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    Size Matters?

    My only guess was that the elaborate game accurate sculpting cost hasbro more than expected. So they had to downsize the figure a little. At least that's the only reason I can think of for FOC to be smaller than the prime line. :S
  2. Reluttr

    Size Matters?

    When I first saw the pictures of FOC Jazz and OP next to some generations figures I was really put off from the line.... Yet when I look at Shockwave he is just so awesome that I have the urge to just pelvic thrust all the way up to the checkouts, during getting checked out, and out the door to the police car waiting to pick me up for disturbing the public. So I am a bit conflicted, like I want all of my figures to be in scale, yet it isn't a factor when it comes to Shockwave because he just is so detailed, like there is very little surface area without some sort of elaborate sculpting. What do you guys think? Can Hasbro overcome the shrinkage by giving us even more insanely detailed figures?
  3. Humm... to reply to the first post. Yes DOTM was kinda a epic failure toy wise, but this was because of poor distribution and predicted sales. They have actually have been doing MUCH BETTER with the prime toy line. With the movies in general, I think they actually saved the transformers franchise by bringing all these new idea's to the table. Besides you cant honestly tell me that ROTF was a very very good toy line, especially when compared to the first movie. The figures as a general rule had very non-obtrusive gimmicks, brought a plethora of new characters, and managed to up the complexity and detail of figures at a smaller scale. As far as prime is concerned, I find it to be a complete success and I hope that they can keep up the magic. Their only mistake here was releasing First Edition before the mass retail figures. But as far as figure sales go, the shelfs around me seem to constantly be empty shy for a stray cliffjumper, wheeljack, or bb. Now... the Rescue bot line. I would like to make a few interesting points here. When I was a kid "target age group for RB" the only things that mattered to me concerning transformers was that they 1. they transformed and was easy to transform, looked like the character, and most importantly would not break when I hit them together simulating "epic battles". From what I can tell the rescue bot toys fit into all 3 of those categorys, plus the show is pretty entertaining. Regardless of such... I think the biggest thing on hasbro's plate is to find a venue to get all these wonderful things out. Since brick and mortar stores dont want to carry everything hasbro has to offer, then they really should look into some online shops. Which I am glad to see Amazon getting alot of love, bbts as well.
  4. I thought hasbro said the mass retail release of the FE cliffjumper mold would be the regular one? Since the terrorcon was done at sdcc and all...
  5. $99.99 at the show Could you take pictures with brawl and swindle as the arms? So far that combination looks worlds better than the game accurate one. :( Here is a pic for reference "in case its not in the instructions"...
  6. So I was one of the "lucky" ones to preorder that Miracle Productions Vehicle Voltron. However 4 months after the original release date and still not having the figure is starting to get annoying... Basically here is what has went down so far... - Pictures of prototype and preorder are opened on the net at Toyfreakz.com, with a set delivery date of the first week of april. - BBTS lists a preorder for the figure. - Classics Media throws a tantrum and makes Toyfreaks and BBTS pull the preorder listings. Toyfreakz continues to take preorders via email "under the table". - A error is found with the final diecast molding at the factory and the figure is put on a 1-2 week delay the week of release. - Nothing is said for 2 months... - About a week ago the owner of Toyfreakz got in contact of the factory and is told that we will finally have new pictures and some footage by the end of the week. All the while reassuring us we will have this thing by the end of july, first week of august at the latest, because the manufacture has a contractual date to have this on the market "in china" by then. He also supplied some extra CAD screenshots and pictures of the original prototype that he had been holding. Here we are Monday and nothing... The toyfreakz guy has not even posted in the forum where this all has went down. Its like they just dropped in long enough to calm everyone down and just went back into their bottle. Now here is my problems with the situation, I want this figure and I think if it does get released it will be hard as hell to get, meaning after market prices will be through the roof. So if I cancel my preorder I will probably never get it. However... it has been 4 months and nothing...nada! I find it odd that third party companys are constantly shooting out updated pictures of their product, from concept, to proto, to testshot, to final product. They seem to keep us in the loop all through the development process. But this supposedly "legitimate" company got people to pay in advance for something then just STOPPED updating us. There has not been any new proto shots, no packaging peeks, nothing. Despite being promised SEVERAL times we would get some "soon". I am worried that I dont cancel my preorder, and then things start to get hairy, and this guy just takes the money and run. I mean by no means is he a large online retailer, and at this point my ability to force a refund through paypal is gone. It would not be hard to imagine when things get hairy for this guy to just run off with the several thousand dollars he has up in these preorders when the manufacture flakes out. The entire thing is just...fishy. RobotKingdom has enquired about this product, but the company wont give them specifics, so RK wont list it as a preorder. So at this time the ONLY guy getting this thing is ToyFreakz, and despite being a Asian release there is NOTHING about this on any asian collector forum. What little there is about it references back to toyfreakz and their pictures.
  7. Alrighty guys, here is what I ended up doing. XD I got the game back a few weeks ago and it was as it was when I sent him, lacking smoke smell may I add. Anyways, I have re-sold the game and it while it was not the same amount I owed this "buyer" it was enough for me to cover it after putting some of my own money into it. So it looks like everyone "original buyer, ebay, and paypal" is happy after shanking me for $150+ dollars of my own money. Moral of the story... block cosmic_lord_x2 from bidding on your listings and save yourself from the stress and cost of dealing with this flaky buyer.
  8. I am thinking this comes with the Striker parts as well... thats really just wishfull thinking on my part though. Also I would love to get "unite for the universe" voyager prime with corpsefire parts... Link for Ref: http://TFormers.com/transformers-new-images-of-unite-for-the-universe-optimus-prime-megatron/13075/news.html
  9. He probably hides grandmax because it is so valuable...making him a target for robbery, especially since FB is so loose lipped about your location. That's my only guess though.
  10. Sometimes I wonder if some ebay sellers. get upset because their auctions sold for lower then they wanted. then they seek out revenge against the ebay buyer by grabbing a Cigar or cigarette & covering the toy up with smoke on purpose. Personally their should be a law & fine or Strike on a ebay sellers account added for selling ebay toys covered in cigar/cigarette smell. because nicotene/tobacco has been proven to cause cancer & lung disease. so these ebay sellers are basically selling a envoirmentally un-safe toy to the buyer. about two months ago,I bid & won a Rotf Leader jetfire junker toy for $15.50. the seller clearly made a few dollars off shipping fees as it cost me another $10 in shipping fees. this toy smelled of a big Cigar. it seemed like the seller purposely grabbed a cigar & smoked it all over the toy. since I was only using the toy as repair parts,I only needed a few parts. the remaining toy got washed in the sink,then I sprayed the figure with lysol,then it in a box & sealed it up. naturally I was too scarred to give the ebay seller a negative feedback or report him to ebay. because sometimes these guys seek out further revenge by stalking you on the internet or stalking you out on ebay. I figured it wasn't worth the trouble of putting my life in danger over a $15 dollar toy +$10 in shipping fees. I suspose I should at the very least call ebay tommorow & alert them. that their a is a seller out their selling & shipping out items with a heavily tobacco smell on them. that could pose envoirmentall unsafe hazards. which could cause buyers to get cancerr or their lungs ruined by breating in these heavily tobaco smoked on ebay items. To be honest I would think the aerosol in the Lysol spray would pose more of a cancer risk than the residual smell of smoke on the toy... But if you are worried, wiping the figure with a warm slightly moist microfiber towel with a drop of dawn dish detergent on it would be more than enough to get any tar "and carcinogens" off of the figure. After wiping it with the soapy towel simply rinse and wring out the towel and wipe the figure down again to clean off any soap residue that's left over. Of course this would ruin any stickers on older figures, but if its loose and smells strongly of smoke then the stickers are probably rubbish anyways, newer figures should be fine though. Also I would not seal it up in a box, instead let it air out in the shade next to a window. Anyways, you can call ebay. But the most they will do is offer to open a case for a full refund after you send the figure back. Since you flooded the electronics with water and gave some of the parts to another figure I would assume you do not want this, since sending the figure back would mean you would have to be dishonest, plus you would have to hunt down another junker with the parts you need. You could always give the guy a negative review, but claiming something smells of smoke is a favorite among those with buyers remorse, so unless he gets a whole bunch of smoke complaints in a short amount of time then it probably wont hurt him all that badly. Regardless of what you do, I cant think of any sane reason for someone to hunt you down over a bad review on a $25 toy... I mean even if you lived in the neighborhood with the guy, he would have to be pretty insane to attempt to physically attack you. Now that's not saying he might buy something from you in the future and return the favor, but if that's worrying you then just add him to your "blocked bidders" list. :tflaugh
  11. Reluttr

    The True Cost

    Basically they charge more for "Gourmet" food. Go to any Alde's "or any other discount grocery store" and look around. Sure the milk and produce will have some decent prices, but the more decedent items will have a huge price markup.
  12. It also doesn't help that the TFP Bumblebee that's clogging the pegs is such an awful toy. I think awful is being too kind Mike. It's HORRENDOUS!!!!! Not as bad as arachnid... At least bumblebee's shoulders complete hotshot. Also Lord_Onslaught is correct. Every time the theorists start squawking gas prices are raising because "x event happend in y place" gas stations usually raise gas prices that instant. Just pray that they don't find about walrus's farting in Antarctica, they will start saying the global warming caused by the methane in their farts is hindering oil production in florida and will causes gas prices to raise to a all time high.
  13. I've got my way around any blocks they put for me which is why this all so stupid. The only thing it's going to do is cause me to have to go to a couple of minor extra lengths to put in an order for exclusives when they come. I'm just going to have a friend order them for me. Too late now to get the birthday presents, but hey, that's life. The exclusives are the only things I'll ever bother with them for ever again. At the rate they are going, that might not even matter to me for much longer. That is true... SDCC shockwave is what a 200% markup?
  14. wow... arachnids toy makes me sad. :(
  15. Ok I hoped I would not have to bring this thread back... But I emailed Daniel "RobotKingdom" about my defective Neckbreaker leg. Everything was going well up until we got to how I would get the part. Daniel kept insisting I make another small order and I pay the shipping charge... but I am rather tapped out at the moment, I mean I did spend like $750 on this order. So he agreed to ship it. But by this time I noticed that the cross beam parts in the infinity warfare II sets will break when you try combining all the swords into the "giant" sword for unicron. So I mentioned this in the next email and asked if it was a common problem and if he happened to have a replacement part handy. I mean if he didn't then its not a biggy, the targetoids were really shoddy, and its not RK's fault the plastic is fragile. Well Daniel replys with the following message. Hello, Yes, for Neckbreaker part, it is available. We need some time to contact JB for parts. We will come back to you when they are available. Yours Sincerely, Daniel I received this message 23 days ago... So last Tuesday I was fiddling with neckbreaker and remembered I had never heard back from Daniel. So I sent him another email asking if he has gotten a reply from JB, and if it was possible for him to go ahead and just ship me the Neckbreaker leg and then I would either pay the shipping at my expense or place another order if he got the replacement Infinity Warfare II parts in. I did not get a reply, which I thought was odd since Robot Kingdom had been replying to me THE SAME NIGHT when I emailed RK in the past. So Thursday night I sent another email, again asking the same question. No reply... So just now I emailed Daniel for a third time, this time with a new subject "just in-case their spam filter got the last threaded email", and so far have not got a reply. I mean I understand that they are probably really busy, but its really bothering me that it has been a week since I recently started inquiring and have yet to get a response, especially since I was always got a reply within a few days in the past. I am starting to think they wrote me off and have no intention of helping me! :( EDIT: Just contacted RK via facebook. I guess their email system is down and they are having trouble answering support questions. Anyways they are shipping the parts out soon and will send me a message with tracking when its out. :D
  16. Im not completely feeling that bot mode head... But it certainly is a improvement over the Universe design. If it is drastically cheaper than the igear set and does not have as bad of QC as their crazy devy KO I think I will pick this version up. Especially since it appears more likely to have a proper battle platform/mobile repair bed.
  17. Prime ratchet.... next to it would have to be the HFTD Ratchet in g1 colors. Also I cant wait for a third party to make a custom chestplate and head for PRID ratchet to make him more "CHUG-like"
  18. They should had named the micron Honey Beats or something to the effect as a pun to BB's name. XD
  19. He shipped it via UPS. No signiture confirmation though.
  20. No none of his issues hold true. The cart does not even rattle when shaken... He must had been using another game of his to make the sound. Should I relist the item? I mean what would ebay do if I filed a appeal?
  21. Well I got it today. Everything seems to be alright, does not even look like he tried to play it... Guess ill resell it and just eat the difference in cost. :redface Still though, I would block this guy, because just with the ebay and paypal fee's alone I am going to end up eating like $100... This is NOT counting the fact the game will probably sell for less this time around and the ebay and paypal fee's for the second sale....sigh
  22. Well to be honest... I don't really mind the heads. I mean they have to match the style of the settings, or else it would look cheap and cheesy. Needless to say the only transformers line that I despise most of the head sculpts would have to be Star Wars TF's, I just don't get the warped look they give of the heads. The only competent darth vader head sculpt they have done was the first and it had long-neck syndrome due to the shoulder placement. Its sad when they cant make actual robots look like robots. -_- Which is odd because the majority of the marvel TF's don't seem to be as bad.
  23. lol for some reason that reminded me of this. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdSyBXXeDTI
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