completely retooled classics/henkei prime figure that will not only work with their new powermaster figure but with the g1 powermaster figures as well! Despite the figure being heavily retooled I do not think it will affect the look of the robot mode as the kibble should just rotate to the back as it does on the original classics/henkei mold. Something I am wondering... does the powermaster gimmick actually work? As in the sense that you cant rotate primes torso until a powermaster partner is inserted. IMO this set just got alot more interesting! Source,
  24. Ok guys a quick update. eBay sent me a message at like 3pm stating that they realize that this is a particularly valuable item and would be a fairly big target for return fraud,so they are requiring the buyer to photograph the game and point out his issues so that they may deliberate if it is considerable enough to force a refund. Honestly I dunno what to think of this, as I have not heard of ebay doing this in a case before. I am hoping this is a good sign! Anyways they offered to let me voice any concerns I have about the situation. So I sent the case manager a very detailed accounting of what this guys has been doing and why I simply have not refunded him. I also forwarded them my detailed images of the item so that they may compare it to the ones the buyer sends them. Here is hoping I win!
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