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  1. Wow, awesome review! :thumb Btw does anyone else think that the truck with the base folded out kinda looks kick-ass? :D Also if hasbro doesnt repaint this into RID scourge then they will miss out on a chance to make a EPIC homage! Especially since the trailer "base" mode is almost identical layout wise!
  2. With a little bit of help from laserbeak, Dlx prime becomes.... DLX WINGBLADE PRIME ...another pic :D
  3. Reluttr

    DOTM Voyagers

    Its because they are presumably more complex and detailed than before. I dunno, voyager classics megs dwarfs DOTM dlx starscream, but no more than the original classics starscream XD
  4. Wonder if you could physically swap around the forearms :tfhuh
  5. yay! The new walmart listings pretty much confirm that the new arcee is indeed part of generations!

    1. Th 4RL deal

      Th 4RL deal

      Yeah, probably better that she's NOT getting "revived" for the movie. The Generations Line will probably yield a better toy anyway. :p

    2. Sparkless


      please oh lease be a decetn toy of her. The animated version of her doesn't cut it for me...


    3. Dark_Supreme_Jetfire


      lets just wait for pics to surface in probally a month or so from now


  6. I am pretty sure dealextreme.com has the incinerator one. Ill check and see if they have the others.
  7. wants some energon combiners

  8. got battle blades prime. Overall verdict is 8/10 I have two major complaints with the figure. The first is the forearms, its either those blasted hood panels or swords that get in the way when posing. You can pop the swords off of course, but its so fking scary, not to mention that it stretches the softer plastic. My second complaint is with the knee's. In vehicle mode the knees have to fold inward in order for the legs to fit under the trucks body. But in robot mode this "feature" doesn't lock in place...matter of fact its like hasbro molded the legs to purposely push the knee's inward. The result is School Girl Prime. Also I got a whole bunch of legends figures, mainly sandstorm, red rampage, Long Haul, ravage, blue sideways, and black hound. For the most part they are all kinda decent, but I must agree with what everyone has to say about rampage and long haul.
  9. Reluttr

    Transformer KO's

    Gen Zhao is the one who runs KOtoys. As for his meltdowns... well as we know kotoys "more specifically Gen zhao" were taking those high quality KO classics primes and vacumetalizing them and selling them under the "Kold" series. Well the first batch of these were just terrible quality control wise, the gold would literally whipe off, arms would fall off prime, and the clear plastic was brittle. So a member posted a review of the thingon another forum *this didnt happend on TFormers*, and in the review they more or less laid out all of the major issues and stated they tried to contact KOToys but they wouldn't reply "at that point they claim it had been a week since they tried to contact KOToys". Well GenZhao got on and saw the review and got very...very...very angry. He started posting things in the thread that more or less called the reviewer a lying sack of ****, and stating that he will NOT replace the broken/damaged parts because they person "called out the problems without first letting KOToys *make it right*". Anyways it got so bad the admin of the other forums got on and more or less told GenZhao to calm down or they would pull support for his site, because his hissy fit was making them look bad for supporting him. GenZhao responded to this saying he would find said admin at botcon and shove a ink pin through his eye, into his eye socket, into his brain. Anyways long story short, GenZhao didn't shove any ink pens into any ones eye.
  10. the live chat is down :(

    1. TheTfboy


      Works now, at least for me! :D

  11. Heres hoping the WFC dlc will be on pc to!

  12. Ok....apparently bbts just updated their site to say that this IS the set shown at botcon...
  13. "This limited edition set is only available in North America from BBTS! It is not the same as the one shown at BotCon." This should answer ALL questions, BBTS's version is NOT the one shown at botcon. Meaning it is the non-chromed painstakingly g1 accurate version, the chromed version we saw at botcon will be a Brick-Morter exclusive, more than likely a walmart one based on the box shape and the fact that TRU got this years MP figure.
  14. I just decided to go ahead and preorder the august set... That way if I hear otherwise at SDCC I can cancel it, but if it does turn out to be BBTS exclusive I wont miss out. I just wish they had waited to announce their "surprise". Because now I am going to have to pass on a few figures to make sure I have enough funds for this preorder.
  15. Im not sure what to think... hasbro said 50$ msrb...which is generally what MOST retailers follow... and it being the exclusive it is, the msrb usually matches the store, no matter which one it is and lets be honest were dealing with ~20-35$ differance here. Stores may have markup...but not THAT big of one. So that being said... should I preorder or not preorder? It would really suck to find out its a TRU exclusive on the day the august preorder just happens to get shipped...
  16. I have my suspicious to... I just dont see hasbro doing a exclusive with bbts.
  17. Brave max is miiiiine!!!!!

  18. HA thats not the worst, a few years back my dad won this craftsmans contest "which was like a diy starter kit, had this new tech glue, a hammer, and some other bits", anyways fedex had a bunch of issues finding us. Eventually they did arrive and low and behold... THE FORGOT THE FREAKING PACKAGE! Next day we call and they said it had been delevered... well it turns out they found someone with a last name similar to ours like 3 towns over and just dropped it off... Needless to say, we never got the entire package. The person that had gotten it opened it, removed most of the stuff except the glue, and took it back. Anyways that being said... we have been having to use fedex to delver some supply's for out vendor route, and they have done fairly good lately. I suppose its mostly because they merged with UPS in my area. Also my classics lot is comming through fedex... So I will report any issues.
  19. Classics Lot Ammount Paid: US $152.50 + $10 shipping Source: Ebay, Seller: speedracex Powerglide: Complete With Instructions Anime Starscream: Complete No Instructions Skywarp: Complete No Instructions Acid Storm: Complete No Instructions Onslaught: Complete No Instructions Galvatron: Missing Missile No Instructions Octane/Tankor: Complete No Instructions Ramjet: Complete No Instructions Astrotrain: Complete No Instructions Cyclonus/Nightstick: Complete No Instructions Megatron: Complete No Instructions Ravage: Complete No Instructions Funny thing is, in the original auction description "which I copy and pasted an edited version above" the seller confused ramjet for dirge! XD Other Stuff Bought TRU NECA Bioshock 2 Figure: Subject Delta TRU NECA Bioshock 2 Figure: Big Sister and Little Sister TRU Reissue Insecticons Legend of Zelda: A link to the past Manga EDIT! Just bought reissue perceptor off Toysrus.com
  20. MISB, Brave: Super Build Tiger "Combiner team of 4, Construction vehicles" -60$ shipped eBay, Seller: highendtfs MISB, Brave: Death Garry Gun "Repaint of Sky Garry, comes with 3 micro master carriers, micromaster partner, and decoys" -40$ shipped, BigBadToyStore.com MISB, Brave: Thunder Baron "Combiner team of 5 consisting of a submarine, jet, tank, support van, and drill" -57$ shipped, eBay, Seller: toystar_galactica
  21. 1x ROTF Arcee: BTW I don't see why people have so many issues with the hip, its easy enough to center. Still having trouble finding that combined form :S
  22. 1x ROTF Arcee: BTW I don't see why people have so many issues with the hip, its easy enough to center. Still having trouble finding that combined form :S
  23. Got these guys in the mail yesterday, I just wish I had nice box's to put them in.
  24. Reluttr


    your correct, he has designed a module that snaps into any WST trailer that replaces the regular immobile repair drone with a fully movable g1 accurate one. The module even adds in a spring loaded launcher for roller *I wonder if the roller has moving wheels now?*. I ordered a pair of primes from Heero "a crystal blue 1.0 WST prime, and a 2.0 Nemesis Prime with Updated G2 Trailer". I plan on taking several pictures of the two and putting them on my collection site, Ill be sure to share some of the best ones on here though :P.
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