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  1. This think looks really good. Hopefully the price does not finish my wallet off. :tflaugh
  2. This ^ Honestly I think they cater to the scalpers more than anything else. I mean why else do they keep the prices top secret until they list the items? Oh thats why, if the figure is higher than your estimate then while your fumbling with your accounts it gives the scalpers time to fly in and buy bundles of 10-15 each. Then the club does not have to hassle packing as many box's and can overcharge on the shipping to boot. Oh well, I wanted a few of the subscription figures... but you know what, I am sick of dealing with their crap and I don't plan on supporting them anymore. Its rather sad when the unofficial channels just completely kicks the official clubs butt.
  3. can you leave the torso filler for transformation, or does it have to be removed? *facepalms* nevermind, XD I gotta get this kit. :D
  4. Well I guess it would be better for them to not give a price than to say go "its $200" then raise the price unexpectedly 2 hours before the subscription opens.... Id still like a rough estimate price though, otherwise I get the feeling they are seeing how popular this will be and charging "accordingly". Honestly though, if this is above $200 they can count me out. Because these figures are strictly no-frills, no special box, no bio card, nothing. Figure and instructions in a clear baggy in a white mailer shipped with parcel post or w/e they use that takes weeks to arrive. Not to mention that a good chunk of the set is filler for most people...
  5. Reluttr


    Poor brawn was never the same after his run in with that witch doctor-con. Seriously though, his head had to be that size so that it would fit the transformation. Also GDO megatron and brawn are NOT coming to the us, only hotspot and powerdive are being released here.
  6. Reluttr


    Ever take apart a armada unicrons crotch? Its full of that white sticky lube. :tflaugh Seriously though be careful, if you take out to much of the lube then it will grind down the joint like the original waist part did... Basically after the initial hip problems TFC took a note from Armada Unicron and borrowed hasbros idea of filling the crotch assembly with lube. Its really the only way to support a figure that large without making the hip ratchets out of metal.
  7. I honestly dunno why they keep the pricing a surprise... If anything it keeps people from signing up more than it does encouraging people to sign up.
  8. Oh I wish takara would reissue this guy... I like to pretend he is Paddles with a vendetta against the dinobots for just leaving him to die. So it seems someone on ebay is selling a butt ton of this ko. I ordered 3 for customizing, will see if its worth my time. XD
  9. Actually Backfire, Gundam had a really good span in the 90's when it was rather popular thanks to toonami.If I remember right we even got some of the neat merch that you can only get from japan nowadays.
  10. Yeah that's basically my situation. I kinda wish they had included the buster parts at a slightly increased price...
  11. Your getting the Amazon Jetwing to? :D
  12. local target has upped the priced to the new msrp... tru has had these prices for a while... local walmarts are still the original for the time though.
  13. U.F.O has started selling copys of Fakebusters prime hands btw. :( His stuff is really great though. I hope his airachnid fix pans out.:D
  14. Missouri is pretty bad to... used to have to clean out my computer ever 3 months or it would start overheating. Thinking back on that... getting a mac probably was not a good idea in the long run. XD
  15. Yeah if you dont have backup funding they limit it to like $300-500. After adding a bank though it really ups it and that's only if for w/e reason they can get it out of your backup funding.
  16. Good call. Those are the same pics....the quilt in the background gives it away. This is a Hoax! :wtf Not necessarily, X-transbots Powerglide and Wheelie homages were both based on fanmade customs Yeah, but I am just pointing out that it is the EXACT same pictures of the custom, if they weren't the same pics...then I'd be on board, but come on...they basically plagiarized those pictures...... :roll Well that and Xtransbots is made by CHMS, who was at one point partnered with KO toys and General Zhao. Basically im taking the whole thing with quite a few grains of salt. XD also @Lord_Onslaught, they have indeed been working on a Galvatron, if you google "chms galvatron" you can see some white resin prototypes. They were basically the last pictures posted by Zhao before the whole operation went down the crapper. It looks nothing like this though... Elbows are balljointed, cannon is vastly different, and overall looks different.
  17. Aaron Archer himself said we will never get the mold. Hasbro has even went as far as to make a swerve head for the ratchet mold, which was the other repaint of the breakdown mold. The ultimate reasons for not getting the mold is because hasbro is all "upset" that takara more or less made the mold to their "takara's" standards without asking hasbro first. Moreso, since takara designed the mold behind hasbro's back it is lacking a mold for a gimmick ridden craptastic weapon that plagues all the Powerizers, or any weapon outside of the micron. So instead of just simply repacking another mechtech weapon "UM's perhaps" with Breakdown or making a simple molded hammer and releasing him as a FE toy, Hasbro has decided to just once again stick their heads in the sand and pretend the character never existed. I know Aaron Archer said something hasbro being concerned that the toy may not be structurally stable enough to release in the US... but tbh its probably a canned bull s*** excuse to try and pacify the outraged fans and general audiance. As far as the micron ports go... I dont find them any more obtrusive than the ports on the other RID toys. So I am not quite sure why it was one of things on hasbros list of excuses for not bringing the mold over to the states. Also if I recall correctly... FE was and still is dead, no new molds will be made period. Hasbro is just being "nice" and giving us a fair chance to get the molds they shortpacked and/or never even got in the US because they once again felt the need to choke the pegs with yellow thunder. I was saying they could simply put Breakdown in the lineup because more than likely he costs about the same the other FE's to produce, thus hasbro could charge what price bracket they feel "best suits" figures of such quality. As far as the empty TF Prime pegs, that's a viable situation I suppose. But from what I have observed and have been told, Walmart and other retailers are still are choking on figures that they just cannot get rid of even with a steep clearance price. They are scared to the point that they would rather let the shelf's sit empty instead of taking a loss. Whats sad is that this will affect the FOC line, generations, and probably any other line up until Movie 4, and even then retailers will probably play it careful.
  18. I freaking knew it! This was a custom done by someone well over a year ago. THEY EVEN POSTED IT IN RADICONS! http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/creative-general-discussion/389405-custom-masterpiece-galvatron.html
  19. I'm thinking this started off as a custom. then someone gave the custom toy or pics to a 3rd party company. similar in fashion to what happened to the fan custom cone head MP seekers that some fan gave pics/toy to igear & now we've got 3rd party MP conhead seekers. Well actually igear STOLE wheeljacks designs for the coneheads and said he was their partner. All the while wheeljack didnt even know about said "agreement" untill after said announcement. XD On the plus side... igear did put a molded stamp on the inside of the coneheads leg acknowledging they was based on wheeljacks customs. Thats what the wheeljack head stamp is about, for the curious.
  20. TBH I am not particularly happy with hasbro... It seems like with ever good thing they do they do 2 things that are bad. I mean I want to thank them for all of the nice new molds... but there is the sad fact that they make it as hard as possible to get said molds either through poor exclusivity choices, bad case assortments, and bad distrobution "mostly because of prior problem". Its true that walmart's pegs are empty... but its not because of high sales, its because they are terrified to order due to last years fopah called DOTM and the bumblebee overload. Then lets look at the other things wrong here... It seems like they are in bed with TRU all the way with the exclusives. Asia imports? Only at TRU. New MP's? Only at TRU. FE's? Only...at...TRU. TRU has a horrible reputation for severely botching up distribution further! Yet they are getting a very large majority of the exclusives everyone actually wants. TBH you would be better off to just import the figures if TRU is anything like the last couple of times, because 1 the prices will be jacked up as is, and 2 scalpers will suck up what units do get out in stores and charge double what they paid right off the bat. Its true Amazon is getting a few exclusives, but honestly even with g2 bruticus they really got the short end of the stick. Lets not mention the "stick our head in the sand" breakdown. They could easily sell him as a FE, there is no way he is more complex than FE prime or bulkhead, just make a simple hammer and include with him. Like I said...it seems every step forward seems to end up being 2 steps back with hasbro. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt... but I wont hold my breath, because I might just suffocate.
  21. I could had swore that these pictures were that of a custom someone did... At least thats what was the general idea on the kotoys forums before it got shut up for good...
  22. This guy found a alternate gun mode that looks pretty good to. :D http://tetstoys.blogspot.com/2012/07/shockwave-focing-good.html
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