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  1. From what I understand, you will still get your subscription figures. I would call funpub and verify it though.
  2. I wonder if the torso can be folded up for a more g1 chest?
  3. Its the priminator! Also the sword probably broke due to the particularly brittle nature of that shade of neon yellow plastic. Its why the newer pieces that use that color are usually clear plastic treated with neon tinting solution.
  4. Reluttr


    ^ That is my case. 5 PRID vehicons and 1 wing vehicon later I am kinda tapped out. I debated on getting some more to repaint into the vehicon elite, but ehh, they are bound to do it eventually.
  5. I know its not game accurate, but if they would had made the rocket tip arm g1 grey instead of the bright red it would had looked loads better. Still gonna preorder. :D
  6. The seaspray is supposed to homage RTS Deep Dive, or Deep Derp as I like to call him. He is basically the same character-wise as seaspray, except instead of having the bubble voice he just says derp in tune with the jaws theme when he attacks, you know the "derp derp, derp derp, derpderpderpderpderpderpDERRRRRRRRRRP derp" thing.
  7. So I got mine in, I need to get around to unboxing it and seeing if it was worth it. XD
  8. So why are these so expensive? Diecast, rubber tires, or is it just from them paying to use the brand decals?
  9. Well I have a few pretty good reasons for the price markup... at least for bbts. 1. They usually are VERY helpful when replacing or returning defective figures and parts. 2. You have the option to cancel a preorder at any time. 3. Shipping speed is arguably good. "really depends where you live" But yeah... RK can be cheap, but if you have a issue with the figure its usually hell to get a replacement part. They usually are really fast about answering general questions about products though. I recently had a error with a order with them and it took like 2 months to eventually get it resolved. XD TFSource's free fast shipping over $150 and pay later on preorders with paypal is pretty good to. But its neigh impossible to cancel a preorder with them without the situation getting really unpleasant, I have had 2 instances of this happening. The first time was because THEY screwed up and didn't have a correct count of their inventory and I ended up having to wait 4 months to get a order because of a item that was supposedly in stock when I placed my order. The second time is recently, basically I preordered a few items and chose the pay later with paypal option back in early September. Anyways 2 unexpected computer failures later and I would much rather trim the fat from the order before it comes in. Its not like I want to completely cancel the order, plus it will only benefit them since Gaia Unicron was jacked up $10 since I made the order. Honestly I don't get what the problem is since they actually have not got any money from me for the order yet... Oh well, what can you do. :shrug Anyways my point is, sometimes paying the markup is worth it in some regards, especially if doing so will get you perks the other stores do not offer. Also I am not trying to bash TFSource or RK, I am just saying that sometimes paying extra to get it from bbts can be worth it just for the sake of convenience.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love how the side toylines acronym goes from one touchy acronym to another. XD
  11. Well that and roadbuster got a completely new character design and name in the Defender comic. Also I could had swore that I stated in my post that the 1st row of the tree was confirmed releases/designs, and the trailer is most defiantly on the 1st row of the part tree. ;) I do agree now that you say it though, the 1st vehicle on the 2nd row most defiantly looks like a updated sandstorm.
  12. Humm... I think you are right. XD Any idea's who the motorcycles could be?
  13. BBTS just put a picture of the tree of unpainted minifigures included with assulter for use in carrier mode. All is in place with the top row, Defender in copter mode, car mode, steel cores cab, and trailer. The teaser is in the second row of miniture's on the tree, the first being a race car, most likely a nod to Drag Strip from the upcoming Menasor release. The next item on the sprue is a futuristic jeep, but not just any jeep, its g1 roadbusters alt mode! Which if you remember right, a stylized roadbuster robot mode was also featured in the comic with Protector's comic. Then we come to the last 2 items on the tree, a pair of very futuristic motorcycles, they almost look like the perfect effect/idw arcee design. I would say its a nod to a possible computron release since afterburner had a alt mode similar to that, but whats weird is that there is a pair of the cycle, like with the release of PE-DX-01. Does this mean there is a collaboration project between Perfect Effect and Fansproject in the works? Its highly possible, FP has collaborated with Maketoys in the past, and since FP is interested in reinventing the power, target, and head masters, it would only make sense to work with the masters of tiny transforming robots. Whats probably the most exciting thing about this all is that since FP released a physical item of these designs then its means that they already have a working model of all of them. So basic or not, FP has began work on ALL of these in one way or another and have made it past concept art stage!
  14. Wasn't bruticus supposed to ship in oct and prime would ship in nov?
  15. Back before botcon it really seemed like a no brainer to preorder the jetwing optimus. Every month since amazon has sent me a email reminding me that they honestly don't know when they will actually get the figure and that they will tell me when they know more. Now here it is November, I had put it so far in the back of my mind that I had totally forgot I had even preordered it and I get the email they send. Honestly when I first saw the email I thought g2 bruticus has shipped, since the title of the email is very similar to the one Amazon sends out when a order ships. XD Anyways I suppose it could had been brought on by the disappointment of g2 bruticus not being shipped, but I am seriously considering just canceling jetwing prime. I mean yes... it has the retoolings I wanted done to the original ROTF mold, removal of the stupid spring loaded swords, the buster tanks, and easier to transform torso. But then I got to thinking about it, during DOTM and ROTF the leader class figures were $30-$40 each, So I am essentially paying $70-$80 for a giant mass of extra plastic that does not serve any other purpose than to take up space and weigh down prime more. I mean yes... it looks cool and is considerably cheaper than the Takara version, but there seems to be so much more out that's worthy of the $110. How about you guys? Think it would be the wrong move to drop it like a lead weight in a flood?
  16. Here is the pictue of the alt mode everyone keeps forgetting to post. "the original was inverted, I fixed it" XD
  17. sigh... I just now was getting over sticker shock from the first 2 increases. I'm sorry hasbro, but I refuse to pay any more than 15 bucks for a deluxe.
  18. more than likely a foot part will peg onto the back and the front of the car will form a knee. The combiner will be very six-biner like from what I can tell, where all the component figures do not contain any combiner parts other than essential joints "elbows, shoulders, and mounting holes" and the combiner aspect will come via kibble that in itself combines into a jet or something else to give the illusion that it serves some purpose other than only exists as a accessory for combination. Which to be honest seems a very logical move as it has added play-ability for those that want it without having to make sacrifices on the figure for the people that don't. anyways the rumor mill suggests this is supposed to homage puzzler. sounds pretty out there to me...
  19. Well yours could be unaffected for a number of reasons. 1. Your figure is from a different batch from the affected ones, meaning the plastic mix may had been more stable. "less metallic particles" 2. You have not transformed or handled your figure enough for the cracking to begin. 3. your figure may be cracking in a spot you simply don't notice. Regardless, if what I have been doing with the figure is "to rough" then the figure has simply failed as a toy. Because carefully transforming the figure a handful of times and doing a few standing poses is nothing near what the advertised age child would do to it.
  20. So it looks like Hasbro has stumbled upon the red variant of GPS, or just unfortunately used the wrong type plastic at the wrong place. Regardless of the causes, I know two people who have actually had their GDO cliffjumper break at the henge on the car hood where the horns are connected. You see the part is not actually a hinge, but hasbro built it as such and with plastic stops, since it would make it easier I guess to install the rubber car horns that way. Anyways the whole thing is a recipe for disaster due to the thin support design holding it all together and the Soft GPS like glittery red plastic GDO Cliffjumper is cast in. Anyways when I was first told of the part being prone to breaking, I checked my gdo cliffjumper and all seemed fine, then today another friend had his break in the exact same spot, so I checked it again and lo and behold there are cracks forming on the "henge" supports due to transformation. Keep in mind I am very gentle with my toys when transforming them, and I know the two people that had this figure break are to, so just keep a eye out and try to avoid putting ANY pressure on the "butt flap" when in robot mode. I would like to point out that my FE cliffjumper and FE Zombiejumper do NOT have this problem. "Not sure if the all clear takara zombiejumper has it or not, chime in if it does." Anyways I will attach a image of the problem, between my phones autofocus and the flash you can bairly see the cracks... so I added a giant blue arrow to help. XD Link to bigger Picture!
  21. ^Agreed! Although, I wonder if this means there is a prime scourge "as in g1 scourge" planned? Also... I think the title should be "First Look At Predaking Beast Mode" EDIT: Also did anyone catch a peek at the new figures? Sinnertwin is pretty cool. I am also a bit shocked to see that airachnids legion toy transforms almost exactly like her bigger counterpart, but manages not only to be more show accurate, but have more play value and not completely and utterly suck. Oh and what they did to the energon omega supreme mold has blown my mind...
  22. They haven't, only Steel Core is purely their exclusive, Assaulter will be a general release. They reissued Defender like a month or two ago through bbts and tfsource, and I am guessing that the ones in this 3 pack are leftovers and that they are just passing on the savings of distribution to us. Your basically getting getting all 3 for the price of defenders original msrp of $80. Of course this is a double edged sword that only benefits FP, because those that got defender but want steel core are basically doing FP a huge favor, because FP gets to make the retailer profit off the figure then WE get the joy of paying for the shipping and going through the trouble of reselling it. I propose that we suggest to Dr.Wu to make a roadbuster head/faceplate for defender. We can then get reprolabels to make a conversion set and finally get the roadbuster we saw in the warbot defender comic. XD
  23. So just in case you guys didn't know. The warbot bonus pack is now live on FansProjectCore for 249.97 + shipping. In this set you get... Warbot Defender "pretty sure its a FPC Exclusive reissue" Warbot Steel Core "FPC Exclusive reissue" Warbot Assaulter The number available is really limited. So if you missed out on Steel Core and/or Defender and want Assulter then you better hurry. One thing to watch out for... There is apparently a glitch on the FPC site that where after you complete your paypal payment you will be redirected to the page on FPC that originally took you to paypal and if you click "continue" on this page it will try to double bill you. If it does this and you already got a paypal reciept email, then just close the page and contact FPC's customer support via their website or through the payments email given on the paypal reciept. I know I and OptimalRodimus encountered this bug. However, I asked Peaugh about it via twitter and he claims he did NOT encounter this bug and the order is showing on his FPC account normally. So I am guessing the link to the "order complete" page is broke for some people. I will update my post when FPC gets back to me, but at the moment my order IS NOT showing up on my FPC account, but the payment has went through on paypal.
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