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    does heero have anything other than prime and the seekers? I kinda want a WST soundwave.
  2. Only two words for this. Ooooh Ahhhh. :thumb Indeed. That is too sweet Optics. I still really want that Red Astray. Yeah that Astray is kool and all, but hard to pull off poses with pieces getting in the way. What did you use for primes power armor? it just fits him so nicely.
  3. Just got this guy yesterday. Needless to say, he is awesome. The sword is from animated shadow blade megatron "which I also got yesterday XD".
  4. Lucky, my walmart still wants 60$ each for them. I did however get a universe onslaught "with looping siren!" for 10$, red powerglide for 15, and skyfall for 15. I also got animated leader shadow strike megatron for 20$. They had a bunch of other things marked down, like the fear of fearswoop set "13$", but I decided to pass, because he will more than likely be marked down again. They also had devastator marked down to 70$, but im going to pass on him unless he goes below the 50$ mark. I also finally found a legends jetfire WITH the stupid peg XD. Im planning on going to kmart and getting another "war for the skys pack" though because I accidentally ruined the paint job on silver jetfire :(
  5. Reluttr

    Transformer KO's

    Omg could you please share where you found that gem?! I really want a legends size g1 prime :D!
  6. I love his optics, its as if he is staring directly into my soul.
  7. Ok after seeing this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs-XkQhOXTA, I have concluded that the issue with the back panels on the legs of clocker is a mold issue since it was present on even the cybertron version. But overall I'm staying with my original ratings, because like I said these figures are really lacking and have several defects.
  8. I just sent hasbro a email concerning the figures... surely they didn't intend for them to be this bad, I guess we will find out soon enough.
  9. ROTF walmart 2 pack scouts...yes this wont end well. Clocker- This figure if he had been made out of good plastic would had been fairly decent, but for what ever reason Hasbro cast these figures in an extremely cheap flimsy black plastic. Its absolutely terrible! Parts are falling off on their own accord and overall its just bad...really bad. If I had bought this loose I would had most defiantly called it a knock off, its just way below hasbros standards. :alert 1/10 :alert :fire Hardtop- This guy is a little better and even has some nice articulation, but once again he has quite a few parts cast in that nasty cheap flimsy plastic. His waist came apart just standing there. His gun doesnt want to peg into anything, its as if the peg is far to big to fit into any of the plugs. Although despite the evil cheap plastic returning its not as bad as clocker, but its still not on par with Hasbro's standards and it does feel like a higher quality knock off. :alert 3/10 :alert :fire Air Raid- I own the original energon issue of this mold and its worlds better than this junker, and the energon issue was mostly clear red plastic to... This figure is loose, parts dont seem to fit correctly, and the head doesnt appear to be connected correctly to the body. Even the head turning gimmick just feels terrible, his "staff" is made entirely out of that horrible black plastic and has fell apart 3 times on me just trying to put it in his hand. This is really dissapointing, just not as badly as clocker... :alert 2/10 :alert :fire Storm Surge- This is probably the only decent figure out of all 4 of the set, he is mostly made out of a white sturdy plastic and even in the area's where they did use black plastic it seems fine. Some of his joints do feel weird and he is below quality standards, but he is so much better than the other 3. 5/10 Also keep in mind I bought 2 of every 2 pack, and so far all of them have been horrible quality. WTF is wrong with hasbro, they wont let us have fort max due to "health hazards" then they turn around and let out shoddy knock off like things like these... If you cannot tell, I will probably retool storm surge into Sea Spray and just use these other things as spare parts.
  10. Just got a package in the mail! E. Landmine- Overall a great figure, however I find mines wheels on the trailers treads do no turn easily so he just kinda drags it when its attached. Also I leave off the backpack when I put him into "brute mode", mostly because the crane and cannon hide his face. 8/10 I also got a whole bunch of stuff today, both 2 pack scouts from walmart, the kmart ROTF legends 4 pack, and ROTF voyager SS. Ill post their reviews when I digg them out of the pile XD.
  11. I have quite a few. No I didnt get these all at once, but I have gotten them within the past 2 months :P Universe DropShot- Overall a nice figure, all the joints are nice and tight and overall I really like the figure. However some of his paint, mostly the green, feels chalky almost like cheap art paint and I really dont care for it at all. Also his head "and I think some mold degradation" makes it a little scary to rotate his missle array in vehicle mode, it feels like I am going to break something and it just suddenly makes a snap sound and stops ratcheting at a point "however I think happens because his goggles catch on a groove and they didnt put ratchets all the way along the rotation disk. Despite my small annoyances I really like the figure, and he was totally worth the 11.85 I payed for him on amazon MISB. 9.5/10 ROTF Thrust- Let me get to the point, I love this figure. Despite him being a repaint "with remolded head" of ROTF breakaway, he really feels like a different mold. Actually I believe Hasbro did several small retooling to the figure, I'm not entirely sure but the hands on thrust look completely different from breakaways. I recommend this guy to anyone that's even remotely interested in him, plus he is a necessity especially if you have gotten the other movie seekers so far. 10/10 Movie Seekers "G1 SS, M1 Thundercracker, Ramjet, Skywarp" -, when I first saw this mold I didn't really care for it. But after playing around with StarScream I have really grown fond of the mold, so much so I decided to get the seeker 2 pack from walmart and get thundercracker from amazon. The mold even has a hidden Gerwalk mode :D. 9.5/10 "mostly due to some very small mold flaws" ROTF Jetfire- I really like his alt mode despite it having so much under carrage kibble, I mean if you see a experimental jet your not going to know whats supposed to be there and whats not supposed to be there. Besides he just teleports anyways, so its not like anyone will see him for long anyways XD. His robot mode is quite cool, but I wish they had made a way to combine his cane with that panel on his back "that forms the gun in combined mode". Overall its a great figure, but he can be a pain to pose sometimes cause mine has slightly weak joints in the legs :S. 8.9/10 ROTF Optimus Prime- Prime is everything I like, he has a advance transformation, has a accurate robot and vehicle mode, lots of articulation. My only gripe with him is the swords, its nearly impossible to straiten out his arms with the swords folded up. But thats my only gripe really XD 10/10 ROTF Powered Prime- Even though jetfire and prime by themselves are nice figures their combined mode is not so much. Jetfire basically forms a backpack and latches onto prime, but as awesome as it sounds it isnt... Basically it removes all leg articulation prime had, but doesnt really add anything, from the front it just looks like you unfolded prims feet and extended them "not quite the chicken walker shoes from the CGI". Although I do admit I kinda like the thrusters on primes back and the mode does give prime a proper gun to use. 5.8/10 Universe Legends Leoprime- A repaint of LoC Leobreaker. I found this guy along with several others at my local dollar general for 5$, and I must say it has totally changed my oppinion of legends class figures. He is nice and posable and manages to retain the transformation process from his voyager sized self. I kinda wish it had a little more paint detail, but since it has way more detail than a minicon I cannot complain at all. Overall its a nice figure and I recommend him to anyone that collects on a budget 10/10 LoC Soundwave- This is yet another one of the Dollar General legends I found for 5$, like leo breaker I really like this mold. However Soundwave does not have elbow articulation :(, but he doesn't have the arm kibble like his larger self which is a huge bonus in my book. His transformation is simular to his larger self, except his arms just sorta sit to the side where on the bigger one they went inside the ship itself. As a added plus I have found soundwave makes a great headmaster for supreme class figures when you find the right head. 10/10 LoC Optimus Prime- This is a alright representation of the larger figure, but he is my least favorite of the LoC figures I bought. He has no knee articulation, and have VERY limited elbow and arm articulation, I will be honest he is a small brick. His truck mode just looks awkward, it seems much longer than his bigger self if they was in scale next to each other. But I got to admit he has wonderfull paint applications, there are two molded wheels on the front of the cab and at first I could had swore they were actually wheels with pins, thats how good the silver paint app is inside the wheel. But other than that the figure is alright for display, but it doesnt have much play value :(. 6/10 LoC Hotshot- I must say I like this figure, he even managed to retain his Key Gimmik minus the key, which makes it even better. The transformation is exactly like his delux counterpart. However my gripes with the figure are, in robot mode he has no feet and while I understand it would had been difficult to give him flip out feet I just think it looks strange. The plastic the molded him in doesnt look right, it almost seems to be a hue lighter than his deluxe counterpart, plus coupled with the total lack of paint applications in car mode just makes the figure seem bland. In robot mode alot more colors appear, its a shame they didnt put more into his car mode. Because I have been detailing the figure using some micron pens and it looks loads better than he did undetailed. 7.5/10 E. Quickstrike- A repaint of E. Bulkhead. I really had to hunt for this figure being Energon occurred several years ago, but I finally found him on here and on ebay "yes I have 2 now :P". Overall he has a interesting transformation and contrary to popular belief I really like the walker that comes with him. However I prefer the walker either be attached to him in copter mode or seperated in robot mode, because the Brute mode just looks really silly XD. The rotor gimmik works quite nicely when compared to Universe Blades, speaking of the Gimmik you CAN use Quickstrikes rotor blades with on Autobot blades "I will get to why you would want to do this in a sec". Also Unlike Blades you have the option to not have the blades in robot mode, which I prefer since the gimmik kibble just gets in teh way on blades :(. Now as to why you would use quickstrikes blades on blades... Blades blades have a tendancy to easily come off, however quickstrikes blades are held into place with a pin and they are much sturdier than blade's blades. So if you can get past the fact that quickstrikes blades are red, they make a great replacement for Blade's Blades. Now for the downfalls of this figure, hasbro packed so many articulation possiblitys into this mold as they did with many of the other ultras, voyagers, and deluxes. But due to the ratchets having so large of a gap between click it makes it really difficult to pull off poses. Heck they even gave him pivoting ankles but you cant use them because the first click on the leg splits is wider than the feet can support :(. 8.5/10 E. Sharkicon- Another recent ebay find, mostly due to a giant mishap. Matter of fact I was actually bidding on a E. Landmine but it turned out it was a "listing error" so I got E. Sharkicon and E. Mirage as compensation. Anyways, sharkicon obviously has a cybertronian battle ship as an alt mode, which I really digg. The transformation is fairly simple "my neice managed to do it first try", and the robot mode is very cool. His arms have a pin based joint and his arm kibble can get in the way of some poses but its not to bad, leg articulation is fairly standard. He does have a gimmik in robot mode where you can flip two large cannons forward "kinda like cybertron prime", but thats about it. Overall I really like the figure, he is one of the better ones from energon and feels very solid. He would be a great army builder. E. Dreadwing- This is a repaint of E. Mirage, and IMO this version looks more like mirage than his first coloration. Anyways he has a very intersting transfomation, lots of flipping and pegging "its almost masterpiece like". Once in robot mode the toy has quite a few posing abilitys, he is double jointed at the elbow has a movable waise, ankle pivoting, really nice leg articulation, and his ratchets are not nearly as bad as quickstrikes. However, he has so much kibble it really ruins a figure that would had been awesome. Because of the electronics pack you cannot move his waist very much, his arm kibble just looks awkward and hinders some posability. However hasbro gave us the ability to lessen the kibble, the two shells that form the front of the boat can be slid off the purple strips and sat to the side. However my version was aparently a factory defect, the balljoint on one of the front boat shell supports was to big for the socket, so the socket has a slight split in it and no matter what I do I just cant seem to fix it "thats why I have determined it is a factory defect". However despite it being cracked the joint holds nicely and is really tight so I guess its not to bad. Overall its a nice figure, I just wish hasbro would had organized the kibble just a little better. 8.5/10 E. Shockblast + E. Sixshot- I really digg this guys robot mode, but both of his alt modes are really hit and miss with me. So I invented a 3rd mode "Ground to air deathray". Really my only other complaints with him is that fact that his torso isnt very well supported and it will tilt forward when the slightest bit of pressure is applied, seriously would it had hurt hasbro to mold in some way for his backpack to peg into his back and support it better. Plus his giant arm is just slightly to long to allow you to lay it flat against his body. But I got to admit he is the closest thing we have to a proper classics shockwave until hasbro releases a proper new mold, "Im kinda hoping they will base him on the sniper nerf gun".I have 3 of this mold, 2x's shockblast and 1 sixshot, so Im not sure what I will do with the extra shockblast yet. Im thinking Shackwave repaint :D! 8/10 Classics Blades- This is a repaint of Cybertron Evac. I really want to like this guy, but I have issues with both modes. In copter mode evac is a rescue chopper "like his g1 self", but I find his rotor gimmick really lacking and his blades have a tendency to pop off with the slightest of force when trying to pose them and they dont really lock into place like Quickstrikes, I mean they stay together fairly well but they are not as solid as quickstrikes. In robot mode you cant really pull off any decent poses because of the back kibble, and arm kibble. I wish hasbro had made a way to take off the arm kibble and attach it to his back. Also the mold feels really weak, especially the black lever you use to push up blades head, its almost rubbery pvc plastic :(. But despite all the Cons I like Blades, and I do prefer it over the original colors and if you missed out on Evac then get him, especially if you can get him for below his standard MSRP. 7/10 I have a few more figures in the mail "including a E. Landmine :D!", and there is a few figures I cant think of at the moment. So I will post more mini reviews soon :D. Also I know it will never happen, but I really hope HasTak Releases a toy for the Ancient seeker seeing as it looks almost exactly like the Maximals ship in the Beast Wars :P
  12. Really nice and fast shipping methods, I highly reccomend OmegaX80 :D
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