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  1. WELL WHAT ABOUT THIS?! So who thinks my digibash is better suited as "gigatron"? :D
  2. Yeah they really need to fix quite a few things before I will even consider getting it. Totally redo the biceps and get rid of that stretched out shoulder design they are going for. Invert the face... seriously who thought making the mouth and eye detail pop out from the face was a good idea? Although I give them kudos for being brave enough to give him a MOLDED autobot symbol. Even chms has not been brave enough to do that, they just stuck with tampographs and stickers. XD BTW the pics are here. "can only post a few pics due to the forum limit" SOURCE http://bbs.toyspie.com/thread-1317-1-1.html
  3. There is also SNJ polishing powders. They give a very nice metallic sheen. http://www.hawkeyeshobbies.com/catalog/powders.htm
  4. Since chms seems to be crafty enough to take concepts and actually turn them into products "cough jizai galvatron cough". What do you want to see from them next? Personally I am hoping... that since they are on a role with this jizai stuff, they make the ironhide/ratchet that jizai dropped. It looks like the classics ironhide/ratchet we all wanted but didn't exactly get. It would also be interesting to see them bring other concepts to life, like the abandoned classics dlx cosmos. But I kinda doubt they would mess with it since they have so little source material to copy. XD
  5. Rumor has it, on the unreliable grapevine that 4chan is, that zhao actually closed up shop due to his suppliers moving their factory's and this was his effort to push as much old stock as possible to make his move easier. "this explains why chimungmung and acestoy suddenly stopped getting new chms stock" Also its rumored he conveniently closed up shop before actually shipping the dino cassettes in order to screw over as many people as possible and make a clean getaway, because he actually took far more preorders than he knew he could fill. He is also supposedly going to open a new site after the chinese new year under a new alias. But like I said, this is stuff that was said on 4chan, so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. Could someone take a picture of alternator skids next to classics OP, a TFC constructicon, or other voyager or dlx figure? I need to see how absurd he would look in my collection bot mode wise with other classics bots. XD
  7. shockwave please! I also wouldent mind the updated megatron model ;) Also, ROTF devastator was officially a supreme class. Ultimate prime could also be considered a supreme class by sizing.
  8. So due to all the goodies coming out soon, I have decided to let my misb ROTF jetfire go. I do have him listed on ebay, but if you can get to me before 24 hours before the auction ends with a good offer I can sell it directly on here. I am hoping to get enough to cover my battle tanker preorder. The box does have some shelf wear on it, mostly on the bottom corners and along the top front edge. Here is a link to the ebay auction with more details. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Transformers-ROTF-Leader-Class-Jetfire-MISB-Revenge-Fallen-/220905322324?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item336efbb754
  9. Box difference, and the first edition includes a little fold up papercraft display stand. Not really missing out on much.
  10. Well I can see why they went with drones instead of legends for the limbs... but. I wish they would had handled it more like Energon prime. Instead of having spring loaded gimicks, the limbs hard articulation.
  11. yes! got prime arcee!

  12. I went ahead and preordered this guy. Its not much more than CC, SC, and PC were after bbts and tfsource spiked up their price on the "restock" shipment. Plus it makes g2 prime look more like his good ol g2 self ;)
  13. Oh thats nothing! I saw one go for 350 the other day. I am really kick myself in the butt for skipping this one. :tflaugh
  14. Are you serious. I didn't try doing it with non-DOTM figures. I've just been using them for DOTM scouts. I wonder if it will work with Generations? Absolutely serious. It may not work on Generations since that line pre-dates DOTM but it sure couldn't hurt to try. Good luck! When I scanned the printable coupons from the DOTM dvd at walmart they appeared to function as a basic discount coupon. So really its depends on how anal the cashier is.
  15. The OTFCC themselves have said several times he is coming with BOTH sets of weapons because it will not increase the price of the figure since they guns and swords are on the same mold. Meaning that both get cast regardless of what weapon set the figure will include. So the figure will include 1 big sword, 1 big gun, 2 small swords, 2 small guns. Not a mix and match of the two. Also it does appear his deco and bio were inspired by Deadpool.
  16. What about a series that focus's on jhiaxus's reign? They could even make the wreckers the autobot resistance.
  17. Basically connect parts e-h onto omega like normal, but with parts a-d still connected to them. So instead of parts a-d going over parts e-h, they are attached to the bottom of e-h.
  18. Is it possible to take the boot parts and mount them onto omega without taking the larger leg parts off of them? Because I have a theory that this is how the crazy devy upgrade works, Basically you leave the legs together, and the part fits on the larger leg parts and forms a ankle for the feet.
  19. Is it sad that I have a very good idea who "Maynard MacGuffin" is? XD
  20. wow... they just totally axed any plans I had for getting their devy. I was thinking 200$ MAX for the guy, but at this rate your better off getting hercules. Sure its not in scale with the other FP combiners, but its more accurate, more articulated, more feature filled, and all around a better bang for the buck. Besides think of it this way, devastator was basically a prototype of the other combiners, and was made during a time when there was plenty of energon to go around. By the time superion and bruticus were made, things had to be cut, and the combiners were made smaller to conserve precious energy. As for tank... ill get him, but its defiantly not a price I agree with. If FP made this same set it would initially retail for $80 and then $100 for the second restock and TBH the FP version would be more reliable. Although MT might surprise us and use as good of a plastic as TFC is on Hercules. Anyways, there is always the hope that FP will somehow work some magic into the energon devastator mold. But TBH I would prefer if the rumors about them making a menasor and computron were real.
  21. From what I can tell, he gave him some custom crazydevy style parts and paint apps. Nothing wrong with that ;)
  22. Well lets be honest here, third partys are much more of a good thing than a bad thing. Because we can get our fill of obscure characters that hasbro really has no plans at all of updating/releasing. Besides I do not care how big of a grey area there is concerning the "intellectual" property with transformers. Most of the third party stuff is unique molds and does not use the official names. Not to mention no third party items "to my knowledge" are actually sold at a price point or store that hasbro's target audience shops at, which is children. Gentlemen this is the sad fact we must realize, the figures we collect are designed and targeted at children. Hasbro could probably not care any less about the third party collectables targeted at us, because in no way does it get in the way of the sales to their target audience. Really all third partys are doing are hurting hasbros bottom line, if even that. Because alot of us are willing to buy third party stuff, hasbro's current offerings, and then rebuy the same character that we own a 3rd party version of down the line when hasbro actually does release it. Not to mention alot of third party stuff, upgrades specifically, just end up stimulating the sales of official stuff. So really your just hurting yourself if you pass up a third party version of your favorite character just because of "intellectual infringement". Because hasbro could care less, as long as little jimmy and sally are scooping up their repainted bumblebee's at walmart for 10 bucks a pop. Because while they "enjoy" their fandom, they know that we only make up a small percentage of their consumer base, ultimately this is why the latter waves of RTS "windcharger" and PCC was so hard to find because only the fandom really wanted it, where all the little kids were hyped up about the movie and could care less about a character from a tv show they probably haven't even seen yet.
  23. The freaking post office will GIVE you flat rate box's if you go on their site and request them. You can then use them for parcel post. This seller is lazy, stupid, and needs to give you back your money!
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